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Euro 2024 Germany Odds

Many teams have taken advantage of hosting sports competitions to come out on top or produce better results than expected. Germany desperately needed such an edge, and they will not miss this chance to surprise.

Currently, the Nationalmannschaft is trying to put recent struggles behind them, such as being eliminated early from the 2022 World Cup and the 2020 Euro. They have won many international titles, and the current Euro 2024 Germany Odds suggest they are a top contender.

You can take advantage early on by placing likely bets at favourable prices. At the time of writing, you can back the Home team to lift the trophy at 7.00 odds. So, let’s examine the other outright wagers bookies are offering for the German squad.

What Are The Odds On Germany To Win Euro 2024

BMB_Germany FlagWith many top-notch experienced players on board, young talents like Wirtz in midfield and Musiala as a striker present much-needed energy in the squad. However, the lack of defensive depth might be an issue in later knockout stages.

Even if they look better than Italy, Spain, and Portugal on paper, they still need to bid their luck against co-favorites England and France. The two teams have stars in their squads and win-hungry coaches that will be challenging to beat.

On the Group stage, it’s another story. All three teams should be easy to beat, although Hungary and Scotland have decent teams, and Switzerland eliminated France in the last Euro. Here are some reasonable picks that could turn over good wins if the Germans were able to dominate at home:

✔️ Euro 2024 - Outright WinnerGermany to Win the Tournament @7.00 (6/1).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Team SpecialsGermany to Reach the Final @4.00 (13/5).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Team SpecialsGermany to Reach the Semifinals @1.95 (19/20).

So let’s start at the beginning and see what the Germans' challenge in the Group stage will be and their possible knockout paths if they qualify. It is the first to determine if the bookmaker’s odds on Germany to win Euro 2024 are worth it.

Germany Euro 2024 Schedule

Date/Time (CET)

Host City

Germany vs Scotland

June 14, 2024 / 21:00


Germany vs Hungary

June 19, 2024 / 18:00


England vs Slovenia

June 23, 2024 / 21:00


As the next round doesn’t seem too far-fetched for the hosts, here are the possible routes they might take according to their group ranking:

Potential Germany Group A Spot

Round of 16 Probable Opponents

1st Place

2nd from Group C (Denmark, Serbia, England, Slovenia)

2nd Place

2nd from Group B (Italy, Spain, Croatia, Albania)

3rd Place*

Winners of Group F (Portugal, Turkey, Czechia, Georgia)

*If Group A gives one of the four best 3-placed teams for the Knockout Phase.

Group A Winner: Euro 2024 Germany Odds

BMB_FavouriteLooking closer at the bookmakers’ odds for this group, the Mannschaft will most likely win. Considering the squad and home advantages, the German team should have little trouble topping their table after the reassuring picks.

If they do place first, the following matches should be more convenient. Assuming England is also top of their group, the Germans will have to play Denmark, Serbia, or Slovenia. Whereas the Group A contenders have the following odds to beat the Panzers:

  • Switzerland: 6.50 or 15% probability.
  • Hungary: 7.50 or 13% probability.
  • Scotland: 9.00 or 11% probability.

The trickiest qualification for Nagelsman’s men would be with a second ranking, where they will play against number two from Group B in the 16th. That would be either the Spanish, Italians, or Croats, given that Albania would need a miracle to advance, especially as the division’s second.

Most early outrights and specials will close before the start of the tournaments. You can secure some good prices on them now. The same can be said about the first match, where teams’ forms are yet to be seen. Here are the best picks for Germany in their crucial tournament opener against Scotland and the qualifying round overall:

✔️ Germany vs Scotland1/1 @1.80 (4/5).

✔️ Germany vs ScotlandBTTS - Yes @2,37 (137/100).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Group A WinnerGermany @1.40 (2/5).

Euro 2024 Group A: Odds On Germany To Qualify

BMB_Money_ProfitThe given odds for qualification to the next round are a meager 1.05. It is similar to England and Belgium’s odds at 1.03 and 1.05, as all three teams are in manageable groups. The Nationalmannschaft taking first place comes with at 1.40 or an implied probability of 71%.

The return on Germany not qualifying is 11.00 with an implied likeability of 9%. This is a low payout, considering it is improbable that the hosts will fail to advance to the next round. It came to our attention that the Scots have the highest payout for the first spot (9.00), while the Swiss have the highest chance of not qualifying (2.37).

Usually, the same team will be associated with both bets. All these discrepancies concern the uncertainty surrounding the Germans after their streaks of losses in the friendly matches they played in 2023.

All European countries have experienced changes and disappointments in men’s international football, but none as much as Germany. At the same time, none packs as much potential as the home team. In sports betting, this translates to excitement.

Double Chance Euro 2024 Germany Odds

BMB_BankSome more bets are being offered, albeit by few bookmakers this early on. Straight Forecast and Final Matchup can give good returns among these markets because of their high risk. Double Chance, on the other hand, is available for players who want to balance out these risks.

On the outright winner market, DC would mean you are betting on either of your picks to grab the trophy. The safest wagers would be Germany and England or Germany and France since the other teams are co-favourites for winning. Both markets are priced at 3.05, meaning it is 32.79 likely to happen, and your stake will be tripled in case of a win.

If you want to try your luck and you have different predictions as to who is a candidate for the title besides the Nationalmannschaft, you will find these offerings online:

Germany Double Chance


Implied Probability

Germany or England

2.75 (7/4)


Germany or France

3.05 (41/20)


Germany or Portugal

4.15 (63/20)


Germany or Spain

4.15 (63/20)


Germany or Italy

5.25 (17/4)


Germany or Belgium

5.55 (91/20)


Germany or Netherlands

5.55 (91/20)


Which Are The Germany Odds To Reach The Final

BMB_SecurityThe price for the Germans to play in the final match is 4.00 from the highest quotation we found. It implies a 27% chance for this wager to win. This is one of our top picks since it has a good return possibility and is likely to happen.

However, savvy bettors will find an even better wager for a similar result. Some bookies offer the Each Way market on the Outright winner. For Germany in this Euro, this bet increases potential returns with up to a 6.20 payout. When available, you will see it in the bet Slip with a (EW ½ 2) sign that you must tick to apply.

Punting on Each Way for the Germans means you expect them to finish in the top 2 spots, hence why the brackets say number 2. If it said 4, for example, it would mean the same as reaching the semis, or 4th spot at least.

Your stake will be doubled since it counts as placing 2 bets. The ½ means you get an extra half from the returns of the stake of Germany being runner-up.

Germany To Reach The Semifinals Odds

BMB_Stacked CoinsAs a third favourite for the title, the Nationalmannschaft will likely advance through all the stages. The earlier stage you bet on them to reach, the less money you stand to win. But you can lower risks and back them until the semis or quarters for a reasonable payout. 

The odds of reaching the semis are 1.95, translating into a 51% probability. Note that this bet doesn’t necessitate the Germans losing and getting eliminated in this round. It means that you are wagering they reach at least this stage. 

In contrast, if you bet on them getting eliminated in the semis, this market will be offered at higher prices. You will narrow the probability to a specific outcome in the semi-finals. This market could open later in the competition for most bookmakers.

Straight Forecast: Germany To Win Euro 2024 Odds

BMB_AlternativesThe straight forecast is the riskiest punt of all outrights. Unlike Double Chance, which could include two candidates for winners and combine their odds, this wager excludes all teams but two and places them in a specific order.

In this example, we will look at the forecast with Germany To Win the Euro 2024; the other pick is the runner-up. Here are the given odds for the teams that could come second after the Germans:

Germany Straight Forecast


Implied Probability

1.Germany and & 2.England

18.00 (17/1)


1.Germany  & 2.France

20.00 (19/1)


1.Germany  & 2.Portugal

27.50 (53/2)


1.Germany  & 2.Spain

30.00 (29/1)


1.Germany  & 2.Belgium

48.00 (47/1)


1.Germany  & 2.Italy

50.00 (49/1)


1.Germany  & 2.Netherlands

65.00 (64/1)


Germany Οdds for First Goalscorer

BMB_Football BallPlayer predictions could undergo much change till June. But new manager Julian Nagelsmann has already coached a few matches, showing us possible combinations and tactics he might choose.

The first goalscorer will be an exciting pick, as Fullkrug, Muller, and Musiala will all compete to score. It is still difficult to predict such a market when the picks, formations, and lineups are still unknown.

We can at least say that Germany has found new candidates that can efficiently find the net after years of searching for Klose’s replacement. Our bet would be on Musiala to score first. You can bet on the scorer of the first goal directly against Scotland’s match since most of these markets are still closed.

The rest of the team looks more apparent, with little space for surprises regarding Sane, Rudiger, Kimmich, Gnabry, and Goretzka. All of these are good candidates to score first against Scotland, but we will share more once the bookmakers start listing those prices. For now, we still have to wait to bet on squad drafts.

Best Bookmakers for Germany Euro 2024 Betting

Q: What are the odds for Germany to win the Euro 2024?

Bookmakers are favouring Germany as a 3rd contender for the title behind England and France. Most bookies offer odds up to 7.00 for an outright tournament win, which implies a probability of 14.3% to happen.

Q: What are the best Germany Euro 2024 odds of qualifying for Knockout Phase?

To Qualify is not an exciting bet, with payouts ranging between 1% and 4% across all bookmakers. The Nationalmannschaft happen to be in an easy group, and the best-paying bet would be to qualify at the top of their group at1.40.

Q: What is the best special bet when backing Germany in Euro 2024?

The best bet to increase your chances of winning would be a double chance on Germany and another team or an outright win with Each Way. If you want riskier bets with higher odds, you can bet on Final Matchup or Straight Forecast.

Q: How can I live stream Germany in Euro 2024?

Many bookmakers offer Live Streaming for free; with some, you do not need to register. Check out our bookmakers with Live Streaming list and choose the bookie that suits you best from our list.

Q: Which are Germany’s best previous Euro performances?

In the Euro 1974 and 1982, they won the title as West Germany. And then, as a unified country, they won in 1996. In recent matches, Germany had bad results, but the men’s team is looking more and more in form ahead of the competition.

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