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2024 NHL All-Star Game Predictions

The 2024 NHL All-Star Game is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd, in Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada, the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s a weekend of several contests and festivities, like skills competitions among the best ice hockey skaters of the National Hockey League.

Regarding betting, you can predict which of the four contenders, Team McDavid, Team Matthews, Team MacKinnon, or Team Hughes, will triumph. Do you want to bolster your bankroll from the exhibition games and events like Rogers NHL Hardest Shot, the Fastenal NHL Fastest Skater, and the Upper Deck NHL Stick Handling? examined all the skaters’ selections, and the odds bookies offer before releasing the NHL All-Star Game predictions for 2024. So, you can evaluate your options and hunt profits from the most popular Ice Hockey betting markets.

NHL All-Star Game Best Bets For The Winner

BMB_Ice Hockey PlayerRegarding the contest’s format, the All-Star Game is actually three games. The teams will play three-on-three clashes with 10-minute halves. If the game is a draw after 20 minutes, the process includes a three-round shootout with extra rounds, if needed, to declare the winner.

The conquerors of the two first semifinals will return to the ice for a final showdown to determine the All-Star Champion. Indeed, the most popular options are the Moneyline and the Total Goals markets.

Our experts analyzed the four squads’ selections before they released the main NHL All-Star Game predictions for winners and the probable number of goals for each game. So, check your options and take advice from our verified NHL predictions for today before placing your wagers.

✔️ 2024 NHL All-Star Game WinnerTeam Matthews To Win @3.75 (+275).
✔️ 2024 NHL All-Star Skills Competition ChampionConnor McDavid @8.00 (+700).

Where to Bet on the NHL All-Star Weekend

BMB_Ice Hockey PuckIn the shortlist below, you can find the best NHL bookmaker online to place Moneyline, Totals and Puck-Line bets on the highest odds. We have also examined which betting sites offer the most value secondary markets and Props for your NHL All-Star Game betting activity.

Top NHL All-Star Game Odds For Teams

BMB_GoaltenderBetting on the All-Star Game differs from making Stanley Cup betting predictions, as you can easily understand. The 3-on-3 plus goalies format enhances the chances of a high score during the 20-minute regular time.

For 2024, the contest is broken down into four teams, each with a captain, a celebrity captain, and an assistant captain. The contenders will assemble nine skaters and two goalies each after the NHL selections, the fan vote and the Draft process.

The Four teams have phenomenal skaters in their offensive lines, but their top-class goaltenders can determine a low-scoring rival. So, how can you secure the best NHL All-Star Game odds for your bets?

Bettors who chase high prices have an exceptional opportunity to place lucrative wagers for the All-Star Game Winner Market. Team Connor McDavid (Center, Edmonton Oilers), Team Auston Matthews (Center, Toronto Maple Leafs), Team Nathan MacKinnon (Center, Colorado Avalanche), and Team Quinn Hughes (Defenseman, Vancouver Canucks) all pay 3.75 (+275) to win.

Best NHL All-Star Game Odds For Skills Competitions

BMB_Ice Hockey SkaterIce Hockey fans and bettors can back their NHL All-Star Game best bets on high odds for the Skills Competition, scheduled for February 2nd. Twelve elite skaters will compete for the overall winner after a multiple events process consisting of the following six showdowns: Hardest Shot, Stick Handling, Fastest Skater, One Timers, Accuracy Shooting, and Passing Challenge.

Most reliable bookmakers have released prices for individual events, where you can find options with great perspective. For example, David Pastrnak, Auston Matthews, and Leon Draisaitl are the main favourites for the One Timers Winner at 6.00 (+500) odds. Meanwhile, Connor McDavid has the most winning chances for the Stick Handling at 6.50 (+550).

The 27-year-old left-shooting Center of the Edmonton Oilers is among the most-liked options for the overall Champion. He pays 8.00 (+700) NHL All-Star Game odds to become the Skills Competition winner alongside Colorado Avalanche Defenceman Cale Makar.

Is the NHL All-Star Game betting worth it?

BMB_Book SpyIt’s common sense that when it comes to All-Star Game contests in US sports, they are at least unpredictable for bettors. NHL is an elite Ice Hockey tournament hosting the best athletes with a huge motivation to always be on top. This fast-paced sport can produce more goals for each game than other popular sports, like Football.

That’s why bettors who back bet on Totals feel they know how to beat the bookies; the fact exists in a superlative degree regarding NHL All-Star Weekend. The exhibition character of the games may not involve physical toughness, such as in regular season or playoff games; on the other hand, matches have more scoring chances and goals due to the format.

So, NHL All-Star Game betting on Totals can be profitable even if the lines are double-digit.

Complete List of NHL Bookmakers for the All-Star Weekend

BMB_Best IconYou can find the top online betting sites to build your Ice Hockey betting strategies; they offer the broadest range of markets and value odds by checking the list. You can also qualify for Welcome Bonuses, Risk-Free bets, and other promotions to follow our NHL All-Star Game predictions and make money.

Q: Which Team will you back on the NHL All-Star Game predictions?

NHL All-Star Weekend seems a good chance for bettors who hunt Ante Posts to back their selections at the best odds. For the 2024 edition, Team McDavid, Team Matthews, Team MacKinnon, and Team Hughes pay equal 3.75 odds (+275). experts release predictions based on the possibility of Team Matthews winning.

Q: How are the All-Star Teams being selected?

The National Hockey League decided to return the fantasy Player Draft, used before 2015, while keeping the 3-on-3 format. So, the NHL selected 32 players, one for each Team; the remaining 12 skaters were decided by fan vote. The league announced the captains and celebrity co-captains in early January to help select their roster.

Q: Should I bet on the Puck Lines for higher NHL All-Star Game odds?

The Puck Line is one of the most popular markets in sports betting regarding Ice Hockey; however, we aren’t recommending it for exhibition games like the All-Star contest. Under the current format, the semifinals and the final produce many goals scored by both teams. So, there’s no clear favourite to back and risk the possibility of winning with a given number of goals.

Q: Which events are scheduled ahead of the NHL All-Star Weekend?

The upcoming NHL All-Star Game will have a new Skills Competition format besides the Player Draft process, shaking things up for the 2024 festivities. The main dish includes the 20-minute games among the four Teams; moreover, six events are scheduled for the weekend: Fastest Skater, Stick Handling, Hardest Shot, One Timers, Accuracy Shooting, and Passing Challenge. As a tailpiece, the options are numerous for your NHL All-Star Game best bets.

Q: How to bet on Totals in the NHL All-Star Game?

Over/Under betting in Ice Hockey is one of the more accessible wagering types where you should predict the total number of goals scored in a single game. So, you must predict if the combined goals will be higher or lower than the line. There’s the option to bet on Totals for the two periods of the All-Star Game matches for the semifinals and the final.

Q: What are the most popular Props for NHL All-Star Game betting?

Moneylines, Puck Lines, and Over/Under betting are the most popular bets for the NHL and the All-Star showdown. However, you can back and make money with numerous Props, such as the skater who will score the most goals in the semifinals and the athlete with the most goals or assists in the final game.

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