Euro 2020/2021 Betting Tips & Predictions

The Euro 2020 is the 16th version of the UEFA European Championship and was initially scheduled for June and July 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UEFA announced the tournament’s postponement and confirmed it would take place from 11th of June until 11th of July 2021, retaining the name “UEFA Euro 2020.” Read on our daily previews, betting tips, and predictions for all the Euro 2020 games and place the most valuable bets on top contenders. Discover how to use insight stats and get advice from Euro 2020 betting tips based on the most popular outright markets.

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Euro 2020/2021 Betting Previews & Predictions

Every day we offer in-depth Euro 2020 betting previews featuring team news, tactics and probable lineups. Click in every 51 tournament matches and find predictions, including the latest odds and key stats.


Euro 2020 Betting Tips

The main difference between Euro 2020 and past competitions is the multiple host countries and, of course, the crowd restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s one of the most significant global sports events, so there are many popular markets and options that you can focus on and chase profit.

How to predict Euro 2021 Winner

You can back a favorite or an underdog national team to win the tournament with or without an outright bet. Evaluating the Euro 2020 odds, you can choose one or more favorites having the best chances to lift the trophy. England (6.00 odds), France (6.00), Belgium (7.00), Germany (8.00), Portugal (9.00), and Spain (9.00) are among these favorites. The first way is to place an outright bet before the tournament’s kick-off and wait until the end to see if your prediction for the winning team will be successful.

The alternative strategy is to choose one up to three favorite national teams and back them from the group stage until the knock-out phase. Although, this is a risky long-term strategy because you split your starting investment into several bets. Then you should wait for a combination of results to make a profit.

Backing an underdog on your Euro 2020 predictions might be a profitable betting pattern if you place a bet before the tournament gets underway. If your starting selection manages to qualify from the group stage, you can handle your bet using cash out. Following this way, you can secure some returns if you doubt the effectiveness on the knock-out stage.

Ukraine is a representative example of 67.00 Euro 2020 odds to win the tournament. Andriy Shevchenko’s team went unbeaten in qualifiers, beating Euro 2016 winner Portugal at home and drawing the away game. Ukraine competes in Group C with a great favorite, as the Netherlands is, and two weaker teams like Austria and North Macedonia.

Why bet E/W for Euro 2020 Winner

Cash out betting sitesThis Euro 2020 outright bet strategy is pretty much the same as wagering on the tournament’s winner. Among Euro 2020 betting tips, the primary advice is to place an Each-Way bet based on the Euro 2020 winner that can cover the possibility of reaching the final but not lifting the trophy. All the leading online betting sites offer “E/W 1/2 1-2” terms which means you can secure half returns if your pick goes to the final and loses. For example, you place an E/W €10 bet (i.e., €20 total outlay) on Portugal to repeat 2016’s triumph at 9.00 Euro 2020 odds. Read the underneath table to learn your returns if Portugal reaches the grand final and loses.

Winner (E/W 1/2 1-2) To Win To Place Earnings
Portugal Lost Win €30*

*Total Return = Stake to Place (€10) x Half Odds (5.00) = €50 / Total Profit = Total Return (€50) - Total Outlay (€20) = €30.

How to create a Winner & Top Scorer combo

The Winner/Top Scorer combo isn’t just an outright market; it’s a pretty demanding betting scenario that needs knowledge and luck to secure returns. The combination should be based on a pick you believe for the Euro 2020 winner and the team’s potential leading scorer. It’s difficult enough to have an accurate prediction. The Euro 2016’s example where Antoine Griezmann was the leading scorer (i.e., 6 goals) and France lost the final from Portugal reflects this outright bet’s difficulty.

How to make Euro 2020 predictions for Τop Goalscorer

Decomposing the combo above, one of the most popular Euro 2020 betting markets is the tournament’s top goalscorer. You should wait for the official squads of the 24 teams to place that type of outright in order to avoid parameters like possible injuries that can affect the market. The critical part of the strategy is to find a leading player for a team that can qualify for deeper rounds. It’s a way to increase your winning chances but can’t secure earnings.

Euro 2012 is an actual example that certifies that a higher number of games played for a quality goalscorer means nothing about his chances to win the tournament’s golden boot. See the underneath table based on the Euro 2016 top scorer list in order to comprehend that fact.

Player / Team Goals Games
Alan Dzagoev / Russia 3 3
Mario Mandzukic / Croatia 3 3
Cristiano Ronaldo / Portugal 3 5
Mario Gomez / Germany 3 5
Fernando Torres / Spain 3 5
Mario Ballotelli / Italy 3 6

Russia and Croatia didn’t qualify at the knock-out stage, so Dzagoev and Mandzukic reached the first goalscorer place and played the minimum of matches. Spain and Italy both reached the final, but their progress was a matter of teamwork; so, Torres and Ballotelli stuck at three goals. If you bet the first goalscorer on Euro 2020 and involve in such a coincidence, you will get back returns based on the initial odds with a six denominator (i.e., as many as the equal players in the first place of the list).

How to bet on Euro 2020/2021 Group Winners

Reading through the latest Euro 2020 odds for Group A to F winners is one of the most complicated long-term processes. You have to analyze six different markets divided into at least three possible outcomes. The six different markets are the six groups, and the possible outcomes are which teams will qualify or not from each one, which teams will win first place, and in some online bookmakers, which teams will finish bottom.

Let’s take an example from “giants” Group F odds in order to comprehend how Euro 2020 betting markets work.

Euro 2020 / Group F To Win Group To Qualify Clear Profit
France 2.25 1.10 7.00
Germany 2.37 1.11 6.50
Hungary 41.00 4.33 1.20
Portugal 4.50 1.40 2.75

red arrowTo release Euro 2020 predictions based on this group, we should take into consideration these key factors:

⏩If the great favorites of Group F (i.e., France & Germany that are the 2nd & the 4th probable competition winner based on odds) will have a full squad.

⏩If the Euro 2016 Winner Portugal can repeat the triumph or reach the deeper stages. To manage that should exclude one of the biggest favorites of the tournament.

⏩If Hungary, a considerable underdog to qualify to the knock-out stage, can take advantage of the two home matches against Portugal and France at “Puskas Arena,” Budapest.

Where to bet our Euro 2021 betting tips

The in-play Euro 2020 betting markets demand an entirely different approach than wagering on outrights. You should focus on common soccer markets, like placing a bet based on an elite domestic like the English Premier League or the UEFA Champions League. Betting on the next goal or the half-time result when you watch Euro 2020 games for 10 to 15 minutes in the first half might be a profitable short-term decision. Although, you can explore markets that can increase your winning chances both pre-match and in-play. Let’s see some Euro 2020 betting tips for the opening day’s match between Turkey and Italy.

How to bet Double Chances on Euro 2021

TransferWise bookmakersYou chase underdogs, and you consider that the opening day of a tournament is the right moment for a great surprise. The Double Chance is a handy market where you can bet the possibility of an underdog to win, but you can secure earnings with a probable draw either way. Turkey’s odds against Italy are 7.50, but you can cover a potential surprise with the draw at 2.50 odds. Also, consider the DNB market (i.e., Draw No Bet), covering multiple possibilities even if the given odds are reduced.

How to place Over/Under Goals on Euro 2021

Υou should read the Euro 2020 betting previews of the opening match, Turkey vs. Italy, carefully and inform about absent players and the trainers’ tactics. It’s the opening day, and a possible draw or a conservative approach for both teams might be acceptable. The number of goals scored is among popular Euro 2020 betting markets, but you can fall into traps wagering on Over/Under. At Euro 2016, we saw 108 goals scored at 51 matches played. That means an average of 2.12 per match, with Italy conceding the fewest (i.e., 2 goals). At Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine, 76 goals were scored at 31 matches, with an average of 2.45 per match. At Euro 2020’s opener, Under 2.5 (1.72 odds) seems a more probable outcome than Over 2.5 (2.10 odds), and now you know the main reason.

Where to bet on Euro 2020 Asian Handicaps

Betting on Asian handicaps might have a similar effect as Double Chance betting. Still, it’s undoubtedly more flexible because you can bet on a solid favorite or place a positive handicap based on an underdog. If you think that can cover the one-goal spread, the fixed-odds on Italy’s win at 1.50 increase at 1.860 wagering on -1 A.H. On the other route, a +1 A.H. (2.040 odds) in Turkey means that the underdog has to lose with two goals margin to lose your bet. If you consider that Turkey can be competitive, that type of bet is suitable for you.

How to bet on Euro 2020

betting types on politicsTournaments like Euro 2020 don’t attract only professional bettors with cold blood and are more calculated, even if they place a bet on a European Championship or a lower division. The majority of bettors will try to earn a profit and make the matches more interesting to watch. There will be three games a day on average at the group stage. So, everyone can read Euro 2020 predictions and betting previews, having a clear statistical view and bet on the most known European national teams and players.

Building an ACCA betting strategy is a logical succession because even an inexperienced bettor has good chances to create 2-Folds, 3-Folds, or full-coverage Accumulator bets. When you select four or five selections to your betslip, the risk is undoubtedly higher, and the chances to win are fewer. Focusing on the Euro 2020 games, you can limit yourself to a Double or a Treble. These are the simplest type of Accumulators, and with a smaller amount of money than betting on Singles, you can secure a daily profit with two or three winning picks.

How to get Euro 2020 betting tips for ACCAs

There are two alternative options based on systems if you don’t want to risk betting on a straightforward ACCA. The Patent is a full-cover bet based on three selections. Even with one winning selection, you can secure earnings by having a payout from one of your three Singles. If you place a winning Patent, you will see your returns multiply by winning the three Singles, the three Doubles, and one Treble in the placed wager. The Trixie consists of four bets, a Treble and three Doubles. In this case, you can have some money back with two winning selections.

Try one of these systems on Matchday 2 on June 12, where there are three Euro 2020 games on the schedule: Wales vs. Switzerland, Denmark vs. Finland, and Belgium vs. Russia.

The tournament’s period is competitive even for online bookmakers. Indeed, one of the most critical Euro 2020 betting tips you should follow if you decide to bet on Accumulators is finding promotions like ACCA Insurance. Qualifying for this offer, if one of your picks is a loser, you have the opportunity to receive money back as cash or a Free Bet. You can also enjoy ACCA bonuses and enhanced odds by placing two or more selections in the same wager. These promos can boost your returns and increase your profit chances.

How to use stats on your Euro 2020 predictions

keyStatistics is one handy tool while placing your bets. If you read these numbers and the adjusted Euro 2020 betting tips on them, you should have a full-stat view of what used to happen at the previous European Championships. You can also comprehend how specific teams and players can influence the tournament. Check out the betting stats in the tables underneath, and keep them in mind when making your Euro 2020 predictions.

Ηow the best Euro 2020 teams qualify

red arrowReading this table, you can find insight stats, such as teams with the most wins and goals scored, based on Euro 2020 Qualifiers.

Teams Wins Goals For Goals Against
England 7 37 6
Ukraine 6 17 4
Germany 7 30 7
Netherlands 6 24 7
Spain 8 31 5
Sweden 6 23 9
Poland 8 18 5
Austria 6 19 9
France 8 25 6
Turkey 7 18 3
Belgium 10 40 3
Russia 8 33 8
Italy 10 37 4

How to read historical Euro 2020 betting stats

paypal bookmakerIf you believe that you can find value in traditional statistics, keep in mind some history of Euro 2020 betting stats from previous tournaments to understand the profile of top contenders.

Euro Records Teams
Qualifications Germany (12)
Wins Germany (26)
Losses Denmark, Russia (14)
Draws Italy (14)
Goals Germany (72)
Goals Conceded Germany (48)
Penalty Shootouts Won Spain, Czech Republic (3)
Penalty Shootout Lost England, Netherlands, Italy (3)
Fewest Goals Scored Albania, Latvia, Norway (1)
Groups Stage Exclusion Austria, Bulgaria, Scotland, Ukraine (4)

Who are key players to watch on Euro 2020

Euro 2020 is an elite contest that motivates the players to show their quality and inspire their national teams in front of an international audience. Read on this table with key player stats on Euro 2020 Qualifiers that show their massive impact on their teams.

Top Scorers Top Assists Most Clean Sheets Goals per 90 minutes Assists per 90 minutes Penalties Scored
12 - Kane -England 7 - Griezmann - France 7 - Gunok - Turkey 6.92 - Besedin - Ukraine 4.5 - Hangya - Hungary 4 - Kane - England
11 - Ronaldo - Portugal 7 - Depay - Netherlands 7 - Courtois - Belgium 6.92 - Kadzior - Poland 4.29 - Strootman - Netherlands 3 - Eriksen - Denmark
10 - Pukki - Finland 7 - Hazard - Belgium 6 - Hradecky - Finland 5 - Pavoletti - Italy 3.65 - Fekir - France 3 - Ronaldo - Portugal
9 - Dzyuba - Russia 6 - Sterling - England 6 - Guilherme - Russia 4.5 - Burgstaller - Austria 3.21 - Draxler - Germany 3 - Jorginho - Italy

How to register an account to bet on Euro 2020

red arrowThere is no significant difference between betting on a great tournament like Euro 2020 than other competitions with a more negligible worldwide effect. You should always be careful to secure the best terms to place your bets and choose among the best Euro2020 bookmakers. A bettor should research before betting in a competitive tournament like Euro 2020 and controlling his starting investment. Although, the process to choose the best online betting site is also essential to winning. Follow our step-by-step guide to open a betting account with safety and overwhelmed options.

⏩Discover which bookmakers offer the greatest variety of betting markets and the higher Euro 2020 odds.

⏩Compare the live betting level among all the leading online bookies and choose the faster and more flexible platform.

⏩Your Euro 2020 bookmakers should have a mobile-friendly interface. You should demand to have the opportunity to use the Cash Out services, for example, from your mobile phone.

⏩The reliable and fast withdrawals are a leading factor in choosing an online bookmaker to bet on a worldwide competition like Euro 2020.

⏩Create and verify your account, making your first deposit. Try to secure the highest welcome bonus or other daily offers (e.g., odds booster, Acca bonuses, etc.) and read the T&Cs before using them.

Where to bet on Euro 2020

You can find in the list below the leading online bookmakers that offer the best latest betting odds in a wide range of Euro 2020 markets.

Q: What parameters should you consider when making your predictions on Euro 2020 matches?

The main factors you should consider making your picks on Euro 2020 matches are: 1) latest odds update, 2) squad selections (injuries, suspensions), 3) current form, 4) importance of the match (standings motivation), 5) venue (if there is a home team hosting fans), 6) probable rivalries between the opponents.

Q: What kind of bets would be popular during the Euro 2020 tournament?

The most trendy bets for such a great competition refer to the main popular outright betting markets (e.g., Tournament Winner, Groups Winner, Top Goalscorer, etc.). For pre-match and in-play betting, during the games of Euro 2020, the most popular bets will be placed on Final Result, Double Chance, Over/Under Goals & Corners, European & Asian Handicaps, Half/Full-Time Result, Correct Score, and First/Anytime Goalscorer.

Q: Who are the Euro 2020 favorites?

In the most leading online betting sites, the Euro 2020 favorites are England, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands to lift the Trophy with 13.00 or lower odds.

Q: Where can I find the best Euro 2020 outright odds?

All top bookmakers in the United Kingdom offer great odds based on outrights for Euro 2020. You can find high prices for the most popular bets at 888sport, Mr.Play, Bet365, Tonybet, Betfair, Betiton, and 10bet, among others.

Q: Ηow to bet on Special Euro 2020 betting markets (e.g., Euro 2020 VAR Specials)?

The Euro 2020 Special Bets (e.g., Euro 2020 VAR Specials) are challenging wagering methods for bettors who seek more adrenaline in their bets. Creating an account at one of the leading bookmakers, you can find certain markets based on the tournament, such as The Young Player of the Tournament, Euro 2020 Best Player, and Which Player Will Receive the Highest Number Yellow Cards.

Q: When will the Euro 2020 final be?

The 24 participants will play in twelve host cities; the “Stadio Olimpico” in Rome will host the opening day’s match Italy vs. Turkey, and London’s “Wembley Stadium” the semi-finals and the grand final on July 11th. The organizing principle decided to host the tournament among twelve nations in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Championship competition.

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