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2023 FIBA World Cup Odds

The World Cup is the most coveted competition on the international basketball stage. The 2023 edition will take place between August 25 and September 10 and will be co-hosted by the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.

Once more, the USA are the favourites to win the gold based on the early FIBA World Cup odds. The ante-post market on the Americans pays at 1.70 (-143), with Serbia, France, and Slovenia following.

Besides betting on the champion, you can also find early odds on the Group winners. On this page, we will examine the prices on all teams alongside their probabilities. Should you back the US or look for worthy dark horses? Who will top the Group of Death? Let’s find out.

Basketball World Cup Odds on the Winner

As is the case with most international basketball competitions, the USA is currently ranked as the favourite to win it all, followed by Serbia and France. On the other hand, five teams are at the bottom, all paying at 5000/1. Underneath, you can find the antepost odds on all teams, from lowest to highest.

Team Odds Team Odds
USA 1.70 Serbia 8.00
France 9.00 Slovenia 10.00
Australia 11.00 Canada 11.00
Greece 17.00 Spain 17.00
Germany 27.00 Lithuania 35.00
Italy 40.00 Brazil 50.00
Latvia 100.00 Finland 150.00
Dominican Republic 200.00 Montenegro 200.00
Georgia 250.00 China 500.00
Japan 500.00 Mexico 500.00
New Zealand 500.00 Philippines 500.00
Puerto Rico 500.00 Venezuela 1000.00
Ivory Coast 2000.00 Iran 2500.00
Lebanon 2500.00 Angola 5000.00
Cape Verde 5000.00 Egypt 5000.00
Jordan 5000.00 South Sudan 5000.00

Bookies with Top FIBA World Cup Betting Odds

BMB_Money_ProfitBefore placing any wagers on the tournament, signing up at bookies with the best basketball World Cup odds is critical. With so many available options, doing the research yourself can be boring and time-consuming. To save you precious time, we have done it all already.

Below, you will find the best basketball bookmakers in terms of prices. We did not only evaluate the odds on the most popular markets, like moneylines and totals but also examined secondary options, such as Player Props and Quarter/Half-time Markets.

Basketball World Cup Betting Odds per Group

If you are looking to form a profitable basketball betting strategy, only looking at the odds of the winner is not the most savvy move. Online sportsbooks provide an array of alternatives that can bring you significant profits. One of them is backing a team to top their Group. Below, we have outlined a brief analysis of each one, alongside tips from our team of experts.

Group A Odds

The clear favourite in the Group by far is Italy. Gianmarco Pozzecco’s men managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Eurobasket in 2022 and are set to top the Group easily. They will play against the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and Angola.

Team Odds Team Odds
Italy 1.19 Dominican Republic 5.75
Philippines 18.00 Angola 150.00

At first glance, it seems that the Dominican Republic will follow the Italians in the second round. However, it will not be that easy. First of all, their superstar, Al Horford, will not participate in the tournament. In addition, the Philippines have a home-court advantage and are led by the versatile Utah Jazz star Jordan Clarkson. We firmly believe that they can cause an upset and finish 2nd.

Prediction ⏩ Forecast: Italy 1st, Philippines 2nd

Group B Odds

Even though the Serbians did not perform well in the last international competition, they are again among the market leaders. No matter what happens later in the tournament, they will easily top a group that contains Puerto Rico, China, and South Sudan.

Team Odds Team Odds
Serbia 1.02 Puerto Rico 18.00
China 30.00 Sudan 500.00

The biggest question mark for Serbia is whether the NBA Finals MVP, Nikola Jokic, will play. All signs lead to yes so far. Apart from that, Group B's FIBA World Cup odds hold very little value. You can back P. Rico to qualify as well, but the risk is not worth it.

Prediction ⏩ No Bet

Group C Odds

The tournament favourites, the USA, will compete against Greece, Jordan, and New Zealand. In terms of prices, it is evident who the online bookies favour going through.

Team Odds Team Odds
USA 1.13 Greece 5.50
New Zealand 100.00 Jordan 500.00

Whether the US will win it all or not, there is no point in betting against them in the Group. On the other hand, the Greek Freak’s health has him questionable since he is still battling knee and wrist injuries. Nevertheless, the quality between the US and Greece is too big for either New Zealand or Jordan to overcome, so there is little value to be found here.

Prediction ⏩ No Bet

Group D Odds

Group D also contains a traditional basketball power in Lithuania that has produced dozens of notable stars throughout history. However, this time around, the FIBA World Cup betting odds seem to favour them a little too much.

Team Odds Team Odds
Lithuania 1.28 Montenegro 5.00
Mexico 11.00 Egypt 500.00

Firstly, some of Lithuania’s NBA stars, mainly Sabonis, have announced that they will not play. On the other hand, Montenegro has many players that compete at the top level in the NBA or the Euroleague. It might seem like a stretch, but we will be backing the Balkans to win the Group.

Prediction ⏩ Montenegro to Win Group D

Group E Odds

This is by far one of the most intriguing first-round Groups in the competition. It features Australia, which is tipped to do very well by pundits and is bound to have a lot of local support, as well as Germany, Finland, and co-hosts Japan.

Team Odds Team Odds
Australia 1.40 Germany 3.50
Finland 17.00 Japan 45.00

Australia prevailed in the 2022 Asian Cup and also finished in the top four in the previous World Cup. Boasting many NBA stars on its roster, we believe that it will easily win the Group. To enhance your odds, search for basketball betting markets such as forecasts and back Germany to finish second.

Prediction ⏩ Forecast: Australia 1st, Germany 2nd

Group F Odds

Slovenia is among the favourites to win the gold medal and was even drawn into a Group that can help with this target. Luka Doncic and his team will face small competition in the 1st Round since the other nations are Georgia, Venezuela, and Cape Verde.

Team Odds Team Odds
Slovenia 1.03 Georgia 16.00
Venezuela 25.00 Cape Verde 500.00

This is yet another Group where the basketball World Cup odds are not worth the trouble. Slovenia will undoubtedly finish first. As for the second place, neither Georgia nor Venezuela has given us anything to lean towards either direction.

Prediction ⏩ No Bet

Group G Odds

Even though they have managed to play good basketball lately, Iran and Ivory Coast will have a tough time. Spain and Brazil have players with way more experience at the top level and are bound to qualify for the next round easily.

Team Odds Team Odds
Spain 1.10 Brazil 6.50
Iran 250.00 Ivory Coast 250.00

The only question is, ‘Who will win the Group’. Can Brazil overcome the Spanish? The answer is no. The 2019 Champions will end up in first place, while Brazil will go through with them in second.

Prediction ⏩ Forecast: Spain 1st, Brazil 2nd

Group H Odds

Group H has been deemed as the ‘Group of Death’. As you may have deduced, there will not be a lot of competition in the first round since most Groups have an obvious favourite. However, this will be a battle between France and Canada, while Latvia and Lebanon will probably seek a solid performance.

Team Odds Team Odds
France 1.90 Canada 2.05
Latvia 17.00 Lebanon 500.00

Capturing first place is critical for both teams because it means an easier Group in the 2nd Round. Currently, France is the slight favourite in basketball world cup betting odds. However, it will all depend on Canada’s final roster. If the likes of SGA, Wiggins, Barrett, Dort, or Murray decide to participate, we believe the Canadians will emerge victorious.

Prediction ⏩ Forecast: Canada 1st, France 2nd

Are FIBA World Cup Odds Worth it?

BMB_Book SpyWhen it comes to basketball, the odds are rarely wrong. It is a sport where the favourites will over 90% of the time. Nonetheless, you can follow specific steps to reach winning FIBA World Cup predictions. First of all, there is no point in backing the US. The prices on them are way too low. It is better to back dark horses.

Even the 2nd and 3rd favourites will pay you 10x your money. You should especially look at Australia. They have an excellent roster, and their road to the semi-final should be smooth. On the other hand, you always have the choice of backing the Group winners.

Obviously, some are not worth the trouble since the basketball World Cup betting odds are not great. However, there are always surprises. We can definitely see Montenegro or Canada winning their respective Groups. In any case, what you should do is wait for the final rosters. If you have all the info, you can make more informed decisions.

List of Sites with the Best FIBA World Cup Betting Odds

Now that you have a good idea of the favourites and underdogs, it is time to pick a sportsbook to place your wagers. Underneath, you can find a complete list of basketball bookmakers that offer the highest odds, alongside several promotions on all the top matches.

Q: Which are the current Winner Basketball World Cup Odds?

As you can imagine, the US National Team is the frontrunner for winning the tournament at 1.70 (-143). Serbia follows at 8.00 (+700), and France at 9.00 (+800). The reigning champions, Spain, currently pay at 17.00 (+1600).

Q: Is it worth backing the USA to win it all?

While the prices for the Americans to win the whole thing are not so low compared to previous competitions, their roster does not look too formidable. So, for us, the Basketball World Cup odds on the US are not worth the risk. You are better off looking for worthy dark horses.

Q: Which bookmakers have the best FIBA World Cup Odds?

Obviously, the majority of online sportsbooks will cover the event extensively. However, a few, like 22bet, Bet365, and 1xbet, provide a 95%+ payout across all markets, from moneylines and totals to player pros and other specials.

Q: Should I bet on the Outright or Group winner?

The truth is that the FIBA World Cup betting odds are not worth it for most groups. That’s because there is a clear favourite in most, and the disparity among the teams is too great. For example, you can back Brazil to top Group G, but realistically, we do not think they have much chance of overcoming Spain.

Q: Who will win Group H?

One of the most interesting Groups in the tournament contains France, Canada, Latvia, and Lebanon. While the last two do not seem to be able to go through, the first place will be a battle between France and Canada. Our expert team has picked France to finish first, which pays at 1.90 (-111).

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