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Euro 2020/2021 Betting Guide: Fixtures & Format

Euro 2020 fixturesThe Euro 2020 tournament has been rescheduled to 2021 summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with new times and dates now confirmed. It will be the first football European Championship to be played across the entire continent from the 11th of June until the 11th of July, including 24 teams in six groups. Each group’s first two participants and the four best 3rd-placed national teams will qualify for the Last 16 knock-out phase.

Our betting guide consists of all the revised Euro 2020 fixtures, match dates and venues that the UEFA Executive Committee approved, giving the critical pieces of information for the tournament’s format. Every day we release previews and picks for this summer’s European Championship. Read on our in-depth analysis for all 51 matches up to the final and the daily Euro 2020 predictions based on the latest betting odds.

Euro 2020 Fixtures & Schedule

Besides our groups’ and teams’ analysis and up-to-date standings, you can find all the new Euro 2020 fixtures, dates, venues, and betting previews for the tournament’s matchdays. Scroll down our Euro 2020 Fixtures and get daily picks and predictions for all offered markets.

Euro 2020 Fixtures & Group Stage Format

The Euro 2020 format includes 36 group stage matches, six for each of six groups. The opening match between Turkey and Italy is on the 11th of June and the last one for that phase on June 23rd between Portugal and France in Budapest.

*The kick-off times are shown in CET (Central European Time).

Friday, June 11

Group A (Rome) 21:00 Turkey vs. Italy Preview

Saturday, June 12

Group A (Baku) 15:00 Wales vs. Switzerland Preview
Group B (Copenhagen) 18:00 Denmark vs. Finland Preview
Group B (St Petersburg) 21:00 Belgium vs. Russia Preview

Sunday, June 13

Group D (London) 15:00 England vs. Croatia Preview
Group C (Bucharest) 18:00 Austria vs. North Macedonia Preview
Group C (Amsterdam) 21:00 Netherlands vs. Ukraine Preview

Monday, June 14

Group D (Glasgow) 15:00 Scotland vs. Czech Republic Preview
Group E (St Petersburg) 18:00 Poland vs. Slovakia Preview
Group E (Seville) 21:00 Spain vs. Sweden Preview

Tuesday, June 15

Group F (Budapest) 18:00 Hungary vs. Portugal Preview
Group F (Munich) 21:00 France vs. Germany Preview

Wednesday, June 16

Group B (St Petersburg) 15:00 Finland vs. Russia Preview
Group A (Baku) 18:00 Turkey vs. Wales Preview
Group A (Rome) 21:00 Italy vs. Switzerland Preview

Thursday, June 17

Group C (Bucharest) 15:00 Ukraine vs. North Macedonia Preview
Group B (Copenhagen) 18:00 Denmark vs. Belgium Preview
Group C (Amsterdam) 21:00 Netherlands vs. Austria Preview

Friday, June 18

Group E (St Petersburg) 15:00 Sweden vs. Slovakia Preview
Group D (Glasgow) 18:00 Croatia vs. Czech Republic Preview
Group D (London) 21:00 England vs. Scotland Preview

Saturday, June 19

Group F (Budapest) 15:00 Hungary vs. France Preview
Group F (Munich) 18:00 Portugal vs. Germany Preview
Group E (Seville) 21:00 Spain vs. Poland Preview

Sunday, June 20

Group A (Rome) 18:00 Italy vs. Wales Preview
Group A (Baku) 18:00 Switzerland vs. Turkey Preview

Μonday, June 21

Group C (Amsterdam) 18:00 North Macedonia vs. Netherlands Preview
Group C (Bucharest) 18:00 Ukraine vs. Austria Preview
Group B (Copenhagen) 21:00 Russia vs. Denmark Preview
Group B (St Petersburg) 21:00 Finland vs. Belgium Preview

Tuesday, June 22

Group D (London) 21:00 Czech Republic vs. England Preview
Group D (Glasgow) 21:00 Croatia vs. Scotland Preview

Wednesday, June 23

Group E (Seville) 18:00 Slovakia vs. Spain Preview
Group E (St Petersburg) 18:00 Sweden vs. Poland Preview
Group F (Munich) 21:00 Germany vs. Hungary Preview
Group F (Budapest) 21:00 Portugal vs. France Preview

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Euro 2020 Fixtures & Knock-Out Stage Format

The Euro 2020 format includes 15 matches from the Last 16 Round that starts on the 26th of June until the grand final on July 11th. All games apply to the 90 minutes in the knockout phase, including extra time and penalties if needed in draws’ cases. After the group stage, the six groups’ winners, the runners-up, and the best four-3rd placed will qualify for the Last 16 Round. Stay tuned and check all bookmakers’ betting odds when the tournament’s best teams qualify for later stages, our released betting tips and predictions and bet on straightforward or Each-Way the Euro 2021 Winner and the teams that will reach the grand final.

*The kick-off times are shown in CET (Central European Time).

Round of 16

Saturday, 26 June

Match 37 (Amsterdam) 18:00 Wales vs. Denmark Preview
Match 38 (London) 21:00 Italy vs. Austria Preview

Sunday, 27 June

Match 39 (Budapest) 18:00 Netherlands vs. Czech Republic Preview
Match 40 (Seville) 21:00 Belgium vs. Portugal Preview

Monday, 28 June

Match 41 (Copenhagen) 18:00 Croatia vs. Spain Preview
Match 42 (Bucharest) 21:00 France vs. Switzerland Preview

Tuesday, 29 June

Match 43 (London) 18:00 England vs. Germany Preview
Match 44 (Glasgow) 21:00 Sweden vs. Ukraine Preview

Euro 2020 Quarter-Finals

Friday, 2 July

Match 45 (St Petersburg) 18:00 Switzerland vs. Spain Preview
Match 46 (Munich) 21:00 Belgium vs. Italy Preview

Saturday, 3 July

Match 47 (Baku) 18:00 Czech Republic vs. Denmark Preview
Match 48 (Rome) 21:00 Ukraine vs. England Preview

Euro 2020 Semi-Finals

Tuesday, July 6

Match 49 (London) 21:00 Italy vs. Spain Preview

Wednesday, July 7

Match 50 (London) 21:00 England vs. Denmark Preview

Euro 2020 Final

Sunday, July 11

Match 51 (London) 21:00 Italy vs. England Preview

Euro 2020 Venues & allowed capacities

venueAfter one year and a half with tournaments’ postponement and matches behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fans will return to football grounds this summer. Eleven host Euro 2020 venues and cities reopen for crowds with the main target of public health protection. The decision for allowed capacity on the qualified venues is taken mainly by the host nations. That’s the reason Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and Bilbao (Spain) removed from the list of host cities. UEFA announced that the Euro 2020 matches in Ireland would be moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia, and thοse of Bilbao, Spain, to Seville.

The opening match will take place at the “Stadio Olimpico,” Rome, and the Final at “Wembley Stadium,” London. The average capacity of selected venues is 59,000 seats, with the “Wembley,” the largest tournament’s stadium and “Parken,” Copenhagen, the smallest one. Like Hungary and Russia, some home countries put special restrictions on Euro 2020 matches, such as negative Covid-19 tests for ticket holders only to pass the boards. You can find all the valuable pieces of information based on the eleven host Euro 2020 venues in the handy list below.

Venue Location Group Highest Stage Capacity Allowed Capacity
Johan Cruyff Arena Amsterdam, Netherlands C Last 16 53,502 25-33% (at least 13,375)
Stadio Olimpico Rome, Italy A Quarter-Finals 70,634 25-33% (at least 17,650)
La Cartuja Seville, Spain E Last 16 60,000 30% (18,000)
Baku National Stadium Baku, Azerbaijan A Quarter-Finals 69,870 50% (34,935)*
Allianz Arena Munich, Germany F Quarter-Finals 75,000 20-22% (approximately 15,000)
Wembley Stadium London, England D Final 90,000 25% (22,500)
Parken Stadium Copenhagen, Denmark B Last 16 38,065 25-33% (at least 11,235)
Puskas Arena Budapest, Hungary F Last 16 67,899 100% (67,899)
Hampden Park Glasgow, Scotland D Last 16 51,700 25-33% (at least 12,925)
Arena Nationala Bucharest, Romania C Last 16 55,634 25-33% (at least 13,900)
Krestovsky Stadium St Petersburg, Russia B, Ε Quarter-Finals 68,134 50% (34,067)

*Non-residents and international travelers are not allowed to travel to Baku at all. Although, ticket holders from Turkey, Switzerland, England, Scotland, and the quarter-finals’ teams will be able to obtain a visa.

Which Euro 2020 teams have the home advantage?

One crucial factor in football betting is the home advantage, especially in great tournaments like the European Championship. Nine of the 24 participants are host teams for Euro 2020 group stages, so you can bet on group winners or teams to qualify considering this parameter. The qualified host countries, like Italy (Group A), Russia and Denmark (Group B), Netherlands (Group C), will play at least two of three matches at home. England and Scotland complete the list of Euro 2020 teams with the venue privilege (Group D), along with Spain (Group E), Germany and Hungary (Group F).

If England reaches the later stages will have a critical home advantage, hosting at “Wembley,” London, the two semi-finals and the tournament’s final game. Gareth Southgate’s team will play the first knock-out match for the Last 16 Round at “Wembley” if it takes 1st place in Group D. Also, Scotland and Turkey could be the other beneficiaries; Scottish fans can travel from north borders to England if they have secured a ticket for the game. In addition, Turkey has two short trips to make; east to play in Baku, Azerbaijan, and west to Rome, Italy.

Euro 2020 Referees & VAR

refereeThere is a specific admission for all football fans; the referees can play a massive role in the final result’s setup. For the first time in European Championships’ history, a video four-strong team will be alongside each match official and assistants. Τhe purpose is to analyze all the in-question and controversial phases, making the right decisions. For the first time ever, a referee from South America, Fernando Rapallini, and his assistants will join the selected match officials for the tournament as a part of UEFA’s referee exchange pilot programme with CONMEBOL. Check the complete list of Euro 2020 referees, their refereeing teams and the Video Assistant Referee invention.

Country Referee Assistant Referees
Germany Felix Brych Mark Borsch, Stefan Lupp
Germany Daniel Siebert Jan Seidel, Rafael Foltyn
Turkey Cuneyt Cakir Bahattin Duran, Tarik Ongun
Spain Carlos del Cerro Grande Juan Carlos Yuste Jimenez, Roberto Alonso Fernandez
Spain Antonio Mateu Lahoz Pau Cebrian Devis, Roberto Diaz Perez den Palomar
Sweden Andreas Ekberg Mehmet Culum, Stefan Hallberg
Israel Orel Grinfeld Roy Hassan, Idan Yarkoni
Romania Ovidiu Hategan Sebastian Gheorghe, Radu Chinguleac
Netherlands Bjorn Kuipers Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra
Netherlands Danny Makkelie Hessel Steegstra, Jan de Vries
Russia Sergey Karasev Igor Demeshko, Maksim Gavrilin
England Michael Oliver Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett
England Anthony Taylor Gary Beswick, Adam Nunn
Italy Daniele Orsato Alessandro Giallatini, Fabiano Preti
Portugal Artur Soares Dias Rui Tavares, Paulo Soares
France Clement Turpin Nicolas Danos, Cyril Gringore
Slovenia Slavko Vincic Tomaz Klancnik, Andraz Kovacic
Argentina Fernando Rapallini Juan Pablo Belatti, Diego Bonfa

red arrowThe experience based on previous international tournaments (i.e., European Championships or World Cups) is one of the main criteria that define the referees’ selections. Their performances on high-profile Champions & Europa League fixtures and the number of mistakes made in domestic football are critical parameters for selection. The experience working with VAR also counts.

Will VAR be in use at Euro 2020?

VARIn September 2018, the UEFA authority approved the use of the Video Assistant Referee system for the first time at a European Championship. So, all the critical decisions made by the match officials will be operated and reviewed by the VAR in order to avoid the head referees’ errors. This invention creates new trends in many betting markets, such as the number of red cards, penalties, and the total goals scored. The VAR’s impact is massive, and you can understand that only checking the decision made on offside calls, where is necessary, on high-profile leagues. Here is the list of selected Euro 2020 referees for VAR and offside VAR.

Country Video Assistant Referees Offside VAR
England Stuart Attwell, Chris Cavanagh Lee Betts
France Jerome Brisard, Francois Letexier Benjamin Pages
Germany Bastian Dankert, Christian Dingert, Marco Fritz Christian Gittelmann
Italy Marco Di Bello, Massimiliano Irrati, Paolo Valeri Filippo Meli
Netherlands Kevin Blom, Pol van Boekel -
Poland Pawel Gil -
Portugal Joao Pinheiro -
Spain Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez, Juan Martinez Munuera, Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez Inigo Prieto Lopez de Cerain

Euro 2020 Support Match Referees

referee linesmanA support match referee may act as a fourth official or reserve assistant referee. UEFA authority announced twelve support officials for Euro 2020 matches, including the first female, Stephanie Frappart from France, at a European Championship. You can check in the list below all the selected Euro 2020 referees as support match officials.

Country Fourth Official Reserve Assistant Referee
Bulgaria Georgi Kabakov Martin Margaritov
France Stephanie Frappart Mikael Berchebru
Italy Davide Massa Stefano Alassio
Poland Bartosz Frankowski Marcin Boniek
Serbia Srdan Jovanovic Uros Stojkovic
Switzerland Sandro Scharer Stephane De Almeida

Euro 2020 Rules Changes

red arrowDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UEFA Executive Committee approved some special rules for Euro 2020 in order to help the participants. According to these rules, all 24 national teams can use up to five substitutions in matches, with a sixth allowed in probable extra time. Although, the participants have only three opportunities to make these subs, with a fourth one allowed in extra time.

The UEC also approved the squads’ expansion from 23 players to 26. However, the qualified national teams can name for Euro 2020 matches a 23-man squad (the starting eleven and twelve subs). Every participant nation should have a minimum of thirteen available players for the Euro 2020 fixtures, including at least one goalkeeper. If a team can’t field this number due to positive Covid-19 cases, the match will be postponed and may be rescheduled after 48 hours of the initial scheduled date.

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