Spanish Copa del Rey Betting Sites 2023

The Copa del Rey is the second-tier competition in Spanish football and the oldest one, with a foundation date of 1903. Giants like Real Madrid, Barcelona & Atletico Madrid are challenging for the title, while upsets by underdogs from second or even third divisions happen quite often. Those facts make it one of the most prestigious Cup trophies globally and a long-time favourite of punters. Choices among Copa del Rey betting sites are abundant, but which one matches your preference and can get you to a positive balance?

The answer lies in extensive research, evaluating odds, markets, in-play betting & bonuses. Since it would be unrealistic to do it yourself, we did all the legwork. Our bookmakers are ranked on these criteria and have detailed reviews and ratings. At the end of our guide, you will have the complete picture of the best bookies and the best Copa del Rey betting tips to make you win in various markets.

Best Copa del Rey Bookmakers to Bet

BMB_Spain Circle FlagThe first factor we evaluate in our tips is the club’s strength. Real Madrid comes from a relatively unsuccessful 2020/21 season; plus, it was pretty inactive during the transfer period, but it has the strongest squad, at least on paper. Barcelona is in the midst of a transitional phase after the departure of multiple stars, and performance might be lacking. The current La Liga champion, Atletico Madrid, had the most successful season, with a run to the Round of 16 of the UCL adding to the domestic title.

And if we want to look beyond the big-3, Sevilla won a Champions League spot by finishing 4th, qualified for the knockout phase of the UCL and seems poised to repeat such a feat. Furthermore, we have seen clubs from lower-tier divisions knocking out powerhouses in previous seasons.

For example, in the 2020-21 season, Alcoyano defeated Real Madrid. So, upsets are on the table, especially if the favourite places secondary emphasis on the tournament. Updated Copa del Rey betting tips with a high return include. The same method we also follow when it comes to our Spanish La Liga predictions for today.

✔️ Real Madrid ⏩ To win the Cup @3.50 (5/2) odds.

✔️ Sevilla ⏩ To reach the Final @ 4.20 (10/3) odds.

What is the tournament format & structure?

BMB_ListA total of 126 clubs will participate in the 2021/22 Copa del Rey, starting from Regional leagues up to La Liga. Teams from the latter will enter the first round in late November - early December. Until the semi-finals, all matches are single, which is why the Cup is known for surprises. Moreover, until the quarter-finals, La Liga teams will always face an opponent from a lower division. The Final will be a single match held in a pre-determined venue, and the winner will qualify for next season’s Europa League.

Round Dates Clubs Details
Preliminary 17 November 2021 126 Clubs from regional divisions, seeding based on proximity
First round 30 November – 2 December 2021 116 La Liga clubs enter the seed, a single match played at the home of the lower division team
Second round 14–16 December 2021 60 Single match at the home of the lower division team
Round of 32 4–6 January 2022 32 Single match at the home of the lower division team
Round of 16 15, 16, 19 & 20 January 2022 16 Single match at the home of the lower division team

2 & 3 February 2022

8 Single match at the home of the lower division team

9 & 10 February 2022 - 2 & 3 March 2022

4 Double match
Final 23 April 2022 2 A single match in a pre-decided venue

Top Copa del Rey Betting Markets

BMB_Markets GenericThe action in Copa del Rey begins in late November, when the Final is scheduled for April 23, 2022. For more than five months, you have the option to bet on numerous Copa del Rey betting events and selections. Daily and outrights will be available to the best betting sites in Spain quite a while before the tournament kicks off. Follow along with our tips, and you can grab some early prices, which will be much better than betting later on.

How can I place daily bets?

BMB_Location_IconEven if you are new to sports gambling, you have likely a good idea on 1X2 and Over/Under markets as they exist everywhere. But are there any other worthy options? We are about to see Copa del Rey betting tips for making the most of Handicaps, Player Specials and Card & Corner bets, as they can hide a treasure.

Bet on Asian Handicap

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2Emerging rapidly in the last few years, Handicaps have become the main market in every reputable sportsbook. The Asian version, which we are about to explore, is distinguished by the plus and minus symbols plus, taking draw out of the equation. The obvious benefit is that you have a 50% chance of winning since there are only two outcomes.

Let’s take the Athletic Bilbao - Alaves match as an example. The home team, as the favourite, could have +1.5 AH while the away underdogs -1.5 AH. So, to win your bet on Athletic Club, it has to win by two goals or more. Any other result means that wagers on the -1.5 AH of Alaves will be paid.

Copa del Rey Player Specials

BMB_Power IconThe world-class footballers in multiple Spanish teams are a guarantee for some exciting Player Specials markets. Scoring a goal and having a shot on target or an assist are some of the prime selections. A Clean Sheet for a goalkeeper can also be an option. Our recommended bookies will surely show up if Luis Suarez gets his name on the scorecard or Thibaut Courtois does not concede.

Card & Corner bets

BMB_Football_RefereeYou have probably already figured out what these markets are about. You choose how many corners or cards will be given to each team or in total. In the case of a red card, you can bet on whether there will be one or not. The shape of these selections will be similar to an Over/Under market so that you can pick from more or less 6.5 corners conceded. If you have located that a club plays some aggressive defence, a red card could come at odds of more than 5.00.

Highest Copa del Rey Betting Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphDespite having fewer matchdays than a league, the Spanish Cup has enough games to support multiple outright markets. Between November 2022 and April 2023, you can wager on Cup Winner, Finalists and Top Goalscorer in our shortlisted Copa del Rey betting sites, following all the upcoming betting events.

Winner Copa del Rey betting odds

BMB_TrophyA more or less clear selection as it implies who is going to lift the trophy in April. Entering the 2022/23 season, Real Madrid seems the top frontrunner, with Barcelona in rebuilding and Atletico Madrid being the x-factor. Remember that La Liga's favourites often have a hard time in Copa del Rey. Athletic Bilbao is the second most time winner with 23, more than Real Madrid with 19, while Real Sociedad and Valencia have won the Cup in the last five years.

Τo make it to the final

BMB_Versus_IconSuch a feat might seem mediocre for a La Liga giant, but it could be a considerable success for a weaker club. That could hide great betting value as an underdog could come at a huge price for going to the end. Recently we have seen Sevilla, Getafe & Alaves breaking the big 3 of Spanish football and reaching the Final. Moreover, consider that some mid-table teams have the Copa del Rey as the ultimate target of the season. At the same time, some favourites might abandon it for a La Liga or European objective.

Top Goalscorer

BMB_Football BallYou can tell by the offensive line of several clubs why this market gets so much attention. Karim Benzema, Memphis Depay, Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann are some of the elite strikers participating in the Cup. One of the Copa del Rey betting tips that never get old is to go for a pick in a team that you expect will reach the semi-finals at least. If that happens, he will have enough matches to score the necessary goals.

How to bet on Spanish Cup bookmakers

BMB_Question MarkEvery player is different, but you cannot go wrong if you follow a standard path of choosing top-notch Copa del Rey and La Liga betting sites. Let’s start with the Copa del Rey betting odds, where the obvious rule is the higher, the better, so excellent prices are paramount for a great bookmaker rating. Then we appreciate markets ranging from standard ones like 1X2 to Handicaps and Player Specials so that they cover a vast span. Outrights like Winner & Finalists in a competition that lasts for more than six months are also crucial.

Regular betting promotions are one of the best incentives for players, as they reward activity and help build loyalty. Free Bets, Enhanced Odds & Reload Bonuses are some of the best promos you can come across. And last but not least, live betting. With unstoppable growth among punters, a high-calibre in-play platform is a prerequisite for reputable Copa del Rey betting sites. Extras like Cashout, Live Streaming & Fast Markets can also help the sportsbook go the extra mile.

Is Copa del Rey betting worth it?

BMB_Book SpyMost clubs that take part in Copa del Rey, at least from the Round of 16 and beyond, are pretty known to bettors. However, following the same betting pattern as you did in La Liga could be wrong. The global reach of Copa del Rey comes partly because dark horses have repeatedly knocked out clubs at the top-6 of Spanish football.

That reflects in the odds of the best Copa del Rey betting sites which allow for some slack and consider the surprise factor.

Once you have that clear, you can evaluate special bets, live betting and promos, all influential in judging if a sportsbook is right for you. Of course, sorting out these factors among hundreds of books would be more than impractical. Therefore, we have collected all Copa del Rey betting sites backed by our extensive research and the feedback of numerous bettors.

Q: Which are the best Copa del Rey Betting Sites?

Our list comes with ratings and detailed reviews to make the best decision based on your betting style and needs. Still, if you fancy a top-3, go with bet365, 22bet & N1bet as they score high across every factor that matters.

Q: How can I get the highest Copa del Rey betting odds?

While traditional markets like 1X2 and Over/Under have high payouts, you can also look above and beyond. Player Specials, Handicaps and Card & Corner bets can be game-changers and come in many variations.

Q: Can I bet on long-term outcomes?

Sure, especially if you place a long-term bet early, you could catch the bookie unprepared. We recommend looking into the Winners, Finalists and Top Scorer as they have been fan favourites for a reason.

Q: Who is the favourite for winning the Copa del Rey 2021/22?

The strategy is slightly different from predicting the outcome in La Liga. The favourites are pretty much the same (Real Madrid, Barcelona & Atletico Madrid); however, underdogs have caused some major upsets repeatedly. So, keep that in mind and search for the value in clubs like Sevilla, Athletic Club or Valencia.

Q: Which player is more likely to be the Top Goalscorer?

The quality of forwards in Spanish football is top-notch, with the big 3 deploying serious firepower. Karim Benzema comes from a dominant year scoring 30 goals across all competitions, and seems the frontrunner. However, if you believe a dark horse can go far, it would be wise to consider the striker as a top scorer candidate.

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