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Christmas Νumber 1 Οdds 2024

Elvis, The Beatles, Spice Girls and Ed Sheeran are just some artists who have been at the top of the chard in the UK around Christmas. Competition for places is always fierce, with novelty songs often challenging those from world-renowned names. As such, it is no surprise that Christmas number 1 betting is now available. Many bookies now offer markets for music fans looking to back their favourite performers.

The winner will be announced on the 22nd of December, live on Radio 1. If you are not sure where to start with this event or betting on the weather, for instance, we have you covered. We will look at the latest Christmas Number 1 odds and give tips on what to examine before placing your wagers. Will Wham prevail, or is there a chance for a dark horse to swoop in at the last minute?

Top Christmas Number 1 Betting Options

BMB_Best IconUnlike in years gone by, there is a clear favourite in 2024. However, it is still worth looking closely at the Christmas number one odds. It only takes a second for an outsider to cause an upset. The table below shows the leading candidates, along with their average price among bookies.

Artist Odds
Wham 1/25 (1.04)
Sam Ryder 6/1 (7.00)
The Pogues 9/1 (10.00)
Cher 40/1 (41.00)
Creator Universe 40/1 (41.00)
Noah Kahan 45/1 (46.00)
AC/DC 45/1 (46.00)
Doctor Who 50/1 (51.00)
Taylor Swift 60/1 (61.00)

Bookies with the Best Christmas Number One Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphWhile not all bookies offer Christmas number 1 betting markets, the list is undoubtedly increasing. However, there are a number of factors that help to separate the best from the rest. These include available options, prices, promotions and payment methods. Below are the best odds bookmakers for this type of wager, who also deliver in most other areas.

Xmas Number One Betting Explained

BMB_Betting TipsThis is one of the many special markets found online today alongside White Christmas betting. Available annually, it may well be new to you. As such, we have taken a closer look at some of the key points you should consider before taking any action. You can find them below.

When and where

BMB_Number_OneWhen betting on the Christmas number one, there are no real restrictions. All artists and song types are eligible, regardless of whether they are linked to the festive period. While other countries also have such a title, the Xmas number 1 odds mentioned on this page are all specific to the UK. Over the years, artists such as Bob the Builder, Rage Against the Machine and Michael Jackson have been named at the top, demonstrating just how diverse the achievement is.

Who it involves

BMB_Number_TwoAs mentioned above, there are no restrictions regarding who can be named as number one. Therefore, it is not only UK artists who have a shot. Meanwhile, charitable entries, such as the Military Wives and NHS Choir, often rise close to the top. Over recent years, less high-profile artists have prevailed, including LadBaby, Clean Bandit and Ben Haenow.

What are the criteria?

BMB_Number_ThreeThe artist named Christmas Number 1 is the one whose song has the most sales, as well as music and video streams. It is worth noting that 100 paid streams are the equivalent of one sale, compared to 600 free streams. So, you should focus on the singer or band that has already accrued a lot of sales instead of promoting their songs with advertising.

Timeline of the event

Number 4Chart positions in the weeks leading up to the Christmas number one announcement will often indicate which artist will ultimately come out on top. In 2022, the race for Christmas number 1 betting will begin on Friday, 16th December at 12:01 am before ending on Thursday, 22nd December at 11.59 pm. The final winner will be announced the following day on Radio 1 in “The Official Chart Show”. Meanwhile, the official result will also be published on the OfficialCharts website at 5:45 pm on the same day.

Latest Christmas Number One betting tips

BMB_BasicsWho wins the race can depend on a host of factors. For example, if England had won the World Cup in Qatar, Three Lions from Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds may have been in contention. Below are our top tips for Christmas number 1 betting.


BMB_Live BettingIt is high time the most iconic Christmas song of all time got an accolade that it had never before achieved. Of course, we refer to “Last Christmas” and Wham, who, ironically enough, have never topped the charts on Christmas day.  Although an anti-Wham campaign has gone viral this year, it doesn't seem enough to prevent us from witnessing an iconic moment.

Sam Ryder

BMB_Live BettingSam Ryder gives the timeless song “You're Christmas To Me” a contemporary edge and a distinctive, strong voice. The song is positioned strongly for Christmas Number 1 due to its emotional depth and holiday spirit, as well as its growing popularity. Its potential is increased by the way nostalgia and modern style are combined to appeal to all age groups.


BMB_Live BettingFollowing the devastating announcement of lead singer Shane MacGowen's death, bookmakers have drastically reduced The Pogues' chances of taking home the coveted Christmas Number 1 title. They were once as short as 1/5, but today they are listed at 6/1 behind Wham and Sam Ryder. Their famous song "Fairytale of New York" has become a Christmas classic. The Pogues are deserving of this honor, and there has never been a finer moment for them to receive it.

How to Bet on Christmas Number One

BMB_ListIf you are new to this market, there are some important factors to consider first. Your chances of making a profit through Christmas number 1 betting can be boosted by evaluating the following points, as it happens with specific factors with Boxing Day betting.

⏩ Previous ranking: It is important to look at the position an artist reaches in the official charts in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Often, the ultimate winner will be at number one for several weeks, not just over Christmas itself.

⏩ Release date: Artists may act strategically when releasing songs and music videos. If a highly anticipated track only comes out in the final days before Christmas, the hype could push it toward the No. 1 spot.

⏩ Singers hype: While not as important as it once was, it is also essential to look at the artist's stature. LadBaby has become a well-known name over recent years. However, Wham and Mariah Carey are the more established artists in the running this year.

⏩ Philanthropic nature: Christmas number one betting can also be impacted by the message behind songs. For example, last year, Tyson Fury looked to increase mental health awareness, while LadBaby tried to raise money for Food Aid. Over the last decade, six Christmas number 1s have come from artists hoping to raise money and awareness for particular causes.

List of previous winners

BMB_TrophyLooking at the record books is another useful task for punters looking to take advantage of the Christmas number one odds. There have been a host of multiple and consecutive winners. The table below shows the last ten winners, including their prices from the bookies.

Year Artist Weeks at No 1
2022 LadBaby 1
2021 LadBaby ft Ed Sheeran & Elton John 1
2020 LadBaby 1
2019 LadBaby 1
2018 LadBaby 1
2017 Ed Sheeran 6
2016 Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie 9
2015 Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir 1
2014 Ben Haenow 1
2013 Sam Bailey 1

Are the odds for Xmas Number 1 worth it?

BMB_Book_SpyWhile not always offering the best value odds, those in the know when it comes to music will still find betting on the odds for Xmas number 1 worthwhile. This market will also appeal to many different players, especially those who want to take a break from football or horse racing. Whether you are new or simply looking for an alternative to traditional sports betting, this particular market is available with an increasing number of bookies using the request a bet service. Using our online bookmakers rating for Christmas no 1 betting, we have listed the best sites below.

Q: What are the markets for Christmas number 1 betting 2024?

Unlike sports and other special markets, there is only one possible bet when it comes to Christmas number 1 markets. You can bet on which artist will top the charts over Christmas based on sales and streams.

Q: When do the winners get announced?

The official Christmas number one will be announced on December 22nd, taking place live on Radio 1’s Official Chart Show. Sales and streams recorded from the 15th to the 21st of December will determine the winner.

Q: Who is the UK Xmas number 1?

With music sales peaking over the festive period, the UK Xmas number 1 is a much-coveted prize. The UK’s Christmas number 1 will not be announced until just before the big day.

Q: Who is the favorite for Christmas number one?

Having a song which is pretty much synonymous with the word Christmas, it should come as no surprise that it is Wham who is the favorite with the bookies for Christmas 2024.

Q: Do all bookmakers offer Christmas number 1 odds?

No. However, many of the leading bookies in the UK now do so. As a result, punters have various betting sites to choose from when it comes to Christmas number 1 betting.

Q: Who has won the most times Christmas number one?

LadBaby hold the record for the most Christmas number 1’s. The Youtube duo have won five times, with the last one being in 2022. LadBaby also have five consecutive Christmas number 1’s, a record.

Q: Can I bet on Christmas Number 1?

Absolutely. Christmas number one betting is now available with many bookies in the UK. Odds differ between them, as do available promotions, payment methods and additional features.

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