Grammy Betting Guide 2023

The Grammy Awards are the pinnacle of the music industry. One of the big four entertainment awards (along with the Oscars, the Emmys & the Tonys), it goes back to 1959. The 65th ceremony is set for February 5th, 2023, at the Arena in Los Angeles, and aside from music fans, bettors also wait for the awards with high anticipation.

The reason is that Grammy betting odds offer some great opportunities to boost your bankroll. So, should you just find a random bookie and place your bets? Every sportsbook differs from the others, and we are here to show you how you can tell only the best. To boost your chances, we also provide high-value Grammy betting tips, which can lead you to turn the table and pocket some nice winnings.

Bookies with the best Betting Odds On Grammys

The first step is to choose your next sportsbook to bet on one of the biggest ceremonies in the betting events calendar. Since many time-consuming factors can affect your decisions, we have done all the hard work for you. Our rankings and reviews consider odds, markets, promotions & specials, and every bookmaker has to score high in all of them.

The vast amount of categories and candidates can hide great opportunities as long as you pick the correct bookie. And one of the best factors to judge it is the odds. We have done the tedious work and picked those with the best Grammy Awards betting odds, to give you the best bang for your buck.

Grammy Betting Preview 2023

Award Ceremony: 05/02/2023

Venue: Arena, Los Angeles

Categories: 91

The Grammys, as a project, began forming in the ‘50s, with the music industry wanting to create the equivalent of Oscars and Emmys. Since the first Awards in 1959, music legends have lifted the sought-after trophy. Some of the most notable winners include Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the contemporary Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

After the latest changes, you can wager on 91 categories which fall under General Field, Pop, Dance/Electronic Music, Contemporary Instrumental Music, Alternative, Rap, R&B, Country, Jazz, New Age, Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music, Latin, Reggae, American Roots Music, Global Music, Children's, Spoken Word, Musical Theater, Comedy, Music for Visual Media, Composing/Arranging, Package, Notes, Historical, Production, Classical and Music Video/Film.

Grammy Betting Odds & Tips

Grammy Betting Tips & Available Markets

The sheer number of categories has the positive of giving ample chances of betting and within the same genre, no less. On the downside, you can get confused when so many variables are included, plus it is difficult to have top-level info in all categories.

This is where our Grammy betting tips play a crucial role as we focus on the Big Four categories (Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year & Best New Artist). Since they include the most important music names, it is easier to collect all the accurate and updated information you can use on Grammy bookmakers. Let’s jump onto it.

Grammy Album of the Year Odds

The starting point for most players is the Album of the Year, which is considered the most dominant prize. The previous year saw the comeback of Beyonce with the album ‘’Renaissance’’. Receiving lauded critics, it also topped the charts for multiple months and is the no.1 favourite in Grammy betting odds. Furthermore, it has already been named the best album by top music publications like Rolling Stone magazine.

✔️ ‘’Rennaisance’’ by Beyonce ⏩ to win the Album of the Year @2.50 (3/2)

Grammy Record of the Year Odds

Adele may be the second favourite for Album of the Year, but the Grammy Awards betting odds indicate her as the frontrunner here. With ‘’Easy On Me’’, the lead single from her latest album, she emerges as the likely winner. Having already won the Best British Single in the Brit Awards, it was also a huge commercial success. Following close is Harry Styles with ‘’As It Was’’ from his third solo album.

✔️ ‘’Easy On Me’’ by Adele ⏩ to win the Record of the Year @2.20 (6/5)

Grammy Song of the Year Odds

Traditionally, the winner is the same as the record of the year, and that will unlikely change. According to bookmakers, Adele, with ‘’Easy On Me’’ will bag the trophy thanks to her exceptional songwriting and chart-topping performance. Taylor Swift and ‘’Happier than Ever’’ will be the competition, with one of her fourth nominations in the awards.

✔️ ‘’Easy On Me’’ by Adele ⏩ to win the Song of the Year @2.5 (3/2)

Grammy Best New Artist Odds

In the Best New Artist category, things seem easier, as there is a heavy favourite. Latto’s second studio album ‘’777’’ became hugely popular in 2022. However, due to the low betting odds on this Grammys pick, you might want to try something riskier. Anitta, a Brazilian singer, with her second multilingual album ‘’Versions Of Me’’ featuring collaborations with renowned artists like Cardi B, has received multiple honours.

✔️ Anitta ⏩ to win Best New Artist @6.00 (5/1)

How to bet on the Grammys 2023

How to bet on the Grammys 2022Our tips and the information alone can be a foundation for some excellent profits, but a more advanced betting strategy will serve you in the long run. Moreover, you can apply it to every one of the 91 categories as the principles we are about to lay out can work just about everywhere. Read on to see how the commercial success, music genre, and attendance influence your next bet on the Grammys.

Look into the Chart Performance

The main difference between Grammys and other awards like the Oscars is that commercial success matters. So, if an album receives great reviews but performs poorly on the charts, it will unlikely win an award.

Grammy bookmakers are also aware of that and adjust odds on sales, but you can get an advantage if you check the Billboard and place your bet early.

Music genre matters

The untold rule of Grammys is that typically, rap and rock albums will not win any major award. Pop artists have the upper hand here, and you can confirm it with the competition’s history. Adele, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift have dominated the awards recently.

While exceptions like Kendrick Lamar exist, they do not happen often. Therefore, check the music style even if the Grammy betting odds seem exciting.

Check if the artist will show up

Attending the show will give the nominee a much higher chance of winning. Of course, that alone does not guarantee a prize, but not showing up is almost a direct elimination. That happens to avoid the awkwardness of not giving the trophy to the winner himself.

It is also because the award moment just looks cool on TV. Since it is impossible to know weeks before who will attend the ceremony, you should wait if you have any doubts about your Grammy betting picks.

Grammy Awards Betting Offers

Grammy Awards Betting Offers

Now that you have everything at hand, let’s see how you can make the most of your picks. One of the best ways to do it is by getting a bonus, which will likely be a Free Bet or Enhanced Odds on the Grammys.

In the case of the former, let’s consider you want to bet on ‘’Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers‘’ by Kendrick Lamar to win the Album of the Year award. Since it is an underdog, a Free Bet of $/€10 could entice more players to take it.

And with Enhanced Odds, even a favourite like ‘’Easy On Me’’ by Adele can get a boost in Grammy betting prices. Because there is only a handful of sportsbooks running Grammy promos, we have listed similar, and updated betting offers.

Q: Can you bet on Grammys?

A Grammy is the most coveted prize in the global music industry. The awards ceremony grabs the attention of many viewers, and naturally, the same happens with the betting audience. You can choose among a handful of bookies to bet on each of the most popular categories.

Q: Which are the best Grammy betting sites?

Despite the global overreach of the Grammys, there is a limited amount of sites including them. Pick any of the Grammy bookmakers we shortlist, and you will come across high odds, a wide range of markets and several bonuses.

Q: What should you notice before a bet on the Grammys?

Firstly, read our tips and description of the main categories thoroughly. Afterwards, you can review other factors dictating the awards. Examples are the music genre (pop being favoured) and commercial performance.

Q: Where are the Grammy Awards 2023 held?

OThe show this year will take place on February 5, 2023, at the Arena in Los Angeles. That marks a shift from April 2022 Awards that took place in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas due to the pandemic.

Q: Who is the favourite for winning the Album of the Year award?

Beyonce, a pop music icon, enjoyed a hugely successful comeback with ‘’Renaissance’’. As a result, Grammy betting odds rank her first, with Adele coming close with ‘’30 Wins’’.

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