Champions League Predictions 2022/23

The UEFA Champions League is the epicentre of the betting action throughout the season. The best teams in Europe face off eyeing the big trophy in May. Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool are among the powerhouses expected to reach the end of the road. You might think it’s simple to bet and win in that competition since analysts carefully look into famous clubs. But a fine line separates these major teams, and outcomes usually hang in the balance. So, what makes our Champions League Predictions for the 2022/23 season better than the rest?

Champions League predictions for today


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UEFA Champions League predictions today

UEFA Champions League predictions today (H2)Our expert tipsters probe into the strengths and weaknesses of clubs to give you the complete picture before each game. After reviewing the team’s form, group difficulty, possible pairings, and missing players, we release our Champions League betting tips. Markets like Over/Under, BTTS and Asian Handicaps complement classics like 1X2. Sit tight as you are about to get the edge on the UCL and hopefully score some big profits. Since the games occur midweek (Tuesday & Wednesday), we post our Champions League Predictions the same day the match takes place or by 10:00 pm (CET) on the previous evening. Our assessment process includes the league games on the weekend, so we have a better idea of the club’s form. You can find several betting choices like 1X2, Total Goals, and Card & Corner bets.

Champions League Tuesday predictions

Since the rebranding of the UCL in 1992, matches have been held on Tuesday and Wednesday. Kick-off time is 18:45 and 21:00 CET, with most of the matchday in the latter. The classic starting time of 20:45 CET changed in the 2018/19 season so that fans could enjoy more matches on the same day. Given the starting time, we will upload our Champions League Tuesday predictions a few hours before kick-off. If there is an update on the clubs’ status before the match, we will include it in our tips.

Champions League Wednesday predictions 

The other half of every week’s UCL matchday takes place on Wednesday. Starting hours are the same, and usually, each group plays on each day alternatively. We post our Champions League Wednesday predictions on Tuesday by 10:00 pm (CET) once the squad has been announced.

How we find the best Champions League Betting Tips

How we find the best Champions League Betting TipsThe most important factor when it comes to Champions League Betting Tips is the odds. Low odds mean low winnings, so we aim to find the highest value prices in football bookmakers. That being said, we also put together all the information that can influence a team’s performance on the pitch. We evaluate the club’s strengths, recent results and the group or pairing difficulty. Moreover, any footballers out due to an injury or card are taken into consideration.

Champions League tips for today from our experts

We like to distance ourselves from ‘’pundits’’ that provide tips with odds of 1.30 or even lower. Bettors who visit our page will only find Champions League Predictions of top value that will multiply your winnings. On the same note, we do not limit our tips to Match-Winner or Οver/Under, as you can find markets like BTTS and Asian Handicaps. Variety is the spice of life, and choosing from many markets might help you defeat the house. Lastly, we take into account any Champions League Betting Offers the bookie might offer. Everyone loves a good bonus, as it can enhance your profits with no risk.

Criteria for our UEFA Champions League predictions 

Criteria for our UEFA Champions League predictions In a competition that pits the best teams in Europe against each other, you might think it is hard to notice who is the best. However, especially in the group stage, there is at least one heavy favourite. That stems from the fact that the teams are seeded based on the UEFA ranking in the draw. But in some groups, there could be two or even three powerful clubs. In that case, our UEFA Champions League predictions will focus on the latest form. A winning streak is a good sign as it is likely to keep up. The same applies to individual footballers. Lionel Messi or Robert Lewandowski could be on fire in the last few weeks, and they could drag PSG and Barcelona to consecutive victories.

Players who will miss a game due to an injury or a booking can also hamper a team’s performance and strongly influence our Best Betting Predictions for Today. Hence, a check on the announced squad is mandatory before giving away any UEFA Champions League betting tips. English teams prioritise the EPL, so they could even rest some star footballers if the UCL match is not crucial. The incentive in the competition also varies among clubs. Weaker ones might see the UCL as an experience and not provide formidable opposition, while others will fight for every point.

Winning with our Champions League Betting Tips

Winning with our Champions League Betting TipsThe factors we laid out above work great for daily predictions like 1X2 and Goals scored. But the UCL involves a group stage and knockout phases, so many more variables are included in predicting the outcome. Therefore our Champions League Betting Tips cover the competition’s progress from the first group match in September to the Final on June 10, 2023.

Group stage predictions 

Group stage predictions The initial UCL phase consists of eight groups of four teams each. The first two finishers qualify for the Round of 16, while the third team in the standings will continue to the Europa League. The thing about the group stage is that the first two clubs seeded are generally the strongest, therefore the favourites to go through. That is not set in stone, though, as in the 2020/21 season, Manchester United finished third behind PSG and RB Leipzig. Still, the first two teams drawn are the favourites, reflecting our UEFA Champions League group stage predictions. 

Round of 16 predictions 

Round of 16 predictions Once the weaker teams have been knocked out, it is time when things get serious. The giants of European football will meet in two-legged matches, with the away goals rule no longer valid. In such clashes, the experience in critical situations can prove to be crucial. Footballers like Karim Benzema, Kevin DeBruyne and Robert Lewandowski have played several knockout matches and know what is needed. Another thing to remember is that the club with the second leg at home has the advantage. That happens because if they have lost in the first leg, they can put pressure on home and grab the necessary result.

Final betting tips 

Final betting tips One of the most significant sports events of the year is the UCL Final. For the 2022/23 season, the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, will be the showdown venue among the top teams in Europe. The frontrunners for lifting the trophy are Manchester City, Liverpool, PSG, and Bayern Munich. A surprise is not out of the question; however, clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Chelsea are a bit behind in Champions League Final betting tips.

On the day of the Final, there could be several issues that decide the winner. Aside from the form and missing players, we have seen that the mindset has played a massive part in the last few years. Clubs like Manchester City and PSG have developed an obsession with winning the trophy. Both teams lost in the Final in the 2020/21 and 2019/20 seasons partly because of that. Chelsea and Bayern Munich, the respective opponents, had a more relaxed approach, and it paid off.

Correct score tips 

Correct score tips The correct score is a market that has gained popularity lately among Champions League bookmakers, as it can return high profits. The quality of the strikers in the UCL adds to the fact. Messi, Haaland, and Lewandowski are poised to find the back of the net as often as possible. A little background will help you make the most of our Champions League correct score tips. An average of 2.95 goals was scored in every match last two seasons; Benzema scored the most goals with 15, followed by Lewandowski with 13. Over 2.5 goals accounted for 55% of the games, while Under for 45%. The most frequent period for scoring a goal was the 76th - 90th minute, with 25% of goals and 31st - 45th with 18%.

Where to bet on the Champions League 2022/23

Our shortlisted sportsbooks stand out in terms of high odds, reliability, live betting features and promotions. Furthermore, they have been thoroughly reviewed by us and tested by our members’ community. 

Q: What are the available Champions League Betting Tips at

We like to have a diverse portfolio of tips; therefore, we include markets like 1X2, Over/Under, BTTS and Asian Handicaps. You can also find predictions for the correct score or the total number of goals.

Q: When do you post your Champions League Predictions?

On the same matchday or the evening before the game, by 10:00 pm (CET), we release our predictions after gathering all the data. That happens because we want to clever all the latest info on the clubs like missing players. Nevertheless, even moments before the game kicks off, we will immediately update our tips if there is something new.

Q: Can I win with outright markets in the UCL?

Long-term markets are the sole preference of many bettors. The most popular UCL winner, Group stage finishers, and teams to qualify from the knock-out rounds. Since you found your pick, we advise placing your bet early, as prices might change.

Q: What are the criteria of your UEFA Champions League predictions today?

Firstly, it’s the current roster. Manchester City and PSG are favourites because of the world-class footballers they own. Then, we check the last five to ten games, as the team’s form is crucial. Finally, we look into any injured or booked players that the manager could miss. After this process is done, we have the complete picture of both opponents.

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