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Euro 2024 France Odds

France is one of the strongest teams in world football, with a history of success in elite tournaments. Les Bleus reached the final of the 2022 World Cup, where they lost to Argentina on penalties. They were eliminated in the round of 16 in the Euro 2020 by Switzerland, also on penalties. 

Despite these setbacks, France is still among the top three favourites to lift the Euro 2024 trophy, with odds of 5.00. The other two main favourites are England @4.90 and Germany @5.75, while the latter will also host the tournament. 

The Euro 2024 France odds are quite high regarding return on stake and likeliness of win. We will provide you with the best bet options and explain the possible outrights. Let’s see what the bookies are offering you and how each wager works.

Bet on France To Win Euro 2024

BMB_France FlagFrance is one of the favourites to win the Euro 2024. Still, they will have to overcome some worthy opponents in Group D. Their best early-on outrights are the following:

✔️ Euro 2024 - Outright WinnerFrance to Win the Tournament @5.00 (4/1).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Team SpecialsFrance to Reach the Final @2.80 (9/5).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Team SpecialsFrance to Reach the Semifinals @1.70 (7/10).

✔️ Euro 2024 - Player SpecialsK. Mbappe to win the Golden Boot @10.00 (9/1).

Here is a summary of their group programme and the possible scenarios for the knockout phase.

    1. They will face Austria in their first match on 17 June in Düsseldorf. Austria qualified as the second-placed team in Group G, behind Poland. They have a balanced squad, with players like David Alaba, Marcel Sabitzer, and Marko Arnautovic.
    2. They will then take on the Netherlands on 21 June in Leipzig. The Netherlands finished second in Group B, behind France. They have a talented team, with players like Virgil van Dijk, Frenkie de Jong, and Memphis Depay. France has a slight edge, winning 7 of the last 10 encounters.
    3. France will end the group stage against Poland on 25 June in Dortmund, the play-off winner A. Poland is the highest-ranked team in this path, with players like Robert Lewandowski, Piotr Zielinski, and Wojciech Szczesny. France has not lost to any of these teams in its previous matches.
France Euro 2024 Schedule Date/Time (CET) Host City
France vs Austria June 17, 2024 / 21:00 Dusseldorf
France vs Netherlands June 21, 2024 / 21:00 Leipzig
France vs Poland June 25, 2024 / 18:00 Dortmund

Depending on their results in the group stage, France can qualify for the knockout phase in three ways:

Potential France Group D Spot Potential Round of 16 Opponents
1st Place 3rd from Groups A/B/C (Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany / Albania, Croatia, Italy, Spain / Slovenia, Serbia, Denmark, England)
2nd Place 2nd Place Group E (Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belgium)
3rd Place* Winner Group F (Portugal, Turkey, Czechia, Georgia)

France is the second-favourite for the outright winner market, behind England, because they have a solid and experienced squad, with players like Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele, and Theo Hernandez.

They also have a proven coach in Didier Deschamps, who led them to the 2018 World Cup title and the 2016 Euro final. France has a history of success in major tournaments, having won two World Cups and two Euros.

Lastly, their draw is more than favourable, as they can avoid other contenders until later. France is a team that knows how to win and will be determined to add another trophy to their collection.

Group D Winner: France Euro 2024 Odds

BMB_TrophyIf you back France to win its qualifying group, you get a 1.65 payout. At the time of writing, here are the average odds bookies are offering for the first spot in Group D by team:

Team Odds
France 1.43 (43/100)
Netherlands 3.34 (117/50)
Austria 13.00 (12/2)
Poland 31.00 (30/1)

This wager is priced higher than Germany's and England’s qualification at the top of their table since France has the most formidable contender for this spot, the Dutch team. This implies that the odds for Les Bleus to win Group D are not as likely as its 2 title rivals.

Their second match against the Netherlands will clarify the teams' chances in the cup. The odds are in France’s favour at 2.25 for winning. The BTTS odds are 1.72 for Yes and 2.05 for No. So here are some predictions that are worth considering:

✔️ Netherlands vs France2 @2.25 (5/4)

✔️ Netherlands vs France ⏩ BTTS - YES @1.72 (18/25)

✔️ Euro 2024 - Group D WinnerFrance @1.43 (43/100)

Euro 2024 Group D: Odds On France To Qualify

BMB_Profits_GraphOne of the lowest-paying bets in the competition is for Les Bleus to advance to the next stage. It pays more than punting England or Germany to qualify from their easy groups. It delivers the same 1.04 odds as Spain moving from a group containing Italy and Croatia.

You can place this bet on Austria or the Netherlands if you think they will finish in the top 3 spots of the table and advance to the next round. Notice how the payouts are low, at 1.90 and 1.20, although the fourth team in this group has yet to be determined.

On the other hand, if you wager No for the qualification of France, the odds are 12.20. This scenario is improbable and should have had a bigger payout. Even if Poland joins this group, the French will still be favoured to qualify.

Double Chance France Euro Odds

BMB_Versus SymbolAs the competition approaches, teams qualify, and squad formations start taking shape, more and more bets will be added to sportsbooks. Many websites already offer the Double Chance of Outright Winners among these markets.

Bookmakers might still offer different implied odds for specific results, but these are the average payouts currently online:

France Double Chance Odds Implied Probability
France or England 2.50 (3/2) 40.00%
France or Germany 2.75 (7/4) 36.36%
France or Portugal 3.00 (2/1) 33.33%
France or Spain 3.10 (21/10) 32.26%
France or Italy 3.90 (29/10) 25.64%
France or Netherlands 3.90 (29/10) 25.64%
France or Belgium 4.20 (16/5) 23.81%

Italy and the Netherlands are good underdogs, and they significantly boost the odds on this bet since the bookies are granting them a low probability of winning. Note that Italy is the current champion.

One of the best picks remains France or Portugal because the team is always a joker card in this competition, and bookies give them a nice payout as a possible champion. Remember that they held the title between 2016 and 2020.

What Are The France Euro 2024 Odds To Reach The Final

BMB_Number_OneOne of the most popular outright wagers consists of betting on a team “To Reach the Final”. All the payouts offered are based on the team’s ranking among favourites, and France is almost always in the top 2. The payout for them reaching the final is 2.80, implying a 35.71% probability.

Bookmakers will offer the same market in different ways. For example, the To Reach the Final can be given as a 2-way market with Yes/No results. Alternatively, It can be given as an Each Way Outright ticked from the Bet Slip in other cases.

The Each Way market is abbreviated as EW and has annotations such as (½ 2 Places) when you select France as an Outright Winner. It will count as 2 stakes for a position in the Final, either first or second. The half sign indicates that this combination gives half the individual payout for the extra bet. However, that market is priced at 3.60, which is clearly higher odds.

France To Reach The Semifinals Odds

BMB_Number_TwoFew bookies are offering the elimination stages wager early on for the Euro Cup. However, there are outright winner's bids, semis, quarters, 16th, and group stages that you can bet on right now if you think a team will not pass a certain round.

It differs from the market To Reach the Semi-Final (or any other round). The latter doesn’t necessitate that the team loses at this stage. This bet has way lower odds at 1.70, meaning it’s 58.82% likely that France will reach at least the semis.

Straight Forecast: Odds For France To Win Euro 2024

BMB_Betting OddsThe last Team Specials wager that should be mentioned is the Straight Forecast. This is one of the most specific wagers in competitions; for that, events that are relatively likely to happen will still have high odds.

If you bet on a Final Matchup between France and England, you are rooting for both teams to reach the final, regardless of the winner. This wager has 7.50 odds with the bookies that offer it. Meanwhile, the Straight Forecast specifies which will be the champion and the runner-up, with respective odds of 25.00 if France wins the final.

Here are the odds for France to win the Euro 2024 with different runner-ups, along with their odds and implied probabilities:

France Straight Forecast Odds Implied Probability
1.France & 2.Portugal 21.00 (20/1) 4.76%
1.France & 2.Germany 21.00 (20/1) 4.76%
1.France & 2.England 25.00 (24/1) 4.35%
1.France & 2.Spain 25.00 (24/1) 4.35%
1.France & 2.Netherlands 31.00 (30/1) 3.23%
1.France & 2.Italy 45.00 (44/1) 2.22%

France Euro 2024 Οdds for First Goalscorer

BMB_Football BallOther markets will start opening when the date of the Euro starts getting closer. Among these are the players’ specials. You will find bets on different bookies starting to offer squad selection, players to play in the final, and, most importantly, goal scorers.

For now, Giroud and Mbappe will be playing in the national squad unless they get injuries or other issues arise. Both players might be the competition’s best scorer, especially if France reaches the final.

The inaugural goalscorer bet can be anyone on the team, including defenders, penalty or free kick takers. The best examples of such players are Griezmann and Hernandez. So, although Giroud and Mbappe are the most likely goal scorers for France, the first team goal in the competition can be any other player.

Comparing these two forwards, Giroud is the national all-time best scorer, and Mbappe is the third with 10 goals behind. However, Mbappe has way fewer caps than Giroud. He is more likely to score first and come out on top of the list for the whole competition, which is why he is our pick.

The Ballon d’Or and last Euro’s Bronze Foot, Karim Benzema, will probably not be playing. According to news agencies and press conferences, the player’s long history of disputes with the FFF and Deschamps could be the reason for another exclusion.

Are the France Euro Odds for 2024 Worth It?

BMB_Book SpyAs a favourite with almost all bookies, France’s odds are worth it, as you can make more than 4 times your stake if they win. The payout is relatively high for a favourite since the competition is full of teams that can grab the title from one another.

France taking the number 1 spot is one of many bets worth placing. The team has top goal scorers and a proven coach. At the same time, many rival favourites and underdogs offer significant value in a Double Chance bet. There also are tons of team and player specials to make your sports wagering more exciting.

France in the Euro has great punting potential, depending on the probabilities and payouts you seek. One of the most rentable and likely bets is the Each-Way Outright Win, especially if bookies offer it for 3 or 4 places.

Best Bookmakers for France Euro 2024 Betting

Q: What are the odds for France to win Euro 2024?

The payout given for Les Bleus as outright winners varies between 4.50 and 5.00, though they are the co-favourites on almost all bookies. This means they have an implied probability of 20 to 22% of grabbing the title.

Q: Which are the best France odds to qualify for Euro Knockout Phase?

The highest given odds for this is for the French to come up on top of their group stage. It is highly likely, but this result remains to be determined since the Netherlands is in this same group. Other bets, like “To Qualify as 2nd or 3rd” in the group, have less probability.

Q: What is the top special Euro bet when backing France?

In our teams’ opinion, we think that the best bets are an each-way outright winner or Mbappe taking the top goal scorer award. But if you are looking for high payouts, you can bet on the Straight Forecast and specify who the top two spots will go to and in what order.

Q: How to live stream France in the Euro 2024?

If you want live coverage of the competition, visit our specified page for bookmakers with streaming. Some of these bookies do not require you to sign up, deposit, or bet to watch the matches.

Q: Which are the best previous Euro performances by France?

Les Bleus have won the Euro twice, in 1984 with Platini and 2000 with the legendary Zinedine Zidane. They also won the World Cup twice and almost a third time in 2022. In addition, they qualified for the finals of many international competitions in the last couple of decades.

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