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Best Euroleague Bookmakers 2024

The Euroleague is the top tier of European basketball and one of the most important competitions globally. The league consists of 18 teams, and 16 of them enter the tournament with a long-term licence and wild cards. The Euroleague Association awards one team with a two-year and three clubs with a one-year wild card.

Both Eurocup finalists have been included in the access list for each season, creating a top-level league with great popularity. Choosing the best Euroleague bookmakers to place your wagers on is critical, and several criteria should be part of your evaluation.

The best bonuses and offers, the highest and most competitive odds, and the widest variety of lines and alternative handicaps are critical parameters for profitable Euroleague betting, both pre-match and in-play.

Read on to find out the bookies and complete packages for the competition. Then, you will be ready to bet on the games played each week, from the regular season to the Final Four tournament, and chase profit.

Euroleague Bookmakers for Betting Online

BMB_Best IconDo you want to learn how to bet on basketball and win? Υou can comprehend all the essential parameters you must analyze before deciding where it’s more prosperous to place your bets.

The best Euroleague bookmakers offer a broad range of Alternative Handicaps and high odds for the Moneyline and Totals markets. Furthermore, it’s a bonus when a bookie offers promotions specifically for Euroleague betting, like Early Payout and ACCA Insurance.

Euroleague Betting Sites with High Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphKnowing which bookies offer the best Euroleague odds is vital because you will boost your bankroll in the long term. It would be best if you compare prices both on daily and futures markets. Our VIG Calculator is a handy tool to help you understand your potential payout.

Especially in 2-way markets, like the Match Winner and most Handicap types (i.e., besides the alternatives with 1, 2, 3, etc., points margin), where you should predict the correct outcome between possible two, it’s essential to secure the lowest margin.

The chances of success are theoretically 50:50, so you can generate high winnings by choosing one of the best Euroleague betting sites. For example, you can find an important difference in the underdog’s prices if you bet on Baskonia to beat Real Madrid at the home venue. If you place a €10 bet on 3.60 (13/5) odds, you will receive a €36 payout.

On the other hand, another bookie pays 4.20 (16/5), considering the home team as a major dark horse. That means your returns will be €46 with the same stake. A €6 difference in your winnings seems marginal, but you should definitely think about your profit in the long run.

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Bookies with the Top Euroleague Betting Markets

BMB_Basketball BallOne of the main steps in choosing the best Euroleague bookmakers is looking at the available markets throughout the season. It’s a significant advantage to have as many options as possible, both pre-match and in-play. Here are the most popular markets among players.

  • 1
    Handicaps: Ιt’s all about diversity and having plenty of choices. Betting on sportsbooks that offer multiple alternative handicap options, you will see your winning chances increase. Besides the main line (e.g. -3,5 points for Valencia Basket against AS Monaco), you must be able to choose among whole handicaps (i.e., -3 for Valencia Basket, +3 for AS Monaco) and a variety of lines for each quarter and half-time. Taking the example above, an ideal bookie should offer odds from -11 points to +5 on Valencia Basket and from +11 to -5 on AS Monaco, covering all the probable scenarios.
  • 2
    Match Winners: This type refers to a bet on a team to win the game. There are no main or alternative handicaps to cover or to beat in order to receive earnings. For instance, for Bayern Munich Basketball vs Alba Berlin, the home German team pays 1.33 odds to win and the visitor 3.40, including overtime.
  • 3
    Totals: Every bettor should look closely at the Over/Under option, comparing lines among bookies. A quarter or half-time selection of points in the entire match is the most common Totals market. Many Euroleague bookmakers provide various total markets on points, assists, and rebounds for teams and players’ specials.
  • 4
    Match Combos: Several bookies offer Euroleague odds for combo markets, like Match Winner and Total Points or Handicap and Totals Points, including overtime. In most cases, even if you bet on a favourite, the prices on that combo are above 3.00. According to the Valencia Basket vs AS Monaco example, the visitors’ win and Over 166,5 points pay at 3.15 odds.

Best Bookies for Seasonal Betting

BMB_TrophySuppose you want to make the most out of betting, besides predictions and advice on the best bets to place. In that case, you should start by finding the right site.

The season includes three periods, from the regular season to the playoffs and the Final Four. The best betting sites should be evaluated higher when they offer an extensive range of options throughout the season to bet on our Euroleague predictions.

Regular season: This period offers several matches to boost your bankroll. There are 18 teams; each plays against the others, both home and away. At the end of the double round robin regular season, the best eight teams in the final table earn a ticket to the playoffs.

Preseason and the first match days that include doubleheader weeks seem a perfect period for future bets. For example, if you check the odds before the competition starts, you can predict the Final Four teams, the Final finalists and the winner.

Playoffs: The eight teams that advanced from the regular season will each face an opponent in the playoffs. Five matches are played between the two teams in a best-of-five format.

Therefore, the first team to secure three wins qualifies for the Final Four. When betting on outrights, that’s the moment to look out for the best Euroleague odds for the Final Four and the Champion.

Final Four: The finalists who qualified in that phase play an elimination game. The Euroleague odds for the semifinals refer to those teams that lost their knockout match and will compete for the third spot.

After the game for the third spot, the winning teams from the semifinals play the Championship game. Here bettors can find the most extensive range of options to bet on the Euroleague betting sites.

Where to Get the Best Betting Offers for Euroleague

BMB_Money_ProfitThe top-tier tournament in Europe has increased its popularity over the last decade. Bookies open doors for special Euroleague betting offers and generous promotions.

That means a prosperous opportunity for bettors to profit from the regular season and the short postseason. Here you can find the main bonuses you can qualify for on Euroleague bookmakers.

There aren't any available promotions. Check here all Bookmaker Promotions

  • 1
    ACCA Boost: Betting on an accumulator from four up to ten selections, you can take a reward on the total outlay from 10% to 50%, depending, of course, on the number of the final picks. In most cases, you should place a minimum of 1.50 (1/2) odds on specific markets like Match Winner, Handicaps, Totals, and Winning Margin in basketball betting.
  • 2
    Parlay Insurance: It’s a rare offer than the profit percentage reward from Euroleague bookmakers; although it can make a huge difference when you evaluate a bookie. For instance, you can take back the initial stake if you place a 6-Fold, and lose only one of your picks. It’s among Euroleague betting offers that you should have a minimum of 1.50 odds to qualify for.
  • 3
    Early Payout: Placing a pre-match bet on the Match Winner market, you can receive returns from a single if the team you back goes from 18 to 20 points ahead, depending on the bookmakers you choose. Regardless of the final result, the selection will be considered a win for Parlays and Bet Builders, with the remaining picks left to run.
  • 4
    Free Bets: Risk-Free Bets give a second chance to win if your qualifying bet becomes a loser; so it’s one of the most valuable betting offers. Significantly, in the Final Four, the number of the offered Free Bets increases because bookies aim to attract bettors by giving extra motivation.

Best Bookmakers for In-play Euroleague Betting

BMB_Live BettingEven for beginners, live betting should be a critical part of their basketball betting strategy. So, when choosing among the best Euroleague bookies, the sportsbook you place your bets on should provide both pre-match and in-play options.

Here’s the list of bookmakers’ primary services for live Euroleague betting.

Live Streaming: Tightly connected to the live betting activity, live streaming is a significant advantage. You can watch and bet from all mobile devices; so before you sign up, check that the bookie you will place the bets on Euroleague covers all the matches.

Cash Out: Choosing among the best bookmakers and the Cash Out options is one of the basics you must check before placing your bets on the tournament. Having the alternative to select between Auto, Partial, and Full Cash Out, the extended services on live betting can be undoubtedly profitable.

In-Play Markets: Leading basketball bookmakers in the in-play betting markets when it comes to basketball offer you tons of different choices for every minute of the game.

They provide a fast-paced platform, accepting your wagers on teams and players within a few seconds. Besides that, they offer you the option to bet with high limits.

Bet Builder: You can chase high Euroleague odds and payouts, creating your personalized bet up to 12 selections from the same game. Building one single from different markets, such as Match Winners, Totals, and Handicaps, it’s an excellent service that all reputable bookmakers provide.

Can Euroleague Betting be Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyIf you decide to place a Euroleague bet, it’s critical to be informed about all the related data of the game you choose. You can understand that injuries or bans can affect the outcome of a game in all sports.

Especially in the Euroleague, if a star player like Anadolu Efes’ Larkin or Barcelona’s Vesely is missing, you can risk bets on underdogs or Under total team points, etc. Teams’ roster and current form, players’ ratings, the home soil advantage, and the doubleheaders are some factors that can determine if your bet will become a winner or not.

Moreover, selecting the ideal among the Euroleague bookmakers is crucial to boosting your bankroll and confidence. Qualifying for Euroleague betting offers, like Early Payouts and generous Welcome Bonuses, can enhance your winning ratio.

You should always check the sportsbook with the broadest range of markets for the regular season and playoffs, following a different betting pattern in the 2-game weeks.

Full List of Euroleague Bookmakers

BMB_ListYou can explore the list below and find the top 5 Euroleague bookmakers as we have rated them. We analyze several critical factors, like the odds in all available markets, the in-play betting options, and the live streaming services, presenting the most reputable bookies for Euroleague betting.

Q: How can I place a live bet on a Euroleague game?

An in-play bet can be placed after the game has started. Most leading Euroleague bookmakers offer you all the betting types that are pre-match available. Also, you can bet on specific markets to live betting, such as the winner or a wager on totals in a quarter or half-time.

Q: How can you place a quarter or half-time bet on Euroleague?

That type of wagers offers you the chance to place the most popular bets (i.e., Match Winners, Totals, Players Specials) on a predetermined period. So, if you think that both Euroleague teams will score over 40 points in the first period, you can bet precisely on that outcome.

Q: What futures markets are available betting on Euroleague?

The betting markets available for outrights (i.e., futures bets) are similar to the pre-match and in-play ones. You can place bets on playoffs qualifying teams, Final Four finalists and the Champion, or even player specials like the tournament’s MVP.

Q: How can you place a parlay bet on the Euroleague?

Just like with parlays in other sports and leagues, when it comes to placing that type of bet on the Euroleague, you must go ahead and select the teams you think are going to win, for instance, and add all your selections in one bet with multiplied odds.

Q: Where can you find early Euroleague odds?

Some Euroleague betting sites release odds for the next week’s games after the ending of the previous ones. For the most experienced bettors in the tournament, early odds and handicaps can be highly profitable because they can hide bookies’ mistakes.

Q: What makes top a Euroleague bookmaker?

There are specific parameters you should check before placing a basketball bet. The offered odds, the Cash Out options, and the in-play services are the primary ones. Moreover, several online Euroleague betting sites provide great offers, fast payouts, and reliability which are primary criteria for trust.

Q: Which teams have the best Euroleague odds to win the Final Four?

The fixed and implied odds undoubtedly change when the new season starts, but in Euroleague, the favourites are stellar and rarely lose value. For the 2023/24 season, Real Madrid at 4.50 (7/2) odds, AS Monaco, and Olympiacos BC at 7.00 (6/1) are the powerhouses with the most winning chances, according to the top Euroleague bookmakers.

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