MLB World Series Predictions 2023

The 118th edition of the 2023 MLB World Series between the American League Champions, Houston Astros and the National League Champions, Philadelphia Phillies, is set to start. It’s a Best-of-Seven playoff final series, between October 28th and November 5th, at Minute Maid Park and Citizens Bank Park venues, respectively.

Our in-depth analysis aims to predict the baseball Championship winner for the USA and Canada; we examine the regular season’s form, the playoffs momentum for both teams and their pitching and batting impact. Our MLB World Series Predictions are based on moneylines for each game as well as the series correct score.

Read on for the best available bets and highest-value markets, following the best sports betting sites.

How do we Make World Series Betting Predictions

BMB_Baseball_PlayerFrom the Opening Day until Game 7, releases daily picks for each game. You can follow our MLB Predictions and check our winning percentage, experts’ method and how they decide what to publish. You can inspect our model of picking favourites and underdogs, using the best run lines and the highest odds for the entire season and our MLB World Series Predictions.

Baseball Bookmakers: We must deal with daily and competitive games from Spring Training to World Series. It’s critical to follow specific bookies with the best baseball betting offers, like early payout, where you can receive returns if the team you back goes ahead with five runs during the 9 innings. Our main criteria for trusting a bookie are the top odds alongside the broadest range of run lines.

Βest betting markets: Baseball is a stat-based sport; you can make money from MLB games if you keep a complete statistics archive about starting pitchers and relievers. Also, the batting average numbers from the plate can give you exceptional props, both pre-match and in-play. You can bet who will score the next run or how many hits a team can make. So, we check all the main and secondary markets before we upload our picks, from moneylines, run lines, and totals to props and 5-inning markets.

Post-game analysis: A thorough game recap can give you ideas about what to wager in the following games for the regular season, playoffs, and MLB World Series betting. Even the finalists for the Championship can face injuries and bans, which may badly influence their field performance. We have reliable resources, and our experts study all the post-game articles for each game to be accurate for their upcoming predictions.

Where Should I Place My MLB World Series Bets

BMB_Best IconHere is a list of the best MLB bookies where you can find the best odds to place your baseball and World Series bets, backing our MLB predictions for today. You can find the most valuable offers and the best prices for the popular moneyline market alongside several run alternative lines. Also, there’s a vast range of props for the Astros vs. Phillies clash.

2023 World Series Best Bets

BMB_Betting_TipsEspecially for the MLB Finals, where we have to deal with baseball powerhouses, we follow advanced prediction drivers to be accurate on our picks; this is our main principle to indicate to you how does sports betting work, in general.

Without a doubt, the 2-way moneyline market (i.e., no draw option in MLB games) is at the top of our evaluation before we move on to the other markets. The reason is simple; a sharp and untouchable pitcher can don’t give scoring chances on the opponent team. If he makes it, his team is the favourite to win.

That’s why we check the pitching factor deeply and the batting order of each game also. Let’s mark what our prediction model examines before we post MLB World Series predictions.

Pitching analysis: Each team’s main defender can determine the outcome; this baseball conclusion emerges for WS even for the MLB All-Star Game, which is an exhibition game. Our experts study the pitching order and bullpens for each finalist team. They aim to predict their mechanical efficiency in every game, the speed average on their throws, following their stats. The ERA (Earned Run Average) and WHIP (Walks and Hits Per Inning Pitched) are key indicators of a sharp defender; if these numbers are low, then his team is a favourite to win.

Plate stats: Batters are the players who produce scores in baseball; the movement created with their hands targets loading bases and hitting homers. So, their stats from the plate are critical for total betting. We check the number of RBIs (Runs Batted In), hits, and runs they produce in the entire season and the playoffs before we upload MLB picks for the World Series. The BA (Batting Average) and BB (Base on Balls) are key stats we examine also.

How to bet on the MLB World Series

BMB_Money_ProfitWorlds Series is a unique part of the MLB season and one of the most popular sports betting events worldwide; so we follow a slightly different approach for our bets compared to our MLB All-Star Game prop bets, for example. We aim to analyze each final game separately, backing the team with the most winning chances without counting factors like a ballpark advantage; a sharp world-class pitcher can drive his team easily to away wins.

We review options for future markets, like Series Correct Score and Finals MVP, trying to help newbies and experienced bettor profit from betting at the best MLB World Series odds. Let’s look at the top bets for the Houston vs. Philadelphia showdown.

Game Betting

BMB_Baseball_BallMost baseball bettors face the challenge of making money from each WS game separately. The markets and the offers are numerous, and the homework you should do before placing bets is easier. Houston has the ballpark advantage for Game 1; the Astros want to protect their perfect 7-0 in the 2023 playoffs against Seattle Mariners (3-0) and New York Yankees (4-0) in the American League Championship Series.

On the flip side, Philadelphia starts from Wild Card Series (2-0 against St Louis); then, the Phillies won in a row the 2021 Champions Atlanta (3-1) and San Diego Padres (4-1). So, they have a 9-2 record before the WS first pitch.

Houston has one MLB title (2017), while the underdog, Philadelphia, wants to wear the crown for the first time since 2008 (i.e., they have two in their history). For the visitors, Zack Wheeler (12-7, ERA 2.82) is expected to be on the mound for Game 1. He has four playoff starts and 25 & 1/3 innings in play. His 1.78 ERA in the postseason is phenomenal, but he has a 1-1 win/loss record.

The Astros will start with the experienced Justin Verlander (18-4, ΕRA 1.75), who has a 1-0 record and a 6.30 ERA in the postseason. The 39-year-old defender seems an underachiever at that moment, and he’s 0-6 with a 5.68 ERA in seven WS starts. Our experts will pick the Phillies for Game 1 at 2.42 odds for their MLB World Series Predictions.

✔️ Game 1: Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies2 @ 2.42 (+142).

MLB World Series Winner

BMB_Baseball_BallThe consensus MLB World Series bets for 2023 show Houston Astros as the new Champions at 1.58 odds (-173), while the Phillies are the dark horses at 2.45 (+145) to win the title. For baseball bettors count not only the ballpark advantage but Houston’s sufficiency from their last winning WS in 2017 since now.

They have made five ALCS appearances in a row, even though they didn’t keep but only five players (e.g., Verlander is one of them).

On the other hand, the Phillies are already a massive surprise in the season, investing in players that other franchises underestimate. Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber, and J.T. Realmuto are some superstar players who lead this Philadelphia effort to glory. The Phillies took the risk, and now they can enjoy a real benefit.

Our experts predict that if they manage to make a Game 1 break, the winning chances for the title will be boosted.

✔️ World Series WinnerPhiladelphia Phillies @ 2.45 (+145).

Series Handicap

BMB_Baseball_BallFor bettors who think the Houston Astros will triumph over the WS, but the other finalists may be competitive, the win handicap +1,5 line can bring a decent chance for profit at 1.65 odds. The Phillies have made nine postseason wins and four in the National League Championship Series against San Diego. They have clinched the final ticket by bringing out game-changers, like first baseman Rhys Hoskins. He made a two-run homer and hit home runs and RBIs during the NLCS, giving extra help to Philadelphia’s offence.

Our experts believe that the dark horses from Pennsylvania can reach at least three wins. That’s why they include the +1,5 win handicap as one of the top options for MLB World Series betting.

✔️ World Series Wins Handicap: Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies2 (+1,5) @ 1.65 (-154).

MLB World Series MVP

BMB_Baseball_BallBryce Harper has had 8 hits and 4 runs in 20 at-bats against San Diego Padres, helping the Phillies to make 4 wins. He’s already on a ten-game hitting streak this playoff session, also having seven multi-hit games. Harper hit five home runs in the postseason, providing a 0.400 batting average versus the Padres. The exceptional Phillies’ right fielder and designated hitter had a shortened season of 99 games due to injury. Still, he batted 0.286 with 18 homers and 65 RBIs. He’s the second favourite for the MVP title behind Astros’ key player Yordon Alvarez 7.50 odds (+650). Harper pays 8.00 and is our experts’ main pick, while Verlander is the third in the list at 10.00 (+900) MLB Worlds Series odds.

✔️ World Series MVPBryce Harper @ 8.00 (+700).

Best Betting Sites for a World Series Bettor

You can find the best odds for the Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies games in the list below. You can choose top prices among the top and most reliable baseball bookmakers and trust our MLB World Series predictions.

Q: Who is favored to win this year’s World Series?

Houston Astros had the 2nd regular season record, 106-56, behind the Los Angels Dodgers (101-51). LAD were eliminated in the postseason, but the Texans reached the MLB World Series. They are the heavyweight favourites at 1.58 odds (-147) to win the title; meanwhile, the Philadelphia Phillies (87-75 in the regular season) pay 2.45.

Q: Have you released MLB World Series predictions for Games 1 to 4?

Our baseball experts upload daily picks throughout the regular season, the playoffs, and the World Series; so you can find predictions for seasonal MLB betting. Regarding the Finals, releases two picks for each WS game to offer you more options for moneyline, run line, and total runs markets.

Q: Where can you enjoy the highest MLB World Series odds?

The top MLB bookies offer competitive odds for the entire World Series session; if you want to find high payouts for the baseball Finals, you can follow our list with the best betting sites for the sport. You can compare prices and choose the highest odds for the WS on main and secondary markets.

Q: How to find the most competitive run lines for MLB World Series betting?

Successful baseball betting mainly involves doing thorough homework about the finalists’ postseason form and any critical injuries and bans. Then, you can evaluate the winning chances for each contender in the WS by reading the offered odds for games and future markets, such as World Series Winner and Series Handicap. You can trust our bookies’ list and shop around odds and run lines, main and alternative ones.

Q: Which team enjoys the home-field advantage in the 2022 MLB Finals?

The Astros have earned a place in the WS for the fourth time in the last six seasons and fifth in their franchise history (i.e., 2005, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2022). Houston has the home-field advantage in the Fall Classic, hosting Games 1 and 2 at Minute Maid Park. Games 3 and 4 will take place at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.

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