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League Two Betting Sites 2024

English football’s fourth-tier division, League 2, might lack the reputation and prestige of top-tier categories, but it regularly provides exciting clashes. Home to former Premier League clubs like Swindon Town & Bradford City and teams acquired by ex-world-class footballers like Salford City, the league has developed a loyal following. Attendance is growing, and so is the interest from punters as they expect to catch the League Two betting sites off-guard due to the low level of the competition.

You have probably already come across bookmakers with several events, so are they measured the same? We break down and rate all sportsbooks base on EFL League 2 betting odds, available markets, bonuses and in-play betting. Daily & outright selections come with tips to give you an edge over the bookie and finally make that bankroll go up.

How to Choose the Best League Two Betting Site

ΒΜΒ_England circle flagIf you have spent considerable time on a sportsbook, you can already tell what you value the most. If you don’t, no worries; we are here to help you out. Everyone wants to win as much as possible, and what is the fastest way to do that? Getting the highest odds is factor No.1. Then, the more markets you have, the higher the chances of winning. Variety is excellent, so a top bookie should have numerous selections like Special bets (Handicaps & Player Props) and Outrights (Winners, Top Scorer, Teams to be Promoted to League 1).

Live betting could not be missing from League Two bookmakers, as it is prominent in punters’ preferences. The thing to look out for is that selections are usually fewer than top-flight divisions. Likewise, the Cashout could be up for less time, but Live Streaming should work with no issues. And when promotions come into play, expect to be kind of hard to find any once more. The same exists in other UK leagues also, like the Championship, where you should find the best EFL Championship betting sites to be profitable.

Which are the highest-value bets

BMB_Profits_GraphTime to examine further the single deciding factor for most punters. The League Two betting odds usually come with a payout of around 93%, somewhat lower than top-level divisions like the EPL or the Championship. Opting for a British bookie could give you slightly better prices overall. Now a couple of tips is to look for clubs that entered the playoffs last season or went down from League 1, as statistics show they have a high chance of finishing in the top spots. You can also follow the same pattern, choosing the top bookies for National League betting.

What League 2 betting offers can I get?

BMB_Markets GenericIn a fourth-tier division, the bookmaker promotions are few, almost by definition. Sportsbooks keep the best offers for top leagues, but we could still find some good chances to top up your bankroll. A top-6 match could be subject to Enhanced Odds, so Bradford City could go from 2.30 to 2.60 for defeating Stockport, assuming they both are among the first six teams. And if you like Combos, you could benefit from another League 2 betting offer, the ACCA Boost.

Combining several games for a League 2 matchday could boost your winnings by 10% or more. A couple of things to notice; firstly, the best League 2 offers will occur when there are no matchdays in top-flight divisions. Second, some generic bonuses might not apply here, so it’s better to consult the terms and conditions.

How to Bet on League 2

BMB_ListIn August 2023, 24 teams will enter the battleground of League 2, totalling 46 matchdays. Hundreds of daily and outright markets will occur as a result, with League Two betting sites running the first available in mid-July. Since not all of them are created equal, we have collected the ones with the highest return (short and long-term), along with info and tips.

Which daily bets can I place?

BMB_Location_IconAmong the 100+ markets in each Sky Bet League Two match, 1X2 and Over/Under have been studied extensively. While they can definitely be lucrative, you can find opportunities in more unconventional selections. Special bets cover a wide range of markets, and we have picked those worth the investment.

League Two Player Props

BMB_Football BallBetting on the actions of specific players has become overwhelmingly popular. Scoring a goal, having an assist, or getting a yellow card are some of your choices. In the League Two bookmakers, the markets you can find are only relevant to the Goals. That means they are about whether a player will score, how many goals he will score, and Scorecast & Timecast selections.

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EFL League 2 Special bets

BMB_Power IconUnder the umbrella of Specials, there are several markets with an exotic tone, including Scoring in One Half, Scoring an Own Goal, Missing a Penalty and more. So, if Salford City concedes an own goal against Tranmere Rovers, the Sky Bet League 2 odds could skyrocket to 13.00. In the same match, a goal by the home team in the first half could have a price of 2.50.

Asian Handicaps for League 2

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2The Asian Handicap has trumped the other versions of this market, becoming one of the most popular special bets. It works simply; each team has an implied lead or deficit denominated by a plus or minus symbol. When you bet on Stockport County vs Newport County and the home team has a -2.5 Asian Handicap, it means that if you choose it, it has to win by three goals or more to win your bet. If you wager on the +2.5 AH of the away teams, you win if it loses by two goals, draws or wins the game.

Can I bet on outright?

BMB_Date_Time_IconBefore the season starts but also during the campaign, some of the hottest markets include outright bets. Winners, Clubs to win Promotion or be Relegated, and the Top Scorer have become staples in the arsenal of numerous bettors. Predicting the outcome of an event ending ten months from now is never easy; however, with our guidelines, you might find yourself one step ahead of League Two bookmakers using a high or dropping odds strategy either.

League Two Winner betting odds

BMB_TrophyThe first question for most League 2 fans is who will win the title. Likewise, punters place a huge amount of bets on who will finish first on the Sky Bet League 2 table. Looking at the statistics, we can see that around 25% of the teams relegated from League 1 won back promotion next season, so you should consider them as favourites. Moreover, clubs that finished in the playoff spots also have a good chance of going up one-tier. Based on that, for the 2023/24 season, Wrexham FC, Stockport and Notts County have a good shot at the title.

League 2 Promotion Betting

BMB_FavouriteA total of four clubs will go to League One next season, those who finish in the top-3 plus the Playoff winner. The latter will be decided by a short tournament of teams finishing between 4th - 7th place. The Sky Bet League 2 promotion odds will have the same frontrunners as the title ones but at lower prices. Notice that finishing first or second is practically the same, but most clubs want to avoid the tedious Playoff phase.

League Two Top Scorer odds

BMB_Football BallAt 2.55 goals per game in 2022/23, League 2 is an above-average league in scoring. History shows us that, most likely, the top scorer comes from a team finishing in the top-6. If you like out-of-the-box thinking, you could go for a striker playing on an inferior club, but that is the reference point. Maybe specific prolific midfielders from elite teams can give you a high return on League Two betting sites.

Relegation betting odds

BMB_Underdog IconGoing down to the National League could hamper the club's prestige and upset the fans. That alone is a great incentive to avoid relegation, so expect some harsh battles in the last places. Clubs that struggled in the previous season are candidates for relegation, according to Sky Bet League 2 relegation odds. Harrogate Town and Crawley seem the weakest in the 2023/24 table. Most teams that win promotion from the National League remain in League 2 (around 80%), while the remaining 20% win back-to-back promotions.

What makes a good EFL League Two bookie?

BMB_Book SpyChoosing a League 2 bookie does not mean that you should compromise on quality, and even though we are talking about a fourth-tier division, it accumulates considerable wagers. For example, the payout could be lower than the EPL but should not drop 93% below. Moreover, fewer markets are expected, but picking one of our League Two betting sites will give you the wider variety possible. And if you fancy in-play betting, you will find most pre-match selections available with Cashout.

A few more tips help you with outright markets like that first or second place mean the same, i.e. automatic promotion. So if a club sits comfortably in second or third place, it could get complacent at the end of the season. Likewise, the playoff spots (4th to 7th) have slight differences. So, where does that leave you? Since it would be impossible to check all these factors, we took up this task. Our recommended sportsbooks, alongside the best League One betting sites, score high and are backed by significant players’ feedback.

Q: Which are the best EFL League Two Betting Sites?

We stand behind all of our choices in the list above as we have tested them extensively. Still, we can recommend a best of three in bet365, 20bet & Unibet, as they have been staples for bettors due to high odds and reliability.

Q: What types of bets can I find in League 2?

You might expect to find fewer markets due to the low level of competition, but that is not the case. Aside from classics like 1X2 and Total Goals, you can find several Special Bets; Score in One or Both Halves, Own Goal or Penalty Missed are some of those that can diversify your options.

Q: How can I find the highest valued markets?

Your best guess is to opt for a sportsbook on our list as they excel in the number of markets they provide. Furthermore, they couple selections with top odds, so you have a better chance of winning.

Q: Can I bet on the EFL League 2 winner?

Yes, as it is the most sought-after outright market in the league. Winning the title guarantees promotion and can add to the club honours, as it is a trophy. A caveat is that both first and second place will ensure going to League 1, so the runner up might not push it.

Q: Who is the favourite for being the top scorer?

There are two strategies you can follow. First, choose a player, offensive midfielder or forward, that belongs to a title contender as he will have good teammates to assist him. Then you could go for a striker in a mid-table team who is the club's best player.

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