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2022 Eurobasket Bookmakers

Eurobasket 2022 is just around the corner, the first continental tournament for European basketball since it was agreed to pass off every four years. The 41st edition was scheduled to start on September 2nd, 2021; it was delivered on September 1st, 2022, due to pandemic reasons and the postponement of the Summer Olympics 2020 to 2021.

Four hosted countries, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, and Germany will co-host the group stage until September 18th, while the knockout round will take place in Berlin. Our 2022 Eurobasket betting guide offers you all the information you need to bet on the event and win. We suggest the best bookmakers where you can place your bets, find the highest value, and make safe and accurate predictions for daily and outright markets.

Winning Tips for Eurobasket Betting

BMB_Europe_FlagAre you ready to enjoy one of the most prestigious events in our sports betting calendar, with elite European players and many NBA stars making money? Top Eurobasket betting sites have released odds for numerous daily and future markets. Do you want to predict the outright winner or medals’ winning teams?

Are you a bettor who loves to bet on each game separately and risk with teams’ and players’ props? We have thoroughly analysed the format and schedule, favourites and underdogs, projecting the standings for four groups. Our target is to predict with accuracy the eventual winner of the tournament, winning money from Eurobasket betting. Check our overview for teams with a shot at winning the event and explore our predictions for outrights.

Outright Winner ✔️ Slovenia @ 4.90 (+390).

Slovenia conquered the first Eurobasket title in 2017 against Serbia. Goran Dragic was the tournament’s MVP, while now all eyes will be on NBA game-changer Luka Doncic with four more years of experience. Aleksander Sekulic’s team has one of the best backcourts in European basketball, shooting with high percentages from the floor and producing points.

Slovenia is the top favourite to win Group B (i.e., the prices in all leading basketball bookies are around 1.05 odds) against France, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary, and Bosnia/Herzegovina and dominates the best-of-one format declaring as a champion again.

Win Medal ✔️ Greece @ 1.80 (-125).

Greece, at 4.40, alongside Serbia (4.50), Slovenia (4.90), and France (6.20), are at the top of the board with the best winning chances for the event. The reason is quite simple; Giannis Antetokounmpo returns to the court to play for the Greek team, offering an opportunity to fly high in the tournament.

Greece last won the Eurobasket in 2005, finishing 8th in 2017. Dimitris Itoudis is the new coach, a grandmaster of European benches. He hopes to lead Greece to 1st place in Group C, dominating Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Great Britain, and Estonia. After the last generations of players have failed to lead Greece to the summit, Antetokounmpo’s effect can take them to the semifinals, winning at least a 3th-place medal.

2022 Eurobasket Betting Picks for the Preliminary Round

BMB_BankrollThe current Eurobasket edition includes 24 national teams who will fight for the crown, split into four groups. The best four teams from each group will qualify for the knockout stage after the preliminary round (i.e., September 1st to 8th). The interest among bettors is undoubtedly high for the elite event, so we have made our analysis aiming to find high odds and value bets in all basketball betting markets for the group stage.

Check our Eurobasket predictions based on the current teams’ and players’ form, injury updates, and odds value, and bolster your bankroll before the main knockout part of the tournament.

Group A

BMB_Basketball_BallTbilisi, Georgia, will host Group A consisting of the home national team, Belgium, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Spain, and Turkey. Spain at 15.50 and Turkey (20.00) are the sixth and seventh favourites respectively to win the tournament. Indeed, we can realize that we have to deal with the weakest Eurobasket group.

The reason is simple; it doesn’t include a team with high potential winning chances. Georgia has the home-court advantage but will compete against the other teams without key player Tornike Shengelia. The 31-year-old forward suffered a shoulder injury and will miss the next three months. Before we post our Eurobasket predictions for the group, we always check the injury news.

In that case, we conclude that Montenegro can qualify for the Round of 16. Spain and Turkey are better than anyone else, while Bulgaria and Belgium are significantly weaker; so Georgia and the Balkan team can reach a top-4 place.

To Qualify from Group A ✔️ Montenegro @ 2.50 (+150).

Group B

BMB_Basketball_BallGermany hosts the group in Cologne, facing elite opponents like Slovenia, Lithuania, and France, alongside Bosnia/Herzegovina and Hungary. Slovenia at 2.15 odds, and France (2.60) are the main favourites to win 1st place during a demanding process of five games. Germany has the home advantage, and Lithuania is another powerhouse; so it’s easy to realize that Hungary and Bosnia/Herzegovina are nearly impossible to qualify.

Among the four strong candidates, we will adjust our pick to the best Eurobasket odds on Slovenia. Luka Doncic & Co pays constantly to make Over 3,5 wins; they will make two against the weakest sides of Group B, so they will aim to make two more against France, Lithuania, and Germany. Slovenia provides a robust roster to achieve it.

Slovenia - Total Group Wins ✔️ Over 3,5 @ 2.30 (+130).

Group C

BMB_Basketball_BallMilan is Group C’s host city, so Italy has a home-court advantage. However, Greece is the clear favourite to win the group at 1.40 odds, while the Azzurri pay 4.80; Croatia, Ukraine, Great Britain, and Estonia are the other participants. Undoubtedly, Italy and Croatia deserve a lot of respect and attention having solid rosters.

These competitors, alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team, will conquer the places from the top to the 3rd. Danilo Gallinari’s meniscus injury is a massive blow for Italy and a good reason to bet on the Under 3,5 group wins. The Tokyo Olympics quarterfinalists have an obstacle to overcome without their key player facing Greece and Croatia, so we will bet against them in our Eurobasket predictions.

Italy - Total Group Wins ✔️ Under 3,5 @ 2.30 (+130).

Group D

BMB_Basketball_BallThe Czech Republic hosts the group in Prague, facing powerhouse Serbia and Finland, Israel, Netherlands, and Poland. The home team pay 8.00 odds to take 1st place, while Serbians are clear favourites at 1.15. Nicola Jokic, a two-time MVP player, made his long-awaited return and will play in a major tournament with his national time for the first time since the 2019 World Cup.

With Jokic on board, Serbia is one of the leading candidates to win the title. Our Group D Eurobasket predictions are addressed to bettors who want a bedrock for their strategy. The possibility of making five group wins is high, so we release that pick as a possible outcome with great chances.

Serbia - Exact Number of Group Wins ✔️ 5 @ 1.60 (-167).

Best Eurobasket 2022 Betting Odds Strategy

BMB_Profits_GraphBecause of the format we have analyzed, it’s difficult for any Eurobasket 2022 powerhouses to exclude from the knockout stage. So, one of the key parts that favourites should check during the preliminary round is not to spend too much energy and avoid fatigue. Our experts release the main Eurobasket betting tips for the best-of-one matches from the Round of 16 to the big Final in order to help you finish the tournament with a wealthier bankroll.

You can bet on pre-match markets or build a stellar basketball 4th quarter betting strategy by wagering in-play.

Bet on underdogs

BMB_Number_OneThe distinction between favourites and underdogs is basically meaningless in Eurobasket after the group stage. Especially from the quarterfinals to the final game, you will certainly find strong teams with deep rosters at dark horse prices. For instance, if you follow the bracket, Greece has a big chance of facing Lithuania in the quarterfinals.

In that case, Kazys Maksvutis’ team will be the underdog against the Greeks on most Eurobasket betting sites. However, they have an excellent offensive plan serviced by Grigonis, Lekavicius, and Kuzminskas, so you may find opportunities for basketball handicap betting and bet on Lithuania at higher odds.

Focus on the current form

BMB_Number_TwoEven if you support due to native reasons one of the qualified teams, you should clearly check the tournament’s form factor before you place your bets for the knockout stage. It’s not enough to back great shooting teams like Slovenia or strong and athletic Greeks. After five games in the group stage, you can analyze how each team works on the court; so, check their win ratio and determine which country scores more consistently. Moreover, confidence on the floor is one of the key parameters that can affect a team in a best-of-one format.

For example, you can find better Eurobasket odds for a team against Germany, the host country of the knockout stage. In that case, you must evaluate if the home-court advantage is a more consistent factor than a 5-0 record. For instance, following the bracket, Germany will face 1st team from Group A, Spain or Turkey if they take 4th place in their group behind Slovenia, Lithuania, and France. These probable pairs seem decent options for handicaps or back a winning margin in basketball betting.

Back star players

BMB_Number_ThreeMost basketball fans and bettors remember how Slovenia conquered the title in 2017; to be more accurate, how the rising star Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic led their time to 1st place. The 2022 Slovenia version is even stronger because Doncic is an NBA star nowadays. He had another exceptional season for the Dallas Mavericks, so he’s capable of leading his national team to the title again.

Giannis Antetokounmpo also has a shot at making a huge impact on Greece. At the same time, Serbia features the game-changer Nikola Jokic and a strong group playing in the elite European Leagues. So, it’s a phenomenal prospect to bet on these star players when it comes to Eurobasket betting. You can back prop bets for their statistics (points, rebounds, assists, etc.) and their teams to reach the final.

Is betting on the Eurobasket profitable?

BMB_Book SpyThe European basketball tournament for 2022 is an estimable one for bettors. They have excellent options to back for outright markets and make a profit from each matchday. You have plenty of opportunities, and unique Eurobasket betting offers to qualify for among the biggest bookies worldwide. There’s no doubt you can make money during this compact event; follow our footprints and win.

  • Choose the bookie with the most favourable prices and the widest broad of markets.
  • Learn all the pre-match and the in-play markets.
  • If you are a pre-match bettor, try to find an alternative for a live betting basketball strategy.
  • Use all the statistical data and analyze the info amount about each team.
  • Choose one of the most successful betting systems and protect your bankroll.
  • Avoid big ACCAs and several open bets simultaneously, both pre-match and in-play.

Where to Bet on the Eurobasket 2022

BMB_Best IconYou can find the best basketball bookmakers with the highest odds in the list below. Bet on your Eurobasket predictions for the tournament’s favourites using moneylines, handicaps, totals, and prop bets.

Q: Which are the most popular basketball markets for Eurobasket betting?

Before betting on Eurobasket, it’s critical to comprehend how all the main and secondary basketball markets work. Bookmakers offer several opportunities for handicaps, totals, and the most simple 2-way and 3-way moneylines. Additionally, you can find a broad range of teams’ and players’ props and other bets like races to X points and odd/even points.

Q: What should you analyze when betting on the Eurobasket?

Besides injury reports from trusted sources and a stats overview, it’s critical to check the teams’ and players’ current form in a compact tournament such as Eurobasket. Also, influential factors can be the odds value for underdogs and how the home-court advantage (if it exists) can affect a game.

Q: Is there any value to be found in Eurobasket betting offers?

The best way to see your accurate Eurobasket predictions return the money is to combine them with profitable bookies’ promotions. Suppose you back multiples; an ACCA boost can enhance your bet. An early payout can secure your profit before a game ends if the team you back runs a big lead (e.g., 18 or 20 points). Undoubtedly, you can take advantage of the offers for Eurobasket by doing, firstly, deep research for the best ones.

Q: Where can you find the highest Eurobasket odds?

One of the main tips for successful Eurobasket betting is to secure the highest possible prices for every bet. It’s a suggested move to sign up with two bookies or more and starting compare odds. You can check our list of basketball bookmakers and evaluate their odds because even a mighty deviation can be profitable for your bankroll.

Q: Which national team has won the most Eurobasket titles?

Russia/Soviet Union and Yugoslavia/Serbia are the most successful countries in Eurobasket history. Russians, who were withdrawn from the tournament for political reasons (i.e., Montenegro was named to replace them), have won 14 gold medals and 21 total. Serbia is the 2nd country on the list with 8 golds and 17 totally, while Spain and Lithuania have 3 gold medals each.

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