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Euro 2024 Live Streaming Sites

The 2024 European Championship is closing in and is anticipated to be a football spectacle. Until a few years ago, the only option was to watch the matches on the local TV channel. This time around, you can access dozens of Euro 2024 Live Streaming Sites, from online operators to online bookmakers.

Of course, major networks globally have acquired broadcasting rights. On this page, we will reveal exactly where you can watch each match for free. Before going into further detail, though, here is a list of the top Live Streaming bookies.

How to Enjoy Free Euro 2024 Live Streaming

BMB_Best IconVery few online bookmakers will actually show the matches live. Most will resort to an animated display of the game. The reason is that the rights to show the matches are exclusively sold to TV networks in each country, and sportsbooks cannot buy them.

Feel free to check our list of bookmakers that offer LS services above; they are all reliable. On the other hand, avoid any illegal Euros 2024 Live Streaming sites because they might incur fees and penalties.

How to Live Stream the Euros from the UK

BMB_Number_One Like with many other international football competitions, the matches will be split between ITV and BBC. You can watch all of them on TV, on your mobile phone, and even access Free Euro 2024 Live Streaming online.

You only need to visit the websites through your chosen device, sign into your account, and you are good to go. On the other hand, UK bookmakers will not be showing any matches. This includes any games that feature England or Scotland.

Watch Denmark vs England Live Streaming

How to Live Stream the Euros from Germany

BMB_Number_TwoAs you already know, Germany is the host country of the European Championship. However, the rules do not change. You will still not be able to live stream the matches at online betting sites. You need the land-based operators to watch them.

In Germany, four channels have obtained the rights to cover the event: ARD, ZDF, RTL, and Deutsche Telekom. Make sure to check the schedules to find the clash you are interested in.

Watch Germany vs Hungary Live Streaming

How to Live Stream the Euros from France

BMB_Number_ThreeAfter their recent merger, TF1 and M6 will be the joint hosts of the European Champions on French TV. While M6 generally requires a subscription, the Euros matches will be shown for free.

Once again, online bookmakers will have no right to show them live. After all, France is one of the toughest countries when it comes to gambling laws and regulations.

Watch Netherlands vs France Live Streaming

How to Live Stream the Euros from the Netherlands

BMB_Number_FourThe NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) is one of the most popular public broadcasting stations in the Netherlands. This means that you can access the Euro 2024 Live Streaming services for free.

You can also download the mobile app and watch the games on your mobile phone even if you are not home.

Watch Spain vs Italy Live Streaming

Where Can You Watch in Each Country

BMB_Place_A_BetEach country has its own broadcasting company that owns the right to show the European Championship matches. Note that some require local subscriptions to access. In any case, here are the most notable broadcasters.

Country Broadcaster Country Broadcaster
Finland YLE Norway NRK/TV2
France TF1/M6 Poland TVP
Germany ARD/ZDF/RTL/DT Portugal RTP/SIC/TVI/SportTV
Hungary MTVA Spain RTVE
Ireland RTE Sweden SVT/TV4
Netherlands NOS UK BBC/ITV


Safe & Free Euro Live Streaming Alternatives

BMB_Book SpyWhile bookies will thoroughly cover the tournament, almost none of them will show any matches. As we have already mentioned, TV networks have broadcasting rights, and bookmakers cannot obtain them. You can only follow a 3D animation of the game live, similar to the one brands use for the Premier League.

Nevertheless, most countries will provide a legal and safe alternative to watch the matches, usually on TV. If you are not happy with the services in your country, you can always buy a subscription from any legal Euro 2024 Live Streaming Site.

Another option is to use a VPN to access the services in a different country. The subscription will be considerably less expensive. All the above means that you should steer clear of any illegal streaming sites. The pop-ups, the breakdown of the videos, and the low quality are just not worth it.

Q: Is Euro 2024 Live Streaming available at online bookmakers?

Most bookmakers will not be showing the matches since they will not be able to obtain the broadcasting rights. However, they might show some pre-tournament friendlies. In any case, make sure to follow our recommended bookies to find out if this changes.

Q: Does Live Streaming media cover all matches on the Euros?

Yes. UEFA wants all the matches to be shown on TV to maximise their profits. So, you can expect to be able to find all games at the corresponding time on your local channel. Note that, in some countries, you might need a subscription to access them.

Q: Why can’t most bookies show the games?

In most regions, there are laws that state that international competitions like the Euros must be shown by free operators. In others, you need to pay to watch the matches. In any case, the rights have already been acquired by broadcasting companies, and online bookies cannot claim them.

Q: Can I use a VPN to watch the matches on online bookies?

This could work for the handful of online bookmakers that actually show the tournament. You can use a VPN proxy to register and play there. However, you should check if you can verify your account before making any deposits. Otherwise, you will not be able to cash out on winnings.

Q: Is it worth looking for illegal Live Streaming sites?

On this day and time, you can find multiple illegal sites that stream the European Championship. However, accessing them is not recommended. Apart from the bad video quality and the fact that these streams break down all the time, you might pay a fine if they catch you streaming in one of those.

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