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Top Bookmakers by Player Ratings

As keen gamblers, we love the fact that there are so many online sportsbooks available. You will find countless reviews that describe a bookmaker’s product, but sometimes people trust personal experiences more. On this page, you can discover how bettors assess the top bookmakers in the industry.

The table below displays the best bookies according to player ratings, the shift compared to the previous three months, and the number of comments for each betting site. Read on to examine why positive and negative player ratings exist and why you need to participate.

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How Players' Ratings Affect the Bookmaker’s Score 

BMB_Question MarkThe list above contains all the betting sites concerning how bettors have evaluated them. We use a 10 star-system to compile reviews and player ratings for you to choose a sportsbook that suits you. Depending on the overall offering available, our members judge a site accordingly.

Keep in mind that there might be some bookies with a low score only because they are relatively new or haven’t received many user ratings yet. Of course, it’s perfectly natural that you might disagree with some of the ratings due to personal experience.

After all, no matter how impartial we might think our views are, they're always derived from our own perspective. If you feel one betting site has received an overly generous player comment or is perhaps underrated by the community, feel free to rate your bookmaker here.

What does Each Tab on the List of User Ratings Represent

BMB_ListThe table above is easy to read, even if that is not obvious at first sight. At first, you can see the name of the brand and a link that will take you to the website. Then, the bookmaker ratings represent the average score of all submitted reviews. For example, if Bet365 has received 10/10 from one player and 6/10 from another, the average will be 8/10.

The 3-month-change column indicates the difference during the past three months and is a helpful way to examine new bookmakers’ progress. After that, you can see how many comments and reviews exist for each bookie. When you click them, you will be prompted to the player reviews page that shows all the comments for that particular brand.

Finally, the last two tabs are more general info on the bookmaker’s services. The Welcome Bonus contains the Sign-Up offer for each bookmaker, while the review option takes you to the bookmaker's review where you can locate all information that you will need before opening an account. Remember, that you can sort the order of the list, depending on your preference.

How Vital is it to Engage in Bookmaker Evaluations

BMB_TrophyReading opinions from fellow bettors will assist you when you are contemplating registering with a gambling site. Think about the times you were looking at a new bookmaker, but you didn’t have enough data to make a decision. Extensive Player Comments & Complaints weigh up the pros and cons and help you get an idea of any potential problems you might face.

What your expectations are is important, so a players’ rating can assist you. For these reasons, it is crucial for you to leave your own views, especially if you disagree.

The complete and honest truth is that without your help and feedback, it is lengthy to check out every single bet site and single out those bookies trying to scam unsuspected punters. Our policy is always to take your side if you are handled unrightfully and mediate towards a bookmaker or his regulator in order to help you.

Why might a Player's Rating be High?

BMB_Enhanced_OddsFirst, many bettors want to reward a great betting experience. They might have found markets and features that are not commonly available in most of the competition. Οr maybe they have received many betting offers.

You will also see a good player rating if there was an issue that the customer support resolved fast. In addition, many punters are not looking for much and can be easily pleased by a betting site. There are also those who just want to be heard and offer new players advice on where to bet and why.

However, there are many bookies that, in order to improve their scores, leave fake user ratings. These are very tricky to spot, but you can count on us to find them and remove them from our site.

Why are some Bookie Scores Low?

BMB_Enhanced_OddsThere are several problems and complaints bettors have against bookmakers, most often with customer service. If you have been betting for a while, you probably have had an issue that wasn’t addressed fast. This is really frustrating, but it happens a lot because most bookmakers do not have enough (experienced) people working in CS.

You will also see bad player ratings due to anger from having a bad wagering day and/or unrealistic expectations. During a losing streak, bettors often ask for offers like Free Bets or other rewards, which will be declined. This could urge them to leave a negative evaluation.

Generally speaking, some players have faced serious problems and genuinely want to help other members of the betting community. There are others who just want to hurt a gambling site’s reputation and receive attention. If you have ever faced any issues with a sportsbook that would help other players, it is paramount to complain about a bookmaker.

How Helpful are Bookmaker Player Ratings

BMB_Book SpyThe table on this page is an excellent way to determine how other bettors feel about certain bookmakers. We took out all our personal opinions on betting sites and compiled a list only based on player ratings.

Of course, in order for the ratings to be accurate, we examine all the comments’ legitimacy, and if some are not real, we remove them or ask for further information. Reading other people’s assessments helps you make up your mind about opening an account.

Keep in mind that there are several reasons why a bettor might leave a good or bad rating, so you do not have to trust them all blindly. Evaluating a site first-hand is the best advice we can give you because only then can you be 100% sure about it. We also encourage you to write our own experience on our comments page to help others make an informed decision.

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