EuroCup Basketball Predictions 2022/23

The EuroCup has been the second-tier European Basketball tournament held annually since 2002. After a rebranding in the 2008/09 season, known as ULEB Cup, the competition has kept the current format. Fourteen clubs have won the trophy showing the varied nature of the tournament. Valencia has won four titles, with Rytas and Khimki following with two each. Last two seasons, Monaco and Virtus Bologna upset all EuroCup Basketball Predictions and emerged as the title winners after defeating UNICS and Bursaspor, respectively, in the Finals. Since the competition is diverse, you might think it’s tough to tell who will win. Our EuroCup basketball betting tips for 2022/23 will aim to do just that.

EuroCup predictions for today


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EuroCup Basketball predictions today

EuroCup Basketball predictions todayWe have done all the hard work to help you beat the bookies. And how are we going to do it? By analyzing the squad, the form, the history, each team’s available players, and the matchups. The selections we are about to layout cover a wide range from Moneyline to Handicaps and Totals. The group stage match days are held on Tuesday & Wednesday, and the knockout games also. Hence, to collect all the latest info, we release our Eurocup Basketball predictions a few hours before the jump ball. If we are confident there will be no surprises, we might upload our tips the day before the game by 22:00 CET.

EuroCup Predictions  for this week 

The starting time of the EuroCup basketball games varies depending on the location and the round. In general, matches take place at 19:00, 20:00 and 20:15, 20:30, 21:00, 21:15, 21:30, 21:45 & 22:00 CET. That structure allows basketball fans to enjoy more games and bettors to place more live wagers without losing several concurrent games. In terms of Eurocup Predictions for the week, we stick with the classic 1-2, but we also recommend more advanced markets like Handicaps and Total Points.

How we find the best EuroCup Basketball Betting Tips

How we find the best EuroCup Basketball Betting TipsAsk anyone who has ever placed a bet before, and he will tell you about the importance of the odds. Winnings are directly correlated with odds, so when recommending a selection, this is the first thing to notice. But since we are talking about Eurocup Basketball Betting Tips, the likelihood of the predictions must also be very high. The best way to combine these two is by zooming into every aspect of the team’s performance, and that is what we do.

Expert EuroCup Basketball predictions today 

We have a team of tipsters from various backgrounds and each one might follow a different basketball betting strategy, but we all agree on one thing. Our picks will always be the highest-value ones. You will never see tips of 1.30 or similar as we believe in high returns whether you are a recreational or a high-roller. The same applies to basketball markets, as we choose those with the highest payout. Our Best Betting predictions for today are not limited to Match Winner, but we have seen from experience that Over/Under in Points and Handicaps can also offer great opportunities.

Criteria for our EuroCup Basketball Betting Tips 

Criteria for our EuroCup Basketball Betting Tips In the 2021/22 season, the EuroCup was the home of some of the most important names in the sport. Zeljko Obradovic took over as the head coach of Partizan in June 2021 in a move that sent shockwaves around the continent, despite the unsuccessful route to the Eightfinals and the elimination from finalists Bursaspor. On the same note, the season’s MVP Milos Teodosic, led Virtus Bologna’s effort to reach the top, and he made it. The above shows that having a solid roster and a top coach are essential factors in judging a team’s chances.

Before releasing our Eurocup Basketball Betting Tips for any match, we always focus on the last five games of each opponent, both domestically and internationally. If we see a run of victories, that will point to an excellent shape that can continue. A run of losses can be alarming for the next match. Moreover, it is crucial in basketball games to track the lines as early as the bookie opens a market. So, if you have spotted a matchup, you can check if the sportsbook has misjudged in a market and grab the opportunity. 

Last but not least, we check if any players are out due to an injury. Since the EuroCup games take place mid-week, there could be accumulated fatigue from the domestic league games on the weekend. Moreover, if a team loses consecutive matches and has no hope of qualifying for the knockout round, it might lose motivation to win. So, it could rest star players or don’t push it since it has no goal.

Winning with our EuroCup Predictions 

Winning with our EuroCup Predictions There is more to know in a competition that starts in October and ends in May before placing your bet in any given match. Since there is a group stage and knockout phase involved, it is essential to come to grips with the competition format. With our EuroCup predictions and basketball betting guide, we have you covered from day 1 to the Final.

EuroCup Basketball Group Stage Predictions 

EuroCup Basketball Group Stage Predictions The qualification to the EuroCup each season is based on the national league performance. Ten leagues will give a total of 20 teams drawn into two groups. The tournament follows a round-robin format, in which every team will play against each other at home and away. The first eight finishers of each group will qualify for the Eightfinals, the first knockout phase of the EuroCup. A good piece of advice is to look at what happened last season. Virtus Bologna finished fourth in a group of six teams but picked up the pace and won the title. So, our EuroCup Basketball Betting Tips might back an underdog in some cases as favourites could start the race at a moderate pace.

The knockout phase of EuroCup Basketball 

The knockout phase of EuroCup Basketball Once the best sixteen clubs qualify from the group stage, they will move on to the knockouts. The pairings will depend on the finishing place. So, the first team of Group A will face the eighth team of Group B. The second team of Group B will play against the third team of Group A and so on. The big difference is that knockouts occur in a single-game format compared to previous years. The club that finished higher in the group will have the home advantage, which in a single game can be vital. Barring any last moment news, our EuroCup Basketball Predictions will likely favour the home team.

EuroCup Basketball Final tips 

EuroCup Basketball Final tips The time to decide the best EuroCup team is here, and the best two teams will fight for the grand prize. In the 2022/23 season, the Champion will be crowned after one match compared to a best-of-two series in the past. The winner and the runner-up will gain eligibility for the Euroleague next season. According to our EuroCup Basketball Final tips for this season, the heavy favourite is the traditional Spanish franchise Joventut Badalona at 4.00 (3/1) odds, while their compatriots Gran Canaria follow at 5.00 (4/1). Valencia Basket is considered a EuroCup-tailored team since it has won more titles than any other (four), but for the 2022/23 season, the Oranges will play in Euroleague.

Eurocup basketball scores

Betting on the final score markets might seem risky, but the rewards can be huge if you make a request for this bet type and win. The potential benefits have made more and more bettors choose to place it, which is good for low stakes. Let’s start with what happened last two seasons. During the group stage, the average points per game were 164, with the home team accounting for 83 and the away team for 81. Keep in mind that we expect defences to be stiff with the single-game format in the knockouts; hence, the Eurocup basketball scores will probably go down.

Where to bet on the EuroCup Basketball 2022/23

The sportsbooks in our shortlist adhere to our high standards regarding odds, credibility and promotions. Furthermore, we have positive feedback from many of our members who have played there for quite some time.

Q: Which are the best Eurocup Predictions at

We are firm believers in markets that have stood the test of time, like 1-2. The match-winner is still the favourite of most punters because of the high payout. Nevertheless, we have found that in markets like Handicaps and Total Points, an insightful bettor can make some significant profits.

Q: When do you update your EuroCup Basketball Betting Tips?

We will update our picks every Tuesday & Wednesday a few hours before the games begin for the group stage. If we have collected all the news the day before, we can post our tips by 22:00 CET. The same rules apply to the knockout phases.

Q: Can I win with outright markets in EuroCup Basketball?

Sure you can, as the nature of the competition favours long-term betting. You have several options to choose from, like EuroCup Champion, Finalists and Group Stage placements.

Q: What is the process you follow for your EuroCup Basketball predictions today?

First, we look at the current squad and the head coach. Quality choices in these areas will significantly boost any team regardless of other issues. Then, we reviewed the club’s last five games and saw how they determined the form. The fitness levels also come under scrutiny as multiple games in a short period can hamper them.

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