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Betting Systems that Work

Can betting systems become a profitable alternative to random bet staking? Opinions about whether these staking plans actually work are divided. Some bettors say they don’t, while others believe that using them can be an effective strategy for a short period of time.

On, we have tested all the positive and negative systems based on maths, like Paroli, Oscar Grind, Labouchere, and Martingale. Our experts analyze their concept and conclude if you should use these types of systems or not.

Winning Betting Systems

Winning Betting Systems

Betting systems advise how much you should place for each of your wagers and when. It seems difficult to increase your winning chances by following a staking plan, either short or long term. To be more precise, some systems may increase the probability to receive small profits in the short term, whilst they can’t achieve a long term advantage over the house edge. Υour chances are determined by the number of successful wagers and the high success ratio, but a staking plan can be a part of a winning formula. Read on our guides, learn all the secrets behind systems, and discover staking plans for betting.

How to Use the Best Betting Systems

BMB_Question MarkThere are two specific reasons for the systems’ popularity among bettors. Firstly, the concept is simple; it’s easy to follow a staking plan based on a system. Furthermore, even experienced players think that these winning betting systems can create earnings.

Before we take a deep dive into the stake sizing based on these strategies, it’s a necessity to analyze the two main categories; negative and positive systems. In both cases, you should adjust your bet’s stake depending on the outcome of your last one (i.e., win/loss).

Negative Betting Systems: What Works & What Doesn't

BMB_Enhanced_OddsThe main idea behind negative betting systems is to increase the stake after each loss to recover from a bad run as fast as possible and decrease it when you win. As you can understand, it’s exceptionally risky to stake higher amounts of money after losses and lower after wins.

A losing streak of five or six wagers can wipe out your investment. However, there’s always the probability of scoring a big win on a high stake, recouping the losses and making a profit. has released detailed online betting guides for the best systems, evaluating if they can be helpful or a recipe for disaster.


BMB_Number_OneAs it happens with the sum of winning betting systems, the Martingale is more effective for even odds betting. That strategy is based on specific principles:

  1. Each bet isn’t influenced by the previous one, and
  2. Someone who bets on evens can’t always win or always lose. If you want to follow Martingale in sports betting, you should double the base unit of the initial wager after each loss.

The goal is to recover from probable losses and get a bit of profit. When you hit a winner, you must start a new series of bets choosing the same or a new base unit as a stake. The Martingale system needs patience and a decent bankroll to face any bad run.


BMB_Number_TwoThat staking method allows you to chase losses without going overboard if you have deep math knowledge. The Fibonacci betting strategy is based on the mathematical sequence where each number equals the sum of the two previous digits. The first twelve numbers are commonly known and easy to remember 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144.

If you want to try the Fibonacci, you should move on to the next digit in the sequence each time your bet is a loser. On the other side, when you make a win, you should step back two numbers. The main difference with Martingale refers to the slow recovery from losses.

Additionally, it seems complicated following that sequence as a stake indicator to overcome the house edge. So, the specific type of negative betting systems can’t affect you in betting.


BMB_Number_ThreeLabouchere is a negative progression betting staking plan based on a mathematical sequence like Fibonacci. However, with the Labouchere, you choose the series depending on your bankroll and the goal profit. Let’s say you have built the 1-2-3-1-2-1 sequence to get a €10 profit.

The six digits cumulation has ten as a result. Each stake should be the sum of the first and last number; for example, the first bet will have a €2 stake. You should remove these two digits from the sequence to set the next stake in a winning case.

Otherwise, take the last stake and add it to the end of the series of numbers. Under the Labouchere betting system, you can’t afford a series of losses, so it seems incompatible with lousy runs.


BMB_Number_FourThe D’Alembert is probably the second most popular system after the Martingale. You must set a base unit as a starting stake, and then, you must increase your bet by one unit after losses and decrease by one after wins.

Undoubtedly, the D’Alembert betting system is a low-risk staking plan that can help bettors secure short-term profit. Although, if you face a bad run of results, you will recover slowly. The returns of D’Alembert are limited, so it seems more like a conservative betting staking plan that can offer time to a bettor to create the next staking plan.

Positive Progression Systems that Work

Managing your money is fundamental, especially when facing a lousy streak. A positive staking plan for betting also includes two main principles:

  1. If you have a winning series of bets, you must maximize your earnings, and
  2. If you suffer a bad run, you should keep your losses minimum.

That’s why you have to reduce the base unit stake after each loss to avoid damaging your investment and increase stakes only after wins. Contrary to negative progression versions, there are several positive betting systems, like the Reverse Martingale, the Reverse Labouchere, and the Reverse D’Alembert.

If you want to adopt these staking plan methods, just follow precisely the opposite tactics. Our goal is to give you more options, so we take a deep look at more alternatives for positives.

The Paroli

BMB_Implied_OddsParoli is the most known positive progression betting staking plan, which can be used for even odds bets. If you adopt the Paroli system, you should double the base unit you set after each win until you achieve three wins in a row. In the case of a loser, the stake remains the same after the first bet or returns to the starting base unit after the second and third.

After three successful wagers, you will have a “7 x base unit” profit. Otherwise, you will suffer a “3 x base unit” loss. If you have the goal of successfully betting with the Paroli, winning the series's second and third bet is necessary. Any other combination generates losses, and one (i.e., win 1st & 3rd bet - lose 2nd) keeps you in break even.

Parlay Betting System

BMB_Implied_OddsThis positive progression betting staking plan is based on the Paroli but has one major difference. You can follow the Parlay betting scheme to bet on even odds and increase the starting stake with each win.

Although your next stake isn’t the double base unit, you let your initial bet plus the winnings. Generally, it requires a winning run to work well with the main idea remaining the same; lock a profit in a short-term setting a quitting point.

1-3-2-6 System

BMB_Implied_OddsBettors consider that the 1-3-2-6 is one of the safest winning betting systems. It works by betting one stake unit, then three and two, and finally, six in a row. If you lose at any time of the bet’s cycle, you can start again with the base unit. With the 1-3-2-6 system, you can limit your risks.

For example, if you lose the third bet, you have already secured two base units, and if the fourth wager lets you down, you are breaking even. Following the 1-3-2-6 cycle, you can’t receive huge earnings, and that’s a significant drawback. After four successful bets, the highest limit you can reach is double the amount of money your risk.

The Oscar Grind

BMB_Implied_OddsThe Oscar staking plan for betting aims to secure one base unit profit from each betting cycle; every time a bettor achieves the goal, the series of bets stop. If the first is a winner, then the cycle ends, and you should start again because you have already secured the goal of profit.

On the flip side, you must keep the same stake for the second bet after a loss. If your second bet is a winner, then increase the wager’s size by one base unit.

When you reach the maximum earnings equal to the starting stake you chose, then the cycle ends. Following the Oscar Grind, you will never win high amounts of money. It needs to be methodical and satisfied with slow, steady profits.

How Much to Stake Using Betting Systems

BMB_Markets GenericWithout a doubt, it’s difficult to build a clear betting staking plan without taking major risks since unexpected downfalls are part of the game. Besides the systems we analyze, there’s another technique you can use to manage the total investment.

You can regulate stake sizing depending on your bankroll’s wealth by deciding a specific percentage of the total amount you can afford as a base unit for each bet. It’s time to read below our benchmark approach about how you can invest smartly by using staking methods based on percentages.

Percentage staking: Decide a fixed percentage of your total bankroll for each of your wagers. That method is one of the most commonly used globally by bettors who follow a specific pattern.

Those who bet on middle odds, for example, chasing favourites or teams with a higher winning probability, can divide their bankroll into equal amounts and permanently place bets with the same stake. It’s not a versatile strategy but allows you to keep an eye daily for your investment.

Kelly Criterion: One of the most complicated betting systems based on the F = [(B x P) - Q)] / B formula for stake sizing. Reading our guide for the Kelly Criterion in sports betting, you will find detailed information about the formula and how it indicates the stake percentage you should bet from the total bankroll.

Kelly Criterion is also helpful for players to evaluate odds and bet without risks. On the flip side, it’s pretty demanding as a process and refers to bettors with steady winning percentages.

Which is the Best Staking Plan for Betting

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2Do you have a query if a good staking plan for betting can be an advantageous method for bettors in order to make a profit from placing bets? The answer is “yes”, but only if you fulfil two main parameters; discipline and a deep understanding of betting systems are vital for your bankroll growth.

Remember that a staking method can’t overcome the bookies' advantage, but it can help protect your investment. Our experts analyze how you can use systems in a productive way for your betting activity below.

Base unit: Pick a base unit depending on your available bankroll. A 3-5% percentage can protect you from damages, especially if you face a lousy run. For instance, if your total bankroll is €100, start using betting systems with a €5 starting stake.

Even bets: Build a strategy on single events (i.e., 2.00 odds) with a theoretical 50:50 winning chance. These prices are perfect for all staking plans, and you can find them in all sports, such as football, basketball, NFL, and MLB.

Small series of bets: The idea behind systems is to receive earnings in a short period of time. Set a goal to make a profit from a series of five to seven bets. If you notice that you get a small but steady profit, begin a new run of wagers. Otherwise, change the bet sizing plan you follow.

Avoid gamblers fallacy: Don’t chase losses, and don’t insist on one or two systems even if you are a winner. That’s a common mistaken belief. If you make some wins or suffer losses during a short period, it doesn’t mean that it will happen less frequently in the near future and vice versa.

Why use Betting Systems for Stake Sizing

BMB_Book SpyNo matter how you try to profit from betting, a staking plan should be a part of your strategy. You might prefer to chase huge returns by placing expensive wagers. Although, some bettors risk a small amount of money, seeking low returns. Betting systems offer a versatile approach to stake sizing.

You can double your bets after losses and reset after wins, following the Martingale, for example. Additionally, you have the option to increase the wagers carefully after losses and then decrease stakes after wins if you prefer the D’Alembert.

The Labouchere is an alternative betting staking plan for those who want to win a certain amount of money. A productive system doesn't mean that you always win in betting; it’s only a key part of your strategy.

You should make bets you can afford first, and after that, you must complete extensive research on sports events, markets, and odds. It’s impossible to win the wagers every time, but following betting systems is a good piece of advice to manage your bankroll and avoid random betting.

Q: Are there winning betting systems?

The main principle among the best betting systems is that it can be profitable for short-term wins, but the house edge gives a significant advantage to the bookies in the long run. So, you can enhance the winning chances to make a decent profit for a small series of bets.

Q: Which staking plan for betting suits you?

Four specific factors define the productivity of betting systems, and it’s up to you to achieve them. The risk you are willing to take, the size of your bankroll, your betting targets, and your selections define your success or failure.

Q: Which betting systems should you avoid?

Every strategy that can cause damage to your investment, losing more than you can afford, isn’t recommended. Some betting staking plans might push you to place higher stakes than you intended, which is something that you certainly should avoid.

Q: Do you need systems to be profitable in betting?

There’s no requirement to follow a staking method. It’s possible to become a winner with a wealthy bankroll, but the opposite might happen too. If you notice that random betting on size staking burns through your entire investment, try to find the most suitable system for your needs.

Q: Can I be banned for using betting systems?

The vast majority of systems cannot beat the bookies long term. So, following one is not frowned upon since bookies will always have the edge. However, it’s not unheard of bettors to see their accounts be restricted after enjoying a successful streak of bets.

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