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2024 NBA In-Season Tournament Odds

One major problem NBA bettors faced over the years was the existence of too many meaningless matches throughout the regular season. The interest was nowhere near as hot compared to the playoffs.

Well, with the introductions of the in-season tournament in 2023, things have changed. Instead of backing the team that will win the Larry O’Brien trophy and waiting months, you can bet on who will lift the NBA Cup in December.

Obviously, since it is a new competition, you might not know exactly where to start. This is where we step in. You can examine all the latest NBA In-Season Tournament odds on all teams and get insights on which teams we think are going all the way. Should you back the favourites, or can a dark horse cause an upset? Let’s have a look at it.

What Are The 2024 NBA Cup Odds?

BMB_Basketball_BallJust before the start of the season, there were four clear favourites to win the in-season tournament. These include the reigning champions, the Denver Nuggets, as well as the Boston Celtics, the Phoenix Suns, and the Milwaukee Bucks, three teams that added a lot of depth during the off-season. Below, you can find a full list of the current odds of winning the NBA Cup.

Team Odds Team Odds
Milwaukee Bucks 4.80 (+380) Boston Celtics 4.90 (+390)
Denver Nuggets 5.85 (+485) Phoenix Suns 7.00 (+600)
Golden State Warriors 13.00 (+1200) Los Angeles Lakers 13.50 (+1250)
Los Angeles Clippers 21.50 (+2050) Dallas Mavericks 24.00 (+2300)
Philadelphia 76ers 25.00 (+2400) Miami Heat 27.00 (+2600)
Cleveland Cavaliers 27.50 (+2650) Memphis Grizzlies 28.00 (+2700)
Sacramento Kings 46.00 (+4500) New Orleans Pelicans 47.00 (+4600)
New York Knicks 50.00 (+4900) Minnesota Timberwolves 69.00 (+6800)
Oklahoma City Thunder 76.00 (+7500) Atlanta Hawks 86.00 (+8500)
Toronto Raptors 125.00 (+12400) Brooklyn Nets 131.00 (+13000)
Chicago Bulls 144.50 (+14350) Indiana Pacers 231.00 (+23000)
San Antonio Spurs 265.00 (+26400) Orlando Magic 316.00 (+31500)
Utah Jazz 358.00 (+35700) Houston Rockets 361.00 (+36000)
Portland Trail Blazers 411.00 (+41000) Charlotte Hornets 454.00 (+45300)
Detroit Pistons 478.00 (+47700) Washington Wizards 508.00 (+50700)

* Price is average among online bookmakers

Obviously, not all sites will offer the same odds on all teams. Since all will come with different prices, it is best to shop around bookmakers to see which ones offer the team you want to back with higher odds. In addition, below, we have added a list of the top three NBA bookmakers known for offering the best odds online.

How Does the NBA Cup Work

BMB_Question MarkThe in-season tournament will be played in two phases. The first is the group phase. All teams have been divided into 6 groups based on conference and last year’s record. From November 3rd till November 28th, they will play regular season games with teams in the same group on ‘Tournament Nights’. Their record will determine who will move on to the final round. The groups are as follows:

West Group A:

✔️ Phoenix Suns
✔️ Los Angeles Lakers
✔️ Memphis Grizzlies
✔️ Utah Jazz
✔️ Portland Trail Blazers

West Group B:

✔️ Denver Nuggets
✔️ Los Angeles Clippers
✔️ Dallas Mavericks
✔️ New Orleans Pelicans
✔️ Houston Rockets

West Group C:

✔️ Golden State Warriors
✔️ Sacramento Kings
✔️ Minnesota Timberwolves
✔️ Oklahoma City Thunder
✔️ San Antonio Spurs

East Group A:

✔️ Cleveland Cavaliers
✔️ Philadelphia 76ers
✔️ Atlanta Hawks
✔️ Indiana Pacers
✔️ Detroit Pistons

East Group B:

✔️ Milwaukee Bucks
✔️ Miami Heat
✔️ New York Knicks
✔️ Charlotte Hornets
✔️ Washington Wizards

East Group C:

✔️ Boston Celtics
✔️ Toronto Raptors
✔️ Chicago Bulls
✔️ Orlando Magic
✔️ Brooklyn Nets

What you can expect as the season goes forward is the shift of the NBA Cup odds. One loss can destroy a team’s chances of qualifying. The second phase will take place in Las Vegas between December 7-9. The team that tops each group, alongside two wild cards with the best record, will all qualify.

What’s intriguing is that the NBA officials have made public that the prize for winning the trophy will be $500,000 per player. On top of that, they have announced that awards for the MVP and All-Tournament team will be given.

 Which are the Most Valuable Betting Tips for the NBA In-Season Tournament

BMB_Money_ProfitWith all being said, it is time for some predictions. While it is tough to make speculations early in the season, last year’s occurrences and the off-season moves that favourites made can offer some insights. We first need to mention that we feel that some NBA In-Season Tournament odds are ‘wrong’.

For example, while the Suns have an incredible roster, it looks pretty challenging for them to build enough chemistry by November to prevail. This is why they are not included in our tips. Underneath, we have outlined the teams that we believe have a strong chance of winning.

On the other hand, if you are not that keen on the in-season tournament long-term bets, you can always check our NBA Predictions for Today.

Tip #1: Lakers to Win the NBA Cup @13.50 (+1250)

If there is one truth in basketball is that you can never write off LeBron James, especially in single-elimination games. They were one step away from the Finals last year and made some interesting additions during the off-season. 

Even though they have the Suns in their group, the injuries of Devin Booker and Bradley Beal early in the season mean that the Suns can easily lose some games. This opens the way for the Lakers to top the group and head to Las Vegas. 

Tip #2: Kings to Win the NBA Cup @46.00 (+4500)

Understandably, this is a stretch. However, Fox’s group had one of the best records in the league last year. They play well all around, and they do not overlook the regular season like other teams waiting for the playoffs to go all-out. While they do have the Warriors in their group, they will play them at home. We believe that they can cause the upset.

Bookies with the Highest NBA In-Season Tournament Odds

Since basketball is one of the most popular sports worldwide, you can expect most bookmakers to offer prices on the tournament. Nonetheless, they are not all equal. Below, you can find a complete list of sites to place your NBA wagers. We have ranked them based on their payout on the NBA Cup Winner odds.

Q: What are the current NBA Cup odds on the favourites?

Just before the season started, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics in the East and the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns in the West were the shortest-priced teams to win the in-season tournament. Of course, the odds will shift as the season progresses.

Q: Can a dark horse lift the trophy?

Absolutely. Due to the tournament format, you can expect to see a minor team emerging victorious. While there will be some bragging rights to the team that wins it, we do not expect teams to play as hard as if it were the playoffs.

Q: Can I make money betting on the NBA In-Season Tournament?

Sure. You just need to be patient. Just because the Bucks added Damian Lillard or the Suns Bradley Beal does not mean they will have enough time to improve their chemistry to be victorious. It is best to back teams with a set core since they will enter the regular season already knowing each other.

Q: How does the NBA In-Season Tournament work?

The team with the most wins in each group, alongside two wild cards, will head to Las Vegas to play the semi-finals and championship game in December. These games, as well as the group ones, are one-off, which means anything can happen.

Q: Which bookies offer the best NBA In-season Tournament odds?

When it comes to betting on the event, most, if not all, bookmakers will provide prices on the winner. However, you should shop around the odds to ensure you will maximise your earnings. Feel free to check the list of sportsbooks above.

Q: What other outright bets can I find on the NBA?

As the most appealing basketball competition worldwide, the betting opportunities are easy to access. You can always bet on props on the All-Star game or which team will win the title. If you do not know where to start, feel free to check our NBA All-Star Game Betting Tips and NBA Finals Predictions guides, respectively.

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