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2024 MLB All-Star Prop Bets

The Midsummer Classic for the 2024 Major League Baseball season is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20, at 03:00 CET (Tuesday 21:00 ΕΤ). Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the home ground of the Dodgers, will host the MLS All-Star Game between the National League and American League. NL and AL will each have 33 representative players who earned their roster spots through fans’ and players’ voting.

Every baseball bettor knows that it’s an exhibition game, a factor that makes it unpredictable. However, our experts have examined all players’ selections, the historical stats and the odds that are on offer before releasing their 2024 MLB All-Star Game predictions and valuable prop bets for this massive baseball summer event.

Best MLB All-Star Game Predictions

BMB_Baseball Player-2Since 2006, only the 2018 All-Star edition has counted more than ten runs when AL beat NL 8-6 in the 10th inning. The American League runs eight consecutive wins; however, just before the current edition, it starts as a slight underdog at 1.95 (-105) odds. For totals and moneylines, remember that if the game remains tied after the regular time of nine innings, the result will be decided by a home run derby between NL and AL.

So, there aren’t any extra innings in the format; one more parameter that adds value to the Under 7,5 runs pick. Besides that, our experts have included the National League’s comeback after an 8-0 victory at Kansas City in 2012 in their MLB All-Star Game predictions.

✔️ Moneyline - National League vs. American LeagueNL to Win @ 1.80 (-125).
✔️ Total Runs - National League vs. American League Under 7,5 @ 1.95 (-105).

Highest MLB All-Star Prop Bets Odds for National League

BMB_Profits_GraphSuppose you don’t want to follow only our MLB World Series predictions but you intend to also bet on the Midsummer Classic and risk some money; in that case, there’s an excellent option on Manny Machado, the San Diego Padres third baseman, who has a 0.303 batting average and 15 home runs this season at 314 at-bats. He’s on the NL All-Star elected starters list, so it’s sure he will make a plate appearance. One of our top MLB All-Star Game prop bets is him hitting a home run in the game at 6.00 odds.

Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker for the National League team has to choose a starter pitcher among defenders that go deep in every mound appearance. Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw has never started an All-Star Game, while many baseball fans hope this will change in the 2023 edition. The 34-year-old left-hander has had a 2.40 ERA and 69 strikeouts during this year; so the possibility to play making Over 3,5 strikeouts is one of our bold picks, paying decently at 2.15 odds.

Our 2024 MLB All-Star Game Predictions:

Clayton Kershaw Over 3,5 strikeouts @ 2.15 (-115).
Manny Machado To Hit A Home Run in the Game @ 6.00 (+500).

Top MLB All-Star Prop Bet Odds on American League

BMB_Power IconDusty Baker, the Houston Astros and American League manager, have to make a starter selection among sharp pitchers like Shane McClanahan, Alek Manoah and Framber Valdez. Regardless of his choice, the AL team provides quality and strikeout machines from the mound. Tampa Bay Rays’ Shane McClanahan, being an MLB leader with more than 140 strikeouts, will definitely take place, even from the bullpen. He uses his changeup against right-hand batters and the slider for lefties, so a line on 3,5 strikeouts seems feasible at 1.80 odds.

Searching through various MLB All-Star Game prop bets, the Shohei Ohtani effect gives yet another option for some profit. Los Angeles Angels pitcher and designated hitter has inspired a new MLB rule for the current season; as a consequence, starting pitchers can remain in a game as designated hitters when their teams go to the bullpen process. The Japanese multi-player is in the starting lineup for the AL All-Star team; this year, he has had 19 home runs with a 0.258 batting average. The pick to hit a homer in the game pays 6.00 odds and is one of our in-house experts’ top choices.

Our 2024 MLB All-Star Game Predictions:

Shane McClanahan Over 3,5 strikeouts @ 1.80 (-125).
Shohei Ohtani To Hit A Home Run in the Game @ 6.00 (+500).

Best Bookmakers for the Midsummer Classic

BMB_Best IconSo, do you want to learn how to choose a bookmaker for MLB and bet on Midsummer Classic? In the list below, you can find the top sites to place moneyline bets, spreads and totals at the highest odds. We have also examined which baseball betting sites offer the most markets for props to enhance your MLB All-Star Game betting.

MLB All-Star Game Bets for MVP & Home Run Derby

BMB_Baseball Player-3The 92nd edition of the Midsummer Classic offers plenty of options for bettors besides main baseball markets. You can find opportunities from Draft Day or the All-Star Futures Game to the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game. We have already released our picks for the contest in our baseball MLB predictions section, so it’s time to delve deeper and analyse which other popular MLB All-Star Game Bets are available.


BMB_Baseball_BallDo you think it’s easy to find the most outstanding player in the Midsummer Classic and make money? Maybe it’s the most challenging part of the MLB All-Star Game betting, where there are actually no real favourites. The American League has won the last eight games against the National League (i.e., 32 versus 27 in total), and the previous eight MVP awards went to AL’s players. Our experts back the National League for the 92nd All-Star contest, so we focus on its most probable candidates. Paul Goldschmidt is the St. Louis Cardinals’ batting average leader, providing 0.330 at 339 at-bats with 20 home runs. St Louis is one of the two MLB teams that have never had a player win the MVP award. So, if you think it’s time for the Missouri team to celebrate, Goldschmidt is a value option at 6.50 odds.

Paul Goldschmidt To Win All-Star Game MVP @ 6.50 (+550).

Home Run Derby

BMB_Baseball_BallThe three-round contest has a clear favourite, Pete Alonso, who is seeking a three-peat after winning the 2019 and 2021 ones (in 2020, it was not staged due to the pandemic). The New York Mets’ superstar pays 4.00 odds to win, facing Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. in the 1st round. Alonso has hit 24 home runs this season, but his current edition of the MLB All-Star Game 2023 Home Run Derby hides a big challenge.

Albert Pujols, alongside Miguel Cabrera, takes an honoured spot on the All-Star rosters and will face Kyle Schwarber in the 1st round. Indeed, the Philadelphia Phillies’ home run leader will be a tough opponent for Pujols. However, the St Louis Cardinals’ grandmaster has never won a Home Run Derby in four previous attempts, despite being fifth on the MLB’s home run list with 685. The veteran first baseman has 21.00 odds to win the contest for the first time in his great career, so we will take the risk.

Albert Pujols To Win Τhe Home Run Derby @ 21.00 (+2000).

MLB Draft

BMB_Baseball_BallYou can bet on the draft process separately, especially if you have a deep baseball knowledge of the new prospects who can make the step up to the majors. The first drafted player market includes head-to-head MLB All-Star Game bets where you can try to predict the candidate who will first take a draft place. For example, one of the most competitive pairs for the 2023 MLB Draft is Jacob Berry (1.68) vs. Gavin Cross (2.15). You can also bet on the draft position market by choosing a candidate and risking his Over/Under place. In Brock Porter’s example, the Over 12,5 pick pays 1.95 odds, while the Under 12,5 is the favourite pick at 1.80. However, the most popular baseball draft market is the number one overall pick. For the 2023 edition, Druw Jones’ candidacy is a heavyweight favourite at 1.70 odds. He’s the best player, and our sources indicate the Baltimore Orioles as the team he will be drafted by.

Druw Jones To Be The Number One Overall Pick @ 1.70 (-143).

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Is the MLB All-Star Game betting worth it?

BMB_Book SpyAll-Star Games in American sports show an alternative answer to the question, “How does sports betting work”? There’s a common belief concerning these contests are unpredictable for bettors. The athletes’ motivation is critical, but before you bet on the Midsummer Classic, check all the latest news too. Replacements are routine due to injuries or fatigue, so it’s always good to wait just before the first pitch to place your bets.

Our MLB All-Star Game predictions refer to main and secondary markets, but we always think of it as just an exhibition game. If you want to increase your bankroll by betting on this event, follow our tips below.

  • 1
    Wait for the final rosters, lineups and starting pitchers.
  • 2
    Find any motivation among baseball players for bets like the MVP award.
  • 3
    Examine historical stats, including all winning and over/under streaks.
  • 4
    Check the public opinion, focusing on the most popular bets.
  • 5
    Gather in-depth information about any changing rules that could affect baseball betting.
  • 6
    Place small bets and prefer to build a strategy for the MLB season.
  • 7
    Scan the ballpark (pitcher-friendly or hitter-friendly).

Full List of MLB Bookmakers for the Midsummer Classic

BMB_ListYou can explore the following list and choose among the top online betting sites with an expanding range of baseball markets and the best MLB All-Star Game odds. It’s time to qualify for risk-free bets and welcome bonuses, placing your wagers on the best bookies.

Q: Who will host the 2022 MLB All-Star Game?

Los Angeles, California, will host the Midsummer Classic for 2022 between the National and American League. The Home Run Derby and the main event will be held at Dodger Stadium for the first time since 1980.

Q: Which team will you back on the MLB All-Star Game predictions?

The American League has a 46-43-2 record (378-372 runs) against the National League and counts eight consecutive wins, excluding the 2020 All-Star edition that didn’t take place. Our experts have examined all the factors that can affect the game, backing NL to make a comeback win at 1.80 odds, while AL pays 1.95 odds.

Q: How were the National and American League teams selected?

The All-Star starters for NL and AL were based on fans’ voting. At the same time, commissioner Rob Manfred added recognized veterans Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera to each roster. The other baseball players from each league were selected via a player vote and through the commissioner’s office.

Q: Who will win the MLB All-Star Game 2022 Home Run Derby?

Pete Alonso (New York Mets) is the heavyweight favourite to win his third consecutive Home Run Derby at 4.00 odds. Out of eight contenders, Kyle Schwarber (Philadelphia Phillies) at 4.50 odds, Juan Soto (Washington Nationals) at 6.25 and Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves) at 6.75 are also favourites to conquer the contest.

Q: Should I bet on run lines in the baseball All-Star Game?

The editions from 2013 to nowadays were tight games; AL has won all eight of them, three with 3-run and 2-run margins and two by 1-run. So, if you want to make MLB All-Star Game bets on run lines, it seems better to back the team which has even a small spread to protect. In every case, before you start betting, check the starting pitchers and the available bullpen.

Q: Who will be the starting pitchers for California’s Midsummer Classic?

All-Star managers don’t make lineups from 2017 to nowadays, but still, they choose the starting defenders, a decision announced only a few hours before the first pitch. So, Brian Snitker for the NL and Dusty Baker for the AL will shortly announce their choices, counting possible injuries or replacements based on other reasons. The main advice here is to wait for the openers and then place a bet, firstly evaluating their ERA and All-Star experience.

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