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Euro 2024 Schedule: Games & Dates

With the entire European Championship draw now in the books, the 24 best continental national teams know their fate ahead of the 2024 edition. The Euro 2024 will start in Munich on Friday, June 14th, and end with the grand finale in Berlin on Sunday, July 14th.

After the previous tournament, the first played across Europe, Germany will host the 17th quadrennial Football competition organized by UEFA. There will be 51 matches; the Group Stage is set to run until June 26th, and the Knockout Phase is scheduled to start on June 29, 2024.

We release the Euro 2024 schedule, which lasts for one month, to provide all the needed info for bettors: the complete list of matches, the dates, and the kick-off times to organize their betting activity.

Euro 2024 Match Schedule

BMB_TrophyThe draw for Euro 2024 has been made, so we can introduce the three main competition legs: the Group Stage, the Knockouts, and the Final. To simplify your programme research, we will analyze the format, dates, and times in CET below.

You can follow our Prediction Section for the tournament, where we will upload daily picks for every match and all offered betting markets.

If you keep this guide in your archive, you will accurately know the upcoming Euro 2024 match schedule; it’s a critical factor in adjusting your betting tasks for the tournament and making money.

Euro 2024 Schedule: Group Stage

BMB_Number_One West Germany hosted the competition in 1988, where the Netherlands took their first crown, but this edition will be the first time Germany has staged a Euro since reunification.

The Group Stage includes 36 matches, six for each of the six groups. The opening day involves the Group A Germany vs Scotland showdown in Berlin, while this path ends on June 26th with four games for Group E and F.

Here’s the entire Euro 2024 schedule for the Group Stage.

Friday, June 14

Group A (Munich) 21:00 Germany vs Scotland

Saturday, June 15

Group A (Hamburg) 15:00 Hungary vs Switzerland
Group B (Berlin) 18:00 Spain vs Croatia
Group B (Dortmund) 21:00 Italy vs Albania

Sunday, June 16

Group D (Cologne) 15:00 Poland vs Netherlands
Group C (Stuttgart) 18:00 Slovenia vs Denmark
Group C (Gelsenkirchen) 21:00 Serbia vs England

Μonday, June 17

Group E (Munich) 15:00 Romania vs Ukraine
Group E (Frankfurt) 18:00 Belgium vs Slovakia
Group D (Dusseldorf) 21:00 Austria vs France

Tuesday, June 18

Group F (Dortmund) 18:00 Turkiye vs Georgia
Group F (Leipzig) 21:00 Portugal vs Czechia

Wednesday, June 19

Group B (Hamburg) 15:00 Croatia vs Albania
Group A (Stuttgart) 18:00 Germany vs Hungary
Group A (Cologne) 21:00 Scotland vs Switzerland

Thursday, June 20

Group C (Munich) 15:00 Slovenia vs Serbia
Group C (Frankfurt) 18:00 Denmark vs England
Group B (Gelsenkirchen) 21:00 Spain vs Italy

Friday, June 21

Group E (Dusseldorf) 15:00 Slovakia vs Ukraine
Group D (Berlin) 18:00 Poland vs Austria
Group D (Leipzig) 21:00 Netherlands vs France

Saturday, June 22

Group F (Hamburg) 15:00 Georgia vs Czechia
Group F (Dortmund) 18:00 Turkiye vs Portugal
Group E (Cologne) 21:00 Belgium vs Romania

Sunday, June 23

Group A (Frankfurt) 21:00 Switzerland vs Germany
Group A (Stuttgart) 21:00 Scotland vs Hungary

Μonday, June 24

Group B (Leipzig) 21:00 Croatia vs Italy
Group B (Dusseldorf) 21:00 Albania vs Spain

Tuesday, June 25

Group D (Berlin) 18:00 Netherlands vs Austria
Group D (Dortmund) 18:00 France vs Poland
Group C (Cologne) 21:00 England vs Slovenia
Group C (Munich) 21:00 Denmark vs Serbia

Wednesday, June 26

Group E (Frankfurt) 18:00 Slovakia vs Romania
Group E (Stuttgart) 18:00 Ukraine vs Belgium
Group F (Hamburg) 21:00 Czechia vs Turkiye
Group F (Gelsenkirchen) 21:00 Georgia vs Portugal

Dates for Euro 2024 Knockout Phase

BMB_Number_TwoThe Euro 2024 format includes 14 matches from the Round of 16 that starts on June 29th until the Semifinals on July 9th and 10th. The Knockout Phase revolves around an increased volume of bets for a broad range of Football markets.

So, it’s critical for your strategy to know all the details about the upcoming match-ups and the bracket before you place your wagers. Stay tuned and check all the dates for Euro 2024, when the 16 best national teams in Europe qualify for the later stages.

Round of 16

Saturday, June 29

Match 38 (Berlin) 18:00 2nd Group A vs 2nd Group B
Match 37 (Dortmund) 21:00 1st Group A vs 2nd Group C

Sunday, June 30

Match 40 (Gelsenkirchen) 18:00 1st Group C vs 3rd Group D/E/F
Match 39 (Cologne) 21:00 1st Group B vs 3rd Group A/D/E/F

Monday, July 1

Match 42 (Dusseldorf) 18:00 2nd Group D vs 2nd Group E
Match 41 (Frankfurt) 21:00 21:00 1st Group F vs 3rd Group A/B/C

 Tuesday, July 2

Match 43 (Munich) 18:00 1st Group E vs 3rd Group A/B/C/D
Match 44 (Leipzig) 21:00 1st Group D vs 2nd Group F


Friday, July 5

Match 45 (Stuttgart)  18:00 Match 39 Winner vs Match 37 Winner
Match 46 (Hamburg) 21:00 Match 41 Winner vs Match 42 Winner

Saturday, July 6

Match 48 (Dusseldorf)  18:00 Match 40 Winner vs Match 38 Winner
Match 47 (Berlin) 21:00 Match 43 Winner vs Match 44 Winner


Tuesday, July 9

Match 49 (Munich) 21:00 Match 45 Winner vs Match 46 Winner

Wednesday, July 10

Match 50 (Dortmund) 21:00 Match 47 Winner vs Match 48 Winner

Euro 2024 Final Game Date

BMB_Number_ThreeIt’s the biggest Football match on the continent between the top European national teams. Our experts will release several picks for the grand finale in Olympiastadion, Berlin, counting the finalists’ current form, their tournament’s statistics and history, and evaluating the offered odds.

It’s optimal for you to follow our Euro 2024 guides, taking all the needed information for intelligent wagering. Here are all the details about the final match of the Euro 2024 schedule.

Sunday, July 14

Match 51 (Berlin) 21:00  Match 49 Winner vs Match 50 Winner

Euro 2024 Format

BMB_Best IconThe competition structure is simple and similar to the previous edition, Euro 2020. The 24 best national Football teams in Europe are split into six groups of six teams each. After three matchdays, the Group winners, the runners-up, and the best four 3rd-placed teams will advance to the Round of 16.

According to the Euro 2024 format, from the Knockout phase until the Final, all matches apply to the 90 regular times minutes, including extra time (i.e., two periods of 15 minutes each) and penalties if needed in draw cases; remember that after the Semifinals there’s no 3rd Place Play-Off match.

Group Tiebreakers Criteria

BMB_ListRegarding the Knockout Phase and its 15 matches, the criteria for each qualifying team and the winner are straightforward. However, it’s handy to know for betting on Outrights and the daily Euro 2024 schedule, the tiebreaking criteria for the Group Stage.

Following the info below, you will comprehend what will happen if two or more national teams are equal on points after their three group matches.

  • 1
    Higher number of points in the matches between two or more teams.
  • 2
    Superior goal difference from the matches played between these teams.
  • 3
    Higher number of goals scored in the matches played between the equal teams.
  • 4
    Superior goal difference between all group matches.
  • 5
    Higher number of goals scored in all group matches.
  • 6
    Lower disciplinary points total in all group matches.
  • 7
    Higher position in the Euro 2024 qualifiers’ overall ranking.

Which Euro 2024 team have the home advantage?

BMB_Enhanced_OddsCompared to the previous edition, played across the continent with nine host countries, Germany is the host nation for the European Championship. They exploit the home advantage in the Euro 2024 match schedule, so the Nationalmannschaft is one of the favourites to lift the trophy.

The central European team is seeded in Group A, occupying the A1 position and playing the opening match in Berlin. West Germany and reunited Germany have featured at every European Championship since 1972, securing three first places in 1972, 1980, and 1996. The German Association was awarded the 17th edition in 2018 after the UEFA’s executive committee vote process over Turkiye with 12 vs 4 results and one abstention.

Bet on the Top Euro 2024 Bookmakers

Q: When and where is Euro 2024?

The European Championship starts on June 14th, 2024, in Germany. The tournament will be held in ten host cities and venues across the central European country. The first match is scheduled to take place in Munich, and the Final in Germany’s capital, Berlin.

Q: How does the Euro 2024 schedule work?

There are 24 participants for the Euro 2024, divided into six groups of four each. The top two from each group will qualify for the Round of 16. Moreover, the best four 3rd-placed teams will also reach the Knockout Phase.

Q: Which are the most essential Euro 2024 dates?

Each bettor should remember the dates for Euro 2024, which are the opening day and the grand finale day, June 14th and July 14th, respectively. The Round of 16 starts on June 29th, the Quarterfinals are scheduled for July 5 and 6, and the Semifinals will be held at Munich and Dortmund on July 9 and 10.

Q: What are the Euro 2024 kick-off times?

Kick-off times for Euro 2024 match schedule are 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 CET, the exact starting time for the opening game and the Final. Remember that the weather in Germany in June and July is calm, with an average temperature between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Q: What are the host cities?

The tournament has ten host cities and venues, including nine used at the 2006 World Cup, plus the Dusseldorf’s ground. So this is the list of host venues and stadiums for the 2024 European Championship: Berlin (Olympiastadion / 70,000), Cologne (Cologne Stadium / 47,000), Dortmund (BVB Stadion / 66,000), Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf Arena / 47,000), Frankfurt (Frankfurt Arena / 48,000), Gelsenkirchen (Arena Auf Schalke / 50,000), Hamburg (Volksparkstadion Hamburg / 50,000), Leipzig (Leipzig Stadium / 42,000), Munich (Munich Football Arena, 67,000), and Stuttgart (Stuttgart Arena / 54,000).

Q: Which is the favourite national team to win the European Championship?

England, a national team with zero European Championships, leads the odds race for the Outright Winner of the Euro 2024. The Three Lions and France pay 4.50 (7/2), while Germany (7.00, 6/1) follows as a third favourite respectively. Furthermore, Portugal and Spain are among the first five at 9.00 (8/1) odds.

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