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Best Emmys Bookmakers 2024

The Emmys are one of the four most significant entertainment awards in the US, which recognise the best in the television industry. They are comprised of three distinct categories: the Sports Awards, the Daytime Awards, and the Primetime Awards.

Emmys betting has become increasingly popular lately, especially among event fans, which is why bookies offer odds on all the top categories. We have been following the critic's buzz all year, and we are confident we can suggest Emmys bookmakers and provide accurate betting tips on the main categories.

The Best Emmys Bookmakers

BMB_Best IconOur main target is to give you helpful advice and the best betting sites to place your wagers. If you feel confused about choosing your next bookie, we have you covered. Our top-rated Emmys bookmakers tick the boxes of high prices, several markets, and valuable bonuses. Pick one from the list below, and you are ready to delve deeper into our Entertainment betting guide.

Top Emmy Awards Betting Tips

BMB_BasicsAs we mentioned above, there are three major Emmy Awards categories; The Primetime Awards, by far the most popular, followed by the Daytime and Sports Awards in our upcoming betting events. We have evaluated all the available options in online bookmakers and have finalised our Emmy Awards betting tips for this year’s ceremonies. Keep in mind that since each category is on a different month, you should place your bets as early as possible to ensure the highest odds on offer.

Sports Emmy Awards

BMB_Sports_GenericThe Sports Emmy Awards judge the overall production of a major sporting event, from camera work to broadcasting and interviews. This category includes a wide variety of sports, from professional to college. However, you’ll have to look long and hard to find an online bookmaker that supplies Emmys betting for this award. For this year’s edition, dark horses include NBC Sports and the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo, but we have already decided to go another route.

FOX Sports, Field of Dreams Game ⏩ To win Outstanding Live Special.

Emmy Daytime Awards

BMB_Place_A_BetTraditionally, this category has been dominated over the years by daytime soap operas, and 2023 will be no different. You know the names: The Young And The Restless, The Bold And The Beautiful, General Hospital. While the daytime awards aren’t as popular with Emmys bookmakers, it’s a given that this category will focus on the soaps, so here we go:

The Young and the Restless ⏩ To win Outstanding Drama Series.

Pedro Pascal ⏩ To win Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Emmy Primetime Awards

BMB_Research IconThere is no shortage of star power in this category. The Primetime Awards get most of the Emmys betting publicity–you’ll find most of these categories available at the best online bookmakers. For the best actress in a drama last year, it was Zendaya’s time to shine. This time around, things have changed: 

Ted Lasso ⏩ To win Outstanding Comedy Series.

After cleaning up with multiple Awards in 2021, it’s hard to pick against “Ted Lasso” again. Remember what we said about big budgets and experience? Ted Lasso, as one of the favourite shows out there, checks off all the boxes again. When looking at the Emmys bookmakers betting odds, don’t sleep on The Bear or Jury Duty. 

Jason Sudeikis ⏩ To win Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

As often happens, the key contenders for Lead Actor/Actress come from the top shows. Sudeikis and Short are the favourites. Also, the household name of Jason Segel for 'Shrinking' cannot be overlooked. On the other hand, Christina Applegate (Dead to Me) and Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs Maisel) are ahead in the Emmy betting odds. 

Succession ⏩ To win Outstanding Drama Series.

From this perspective, there are two shows that have stood above all: Succession, the heavy betting favourite at Emmys Bookmakers, and The Last of Us. Both shows count among the best in primetime television and should be the favourites. Another two shows to keep your eye on are Better Call Saul and Yellowstone, but we’re not expecting either to come out of anywhere and win.

Pedro Pascal ⏩ To win Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Pound-for-pound, our experts think Pedro Pascal will get serious consideration for the smash hit The Last of US, and it’s easy to see that it’s Sharon Horgan's time for Bad Sisters, which became one of HBO’s most popular shows. Of course, because of her A-list name, Elizabeth Moss will always be a strong contender when you bet on Emmys bookmakers. We picked Pedro Pascal as our dark horse actor candidate for his outstanding performance in “The Last of Us,” but also don’t forget about Bob Odenkirk, who has become a fan favourite in the Breaking Bad spin-off, “Better Call Saul.”

Best Emmys Bookies With High Odds

BMB_SecurityWhile Emmys have become more popular in recent years, there still aren’t many sites where you can find strong coverage. To start, first, you’ll have to find the bookie you want to play at. You can pick one from our designated lists. Then, check our latest Emmy Awards betting tips and learn everything there is about wagering on the ceremonies effectively. Remember, the main goal is always the same; pick the winners. You can follow the same pattern, also choosing the best prices for Tony Awards betting.

How to bet on Emmys

BMB_Question MarkRecognising the best of the year in TV, they debuted in January 1949 and have become one of the most highly-anticipated entertainment ceremonies. While the most popular Emmys betting category is for Primetime Television, there are two other popular categories: Daytime Television and Sports. The Primetime and Daytime TV categories are shows during those time slots–and the Sports Emmys are awarded for the best sports programming.

Nominations generally are announced two months before the ceremony: In 2024, nominations will be voted on between June 16-27 and announced officially on July 12. If you want to bet on Emmys bookmakers, check our helpful advice below; it can be useful for your wagering activity if you start your research about where to bet on the Grammys.

Experience is a huge factor

BMB_Number_OneLike other award shows, having a big-name actor or actress in a television series on a major network will give that show a significant advantage. It’s no different than with the Oscars or Grammys: The more well-known an actor is, the bigger platform a show gets in primetime could go a long way in determining the winner. So when you bet on Emmys, make sure you take into account just how much punch a particular show or actor/actress packs; it could be the difference.

Budget is crucial

BMB_Number_TwoPut, money goes a long way in determining which shows people will bet on Emmys. Why? Because shows with bigger budgets generally belong to the biggest networks, with the most prestigious names, and their cast and crew have access to more resources because of a bigger budget. It’s not an end-all, be-all, but it’s the truth. When betting on the Emmys bookmakers, look at the bottom line because it does play a part.

Learn the Markets

BMB_Number_ThreeBy now, you know the basics of how to bet on Emmys: You try to pick the winner. Simple enough, right? Well, perhaps the most critical part is finding which online bookmaker has the markets you’d like to play. Generally, sportsbooks we recommend will include most of the top categories, but you may be able to find certain sites that have a more expansive offering. Make sure you know beforehand. You can also follow the same strategy for other events, like Eurovision, picking the right Eurovision bookmakers.

Q: When are the Emmy Awards odds released?

Usually, the prices on all markets are available when the nominations are announced in mid-July. However, in some bookmakers, you can check early nomination predictions and Emmy Awards betting odds.

Q: Where are the Emmy Awards held?

In 2024, the 75th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be held on January 15th in the Peacock theatre in California.

Q: Who has won the most awards in the past?

NBC’s Saturday Night Live is the show with the most Emmy Awards wins, with 65. Individually, actor Edward Asner has the most Emmys wins, with seven total. Asner starred in “Lou Grant.”

Q: Can I win real money by betting on Emmys?

Yes, just find the online bookmaker you’d like to start Emmys betting with, sign up for an account, place your bets, and you could walk away from a winner like the Emmy winners.

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