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Euro 2024 Italy Odds

The reigning European Champions, one of the most influential teams of continental Football, enter the 17th Euro Championship as a slight underdog to lift the trophy. Italy won the previous tournament against home nation England, having ten wins in the Qualifying Round and being unbeatable in the Final Stage with five wins and two draws.

It was the second time the South Europeans made this honour after the 1968 edition. Regarding the World Cup, Italy took first place four times, but in the later years, it had many failures to handle. The defending Champions of Europe failed to qualify from the Group Stage in 2010 and 2014, and they didn’t secure a spot for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.

However, in continental competitions, Italy upgraded its status; it won third place in the 2021 and 2023 UEFA Nations League, proving its mentality and overall range. The Euro 2024 Italy odds are 15.00 (14/1), alongside Belgium, for the Outright Winner market, behind England, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

We aim to introduce you to the best bets for the European Championship based on Italy and their lucrative prices to reach the Semifinals and the Final.

Odds For Italy To Win Euro 2024

BMB_Italy Circle FlagItaly’s way to the top is not expected to be easy at all. To defend their Euro title in Germany, the Squadra Azzurra should overcome a challenging and demanding situation by participating in Group B alongside Spain, Croatia, and Albania.

The Iberians were the 2023 UEFA Nations League winners, while Croatia took second place in the 2018 World Cup. Finally, it’s a common belief that the Balkans are one of Europe’s most promising national Football teams.

Most reliable bookies offer underdog prices for Italy to shine in the tournament, underestimating their chances of winning the trophy. However, you can find numerous markets for daily wagers and Outrights based on Luciano Spalletti’s side. Here are the top options for Italy to upset the tournament, trying to hold their Crown.

✔️ Euro 2024 - Outright WinnerItaly to Win the Tournament @15.00 (14/1).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Team SpecialsItaly to Reach the Final @7.50 (13/2).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Team SpecialsItaly to Reach the Semifinals @3.85 (57/20).

Before we analyze the odds for Italy to win Euro 2024, we should examine their fixtures in Germany and the possible paths to the Final.

Italy Euro 2024 Schedule Date/Time (CET) Host City
Italy vs Albania June 15, 2024 / 21:00 Dortmund
Spain vs Italy June 20, 2024 / 21:00 Gelsenkirchen
Croatia vs Italy June 24, 2024 / 21:00 Leipzig

You can find in the table below all the probable scenarios that can influence Azzurri’s winning chances from the Knockout Phase until the Final.

Potential Italy Group B Spot Potential Round of 16 Opponents
1st Place 3rd Group A/D/E/F (Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland / Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France / Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine / Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czechia)
2nd Place Runner-up Group A (Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland)
3rd Place* Winner Group F or Winner Group E (Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czechia or Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine)

*If Group B gives one of the four best 3-placed teams for the Knockout Phase.

Group B Winner: Euro 2024 Italy Odds

BMB_Betting OddsItaly comes second to be the Group winner at 3.15 (43/20) odds, behind Spain at 1.70 (7/10). Croatia and Albania follow the prices, offering 5.50 (9/2) and 50.00 (49/1), respectively. Independent of the bookies’ evaluation, if the Azzurri upset Group B by taking the first place, they will potentially find an easier opponent for the Round of 16.

For example, they may face opponents, such as Austria or Romania, who cause no fear to the European Champions. Their opening game against Albania will be critical; if the Blues win, the result will affect the Italy vs Spain odds for Matchday 2.

Checking the early odds, Italy is the heavyweight favourite to start the tournament with a victory at 1.45 (9/20) odds against the Balkans.

The draw option for the Match Result market pays 4.40 (17/5), and Albania’s win offers a 7.50 (13/2) payout. For those who believe Italy can face a challenging opening day, the Both Teams To Score option is 2.25 (5/4).

Now, you can follow our experts’ picks for Italy at the top offered prices.

✔️ Italy vs Albania1 @1.45 (9/20).

✔️ Italy vs AlbaniaBTTS - Yes @2.25 (5/4).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Group B WinnerItaly @3.15 (43/20).

Euro 2024 Group B: Odds On Italy To Qualify

BMB_Markets GenericYou can find several star players in Italy’s squad, like the goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, the influential midfielder Nicolo Barella, and Juventus’ forward Federico Chiesa. Undoubtedly, the latest Azzurri’s underachieving performances in elite tournaments create second thoughts about their chances to qualify from Group B, affecting the Italy Euro odds.

Indeed, the possibility of reaching the Semifinals or the Final seems low. However, the 2-way market “To Qualify from Group B” includes a gap between the “Yes” and “No” options. The scenario to move forward to Knockout Phase pays 1.20 (1/5), while Italy’s failure alternative to secure a qualification ticket for Round 16 is at 4.33 (333/100) odds.

Double Chance: Ιtaly Odds To Win Euro 2024

BMB_AlternativesDespite their triumph at Euro 2020, the continental title holders remain among the underdogs to repeat the achievement. Italy is only the sixth favourite to win the European Championship, alongside Belgium at 15.00 (14/1).

Five nations are paying single-digit prices to conquer the Crown: England offers a 4.50 (7/2) payout, while France is at 5.00 (4/1), Germany at 7.00 (6/1), Portugal at 8.00 (7/1), and Spain is at 9.00 (8/1).

If your analysis shows that the Azzurri can make it again, the Double Chance market creates a chance to bet on high Italy odds to win Euro 2024 for this special option. Suppose you compare the number of alternatives with the main favourite; indeed, the options are fewer.

The Double Chance on Italy includes national Football teams, such as Belgium or the Netherlands, contenders with lower or equal chances to upset the tournament.

Let’s take an example and a closer look at one alternative: If Italy or Belgium win the competition, the Double Chance will pay 7.50 (13/2), which is a high payout, even if the prices in Italy are decreased compared to the 15.00 for the Outright Winner. Remember, here, you bet on two nations to lift the trophy, not one.

Please check the table below and examine the possible market combinations and the implied probability of winning for each bet.

Italy Double Chance Odds Implied Probability
England or Italy 3.45 (49/20) 28.99%
France or Italy 3.75 (11/4) 26.67%
Germany or Italy 4.75 (15/4) 21.05%
Portugal or Italy 5.20 (21/5) 19.23%
Spain or Italy 5.65 (93/20) 17.70%
Italy or Belgium 7.50 (13/2) 13.33%
Italy or Netherlands 8.50 (15/2) 11.76%


Italy Euro Odds To Reach The Semifinals

BMB_Football_FieldLuciano Spalletti’s team finished second in qualifying Group C, behind England, dropping plenty of points along the way. They won four of their eight matches, conceding nine goals. The 2020 European Champions want stability and efficient exploitation of their quality roster to shine again and disprove the prices.

This is a challenging target, so the 3.85 (57/20) odds of Italy reaching the Semifinals seem like a bet without much value. Let’s say you place a €/£10 bet backing Italy to make it; your potential returns will be €/£38.50.

So, our experts believe it’s more lucrative for your bankroll to bet on daily Italy Euro odds than backing the specific Outright market that offers a 25.97% implied probability of winning.

Italy To Reach The Final Odds

BMB_Football BallAs mentioned for the Outright Winner market, Italy is the sixth favourite to reach the Final at 7.50 (13/2) odds alongside Belgium; that means a 13.33% implied probability. If you back the wager with a €/£10 stake, you will get €/£75 as a payout if the Azzurri compete in the Final again.

However, before you add the betslip, you should check the Outright Winner E/W and the Euro 2024 Italy odds for the each way option with 1/2 1-2 terms. The prices for first place are 15.00, so an E/W bet costs double (€/£20) compared to the initial stake (€/£10).

If Italy upsets the competition again by reaching the Final, you will receive €/£230 whether they won first place or not, which is a higher payout for your bankroll.

Straight Forecast: Italy Odds To Win Euro

BMB_TrophyBesides your daily betting activity, tournaments like the European Championship offer the opportunity to risk small Outright bets with higher odds and bolster your bankroll. The Straight Forecast market calls you to precisely predict the winning nation (first place) and the finalist (second place).

Let’s introduce how you can enhance your Italy odds to win Euro by placing a Straight Forecast wager. Suppose your analysis shows an Italy vs France Final is a possible scenario. If you believe the Azzurri’s winning chances in the match, this alternative option pays 45.00 (44/1), offering you a massive payout.

The 2.22% implied probability seems tiny; however, you can risk a lower stake while waiting for huge returns. Examine the table below and analyze the top combinations for the market and their prices, from 40.00 to 140.00, due to Italy’s underdog chances to win first place in the tournament.

Italy Straight Forecast Odds Implied Probability
1.Italy & 2.England 40.00 (39/1) 2.50%
1.Italy & 2.France 45.00 (44/1) 2.22%
1.Italy & 2.Germany 55.00 (54/1) 1.82%
1.Italy & 2.Portugal 62.00 (61/1) 1.61%
1.Italy & 2.Spain 70.00 (69/1) 1.43%
1.Italy & 2.Belgium 100.00 (99/1) 1.00%
1.Italy & 2.Netherlands 140.00 (139/1) 0.71%


Are The Odds For Italy To Win Euro Worth It?

BMB_Book SpyThere’s no doubt that Italy belongs to the continental powerhouses regarding Football; on the other hand, the reigning European Champions perform with instability in elite tournaments, including their qualifying rounds.

Our experts avoid back Outrghts on the Azzurri, waiting for the daily markets when the Euro 2024 starts. Luciano Spalletti’s experience, influential tactics, and quality squad couldn’t secure a place among the absolute favourites for the trophy, England, France, and the host nation, Germany.

Our article aims to show you several Outrights for bettors who seek higher prices, risking smaller stakes. The odds for Italy to win Euro aren’t suitable for those who want to back middle prices for long-term wagers.

Regardless, our recommended betting sites offer high prices for Italy bets, several markets, and the top offers to boost your bankroll during Euro 2024.

Best Bookmakers for Italy Euro 2024 Betting

Q: What are the odds for Italy to win Euro?

Despite the recent triumph in Euro 2020, most reliable Football betting sites consider the Azzurri an underdog to repeat their achievements in Germany. Italy pays 15.00 (14/1) odds to win the competition behind England, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

Q: Which are the top Italy odds to qualify for the Knockout Phase?

The Azzurri remains one of the favourites to overcome the Group Stage, getting a qualifying ticket for the Knockout Phase. Spain pays 1.66 (33/50) to take first place, while Italy follows the prices at 3.75 (11/4). The bet on the reigning Champions seems lucrative, despite the odds for the 2-way markets “To Qualify from Group B”. In that case, the “Yes” option pays 1.20 (1/5) and the “No” alternative is at 4.33 (333/100).

Q: What is the best special Euro 2024 bet when backing Italy?

Our experts have released several valuable bets regarding the Azzurri and the upcoming Euro tournament. Suppose you believe Luciano Spalleti’s squad’s chances to lift the trophy again. In that case, you can back the Euro 2024 Italy odds for daily wagers like the Match Result, Total Goals for Group Stage matches and Outrights for Knockout Phase betting.

Q: How to live stream Italy in the Euro 2024?

Top Football bookmakers offer quality live streaming services, even for elite tournaments like the European Championship. So, check our recommended betting sites for the competition and get more information about your options to watch Italy’s matches in the Euro 2024. However, you should avoid illegal streams and non-reliable bookies before you start your betting activity.

Q: Which are Italy’s best previous European Championship performances?

Italy won two European Championships in 1968 and 2020, being the runners-up in two competitions, 2000 and 2012. The Azzurri remains one of the continent’s most successful national Football teams despite their poor performances at the latest World Cup, which is undoubtedly a drawback to backing them in the upcoming competition.

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