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Euro 2024 Group Odds

Betting on the European Championship is not only about wagering on each match or backing a team to lift the trophy. Some of the earliest outright markets you can find revolve around the group stage.

Apart from the winner, you can pick a country to qualify or get eliminated. The opportunities are there since the first two teams of each group, along with the 4 best-ranked 3rd-placed ones, qualify for the Round of 16.

On this page, we will take a thorough look at all the latest Euro 2024 group odds, as well as offer you our inside tips on which nations we think are going to perform best. Which is the group of death this time around? Do we expect any favourites not to go through? Let’s take a look.

Which Bookies Offer The Best Euro 2024 Group Betting Odds

BMB_Markets GenericPicking a site to stake your money is always a crucial step towards becoming profitable. Below, we have created a list of the top online bookies to engage in Euro 2024 group betting. We have ranked them after carefully evaluating the payout they provide, the number of available betting selections, and whether you can close your wagers early by using the Cash Out feature.

Euro Group A Odds & Picks

Nation Win the Group To Qualify Not To Qualify
Germany 1.41 1.05 7.90
Switzerland 6.75 1.55 2.30
Hungary 7.20 1.65 2.10
Scotland 8.80 1.72 2.00

The hosts are by far the biggest favourite to win Group A. Playing in front of their crowd will definitely give them the edge. We do not think that any of the Switzerland, Hungary, or Scotland will pose any serious threat in the first place.

Our Euro 2024 group predictions here are primarily focused on which team will not manage to get a ticket for the next phase. Switzerland and Scotland both had a good track record during the qualifiers. Based on their form, Hungary will finish last; it pays at 2.10.

Germany to win Group A @1.41

Hungary to be eliminated from Group A @2.10

Euro Group B Odds & Picks

Nation Win the Group To Qualify Not To Qualify
Spain 1.68 1.08 6.50
Italy 3.60 1.20 4.05
Croatia 4.95 1.30 3.20
Albania 22.80 4.05 1.30

The only unclear prediction in Group B is which team will manage to merge victorious. While Spain performed better in the qualifiers, you can never write off the Italians. Besides that, we expect the two European giants and Croatia to advance.

Albania over-performed and achieved a place in the tournament, but this seems like the ceiling for them. We don’t expect that they will be causing any serious problems to the rest of the countries. This is why it is best to find Euro 2024 group odds that offer higher value.

Spain to win Group B @1.68

Albania to finish 4th in Group B @1.40

Euro Group C Odds & Picks

Nation Win the Group To Qualify Not To Qualify
England 1.35 1.04 8.45
Denmark 4.75 1.35 2.95
Serbia 8.65 1.55 2.30
Slovenia 13.40 2.30 1.55

Obviously, we expect England to come on top quickly. While Denmark and Serbia can make a strong case, the Three Lions have the players to get past them. The question here is which teams will follow them.

According to the bookie prices, Denmark and Serbia will most likely qualify. This means that the best combo bet for this group is to back England to win it and Slovenia not to qualify.

England to win Group C @1.35

Slovenia to be eliminated from Group C @1.55

Euro Group D Odds & Picks

Nation Win the Group To Qualify Not To Qualify
France 1.56 1.08 6.50
Netherlands 3.85 1.25 3.60
Austria 8.70 1.72 2.00
Poland 11.00 2.25 1.60

In the replay to the qualifiers, France is set to face the Netherlands once again. The first two meetings were a one-sided affair since the French dominated the matches. This is reflected in the Euro 2024 group D odds.

We believe that they will also carry this form in the final stages and win Group D. Another interesting wager is for Austria to qualify as well. Whether they end up in the 2nd or 3rd place, they pay at 1.72.

France to win Group D @1.56

Austria to Qualify from Group D @1.72

Euro Group E Odds & Picks

Nation Win the Group To Qualify Not To Qualify
Belgium 1.30 1.05 7.90
Ukraine 6.50 1.55 2.35
Romania 8.00 1.60 2.25
Slovakia 8.95 1.80 1.90

This is a group where the odds might not tell the whole story. Belgium is by far the biggest favourite to win first place. However, they did face some problems during the qualifiers, and there are many questions about the physical condition of their top star, Kevin De Bryune.

It’s tough to have an international tournament with no upsets. We believe there is a point in backing Romania to overcome the Belgians for the top position. Conversely, we do not see the Slovaks advancing.

Romania to win Group E @8.00

Slovakia to be eliminated from Group C @1.90

Euro Group F Odds & Picks

Nation Win the Group To Qualify Not To Qualify
Portugal 1.42 1.30 3.20
Turkey 5.15 1.30 3.20
Czechia 8.70 1.85 1.85
Georgia 18.00 2.65 1.45

There is no mistake that Portugal is in pole position to sweep through the competition in Group F. After all, the Portuguese destroyed everyone during the qualifiers. The 1.42 Euro group odds are adequate for this particular market.

On the other hand, the battle on which team will stay out will be vicious. The difference between the three teams is not too great. Based on the schedule, we have concluded that the Czech Republic have the highest chance of being eliminated.

Portugal to win Group F @1.42

Czechia to be eliminated from Group F @1.85

Why Follow our Euro 2024 Group Predictions

BMB_Book SpyAfter thoroughly examining the prices of all teams and groups, we have decided which ones offer the best value. Among the best bets you can find online, you can back Spain to win their group at 1.68 odds, Slovakia not going through at 1.90 odds, as well as the Czech Republic not qualifying for the Knockout stages.

In terms of markets, there are several options available. You can wager on a country to win the group, qualify for the round of 16, or get eliminated. However, the first step to becoming successful is to find the top sportsbooks with the highest Euro 2024 group odds and the widest range of markets.

Where to Place Your First Stage Bets

Q: How many groups does Euro 2024 have?

There is a total of six groups and 24 teams in this year’s edition of the European championship. As always, the teams with the highest chance of winning are England, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Q: What are the top Euro 2024 group predictions?

The first step towards reaching the later stages of the tournament is to top the group. This will ensure an easier path towards the trophy. With that in mind, our top Euro group predictions are Spain, France, England, and Portugal will emerge victorious.

Q: When does the group phase begin?

The Euro 2024 is set to take place in Germany. The first stage is the group stage, which will start on June 14th and finish on June 26. The opening match is the host nation, Germany, which will play against Scotland.

Q: What are the Euro group odds for a team to qualify?

That would depend on the group. For example, England to top Group C pays at 1.39 because the competition is not that fierce. On the other hand, Spain to win Group B is offered at higher prices since Italy is in the same group.

Q: Can I bet on England not to go through?

Of course. While this does not look like a smart wager, you can always find options to bet on a team not to go through. At this moment, England not to qualify from Group C pays at 8.45 odds.

Q: Which is the easiest group for betting?

In terms of prices, two groups have a clear favourite to be eliminated. Firstly, in Group B, Albania will probably not cause any problems for Spain, Italy, and Croatia. The same goes for Slovenia in Group C.

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