Euro 2024 Playoffs Bets & Odds

The qualification process for the Euro 2024 is done, but not for every national Football team. The 21 teams have booked their spot for the tournament in Germany, and another twelve will battle in the Euro 2024 Playoffs for the final three places in the main stage. 

This intermediate contest will be played in March 2024 to determine who will join the qualified nations for the 17th European Championship. Our article aims to introduce you to the best wagers, markets and odds for the Playoff matches and winners. We will explain how the system works and publish betting information about the favourite and underdog competitors.

Euro 2024 Qualifying Playoffs Rules & Format

BMB_ListThe twelve national teams competing in the process were determined by their results and the overall performance in the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League. The participants were divided into three paths, with four teams each. Only one nation from each path will qualify for the main stage, so the three winners will complete the number of 24 competitors after the Euro 2024 Qualifying Playoffs.

Paths A, B, and C include two knockout Semifinals and one single Final (extra-time and penalty shoot-out included if the regular time is tied). Based on the UEFA Nations League rankings, the highest-seeded team will host the fourth-ranked one in each path and the second-ranked third, respectively. We should notice that a draw between the Semifinal pairings decided the host of each path’s final match. will aim to advise you about the top wagers for the process in the highest odds, offering all the alternatives for primary and secondary markets to win money in this intermediate Euro 2024 phase.

Best Euro 2024 Playoffs Bets

Twelve nations will get a second chance to qualify for the European Championship via the three paths mentioned above, creating plenty of betting opportunities for daily wagers, Specials, and Outrights. experts recommend Euro 2024 Playoffs bets for each kind of Football market, suggesting lucrative odds with high winning chances.

Paths Winners: If you examine the three qualifying paths for the main stage, you will understand that you can have value rewards in the bankroll even if you bet on favourites. Poland at 2.20 (6/5), Ukraine at 2.00 (1/1), and Greece at 1.87 (87/100) are the odds’ frontrunners to check the tickets for Germany’s tournament.

Daily Markets: Most reliable Football bookies offer several markets for each Semifinal and the expected Finals. Let’s take the Poland vs Estonia clash for Path A, where you can find 200+ options for betting. Besides the primary Match Result, Over/Under Total Goals, Double Chance, and Both Teams To Score markets, there are high-value Combos, Draw No Bets, and Handicap Match Result alternatives to win.

Qualifying Markets: You can focus your activity on the Semifinals and back the favourite or underdog national team by predicting how they will get the ticket for the Final. Taking the Georgia vs Luxemburg Semifinal for Path C, there are many qualifying markets where you can place your wagers; Team to Qualify, Method of Qualification, Match to be Decided in Extra Time, and Match to Go to Penalties are the most popular at great prices.

Below, you can take a look at our top 3 recommended bookies to place your bets on.

Euro 2024 Playoffs Odds for Path A Winner

BMB_Number_One Poland is the marginal favourite to win Path A against Wales, Finland, and Estonia. Still, Michal Probierz’s team must prove their strength and mentality to qualify. Τhe winning nation of Path A will enter Group D in the main stage, facing the Netherlands, Austria, and France. 

Here’s the schedule, home venues, dates, and times in CET for Path A.

Thursday, March 21 - Semifinals
Cardiff, Wales 20:45 Wales vs Finland
Warsaw, Poland 20:45 Poland vs Estonia
Tuesday, March 26 - Finals
Cardiff (Wales) or Warsaw (Poland) TBC Wales or Finland vs Poland or Estonia
It’s time to examine the prices for this competitive group winner.
Team Odds
Poland 2.20
Wales 2.30
Finland 5.25
Estonia 40.00

Wales and Finland can enjoy the home advantage for the critical Final against Poland or Estonia. However, Rob Page’s squad has more quality, being 34 places (28 vs 62) above Finland in the FIFA rankings. Wales has the target to win a third successive appearance at the main stage, and they are two home wins away. The wager on the 2.30 seems a decent option for the Euro 2024 Playoffs betting.

✔️ Path A WinnerWales @2.30 (13/10)

Euro 2024 Playoffs Predictions for Path B

BMB_Number_TwoTwo countries currently fighting wars, Israel and Ukraine, could face each other for a place in Euro 2024. The Ukrainians are the favourites on odds to take the spot at 2.00 (1/1) odds, while Bosnia/Herzegovina wants to exploit the circumstances and upset the group. The Path B winner will compete in Group E in the final tournament against Belgium, Slovakia, and Romania. 

Look at the schedule, home venues, dates, and times in CET for Path B.

Thursday, March 21 - Semifinals
Zenica, Bosnia/Herzegovina 20:45 Bosnia/Herzegovina vs Ukraine
TBC 20:45 Israel vs Iceland
Tuesday, March 26 - Finals
Sarajevo (Bosnia/Herzegovina) or Wroclaw (Poland) 20:45 Bosnia/Herzegovina or Ukraine vs Israel or Iceland
It’s time to examine the prices for this competitive group winner.
Team Odds
Ukraine 2.00
Bosnia/Herzegovina 3.25
Israel 6.00
Iceland 7.50

The Path B favourite can’t enjoy the home advantage, while the Semifinal is against a tough squad in front of their fans. The odds for the Match Result market underestimate Bosnia/Herzegovina. Savo Milosevic has plenty of options for all places in the field. The 3.60 - 3.75 - 1.98 odds set for the 1X2 market challenge our Euro 2024 Playoffs predictions to back the home team in the 90-minute regular time.

✔️ Bosnia/Herzegovina vs Ukraine1 @3.60 (13/5)

Euro 2024 Qualifying Playoffs Markets for Path C

BMB_Number_ThreeAt 1.87 (87/100) odds, Greece is the main favourite to reach the Euro 2024 main stage, facing Turkey, Portugal, and Czechia in Group F, with Georgia following the prices. Meanwhile, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan are the Cinderellas in Path C, with fewer qualifying chances.

Thursday, March 21 - Semifinals
Tbilisi, Georgia 18:00 Georgia vs Luxembourg
Athens, Greece 20:45 Greece vs Kazakhstan
Tuesday, March 26 - Finals
Tbilisi (Georgia) or Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) TBC
Georgia or Luxembourg vs Greece or Kazakhstan
Let’s get the prices for the Euro 2024 Qualifying Playoffs regarding Path C.
Team Odds
Greece 1.87
Georgia 3.00
Luxembourg 6.50
Kazakhstan 13.00

The Euro 2004 Champions have manageable obstacles in their trip to Germany, but they must prove it on the field. The Semifinal match against Kazakhstan is critical for the Greeks, the powerhouse in the clash at 1.47 (47/100). They will host a squad with a defensive plan and probably five players in their backline. Their qualifying chances are higher, but it’s challenging to risk their win in extra time at 9.25 well-paid odds. 

✔️ Greece vs Kazakhstan - Method of QualificationGreece in Extra Time @9.25 (33/4)

Is Euro 2024 Playoffs Betting Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyThe intermediate tournament before the Euro 2024 main stage can boost your betting opportunities, including matches with highly motivated competitors. If you thoroughly analyze the home advantage impact and carefully choose the offered markets, you can bolster your bankroll during March.

You can summarise our picks for Euro 2024 Playoffs betting, evaluating the prices of favourites and underdogs. If the odds are in your favour, try on the next level. introduces the best bookies’ offers for the paths, the odds movement for daily markets and Outrights. At the same time, our experts use all their reliable resources to deliver the most accurate info in front of your eyes.

As a tailpiece, you can delimit a bankroll for these five days of March 2024 and build a stellar strategy for Outrights, daily and qualifying markets. Our released odds and bets cover casual and advanced bettors, offering alternatives for easy and fast profit. 

Where To Place Bets for Euro 2024 Qualifying Playoffs

Q: How do the Playoffs work for Euro 2024?

There are three Playoffs paths to the main stage, based upon the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League group phase rankings in League A, B, and C. There are one-legged clashes, a Semifinal and a Final for each path, so three nations will secure a spot for the Euro 2024 in Germany.

Q: When are the Euro 2024 Qualifying Playoffs?

You can delimit your bankroll and prepare by reading our guides for March 21st and 26th of March, 2024, to find plenty of lucrative opportunities in Our experts have released the top bets for the process at the highest Euro 2024 Playoffs odds to help you earn money in these five days.

Q: Which are the teams involved in the Euro 2024 Playoffs?

As you can check in our Euro 2024 Playoffs predictions, there are favourites and underdogs in this intermediate qualifying round. Poland and Wales have the most theoretical winning chances from Path A; meanwhile, Ukraine and Bosnia/Herzegovina, Greece and Georgia are the favourites for the Finals from Paths B and C. Finland, Estonia, Israel, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Kazakhstan seem the dark horses for the whole process.

Q: Where should the top Euro 2024 Playoffs bets be placed?

The most crucial factor before you choose your preferred bookie for Euro 2024 Playoffs betting is the odds value. If you secure the top odds in a broad range of Football markets for daily bets and Outrights, you can explore the platform for juicy offers and promotions. Features like Live Streaming and Cash Out can enhance your winning chances by offering excellent in-play alternatives.

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