2022 NBA Finals Predictions

Betting on the NBA Finals, the last playoffs’ stage, is basketball bettors’ most challenging part of the season. The Best-of-Seven series between the Western and Eastern Conference Champions decides the next Larry O’Brien Trophy holder. You can find hundreds of markets for teams, players and props among leading bookmakers, all through high odds and valuable offers. For the 2022 season, Western Champions Golden State Warriors will face the Boston Celtics, who emerged from the East, in a rematch of their 1964 Finals encounter. Follow our article and locate our experts’ NBA Finals predictions and the best available bets.

How do we make our NBA Finals Predictions

basketball iconFrom June 2nd to June 19th, if we reach game 7, Bookmakers.bet will be releasing at least two daily picks for each game of the series. You can follow our NBA Predictions, yet the most critical part on our behalf is to show you how we decide what to publish. So, let’s break down our method.

Bookmakers: We monitor all the best NBA Bookmakers 24/7, searching for the highest odds, the most basketball markets and combined value offers.

Game recap: Our experts focus on what each contender achieved in their previous playoffs games. They delve deeper into star players’ form by analysing stats and performance models.

Latest news: It’s an essential part of our study because, if finalists face injuries or bans, it may heavily influence the Final series. We use all our resources to provide accurate reporting through reviewing all the latest news.

Profitable markets: Our goal is to break down the main 2-way markets, like moneyline, spread and Over/Under on total points. However, we measure each player’s potential to produce winning props and take advantage of it too.

Our 2022 NBA Finals Predictions:

Golden State Warriors to Win Series ⇒ 2.40 (7/5) odds.
Stephen Curry - MVP ⇒ 2.20 (6/5) odds.

Where Should I Place My Wagers

In the list underneath, you can track the 2022 NBA Finals best bookmakers with the widest array of basketball betting markets and props, competitive odds and offers that can boost your strategy.

Which are the best NBA Finals Bets

basketball iconThere are numerous ways to make money betting on the NBA Finals. You can evaluate your options for each game among markets for players, teams, quarters and totals. Firstly, you must decide if you want to base your strategy on a game by game basis, or take advantage of outrights’ high prices before the series starts. You should then manage the risk and find the best NBA Finals bets after you’ve done your research. Here is a list of alternatives for the Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics clash.

Game 1 Betting

basketball ballGolden State Warriors enjoy a home advantage and must prove their championship DNA in Game 1; while the Boston Celtics are chasing an early break. Ime Udoka’s team is the moneyline underdog at 2.40 (7/5) odds, while the home team pays 1.60 (3/5). The markets’ array is huge, so we focus on odds and predictions for the contest’s main one. Do you think that the Warriors will or will not cover the 7,5 points spread? Our experts believe visitors must not be underestimated, having the manpower to actually take the lead. Starting cautiously, we have released our NBA Finals predictions on the Total Points market for Game 1.

Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics ⇒ Over 212,5 @ 1.93 (93/100) odds.

Series Winner & Top Scorer

basketball ballCeltics led the NBA regular season in defensive efficiency, yielding almost one point per possession. However, Stephen Curry is a phenomenal scorer and can dominate the series and get the top scorer award. That’s the easy part of the Winner & Top Scorer outright combo. Our experts believe that the Warriors can conquer the 2022 Finals by being a team with strong shooting firepower and experience in championship-deciding situations. The current Golden State class probably deserves one more title; that’s one of the main reasons we back that probability on our NBA Finals predictions.

Series Winner & Top Scorer ⇒ Golden State Warriors & Stephen Curry @ 2.60 (8/5) odds.

Series Combos & Props

basketball ballGame by game betting is another option when it comes to the NBA Finals. You can build a step-by-step strategy and focus on the game series. There are over six hundred markets you can bet on, from main ones to player/team specials and quarter/half-time markets. Hence, you can scan specific markets for the series, where you can find higher odds and payouts.

Game & Series Double: A smart option is to bet on higher odds by predicting the next game and the overall winner in a combo. For instance, if you want to back the Golden State Warriors to win the title, you can risk the chance to manage at least one break, either on Game 3 or 4, which is a realistic scenario.

Series Correct Score: It’s an outright market with eight possible outcomes, Celtics or Warriors to Win the series by 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3. Before Game 1, you can risk sweeps from 4-0 on the Celtics at 9.00 (8/1) odds to 4-0 on Golden State at 12.00 (11/1).

Most Points in Series: In that market, you must predict the best scoring performance in the series. So, clarify in your mind the final winner and the best scoring team before you place your NBA Finals bets.

Golden State Warriors to Win the Series by 4-3 ⇒ 6.00 (5/1) odds.

Series Correct Score After Game 4

basketball ballBoston has had a vast defensive impact during the season; their goal is to defend their ground in Games 3 & 4 and boost their title chances. Undoubtedly, the Warriors can win one of two consecutive home games in the beginning and limit the Celtics' on the road power. We believe both finalists can achieve a break before Game 4, which is why a draw is one of the best NBA Finals bets.

Series Correct Score After Game 4 ⇒ 2-2 @ 2.50 (3/2) odds.

Win Series From Behind

basketball ballThe Celtics were phenomenal in the regular season, with Marcus Smart being the head of the snake on defence and the playmaker that Boston needed. Their main goal is to take the 1-0 lead in the NBA Finals. Achieving a break could lead to one of the top special NBA Final bets for players who believe that the Warriors have the mental power and skills to lift the trophy while coming from behind. Suppose you believe Golden State has Stephen Curry’s individual excellence and can hold up defensively against the Celtics. Kerr’s men enjoy the experience edge, so the probability of winning the series could still prove to be a decent option even if they lose the first game.

Win Series From Behind ⇒ Golden State Warriors @ 2.20 (6/5) odds.

Team With Most 3-Pointers Scored

basketball ballThis is expected to be a massive battle between the two finalists; Boston can hit consecutive 3-pointers on specific critical time frames, as has happened several times during the regular season and the playoffs. On the flip side, the California based six-time champions have sharp shooters like Curry, Thompson and Poole. However, even with the likes of two of the best shooters, they are somehow the underdogs in scoring the most 3-pointers. That’s why we believe it’s among the smartest NBA Finals prop bets that can bring value to bettors.

Most 3-Pointers Scored in the Finals ⇒ Golden State Warriors @ 2.20 (6/5) odds.

Top Rebounder

basketball ballThe rebounding leader market is one of the most challenging in basketball. During the postseason and up to the title series, Al Horford and Kevon Looney drop 7.7 rebounds on average, per game. Their neck-to-neck race keeps the odds close for the Finals’ top rebounder; as it stands, they both pay 2.70 odds. Our experts expect the Celtics’ centre to edge out Looney as the series rebounds leader, therefore we’ve included it in our NBA Final predictions.

Series Top Rebounder ⇒ Al Horford @ 2.70 (17/10) odds.

How to Bet on the NBA Finals

Seasonal basketball bettors have concluded that the NBA Finals are a completely different field than the regular season and the playoffs. And there is probably no worth examining other parameters at this point like back-to-back games, travelling distances and other fatigue-adding indicators. The tricky part is to choose the best basketball betting strategy for the Finals or to have an alternative in case you are traditionally betting on moneylines, spreads and totals. Follow our steps and integrate them into your own how to bet on the NBA Finals strategy.

Pick among the best basketball bookmakers: You should have a multiple choice of pre-match and in-play markets for every game on high odds, along with a quick bet acceptance. Early payout is another benefit, so you must check before placing a moneyline bet. If the team you back leads by twenty points, you can secure returns before the game ends.

Qualify for ΝΒΑ Finals Betting Offers: Bookmakers’ main goal is to attract bettors and elite events like the NBA Finals offer them the opportunity to do so. That’s why you can find free bets and high first deposit bonuses during the finals.

Follow main markets: It’s easier to be profitable during the NBA Finals by starting with simple markets such as moneylines, spreads and totals. Picking winners or a favourite team to cover the spread, are straightforward 2-way bets; if you do some proper research beforehand, you will increase your chances of making profitable decisions.

Evaluate public betting: Consensus and trends can push more experienced bettors into examining special betting markets like outrights and series combos. A consistent approach to that type of data along with evaluating their models, can give you ideas of what other bettors back or avoid. Furthermore, you can predict value bets following specific betting trends, like how a home team reacts after a defeat or how a franchise performs in the Finals as an underdog.

Top NBA Finals Betting Tips

basketballThe Finals allow you to have a different approach than that of the regular season. It’s easier to understand a team’s rotation unlike with the regular season’s 82-game rally where star players and starters aren’t always on the floor. You only need to put two teams under the radar, so it’s easier to follow news on the latest injuries and possible bans. Still though, specific factors can affect results and bedrock to stand to make a profit.

Postseason form: A complete H2H stats coverage during the regular season may be a sufficient indicator about the Finals’ pair. Αlthough the postseason form and an analysis of which team has enough gas left in the tank seems more critical. So, before making your NBA Finals predictions, check how have the finalists reached the point of competing for the title; Field Goal Percentage, Total Rebounds & Assists, Points per Possession, defensive stats and Players’ individuals can provide a reliable overview of their potential.

Break Down Game 1: After Game 1, you can find useful NBA Finals betting tips, trends and an overview analysis of the two finalists’ strengths and weaknesses. For instance, keep in mind that the winner of Game 1 ends up winning the series 70,7% of the time. Furthermore, check in what manner did the winning team take the lead.

Betting Against the Spread: Backing underdogs in competitive games like the NBA Finals will give you the chance of enjoying higher odds. You can explore previous seasons and historical betting results in order to discover trends and profitability chances.

Full List of Bookmakers for the 2022 NBA Finals

Here is a complete list of the best basketball bookmakers where you can find the highest odds for moneylines, spreads, totals and NBA Final prop bets for the Golden State Warriors vs. the Boston Celtics clash.

Q: How to find the most competitive NBA Finals betting lines?

After you research the finalists’ current form, the home-field advantage and any critical absences, you can then evaluate if the lines for spreads and totals are in your favour. Shop around for low lines to bet on favourites or Over; and for the highest ones if you back underdogs and risk the Under.

Q: Where can you enjoy the highest NBA Finals odds?

All leading NBA bookmakers offer competitive odds, so if you seek high payout betting on the Finals, you can compare prices among them and choose the best. By following Bookmakers.bet you can find several top basketball bookies with the highest odds on main and secondary markets for that last league stage.

Q: How to bet on NBA Finals MVP?

Before choosing the player you want to back for the NBA Finals MVP, check the odds board and evaluate the main favourites, plus one or two underdogs with chances to make the upset. Personal skills, the impact on the team and the game, as well as sufficiency on both ends are essential to create winning NBA Finals predictions.

Q: Have you released a Game 3 NBA Finals prediction?

Bookmakers.bet has daily coverage throughout the NBA season. So, find picks for the regular season, the playoffs and the NBA Finals. We release at least two picks for each game in the final stage to give you more options on main and secondary betting markets.

Q: Which are the best NBA Finals Game 6 prop bets?

There are many prop bets for NBA Finals Game 6 referring to players, teams and other specials. You can back Over/Under on players’ points, assists and rebounds, or risk on double-double bets and half-time markets, such as the half with the most points scored.

Q: Which team enjoys the home-court advantage in the NBA Finals?

The home advantage favours the team with the best overall record during the regular season, in our case, the Warriors. The franchise with the most wins plays at home in Games 1 & 2 and Games 5 & 7, if necessary. The other finalist plays at home in Games 3 and 4, as well as Game 6, if necessary.

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