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Best NBA Bookmakers 2024

The NBA is the most elite Basketball league globally, with plenty of value for sports bettors. With an 82-game regular season, alongside the inaugural NBA Cup, the Playoffs and Finals, it provides a massive number of betting opportunities. Picking the top NBA bookmakers is crucial to securing the maximum potential profit.

Undoubtedly, you must examine which sites offer the best odds, the widest variety of markets, and whether they provide live streaming services. The most experienced bettors search for the top live betting lines, Team or Player Specials, and draft betting chances to increase their options. Reading our article, you can look deeper at all the essential criteria you should follow in choosing your ideal NBA betting sites.

Top 5 NBA Betting Sites

BMB_Best IconIn the list underneath, you can find the top 5 NBA bookmakers. We have rated them after exploring essential parameters, like the odds on the main and secondary markets, the ability to bet from the preseason to the Finals and all the in-play wagering options available.

NBA Bookmakers for Betting Online

BMB_New BookmakersVarious NBA bookmakers offer a wide range of markets, such as Moneylines, Spreads, Props and Totals. This diversity allows you to find your niche as a bettor and gain an edge over the bookies.

Moreover, you can qualify for the best offers and enhance your winning chances by claiming exclusive promotions, such as Free Bets and Cash Bonuses on your deposits.

Do you want to learn how to bet on Basketball and win? You can learn about all the factors to analyze when deciding where you should place your bets and invest your bankroll.

Best NBA Betting Sites with High Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphComparing the odds for the upcoming games and future markets can ensure that you will get the best prices. Making this comparison is the safest way to secure bigger earnings in the long term.

For example, if you bet on the Milwaukee Bucks beating the Brooklyn Nets, you can find a remarkable difference among the top online NBA betting sites.

Placing a €100 bet on 2.05 (+105) odds, you will receive a €205 payout at one top bookie. On the flip side, another betting site pays at 1.86 (-116), considering the 2021 Champions as a favourite.

That means your returns will be €186 with the same stake. It’s a €19 difference in your earnings which is crucial for just one wager. It’s pretty essential to secure the lowest VIG in your NBA odds, seeking the highest payouts.

Top Bets on the NBA Bookmakers

BMB_Basketball_BallLooking at Basketball and NBA markets or following our NBA Finals predictions, you have several options to chase returns, from Moneylines to Spreads, Player Props and more. Here are the most common markets you can find in all the top NBA bookmakers.

  • 1
    Spreads: This is the most popular market where you should make your wagers for the final margin between two contenders. Using our example above, Milwaukee is the underdog team with a +1,5 point handicap, while Brooklyn is the slight favourite with a -1,5 at 1.90 (-111) odds. To Cover the Spread, the Nets should win with two points or more.
  • 2
    Moneyline: NBA odds on Moneylines refer to a bet on a team to win the game. The advantage of the bet type is that there’s no handicap to cover or to beat in order to make a profit. Following our NBA predictions today, you should find an extensive range of Moneyline bets.
  • 3
    Totals: You can bet on the number of points scored in a game, selecting Over or Under on the given point line; lines are also used in the Players’ and Teams’ Props.
  • 4
    Props: The propositions are Over/Under bets on the statistical performance of teams or players revolving around points, rebounds, and assists.
  • 5
    Futures: These are outright markets, like the NBA In-Season Tournament Winner, Championship Winner or Eastern/Western Conference Winner. These bet types’ odds are released before the start of the regular season, losing their value when the games start because of the results, key player injuries, etc. You can also track NBA odds for key player awards like the MVP and the Rookie of the Year.

NBA Bookmakers for Seasonal Betting

BMB_Date_Time_IconAll the best NBA betting sites should be evaluated higher when they allow bettors to place wagers on the entire season. The NBA season includes various events, ranging from the draft to the ΝΒΑ Cup, the postseason and the Finals.

Draft Betting: You can place Props for where individual players will be drafted and how many are drafted from specific colleges. Many NBA bookmakers set different odds, offering value chances for savvy bettors.

Regular Season Betting: From mid-October to mid-April, the NBA regular season offers games almost every day featuring all of your favourite daily markets.

In-Season Tournament Betting: This new competition allows you to bet on the NBA Cup, played in two phases. During November, the teams play regular season games against opponents in the same of each six groups; their record will decide if they will qualify for the final round in December.

So, you can find competitive NBA In-Season Tournament odds for the winning team and the MVP player.

Postseason Betting: The Conference Finals feature the top two Eastern and Western Conference teams battling for a spot in the Finals. Given the quality and importance of the games, they typically attract a high volume of bets. Best US sportsbooks also offer a much more comprehensive selection of special markets instead of the regular season.

NBA Finals Betting: Due to the high level of interest and attention, the odds for the Finals are often some of the most competitive around. Most NBA bookies will have a wide selection of Spreads, Totals, and Players’ Props markets.

Similarly, futures bets such as Finals MVP and Final Series Score are also very prominent.

All-Star Game Betting: That contest is a light-hearted affair between 24 of the NBA’s best players. All the NBA betting sites offer an outstanding range of markets, including a wide variety of Props. So, this standalone fixture tends to be a trend in every year’s worldwide Basketball action.

Where to Get the Best NBA Betting Offers

BMB_Money_ProfitΝΒΑ’s increasing popularity among bettors creates chances, opening doors for generous offers and bonuses. It’s a great option for you to receive a Price Boost to bolster your bankroll.

NBA betting offers can represent an excellent opportunity for players, helping them to be resistant in an 82-game regular season and a long postseason.

Here you can find the main bonuses you can qualify for on NBA bookmakers and use them for seasonal betting or backing our NBA All-Star Game betting tips.

There aren't any available promotions. Check here all Bookmaker Promotions

Welcome Βonus: By getting a Sign-Up Bonus, you may receive double or triple your first deposit, which is a crucial advantage, especially for beginners. With a standard minimum of €/$10 to a maximum of €/$200, you can get a 100% bonus when you make the first deposit.

In any case, you should notice the terms and conditions because, in most NBA betting sites, you are permitted to place singles or multiples only to a specific value of the bonus (e.g., 50%).

Free Βets: Risk-Free Bets are among the top NBA betting offers because they give you a second chance to win if you place a loser after your sign-up. You can claim a Free Bet when you create your account and make the first deposit. Also, several NBA bookies offer Free Bets for the All-Star Game and the NBA Finals.

ACCA Insurance: Parlays are extremely popular among Basketball bettors. Several NBA betting offers to refund your initial stake back as a Free Bet if you place a 5-fold, for example, and only one of the selections becomes a loser. In most cases, you should have minimum odds of 1.20 (1/5) or 1.30 (3/10).

Enhanced Odds: On the top NBA bookmakers, you can find boosted prices and flash odds on selected markets, like Moneylines, Player Specials, and Handicaps. That means that you can receive better returns for a limited amount of time before a game starts.

Early Payout Offers: It’s a great promo for Moneyline bets, where you back one team to win. If your team takes the lead by 12, 15 or 20 points (i.e., the lines are different among NBA bookies) anytime in the game, you get paid even if your chosen pick eventually loses.

It’s tempting to qualify for offers like this one, especially for a competitive league where even a 20-point lead can vanish in just a few minutes.

How to Choose an NBA Bookmaker for In-play Betting

BMB_Live BettingLive betting should be a vital piece for NBA bookmakers and an integral part of your strategy, even if you like betting on Βasketball quarters or whole games. Some markets are different compared to pre-match, but there are not too many contrasts in general. Here is the list of each bookie’s primary services for live betting.

  • 1
    Fast In-Play Markets: You should think that bookies don’t have the same time and information at their disposal as they do pregame. Moneylines, Totals, and Handicaps are the bare minimum that the best NBA betting sites must cover, with second-half markets also becoming increasingly popular. Some advanced options include Team Specials, Quarter bets and Half-Time options. Some bookies only open live markets during periods when the game stops, like commercial breaks and time-outs.
  • 2
    Live Streaming: The service can be ultimately helpful, making it more enticing to choose a bookie. Especially for American Basketball, several of the best NBA bookmakers offer a free league pass. The only requirement is to have a positive balance. Live streaming services are beneficial for in-play betting, as watching the game live gives all the right information to make profitable decisions.
  • 3
    Versatile Cash Out: It can be undoubtedly profitable to use all the Cash Out options depending on the probability of your single or parlay bet coming through. To choose among the best NBA betting sites, you should explore and find one with no suspended times. The ideal for you is to enjoy extended services on live betting, from the start until the end of a game, having the ability to select among Partial and Auto Cash Out.

Is it Worth Betting on the NBA?

BMB_Book SpyIf you effectively identify specific parameters, you can take advantage of the bookies when wagering on the NBA. Factors like injuries and form will always determine the outcome of a Basketball game. When star players are out or limited by injury, the NBA odds will significantly change in most cases.

Last but not least comes the actual teams’ rosters. A versatile squad is an important factor to consider when handicapping NBA games. Choosing the one that suits your needs among the best NBA bookmakers can enhance your bankroll and confidence.

Qualifying for betting offers, like ACCA Insurance and Welcome Bonuses, it’s a great boost to start winning. Furthermore, there are several Basketball markets to select from and Special bets in very competitive NBA odds.

One of the things you should check is that in an 82-game regular season for each of the 30 teams, it’s possible to face many upsets. So, you should follow even patterns based on travel plans and back-to-back games to find when an underdog can easily beat a heavy favourite, predicting an upset on high odds.

Q: How do I place a live bet on an NBA game?

After a stoppage or a commercial time-out, all NBA bookmakers will update their betting odds based on the current score and situation. That gives you an advantage as you have more information to go off than the pre-match lines and prices.

Q: What are Futures markets available for NBA betting?

You can wager on outcomes for season Win Totals, NBA Finals and Conference Champions, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Coach of the Year on most online betting sites. Furthermore, you can find odds for the NBA In-Season Tournament and the competition’s MVP.

Q: How can I place an Accumulator on the NBA?

An ACCA or Parlay bet combines two or more picks, giving a payout by multiplying their odds. If you are confident, that’s a great way to increase your returns, placing a 4-Fold or 5-Fold in your preferred bookmaker who offers an Accumulator Insurance also.

Q: What makes a top NBA bookmaker?

Several online NBA betting sites provide reliability, fast payouts, and great promotions. Before creating an account, you should also check the offered odds, Cash Out and generally the in-play services, and the range of Basketball markets you can select from.

Q: How to read the opening lines on NBA games?

The early odds and lines that NBA bookmakers set show the starting probability of each team covering the spread or winning. As usual, these lines and prices are moving depending on the bettors’ stakes or other factors like the latest news, stats, etc. It’s important to check the lines and odds movement, understanding the consensus parameter of each match.

Q: Which teams have the best odds to win the NBA Finals?

The odds and implied probability may change when every new season starts, but there are always main favourites to get the Champions’ ring before the Opening Day. The reigning titleholders Denver Nuggets are the third favourite at 6.50 (+550) odds in the race of long-term Outright Winner bets behind Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics.

Q: How to read Las Vegas NBA odds?

The favourite of an NBA game always has a minus (-) spread to cover, while the underdog has a positive (+) one to protect. You should notice one more number reading the Las Vegas NBA odds, which explains the VIG. This number is -10 in most cases which means a 10% Vigorish on your bet.

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