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How Cricket Betting Markets Work

There is no denying that the popularity of cricket is immensely popular. Events like the World Cup, the Ashes Series, or the IPL have fans on the edge of their seats. For years, international bookmakers were overlooking the sport. You could only find a few selections to bet on; sometimes, only the match winner. Today, things are different. Online bookies have noticed the interest around it and, thus, have started to provide an ample selection of cricket betting markets.

Total Runs, Player Props, such as Top Batsman or Bowler, and Exotics, like Toss Winner or Super Over, are all on the menu. If you are not familiar with some of them, don't worry. On this page, we will explain in depth how each one works. Which options are more lucrative, and which are best to avoid? Which events yield the most profits? Let’s find out.

How to Bet on Cricket Betting Markets & Win

How to Bet on Cricket Betting Markets & Win

Obviously, placing wagers on too many selections is not ideal. You are better off testing your results and picking a handful at the end, just the ones you have the most success. One mistake many bettors make, though, is that they only stick to traditional options, such as match winners or over/under in runs. In our guides, we cover so many exciting cricket selections. Not only that, but we have also compiled a list of the top strategies for cricket betting.

What Are the Main Cricket Betting Markets?

BMB_BankRegarding a match, cricket only has two opposing teams where you can pick the straight winner or place a wager on the handicap market. Besides these two, you can find multiple lines on the total fours and sixes. Finally, you can back teams antepost to win the whole thing in big tournaments, while outright options on player stats are also very popular.

Match Winner in Cricket

This is the most straightforward cricket betting market, as you simply need to pick which team will win the match.


You bet $10 on the Chennai Super Kings to beat the Gujarat Titans for the Indian Premier League. The final margin, whether it is runs or wickets, is irrelevant to your wager.

You should note, though, that there are two different ways to bet on the WDW market. The first is the 2-way option, which includes the result in case of a Super Over. The second is a 3-way one, where the draw is a separate selection.

Taking the example above, if you pick the 3-way option and back the Gujarat Titans, but they end up winning in the Super Over, your wager will be settled as lost.

Outright Cricket Markets

BMB_Cricket IconInstead of backing a team to win one match, this is when you bet on them to win a whole tournament. For example, India to lift the Cricket World Cup trophy. The cricket betting odds you will get will be higher since any competitor must overcome all the association members to prevail.

Of course, backing a team to triumph is not the only option. Bookies like 1xbet and 22bet release dozens of antepost player options, such as the top bowler and batsman for the whole tournament or even the top performer within the team. For instance, you can back Glenn McGrath to be Australia’s top bowler in the Ashes Series.

Betting on the outright market is tricky since teams are highly competitive. You must research a team's form going into a tournament, potential matchups, and historical data. However, elements like the pitch and weather conditions cannot be thoroughly analysed weeks ahead.

Total Fours, Sixes & Runs

BMB_Cricket IconIn cricket, fours are when the ball hits the ground before hitting the boundary, while sixes occur when the ball does not hit the ground. They both result in runs, which are used to determine who the final winner is. Since they are among the most popular cricket betting selections, you will find multiple variations among online bookies. Some of the most common are the following:

✔ Total Runs for the Match
✔ Total Team Runs
✔ Total Innings Runs
✔ Total Player Runs

Besides the main line for the match, a lot of bookmakers provide many alternative options, especially for the total runs in the game. Below, you can find the top 3 sites with the most selection for runs betting in cricket.

Toss Winner

The captain who wins the toss in cricket gets to select whether his team will bowl or bat first. This is a vital part of the match since it can strongly affect which team will eventually win. Generally, the team that is batting first has the advantage.

Studies have shown that in Test matches since 2014, the team that batted first has won 54% of the games while only losing 29% (17% ended in a draw).

Betting-wise, the coin toss market, while entertaining, always has a 50/50 chance of coming through. You can’t use any particular tactics to improve your chances. What you can do, though, is wait and see which team wins the toss and adjust your live betting strategies.

Can a Special Bet Be More Lucrative?

Besides the ones above, cricket betting also provides some more exotic selections. A few of them, like the wagers on separate Innings or the Super Over, are available in most bookies, while others, such as the Boundaries and Ducks Totals, are less common.

Innings Bets

BMB_Cricket IconInnings are divisions of a match during which is a team’s turn to bat. Regarding cricket markets, most online bookies provide an abundance, especially for the 1st innings. Total Runs, Team Specials and Player Props are all available. Particular notice is given to the opening batters and bowlers.

This is because teams will field their best players in the beginning in an attempt to gain an advantage. Bet365, Mostbet, 1xbet, and 22bet all provide dozens of options for the first Innings. After the first one ends, you can find additional in-play opportunities for the remainder of the game.

Number of Boundaries

BMB_Cricket IconIn simple terms, the boundary is the edge of the playing field. When a batter hits the ball at or over the boundary, the team will earn four or six runs. So, the number of boundaries in a sportsbook is how many times the batter will surpass the limits of the field.

There are several different selections to choose from, like Total for the Match and Team boundaries. This is particularly true in teams with a clear favourite with multiple top batsmen. On some sites, you can also find player-specific options, albeit these are rarer.

Super Over

The Super Over is essentially the draw in a cricket match. It is a tie-breaking method that especially takes place in limited-overs games.

The most famous Super Over took place in the final of the 2019 ODI World Cup between England and New Zealand. Interestingly, the two teams tied again, but since there was no second overtime, England won because it had scored the most fours in the regular time.

In any case, the Super Over cricket betting market is not one you should go after very often, as it is tough to come through. The implied probability of something like this is around 6.5-7%. In international cricket, very few teams have played multiple Super Overs. This is the list with the top 5.

Team Super Overs Won Lost
New Zealand 9 1 8
England 3 3 o
Pakistan 3 2 1
Australia 3 1 2
India 2 2 0


Over/Under Ducks

BMB_Cricket IconA duck occurs when a batsman is dismissed from the game without scoring any runs. While there are eight different types of ducks in cricket, on most sites, you can only place wagers on the total number, not the variations. In addition, since this is a rare occurrence, the line for this market is generally very low, around 1.5 ducks per game.

If you want to succeed in betting on ducks, you need to find players with a history of remaining scoreless. Also, you must take a close look at the rules. For example, if a batter fails to score in the first inning but bats another time, does the first one count as a duck?

Which Cricket Betting Markets Are Based on Player Stats?

BMB_Stacked CoinsPlayer props are the mecca of modern sports betting, and online bookmakers do not disappoint. Looking at options regarding player performance is always a fun alternative, especially if you are following the match live. Some markets, namely the Top Batsman and Top Bowler, are widespread.

You will find many sportsbooks that offer several lines on the game's best players. Not only that, but you can also back a player to Score a Century or even be announced the Man of the Match. Before going into detail, here is a list of bookies with the most player special options.

Top Batsman

BMB_Cricket IconIn a cricket match, the top batsman is the player who accumulates the highest number of runs. This is one of the most fun cricket betting options, as punters always look to back their favourite players. To engage in top batsman betting, you must first consider the opposition’s bowler and how well he has matched up against him in the past.

In addition, you must take a look at his batting position; is he at the top, middle, or a tail-ender? The position is particularly important, especially in the T20 format, as the batter has a considerable advantage over the other players.

Top Bowler

This is the player with the most wickets at the end of the match. Usually, it is either team’s opening bowler as he has been chosen based on the opposition’s opening batter. You can bet on the top bowler for specific innings, the match, or even the course of a series.


You can bet on James Anderson to be England’s top bowler in the Ashes Series. Since there are 5 games in total, he doesn’t need to be the best in all the matches just to have the most wickets at the end.

Like the top batsman option, you need to be aware of the rules. Bookmakers typically require a certain number of overs before accepting a player as the top bowler. This market might be considered void if this threshold is not surpassed.

To Score a Century

A century is when a batter scores 100+ runs in a single inning. Again, you can find different variations in most. Some of the most common ones include:

✔ Half Century
✔ Player to Score a Century
✔ Team to Score a Century
✔ Total Centuries in the Match

There have been some instances where a batter has accumulated over 200 runs (double-century), but since it is so rare, you will not easily find odds on it; only if you request it. When betting on cricket markets like this one, the prices you will receive for every variation will depend on the previous records.

Picking a team to score a century generally gives odds close to even. However, choosing the player is very tough. Even the legend Virat Kohli has ‘only’ achieved 77 centuries in 505 matches (15.20%).

Man of the Match

BMB_Cricket IconThis option is similar to other sports and calls you to predict the best player in the match. Maybe he was not the one with the most runs or bowls; perhaps he had a series of plays that changed the match around. Where cricket differs is that there have been a lot of instances where the MoM award has been awarded to a player from the losing side.

This means that, especially in matches where the disparity between teams is apparent, you might be better off taking your chances on a player from the losing side. Among the active players, Joe Root (England - Test Cricket) and Virat Kohli (India - ODI) hold the records for most awards.

What Exotic Cricket Markets Do Bookmakers Offer?

Players in countries where cricket is more popular, like India or the UK, demand more options from online betting sites. Some of the most complex bets to hit that also yield high returns include the Method of First Dismissal, Cricket Spread Betting, the MVP of a Tournament, as well as the Highest Opening Partnership among batsmen.

Method of First Dismissal

BMB_Cricket IconAlso known as run out or a batter losing a wicket, it occurs when a batsman’s innings come to an end by the opponent’s bowlers. There are 10 different ways to dismiss, including bowled, caught, leg before wicket (LBW), run out, and stumped. These five are more common, and you are more likely to locate odds on them. Take Bet365, for example:

These prices were given for the World Cup match between India and Pakistan. While there are still five additional ways for a dismissal, they are so rare that most bookies will not provide them separately. If you want to bet on cricket dismissals, it’s good to know how likely each scenario is.

Method Probability Method Probability
Caught 57.17% Retired 0.8%
Bowled 20.71% Hit the Ball Twice 0.67%
Leg Before Wicket 14.75% Hit Wicket 0.45%
Run Out 3.34% Obstructing the Field 0.10%
Stumped 2% Timed Out 0.01%


League/Tournament MVP

Apart from the top performers in a single match, this option calls for you to pick the most valuable player from a tournament.


You place a $10 bet on India’s superstar batsman Shikhar Dhawan to be the ICC Champion Trophy’s most valuable player.

Because the award is challenging to hit, most sites will offer secondary options such as Golden Bat (Batsman with the most runs), Golden Ball (top wicket-getter), or Final MVP. Notably, in cricket competitions, there have been several occasions where the MVP was not part of the win that won the trophy.

If an underdog, like South Africa’s Lance Klusener in 1999, performs above and beyond, he might win the MVP award. Generally, it is preferable to pick a player whose team will reach the deeper stages of a tournament.

Player Performance

BMB_Cricket IconSometimes, cricket betting on which player will be the top bowler or have the most 6s is rather challenging. After all, the competition in most matches is fierce. Luckily, online bookmakers also provide selections for individual player performance. The following example is Australia’s clash against Sri Lanka in the World Cup.

As you can see, you can choose a specific batter’s milestone. It’s irrelevant whether he is the best or not; you just need him to perform accordingly. It is an easier market to win, but the odds also reflect it. The player’s line will be adjusted depending on his latest form and tournament performance.

Highest Opening Partnership

BMB_Cricket IconIn this option, you must correctly pick which two batters will achieve the most runs before being separated. For instance, you can select David Warner and Travis Head to score more points against Pathum Nissanka and Dimuth Karunaratne.

The highest-ever opening partnership was in 2008 when Neil McKenzie and Graeme Smith (South Africa) scored 415 runs before being separated. Of course, the opening batters are not always the same two for every team. To pursue this cricket betting market, you must always check the lineups and the opposition bowlers.

How to Earn Money When Betting on Cricket Markets

BMB_Withdrawal MethodNow that you know the insides and outs of all the main and secondary selections in cricket, it’s time to see some of the most important aspects you need to pay attention to before placing successful wagers. What kind of research should you conduct? Which are the top events to stake your money? Let’s have a look.

How to Identify Value in a Cricket Betting Selection

Finding the right moments to bet on cricket is not as challenging as you might think. There are several steps you can take by yourself to improve your chances of winning. After all, trusting your instincts will only benefit you.

Weather & Pitch Conditions

BMB_Number_One BMB_Number_Seven BMB_Number_Six Clear skies mean that batsmen will have an easier time. The bat does not swing too much, and there is less spin from the bowl. Humidity and light rain mean that bowlers will have the advantage. If there is air, the ball will swing all over the place.

On the other hand, rain and other extreme conditions might result in a match being interrupted due to bad weather. Then, the final result will be a draw. That was the case in Game 4 between England and Australia in the 2023 Ashes Series.

If you had placed a wager on a team to win before the match, then it would have been lost. Checking the weather forecast before betting on cricket markets should always be at the top of your list.

Market Liquidity

BMB_Number_TwoMarket liquidity is essentially the public consensus on how much money has been placed on each of the potential results of a match. For example, the starting odds for the New Zealand vs Australia for the World Cup are the following:

⏩ New Zealand To Win = 3.00
⏩ Australia To Win = 1.40

However, after the announcement of the injury of Australia’s captain, more people have started to back New Zealand. So, the odds will be adjusted by bookies accordingly. The market liquidity shows you what the public thinks the result will be.

While you must always consider that before you bet on cricket, you should not follow it blindly. It’s always best to trust your own instincts. After all, a lot of people are influenced by other players and tend to place wagers without thinking.

Batsman Rating & Bowler Rankings

BMB_Number_ThreeDepending on their previous performances, all cricket players have a rating. The highest is the one closest to 1000. This stat line can reveal a lot of info, especially if you are looking towards the player cricket betting markets.


Before the 2023 WC, India, England, and Australia had multiple top batsmen. However, Pakistan’s Babar Azam was No. 1 in the rankings. Hence, while betting on the event, you could back him to be the top batsman.

Of course, checking the ranking is not the only variable you should examine. Evaluating his condition is also crucial. If he has picked up an injury, he will be affected no matter what. Finally, a batter’s rating should always be compared to the bowler’s ranking. If their disparity is significant, then it would be time to pounce.

Following a Cricket Match Live


Not watching a game you have money on is the biggest mistake you can make. Once you are following a match live, you get a feel of how your bets are going. It is best to pick a bookie that offers Live Streaming services.

Also Read: How to Create a Cricket In-play Betting Strategy

While the stream will be a few seconds before the real-time, many sites will also provide real-time stats on teams and players. Not only that, but you can also find in-play betting opportunities based on what is going on on the pitch.

Which Are the Easiest Competitions to Bet on?

BMB_Question MarkThe cricket calendar Is filled with exciting tournaments throughout the year. However, you should note that the difficulty level is not similar among all of them. This is because some events come with more markets, higher payouts, and multiple cricket betting offers. So, you can use all these to your advantage. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable cricket competitions.

Cricket World Cup

BMB_TrophyThis is a One Day International event (ODI) and is considered the flagship of the cricket betting events calendar. It is held every four years and consists of 10 teams. The amount of teams has fluctuated throughout the years. Picking the winner of the event is tricky.

While Australia has managed to prevail five times, no other nation has managed to lift the trophy more than twice. However, since 2010, many hosts, India in 2011, Australia in 2015, and England in 2019, have emerged victorious. Backing them to take advantage of the home advantage is always a good idea.

ICC Championship Cup

BMB_TrophyLike the World Cup, the format is ODI. It is held every four years, with a two-year break after the WC. Only the top 8 teams, based on the ranking six months prior to the event, get to participate. Since only the top teams clash, and all the paths leading to the trophy are difficult, betting on the winner is not ideal.

There have been seven winners in eight editions of the tournament (India and Sri Lanka were joint-winners). The round-robin format means that teams cannot lose a single match because it might cost them qualification to the semis. Instead, you should pursue cricket betting selections on total runs. History has shown that the final results feature a high number of points among the competitors.

Ashes Series

BMB_TrophyOne of the most historic cricket events was inaugurated back in 1882. It is played every two years between England and Australia. They compete in five test cricket matches, with the winner retaining the trophy and hosting it next time. Australia has been a little more successful over the years, but it is close:

⏩ Australia: 34 wins
⏩ England: 32 wins
⏩ Draws: 7

Draws take place rather often. Since each test match can take up to 5 days, there are a lot of things that can interrupt it, mainly the weather. This can lead to a lot of ties, as was the case in 2023.


BMB_TrophyThe Indian Premier League is the most popular domestic cricket league in the world. It is held every year before the summer and contains 10 teams based in different cities. When it comes to the winner, there are always two clear favourites. The Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians have each won the trophy five times.

Besides match betting, you can find an abundance of antepost markets, both for teams and players. In addition, since there is a playoff phase, you can bet on which round each team will be eliminated. When it comes to players, you should back the ones playing on the teams you think will go further to increase your chances.

Which Bookies Offer the Most Cricket Markets?

BMB_Book SpyAs you can imagine, not all sites offer the same amount of options when it comes to cricket betting. Below is a complete list of bookmakers to place your wagers. We have ranked them based on the number of markets they provide pre-match and live, the odds, as well as whether you can use the Request a Bet feature and ask for a price on a selection that is not available.

Q: Which are the most common cricket markets?

Obviously, picking which team will win the match is the most popular. Apart from that, you can find multiple player props and anteposts, especially during the biggest events. Finally, bookies provide several special options, such as Coin Toss Winner, Method of First Dismissal, and more.

Q: What are some special best I can find?

Absolutely. On the one hand, you can bet on player props, which include, among others, markets such as Top Batsman, Top Bowler, MoTM, and To Score a Century. On the other, many online sportsbooks provide selections like Win the Coin Toss, Method of First Dismissal, and Head-to-Head betting.

Q: Do all bookies offer the same cricket betting markets?

No. Depending on the location and size of the bookmaker, you will find a different range of options. While some offer the bare minimum, such as bets on the winner and totals in runs, others will provide a host of selections, like outrights, player specials, and several exotic wagers.

Q: Which are the best tournaments to bet on?

Obviously, the leagues and tournaments with the highest popularity are best suited for betting. Online bookies usually offer higher odds, more markets, and better promotions. Among the top, you have the Cricket World Cup, the Ashes Series, the ICC Champions League, and the IPL.

Q: How can I bet on cricket markets and win money?

The first thing you need to do to become successful is learn how to conduct research. Checking past stats, the weather and pitch conditions, and any potential injuries should be number one on your list. Other than that, learning how to follow the odds movement to make informed decisions is critical.

Q: How often does scoring a century occur in cricket?

To score a century means a batsman scores over 100 runs in a single inning. This event occurs in about 3% of cricket matches, so you can understand it’s relatively rare. So, if you want to wager on the market, you need to be careful, as losses can amount quickly.

Q: Are there options for a player’s performance?

Absolutely. In most bookmakers, you can bet on the top batter and bowler in any given match. In addition, you can pick the MVP of the game or even the best player in a whole tournament.

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