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Best League One Betting Sites 2024

League 1 is English football’s third-tier division, with several participants having spent years in the Premier League or even European competitions. Portsmouth, Derby County, Bolton Wanderers & Wigan are some of the names aiming to return to the Championship after a marathon of 46 games. Packed stadiums are standard, so the interest is high, which has long rang a bell for punters. On League One betting sites, every matchday, the action gets going, and you can be a part of it to boost your balance.

It is hard to find a sportsbook with no League One betting events, so how do you sort out the best? We aim to give you the top bookies that score high in odds, selections, bonuses and in-play betting. Members’ ratings will complete our review, so we only list the best bookmakers across all fields.

How to Choose the Best League One Sportsbooks

ΒΜΒ_England circle flagIn every bookmaker, and regardless of whether the division you choose to play is considered high or low, you are likely to evaluate the same factors. And what is the first point that can help you win more? That’s right; the League 1 betting odds will be the first to catch your eye. Next, a good idea is to check your sportsbook’s market variety.

Since League One is a lower-flight division, selections might be fewer than usual, and special bets like Player Props and Handicaps could be questioned. For outright markets, anything more than Title Winner and Teams to be Promoted is a plus.

If you are into live betting like most bettors are nowadays, League 1 games offer such a feature; however, the markets offered could be somewhat limited. On the other hand, extras like Cashout and Live Streaming should be available in League One bookmakers. And in the matter of bonuses, you might come across a few, but again there will be fewer than in top leagues. Learn more about them as we explain the key points, release our EPL betting tips for today and more.

Which are the highest-value odds

BMB_Profits_GraphSince it is a factor of utmost importance, betting odds deserve some scrutiny. As you might expect, prices are lower than the EPL or even the EFL Championship. In general, look for a payout of around 93%, which could climb slightly higher in UK League One betting sites. Historically, clubs that last season advanced to the playoffs or relegated from the Championship are favourites for promotion. Moreover, look if there is a change in ownership during the summer, as it could significantly change a club's performance for better or worse.

How to Bet on League 1

BMB_Power IconFrom the kickoff in August, the action will be on for almost ten months and 46 matchdays. That can translate to thousands of markets in the long run, with the first daily ones opening in mid-July. For outright bets, sportsbooks will usually run them a couple of weeks before the season starts, and they will remain open with fluctuating prices.

Let’s look into the highest-value markets our League One betting sites offer. The same also exists in other UK football leagues, like the English Championship, where you can find the best EFL Championship betting sites to become a winner.

Which daily bets can I place?

BMB_Location_IconFor most Sky Bet League One games, bookmakers will open almost 100 markets. And while you are probably familiar with 1X2 and Over/Under, it is worth noting that you can find gems in other bets as well. Player Props, Handicaps and Specials can be your gateway to some new winnings.

EFL League 1 Special Bets

BMB_Markets GenericBettors can find the most diverse pool of markets and options under the category of Specials. From a Penalty Awarded & Own Goal to Winning the First or the Second Half, your options are numerous. In action, Portsmouth could have 5.50 odds of winning both halves against Charlton, or Exeter scoring with a Penalty against Cheltenham could have a price of 4.00. As you can see, the odds are massive but also is the risk.

Asian Handicaps for League One

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2While you can bet on various handicaps, it is the Asian that is one the hottest trends in sportsbooks. You will see a plus or minus symbol and a number next to teams when you choose it, giving a virtual advantage or deficit. Let’s take the Barnsley vs Portsmouth match as an example. If the home team has a +0.5 Asian Handicap, you win your bet if it wins or draws. A -0.5 AH for the away team means it has to win by a goal or more to have your bet settled as won. Remember, you can follow the same pattern, choosing the top lines for National League betting.

League 1 Player Props

BMB_Football BallThis one shouldn’t confuse you much, as it is relevant to an individual footballer’s performance on the pitch. The difference between higher-tier divisions and League 1 is that you will mostly find Player Props regarding the scorer on the latter. The Sky Bet League 1 odds you can come across are who will score if he will score 2+ goals and Timecast.

Top Football League One Betting Offers

BMB_Money_ProfitThe scope of bookmaker promotions in League 1 is not as broad, but you could find some worthy shots, as it happens for the best League Two betting sites. An ACCA Boost could mix and match some matches from several divisions and give an extra edge to potential winnings.

Also, League One betting offers could also have some Enhanced Odds, especially if there are no other top-flight division games on the same day. So, Derby County could get an Odds Boost from 1.80 to 2.00 to defeat Bolton Wanderers. On a final note, the terms and conditions of each bonus to make sure that it is valid for the matches you want to bet on.

Can I bet on outrights on League One bookmakers?

BMB_Date_Time_IconA fair share of bets in every competition is made on outrights. The rewards can be huge if you have the correct info and place your bet early. The four markets that accumulate the most volume in League One bookmaker are the Title Winner, Teams to Win Promotion & Face Relegation and the Top Scorer. We are about to see tips to help you make the most of your outrights.

League 1 winner betting

BMB_TrophyWhen we talk about long-term bets, the Title Winner is probably the first that comes to mind. The club that finishes first will go to the EFL Championship with no hassle and already have momentum there. Evaluating the stats, we can see that almost 35% of the teams just relegated for the Championship bounced back immediately.

So, it could be wise to consider Reading, Blackpool, and Wigan as favourites for the 2023/24 season. Playoff contenders like Barnsley, Bolton Wanderers, and Peterborough can also have worthy shots at League 1 winner betting odds.

Promotion League 1 betting

BMB_FavouriteWinning the title is not the only way to succeed in League One. The first two finishers will get the ticket to next season’s Championship. Teams who finish 3rd to 6th in the Sky Bet League One table will enter the Playoffs, and the winner will grab the third ticket. The favourites for Sky Bet League One promotion odds are pretty much the same as the Title Winner, but notice that they will be lower since it is easier to be one of the three than the sole No.1.

League One relegation betting odds

BMB_Underdog IconThe battle is no less exciting on the bottom end of the Sky Bet League 1 table. The financial incentive of staying in the division is good enough, so expect clubs to fight fiercely for that. Looking at past seasons, more than 80% of the teams just promoted to League One remained in the league next season. So, we should look into teams that just avoided relegation in the previous season. However, Carlisle United, Cheltenham & Stevenage could be among the four going down, and League One bookmakers offer some excellent prices on them.

League One top scorer betting

BMB_Football BallPrevious seasons saw League One having almost the same number of goals scored on average as the Premier League. That is a sign of the high-calibre strikers and the attacking philosophy of the clubs. As expected, the Top Scorer market draws, and the first tip is to pick a forward from a club you believe will challenge for promotion. Quality midfielders and forwards from the top-6 teams can be frontrunners in League One top scorer betting odds.

What makes a good EFL League One bookie?

BMB_Book SpyThe standards of whether a bookie is great are not that different in League One. However, there are some caveats due to the lower level of competition. The odds, for starters, are slightly lower than top-tier leagues, and the market diversity is not that massive. Still, best ante post betting sites, like those we list, have included many Special Bets like Player Props and Handicaps. You also have the chance for Live Betting, as all league games have that option, with regular features like Cashout and Live Streaming.

Now, if you prefer betting in the long run, notice that finishing first or second does not make any difference. Likewise, playoff positions mean pretty much the same. We have witnessed clubs sitting comfortably in the 2nd or 4th place and just waiting for the season to end or the playoffs to come. Choosing your next sportsbook might seem like a tall order when many variables are in play. But picking any of our high-ranked League One betting sites can assure you that you will meet top-notch services and have the best shot of winning.

Q: Which are the best EFL League One Betting Sites?

We only list tried and true sportsbooks that check our quality boxes. However, if you are short on time, go with Betfair, bet365 and 22bet, as we can back them up in odds, markets, and bonuses. Furthermore, they constantly receive high ratings from players.

Q: What are some popular markets I can find in League 1?

The gold standard is 1X2 and Over/Under markets which provide the higher payouts and are a staple of most bettors. If you want to go a little further, try Special bets like Penalty Awarded or Own Goal and Player Props. While the risk is higher, so are the odds and the possible profits.

Q: Where can I see the highest valued bets?

All the bookmakers we include in our shortlist stand out for the number of markets they offer, plus the high odds that complement them. These two factors influence our rating, as most bettors care about them the most.

Q: Can I bet on the EFL League 1 Winner?

Yes, the Winner of the league has the lion’s share in outright bets, and it is easy to see why. First place guarantees a comfortable promotion to the Championship and adds to the footballers’ morale. Still, you should remember that first or second place is the same as they ensure promotion.

Q: Who is the favourite for being the top scorer?

Your starting point is opting for a striker for a top-6 club, as the high-quality midfielders will help him score most goals. You can find good choices, searching the squads of the most offensive teams such as Derby County, Barnsley, and Bolton Wanderers.

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