Bundesliga Predictions 2022/23

Bettors who choose the German Bundesliga to place wagers increase by large numbers and for many good reasons. Aside from the Bayern Munich giants, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, and RB Leipzig have become challengers for domestic and European titles. The offensive mentality of most clubs adds to the league’s popularity as fans love to see many goals in each game. Even though the Bavarians have dominated the competition in the last decade, weaker teams regularly challenge the favorites. It is there that an insightful bettor can thrive with the correct Bundesliga Predictions for 2022/23 season.

Bundesliga predictions for today


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Germany Bundesliga predictions today

UEFA Champions League predictions today (H2)We have recruited experienced analysts that compiled all the data regarding the 18 competitors of the Bundesliga. Our Bundesliga betting tips take into account the roster, recent form, history and missing players. Our predictions are not limited to match-winner but include Over/Under, Asian Handicaps, and more. You are moments away from multiplying your winning chances and finally beat the house. Our review process of the matchday finishes a few hours before the match kicks off or the previous evening before the game takes place. This is when we post our Bundesliga betting predictions. You will find many opportunities from 1X2 and Over/Under to Asian Handicap and BTTS.

Bundesliga predictions this week 

The majority of the matches take place on Saturday and Sunday, with one game held on Friday. Starting hours are 15:30, 17:30 and 19:30 (local time), while high-profile derbies are reserved for Saturdays. Having these in mind, we upload our Bundesliga predictions this week on the same day of the game. If there is a change in the latest news about a particular club, we will amend our tips duly.

How we find the best Bundesliga Betting Tips 

How we find the best Bundesliga Betting Tips The factors that influence our decision-making for the Bundesliga Betting Tips are pretty much standard. First and foremost, we assess the value of the odds, as they are the main driving force behind the winnings. Then we check the standings, the recent form, injuries and the previous matches between the same opponents. We also focus on the dressing room atmosphere as it could affect the performance on the pitch.

Bundesliga betting tips today from our experts 

We believe that in the trenches experience is essential to provide quality tips; hence our tipsters have also been punters for a long time. And if punters despise one thing is ‘’tips’’ with ridiculously low odds, like 1.20. We will only provide Bundesliga Predictions of high value that can offer a significant return. Moreover, we cover a range of markets from 1X2 and total goals to Asian Handicap and BTTS. As we have seen in the past, more unconventional markets can be profitable.

Criteria for our Bundesliga betting predictions 

Criteria for our Bundesliga betting predictions First things first, the roster is the main factor in our Bundesliga betting tips as they translate to a strong or weak club. Bayern Munch and Borussia Dortmund will always have a better chance at winning than Augsburg and VfL Bochum. That principle works well when teams with a quality gap play against each other, but you have to be more intelligent in derbies. And that brings us to the next factor, the latest form. If a club has been in top shape in the last month or longer, it can keep it up. Conversely, a bad run could make the next performance even worse as it will also put a psychological burden. The same rule applies to a particular footballer. If a quality star centre forward is on a scoring streak lately, these goals could mean more wins for the respective clubs.

Another issue to tackle before our Best Betting Predictions for Τoday go live is the players missing due to medical or disciplinary reasons. That could be an injury or a red card in the previous match. If the absent player is the team’s superstar, it can upset the betting prices. The rivalry between the opponents can also play an important role. If one team keeps winning year after year, it could even create an inferiority complex to the opponent. As we have seen, it could be challenging to surmount consecutive defeats by the same rival. Finally, our Bundesliga Predictions consider the motive behind a team’s performance. That is obvious, especially towards the end of the season, as some teams have a clear goal like avoiding relegation or qualifying for European competitions. If the other club has no defined purpose, betting against it could be a nice move.

Winning with our Bundesliga Betting Tips 

Winning with our Bundesliga Betting Tips Every punter has likely placed quite a few wagers on Bundesliga betting sites on markets like 1X2 and Over/Under. While it is true that they can return some good winnings, it is wise to expand your betting horizons. Therefore, we probe into more ‘’exotic’’ choices like Bundesliga table predictions, derbies and goals scored. Moreover, we give you a thorough idea of what to notice before the season kicks off.

Bundesliga predictions for week 1

If you fancy German football, then the beginning of the Bundesliga is one of the hottest events of the season. With a starting date in early or mid-August, it could also be the beginning of a good run, as long as you adhere to some principles. The in and out transfers play a major part in matchday 1. In the 2022/23 season, several prominent players joined title contenders. That could strengthen the already powerful clubs and weaken those who lost footballers. Keep in mind that late transfers can take place after the beginning of the championship; so rosters are subject to change, and that could affect Bundesliga predictions φορ for the season’s entry matches.

On the same note, if many players join and leave a club, the team’s chemistry could be a question. Bayern Munich sold Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona. while Borussia Dortmund made a prosperous agreement with English giants Manchester City for Erling Haaland.  The same applies if a new manager takes over or a new owner buys the club. It is also expected that many clubs choose to start conservatively in the first few matches and push the envelope as the season progresses. In 36 games, the standings could forgive a lousy start if you finish the season strongly. In conclusion, when we release our Bundesliga Betting Tips for the first matchday, we care for any surprises. Traditionally, it is when most underdogs can upset the favorites.

Latest Bundesliga table predictions 

Latest Bundesliga table predictions When we talk about outright Bundesliga betting predictions, we focus on Title Winner, Top 4 and Top Goalscorer. They have repeatedly proved that with a bit of research, they can boost your bankroll. But first, let’s take a look at how the Bundesliga plays out. There is a total of 18 teams and 36 matchdays. The first four will qualify for the Champions League group stage, the fifth for the Europa League, and the sixth for the Europa Conference League. The bottom two finishers will go the 2.Bundesliga and 16th will go to the relegation playoffs.

The most critical factor in our Bundesliga table predictions is the position that each team had last season. Bayern Munich has won the previous ten titles, and that run is unlikely to stop. If you consider that the Bavarians also buy some of the best footballers of other German clubs, it is clear why they are the clear favorites. As we said above, we also pay great attention to players joining or leaving a club as they can dramatically change the tide.

Bundesliga Derbies 

High-calibre teams challenge for the top positions in the Bundesliga, and as a result, some heated rivalries occur. The most prominent one is Der Klassiker, between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The most successful German clubs of the last decade faced off even in the Champions League final in 2013, with the Bavarians emerging victorious. The giants from Munich have the lion’s share in wins. The country’s capital, Berlin, might lack a football powerhouse, but with Union Berlin promoted, the matches against Hertha will make another intense clash. Since the history of these two rivals is short, it will be interesting to see who will get the upper hand. In general, our Bundesliga betting predictions consider that a derby is not just about who is the strongest but who wants it more.

Popular Bundesliga correct score prediction 

Popular Bundesliga correct score prediction German football is globally known for the offensive mind clubs and world-class forwards. Sadio Mane, Cristopher Enkunku, and Patrik Schick compete for the Golden Boot, and as a result, they are in a non-stop scoring competition. Before placing a bet on a Bundesliga correct score prediction, it is wise to know a little more about the scoring trends. The last two seasons saw the Bundesliga on an average of three goals per match, one of the highest in Europe. Bayern Munich scored an impressive 97 goals, with Borussia Dortmund following with 85. In terms of Over/Under, 60% of the games had over 2.5 goals scores approximately, while 40% saw less than 2.5.

Where to bet on the Bundesliga 2022/23

Many sportsbooks claim to have excellent betting odds but we have singled out only the best. Our football bookmakers stand out not only in prices but in reliability, promotions and have been thoroughly tested by us and our members.

Q: Which Bundesliga Betting Tips can I find at Bookmakers.Bet?

We like to cover a wide range of markets, so aside from the classic 1X2 and Over/Under, we offer tips on Asian Handicap, BTTS and more. If you vary your selections, you can have a broader chance of winning.

Q: When do you update your Bundesliga Predictions?

A few hours bere the beginning of the match we cover, we compile the latest news & info and release our predictions for the weekend. However, if something unexpected occurs even minutes before the game, we will modify our tips.

Q: Are there any good outright Bundesliga betting predictions?

Of course, as they have been on top of punters’ preferences for a long time. Title winner, Top Scorer and Top 4 finishers are the most popular ones and have been staples to bettors. If you have a good feeling, it is nice to place it early as prices might fall.

Q: How do you come up with your Bundesliga betting tips today?

We always begin with the current squad. There is a good reason why title-holders Bayern Munich is a clear frontrunner, as it boasts the best roster in the league. The recent form is another good indicator, as a good or bad run is likely to continue. At last, we see for any missing footballers that could affect the team’s performance.

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