Euro 2020/2021 Betting Odds

Euro 2020, the highlight of betting events this season, is finally here, after an extra year due to Covid-19. From June 11 - July 11, the best national teams of the continent will face off across 12 different European cities. With the Final held at the Wembley stadium, England emerges as the top favorite, with France and Belgium following closely. Traditional powerhouses like Germany, Spain and Italy are also among the frontrunners in the Euro 2020 betting odds for the winner. 

Starting from the group stage, players can bet on hundreds of markets with odds that vary to each bookmaker. So, how can you choose the best prices that will help you win big? Our team has handpicked the top Euro 2020 betting odds in daily and outright markets. From 1X2, Over/Under and Asian Handicaps to Euro 2020 winner and Top Goalscorer, we have done all the hard work, collecting all the Euro 2020 markets and updated odds to boost your winning chances.

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Euro 2020 (2021) betting odds & markets

Best Euro 2020 betting odds A reputable competition like Euro 2020 comes with a wave of markets offering a multitude of odds. In such a case, telling what odds have value can be overwhelming. Thus, we have done all the research to list the most competitive odds for major markets. Μatch result, Total goals and Asian Handicaps, are among Euro 2020 betting odds we log to help you stay on top of your game.  We recommend checking this list often, as bookmakers update prices regularly based on the latest news.

Daily Euro 2020 betting odds

Daily Euro 2020 betting odds Every major football tournament offers an abundance of daily odds and Euro 2020 is no exception. Your options are numerous, from traditional choices like 1X2 and Over/Under to Half-time markets and Asian Handicaps. Still, there are several tips to keep in mind when picking your next Euro 2020 betting odds, which we are about to layout. New players will get familiar with the basics, while experienced ones can use it as a nice refresher.


The most popular and old-school betting selection is arguably the 1X2. In other words, you predict who will win the match. Your possible selections are Home win, Draw or Away win. In terms of betting odds on Euro 2020, you need to pay attention as some teams like England will play at home. That fact could give them a distinctive advantage over opponents. Remember that the 1X2 result applies to the 90 minutes of the regular time in the knockout phase, excluding extra-time and penalties.


Betting on the number of goals scored is another staple in every player’s arsenal. Also known as Over/Under, it offers the opportunity of not one but multiple markets. Hence you can find Totals of 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals, among others. What to notice in odds on Euro 2020 is that teams tend to play on the reserved side. In other words, they place great emphasis on defense, especially when they face strong opponents. Therefore, a good idea could be to chase high odds in fewer total goals.

Double Chance 

A Double Chance bet will cover two of the possible three outcomes in a football game. Thus, your winning chances will climb at 66% instead of the 33% should you bet on a classic 1X2. As you’d expect, more chances will come at the cost of lower odds. In such bets, we recommend finding the value in underdogs capable of upsetting a favorite. For example, if you fancy Croatia to beat England, but you do not want to risk that much, you can go for a Double Chance of X2.

Draw no Bet

One of the most popular markets recently, the Draw no Bet, allows you to bet on the match-winner. The perk here is that in case of a draw, you will get your stake back. Let’s see that in actual Euro 2020 betting odds action. In France - Germany match, if you pick 1 DNB, you win your bet if France wins. If a draw happens, you get back your stake, and if Germany wins, you lose your bet. The main reason to place a Draw no Bet is the lower risk than an outright winner. 

Asian Handicap 

Originated in Asia, as the name implies, this type of handicap gives a virtual lead or deficit to either team. The draw is taken out of the equation, so your winning chances are 50%. In other words, you bet on the favorite to surpass this lead or the underdog to hang onto it. A case in point is the Scotland - Czech Republic match.  A 0.5 handicap bet on Scotland means that they will have an advantage of 0.5 goals. That means you will win your bet if Scotland wins or the match ends in a draw. In a Czech Republic win, you lose your bet.

Half-time markets 

Similar to full-time markets like 1X2 and Totals, Half-time markets are subject to the result after the first 45 minutes. The main difference with full-time in UEFA Euro 2020 odds is that the draw or the Under in Totals has significantly lower prices. That happens because statistically, more goals are scored in the second half.

Special Bets Prices on European Championship

More daily Euro 2020 betting odds A list of daily odds on Euro 2020 is not complete if we do not mention several other market opportunities. Card & Corner bets allow you to wager on the total number of these two events to happen for both teams or each one of them. The First team to score is pretty straightforward, and it translates to which teams will have the first goal. This market can apply to half-time, too.

The Correct Score refers to the wager that predicts the exact score after the end of the game. Again in terms of Euro 2020 betting odds, that applies to only the 90 minutes of the game. Since it is a pretty tricky prediction, the prices are pretty high. Player Specials also offer many betting chances on individual players. If a player scores first or generally, he receives a card and how many shots on target he has are popular choices.

Combo bets include a mix of markets like the team to win the match and the total goals. The benefit is the higher odds; for example, the price of a favorite can be short, but if you combine it with Over 2.5 goals, it can get pretty decent. Finally, the Both Teams to Score market is also self-explanatory and refers to whether both teams of a specific match will score. 

Long-term Euro 2020 betting odds 

Long-term Euro 2020 betting odds Long-term bets are the bread and butter for many players in Euro 2020. Months before the tournament begins, the first Euro 2020 Winner odds are available for wagering. Also, bookmakers set the Euro 2020 Top Scorer odds and Group stage winner. While it might seem early, you can grab some great opportunities if you are a well-informed bettor. With Outright bets, players follow a different approach as several matches, spread in an amount of time, dictate the outcome. We categorize the most critical long-term Euro 2020 betting odds to give you a detailed overview of such selections.

Euro 2020 Winner odds 

The no.1 selection of outright bets in Euro 2020 is the winner of the competition. All the giants of European football are in the pool of lifting the trophy on July 11. England and France favor Euro 2020 outright winner odds, with the former having the advantage of the semi-final and final held at Wembley. With an offensive line of De Bruyne, Tielemans and Lukaku, Belgium is also a top choice of bettors. Germany rates standard highly among the frontrunners together with defending champions Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva forge a formidable squad with high expectations.

Euro 2020 Top Scorer odds

Another hot market in Euro 2020 is the top goalscorer. Some of the world’s most talented strikers are about to compete for the Golden Boot. Harry Kane is the top pick in Euro 2020 Top Scorer odds, coming from a great season with Tottenham. Kylian Mbappe has also been in top form with PSG, culminating in a hat-trick against Barcelona, and is the second favorite. Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku are in third and fourth places among sportsbooks. Dark horses with high odds include Memphis Depay, Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata. An important tip is to bet on a player whose team you believe will reach at least the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Otherwise, no matter how great a player is, there are not enough matches to score a substantial number of goals.

Group stage winner 

At the beginning of the tournament, there are six groups of four teams each. You can bet on the group winners before or during Euro 2020. As expected, if England, for example, wins the first match, its price for group winner will drop sharply. Notice that the first two places and potentially even the third will grant a qualification to the knockout phase. Hence, a favorite once through to the next round might not chase the first place.

Extra Outright Euro 2020 odds

More Outright Euro 2020 oddsSince the betting volume on long-terms is significantly high, sportsbooks offer more and more options. Aside from the above Euro 2020 outright odds, you can wager which Teams will qualify from the group stage. It is different from the Group winner, as it includes all two (or three) countries that will go through the next round. 

Finalists and to reach the Semi-finals, markets cover the teams that will qualify to the respective stages. The UEFA Best Player bet refers to the award given by the organization to the MVP of the Euro 2020. The Euro 2020 Top Scorer odds for each team allude to the player with the most goals of each squad. 

Q: Which are the most popular daily odds on Euro 2020?

The classic 1X2, Total goals, Asian Handicap and Player Specials will take the lion’s share in the upcoming Euro 2020. Nevertheless, the options are countless, and they include Half-time markets, Draw no Bet and Correct Score, among many.

Q: Where can I find the higher 1X2 odds in Euro 2020?

All of our listed bookmakers will offer top Euro 2020 betting odds in respect of 1X2. Furthermore, you will benefit from a variety of markets and a reliable platform. However, if you want some straightforward recommendations, look at Betfair, Bwin and Parimatch.

Q: Which Euro 2020 outright odds can I find available?

Winner, top goalscorer and first place in the Group are the most popular outright betting odds Euro 2020. Additionally, you can come across Teams to qualify from each Group, UEFA Best Player and Euro 2020 Top Scorer odds for each team.

Q: What should I notice in the Euro 2020 Top Scorer odds?

Aside from the recent form of the player you pick, you should consider the strength of his team. Even if your selection is the most talented forward, there will not be enough matches to score much if his squad is knocked out early.

Q: Who are favourites to win the Euro?

England and France are joint favorites, according to most sportsbooks. The former combines an excellent team with hosting several matches at home. The latter is the current World Cup holder with elite players.

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