Oscars Bookmakers & Tips 2022

The Oscars are the highest-profile award ceremony in the entertainment industry, giving immense prestige to the winners. Also known as the Academy Awards, it has been held annually since 1929. The 94th ceremony will take place on March 27, 2022, and attract some of the biggest stars in filmmaking on the red carpet of Hollywood. One of the most viewed awards shows globally it has also grown significantly among bettors. Stemming from such prestige, Oscars bookmakers have multiplied as players have shown particular interest in the winners of the 24 sought-after statuettes. 

Since the Oscars differ from classic sports events, how can you tell which sportsbook fits you? Our experts have shortlisted every factor that will affect your winning chances, from odds and markets to bonuses and specials. The Oscars betting tips we lay out cover all the major selections and provide the highest value, leading to some big winnings.

List of the best Oscars Bookmakers 2022 

The sportsbooks we have picked score high in just about everything that matters. High prices, vast selections of betting options, and regular promotions are the most influential factors in our best Oscars bookmakers.

Academy Awards betting Preview 2022 

Award Ceremony: 27/03/2022

Venue: Dolby Theater, Hollywood

Categories: 24

Winning an Oscar is one of the most prestigious recognitions in entertainment, and that goes back to almost a century. Landmark movies like Ben-Hur, Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King have won a record of 11 awards, thus earning a special place in history. The same goes for individual performers like Katharine Hepburn, Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, all multiple time winners. The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (previously known as Kodak Theater) has been the annual meeting point of the Academy Awards since 2001. In the main stage of the auditorium, 24 Oscar statuettes will be awarded for excellence in the film industry. 

After several amendments, the current Academy Awards betting categories are Best Picture, actor & actress, supporting actor & actress, directing, original screenplay, adapted screenplay, cinematography, production design, editing, original score, original song, costume design, makeup and hairstyling, sound mixing, sound editing, visual effects, foreign-language film, animated feature film, animated short, live-action short, documentary feature, and documentary short. 

Oscars Betting Tips & Available Markets 

Oscars Betting Tips & Available Markets The number of categories goes up to 24, but the Big Five gets the most gambling interest. When you face so many selections with multiple candidates, it could be wise to focus on a few of them to get the most updated and accurate information. Therefore, our Oscars Betting Tips will target the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay categories. Let’s get right down to it. 

Oscar Best Picture Odds 

If you want to bet on the Oscars, this is probably your starting point. Bookmakers have it clear that the western drama The Power of the Dog is the clear favourite. The film received rave reviews from critics, reflecting the best actor Oscar odds. Furthermore, it has already won several awards like Best Motion Picture – Drama in the 79th Golden Globe and Best Picture in the 27th Critics' Choice Awards. A high-risk but substantial potential alternative could be Dune. Denis Villeneuve’s delivered an epic sci-fi film living up to the franchise’s reputation.

✔️ The Power of the Dog ⏩ to win the Βest picture @1.50 (1/2)

Oscar Best Director Odds 

Tradition has it that the best movie winner will also bag the statuette of the best director. According to Oscars bookmakers, this will also happen in 2022 as Jane Campion, director of the Power of the Dog, is the ultimate frontrunner. However, the Oscar winner odds are very low, so you might want to go for a dark horse. Kenneth Branagh of Belfast, a film depicting Northern Ireland during the Troubles, could be a worthy option.

✔️ Kenneth Branagh ⏩ to win the Best director @11.00 (10/1)

Oscar Best Actor Odds 

Will Smith has received many nominations for winning the award of the Best Actor, and 2022 is likely the year to achieve it. As the father and trainer of famous tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, his performance on King Richard earned critical acclaim. Oscars bookmakers rank him first for getting the gold statuette, as he has already won the Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama in the 79th Golden Globe awards.

✔️ Will Smith ⏩ to win the Best actor @ 1.20 (1/5)

Oscar Best Actress Odds

Time for a change and some heated competition in the Best Actress category. Nicole Kidman and Jessica Chastain come head-to-head for the award. Kidman portrays Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos earning a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama. Chastain in Tammy Faye's role was praised by critics, got a SAG award and several other nominations. If you chase high Academy Awards betting odds, you can put your money in Kristen Stewart for her role as Diana in Spencer.

✔️ Nicole Kidman ⏩ to win the Best actress @2.50 (6/4)

Oscar Best Adapted Screenplay Odds 

The award in this category goes to the film with the best adaptation from a novel, short story or previous movie. Since it is closely tied to the best movie award, you would expect that the favourites are similar. Quite right as The Power of the Dog ranks first again in all the Oscar betting sites and it will hardly miss the prize. 

✔️ The Power of the Dog ⏩ for Best Adapted Screenplay @ 1.33 (1/3)

Academy Awards Betting Offers 

Academy Awards Betting Offers Since the Oscars occur on a single day, the most likely bonuses you can find are Enhanced Odds or a Free Bet. So, let's see how Oscars betting tips can get a nice boost in the Best Picture category. There is a clear favourite in The Power of the Dog, but the price is somewhat low. A bookmaker could enhance the 1.50 to 1.70, so you can win more without risking more of your balance. The same goes for a Free Bet. You could get a €/$10 if you bet on Nicole Kidman to win the Best Actress, and you win. Underneath, you can find a list of sites that offer promotions on the big event. 

How to bet on the Oscars 2022 

How to bet on the Oscars 2022 Now that you have all the info plus tips, you might think you are good to go and start betting. We suggest you hold back a little, as a strategy and a careful approach might be more important even from the most insightful predictions. What do we mean by that? Judging by how the Academy Awards winners unfolded in the past, will reveal factors that determined the prize. From similar ceremonies which could signal the outcome to reviews from critics and viewers, we look into everything that could influence your Academy Awards betting strategy. 

Place your bet early 

If you got an early hunch, then your best guess is to place that wager as early as possible. The reason is that if your selection becomes the frontrunner over time, the odds will drop significantly. In the case of the Academy Awards, the candidates are announced in January, and the ceremony takes place in February or March. So, shortly after the announcements would be a good time to bet to make the most of the odds.

Follow other Movie Awards 

Before the Oscars, a variety of other similar shows occur. The Golden Globes, the Critics’ Choice and the Screen Actors Guild are the most significant. Many categories are the same as the Academy Awards, so the winners will likely show where the tide goes. While not set in stone, it can work as an excellent predictor of the big night in Hollywood. However, Oscars bookmakers are aware of that and tend to adjust the odds after a significant win or loss. 

Check Critics and Audience Reviews 

There are many sources like Google Reviews, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, where you can read the movies' consensus. You might notice some differences among the opinions of fans and critics; however, the chances are that a great film will have a non-polarized reception. Before betting on Oscars it is also a good idea to assess feedback on social media.

Which sites offer the best Oscar Betting Odds

We are players ourselves and e know how important odds are. In our shortlist, you can find out the bookies that ranked high on Oscar Betting Odds, so they can give the highest return for your bet. Moreover, we consider members' feedback and universal performance.

Q: Which are the best Oscars bookmakers in 2022?

More and more bettors choose to place a wager on the Academy Awards, so bookies offering such markets have multiplied. We can recommend bet365, 888sport and Unibet, as they offer high odds, various selections and hefty bonuses.

Q: Which are the main factors of betting on Academy Awards?

First and foremost, you should consult the info and tips we layout as they stem from extensive research. Moreover, it is wise to check the results of other movie awards and the reviews of both audience and critics.

Q: Where are the Oscars 2022 held?

The ceremony will take place on March 27, 2022, in Dolby Theater, Los Angeles. Usually, the Oscars are held in February or early March; however, due to the pandemic, the date was postponed.

Q: Who is the favourite for winning the Best Picture award?

The Power of the Dog is the universal frontrunner in Oscars bookmakers and has the most nominations (12). Belfast comes second in odds, with CODA finishing the top-3 in some distance.

Q: Is Will Smith the frontrunner for the Best Actor?

After two previous attempts, it looks like Will Smith will bag the coveted statuette. Oscars betting sites agree as they give him the first spot in candidates, with Benedict Cumberbatch coming second, albeit with a difference.

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