Crypto Gambling 101: Essentials

Q: How do I buy cryptocurrency to crypto gambling site?

Even though some crypto gambling sites incorporate a crypto exchange, we recommend that you go to a large exchange such as FTX, Coinbase and purchase your cryptocurrency. They have much better rates and lower fees for trading crypto.

Q: Is crypto gambling legal?

The short answer, yes it is legal. To be more precise, it depends on the laws around gambling in your region and/or country. Just to be on the safe side, play at bookies with at least some kind of license and ones that are accessible to your country.

Q: Does Coinbase allow gambling?

Actually, Coinbase has explicit rules against gambling. Meaning, if you transfer your cryptocurrency directly from Coinbase exchange to a crypto bookie, the least that can happen to you is the deposit is denied. This exchange is so strict that you may even get locked out of your Coinbase account or even lose your funds for this.

Q: Can you bet on sports using crypto?

Of course you can. There are several reputable betting sites that accept crypto and have nothing to be jealous of from the traditional bookies. The depth of lines, odds and bonuses are on par with them, so you will not be missing out on any of the action.

Q: Where can I bet with Cryptocurrency?

You can bet on several different bookmakers that accept it. We recommend you check out our list of the top cryptocurrency betting sites and use this guide to place your bets.

Q: Can I bet with Bitcoin?

Yes. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin has been one of the oldest, most popular and widely used crypto payment methods. There is not a single bookmaker accepting crypto that does not accept Bitcoin. However, we strongly recommend you do not gamble away your Bitcoin. It is not getting any cheaper and is only bound to increase in value in the future. Better opt for another altcoin.

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