Champions League Bookmakers 2023

Football is undoubtedly the king of sports worldwide, and the UEFA Champions League is the cream of the crop of club competitions. Beginning in 1992 in the current form, all European giants aim to lift the big prize and make history. Real Madrid tops the list of winners with 14 trophies, AC Milan follows with seven and Bayern Munich and Liverpool with six.

English teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City have also dominated the competition since the 2000s. And when the best challenge each other, insightful bettors can see golden opportunities for profit.

The first step is to ask, “How can I find the best Champions League betting sites?’’ While every sportsbook has betting with UCL readily available, a deeper look will show essential differences among bookies. We have listed the top-rated Champions League bookmakers offering exceptional odds, markets, in-play betting and bonuses that can make or break your winning chances.

How to Choose the Best Bookmaker for the Champions League

BMB_ListThe factors that influence our review when selecting the best Champions League bookmakers are the same as other sportsbooks. And we could not start with anything else other than the betting odds. Since they affect winnings so much, it is probably the first thing you look at in a bookmaker. Market diversity is second on the list.

Every bookmaker offers standard selections like 1X2, Over/Under and BTTS. However, we look into other markets like Asian Handicaps, Player Specials and Card & Corner bets. Moreover, outright choices like UCL winner, top goalscorer, group winners and finalists accumulate large betting volumes.

Live betting has taken over pre-match in players’ preferences. That reflects in every bookmaker that wants to stay ahead of the curve. Cashout and Live Streaming have turned into necessary features, and bookies strive to have them at hand. And we could not skip the importance of Champions League betting offers & bonuses. As you can increase your profits without depositing more, sportsbooks tailor such offers to UCL. 

High-Value Champions League Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphWhen you first think of odds, you might believe that it is confusing to separate which Champions League betting sites have a heads-on advantage unless you spend hours searching. However, no worries, as our bookmakers with the highest odds give an exact amount of each one's payout.

That number shows how favourable the odds are for the player. A 95% or more is a good baseline. Going into the Champions League 2023/24 season, the first part that affects the prices is obviously how strong the team is. Manchester City and Bayern Munich are heavily favoured compared to Newcastle or Atletico Madrid, for example. Moreover, always look for the latest info on each team. A late transfer or injury can be paramount to the squad’s quality.

Prime Champions League Offers & Bonuses

BMB_Money_ProfitOnce you visit a bookmaker, the chances are that you will go straight ahead to the promotions section. And there is a good reason for that, as you can find Free bets, Reload offers, and Enhanced Odds to help you build a bigger bankroll. Champions League betting offers come in the forms we explained above and are customized for UCL nights.

So, in a Real Madrid vs Benfica match, you could grab a £/€5 freebet if Vinícius Júnior scores, and you have bet on that outcome. Or a Champions League bookmaker could boost the odds for 1X2 selections in that game.

Expires at: 23:59 Jun 15, 2024
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Rolletto boosts your combo bets on football's top leagues (Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1). Place minimum 3 selections in your betslip @1.30 each, and get a 5%-100% boost depending on your number of picks. Min. bet $/€1 - Max. Bonus $/€5,000. Cashed Out and Void bets not eligible. Edited betslips will only count as per the initial choice. General terms and conditions apply.
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Champions League Betting Sites Top Markets

BMB_TrophyAt the beginning of each season, players on Champions League betting sites can find markets and selections which range from daily to outright ones. While the former usually opens a few days before the particular match kicks off, the latter can be available for betting weeks before the tournament begins. UCL Winner, Top Goalscorer, Group Stage Ranking and Finalists are the most sought-after ones.

Keep reading as we are about to look into each one of them and give guidelines to help boost your balance by following our Champions League betting predictions for today.

Daily Bets on Champions League Bookmakers

BMB_Location_IconYou must probably be already familiar with daily bets like 1X2 and Over/Under. They refer to an outcome of a specific match and are settled once it has ended. However, most Champions League betting sites offer 200+ options, and some excellent opportunities could hide in markets like Player Specials, Cards & Corners and Asian Handicaps.

Player Specials

BMB_Football BallTailored to a single player, such bets predict if a player will accomplish a specific feat. Scoring a goal, surpassing a standard number of shots on target or not conceding a goal in the case of a goalkeeper are prime examples. If you join one of our Champions League bookmakers, you can wager on Kevin De Bruyne to have an assist or Ederson το keep a clean sheet. Keep in mind that the odds for such selections tend to be high.

UCL Cards & Corners

BMB_Football BallYou can tell by the name that this bet refers to the number of yellow or red cards and corner kicks that will take place in a UCL match. The given number by the UCL bookmakers will be a fixed one, and you have to wager on an outcome above or below that number.

Let’s see an example. Over 6.5 corners could have odds of 1.85, while under selection could be priced at 2.00. A red card could have odds of 6.00 (as it is not very likely), but no red cards could be at 1.30.

Asian Handicap

BMB_Football BallThis form of handicap betting was popularized in Asia, as the name implies, and gives a virtual advantage to one team over the other. Also, the draw is out of the equation. So, if you bet on -1.5 AH, it means that this team must win by two goals or more to have your bet settled as won.

In a hypothetical Bayern Munich vs Sevilla match, the Asian handicap could be -1.5 for the home team and +1.5 for the away. In that case, the Bavarians have to win by two goals or more to have any bets placed on them as won. In a draw or an Andalusian side’s win, the punters who chose the Spaniards will profit.

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Best Outright Bets on Champions League Bookies

BMB_Date_Time_IconThe qualifying phase of the Champions League begins in June, and the final is held in next early June. In a competition that runs practically for a year, bettors who prefer outright markets can find a wealth of opportunities. UCL Winners, Finalists, the Top Goalscorer and Group Stage Winners are available at legit Champions League betting sites. In the long run, the benefits from such markets can be huge as long as you pay attention to the details.

UCL Winner

BMB_Football BallThe first thing most bettors look into in such a sportsbook is who will win Champions League odds. And that stems from the fact that the elite teams of Europe are heavily favoured to win the trophy. The competition among them is fierce, and the differences are often negligible.

In the 2023/24 season, the reigning Champions Manchester City enter as the frontrunners, with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid as second and third favorites. Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona finish off the list of likely winners.

Champions League Finalists

BMB_Football BallLifting the trophy is not the only landmark a team can achieve in the UCL. Reaching the Final is also remarkable if you consider the quality of the teams competing. Champions League finalists’ odds include the favorites for winning plus more powerhouses. Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are among the candidates.

The English giants are the reigning Champions, and they want to reach the summit again. While the finalists’ market might have lower prices than winning the trophy, it can be easier to predict. That happens because it excludes the result of the final, which can be pretty tough to foresee.

Champions League Top Goalscorer

BMB_Football BallThis one is pretty uncomplicated; you build your football betting strategies on a player you believe will score the most goals throughout the season. World-class strikers like Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland are the frontrunners for winning the golden boot.

A good tip is to bet on a player in a team you believe will reach at least the semi-finals of the UCL. No matter how good the forward is, a shorter run will not provide enough games to score the necessary goals.

Group Stage Winner

BMB_Football BallIn the current format of the Champions League, the first two teams qualify for the knockout phase. That resulted in the popular outright market of the UCL Group stage winner. A significant advantage for the bettor is that the teams that will finish in the first two positions are clear from the seed in most groups. However, surprises are not out of the question, so any punters who placed a bet on an underdog outcome can pocket some big winnings.

What makes a good Champions League bookie 

BMB_Book SpyBetting on the Champions League, regardless of daily or outright market, means that you likely play on teams you know very well. And that is a result of the top-quality squads that take part in the competition.

Nevertheless, certain UCL bookmakers stand out from the competition because they offer so much more than just many markets and high odds. First, a top-notch live betting product is not an extra but a prerequisite. A lot of players play exclusively on live selections, and that number only increases by the day. That applies to features like Cashout and Live Streaming, which complement in-play betting.

In the realm of special bets like Cards, Corners and Player Props, many players seem to find great chances. The reason is that the payout tends to be higher than in traditional selections. Quality sportsbooks include those markets and outright ones like Champions League odds to reach the final and, of course, the Winner.

Moreover, football bookmakers open them up early and have them available until the late stages of the tournament. Having to research all the above seems impossible, but luckily we have done all the hard work. Our top-rated Champions League betting sites excel in all the above categories and have been tested repeatedly by numerous players.

Q: Which are the best Champions League Betting Sites?

We stand behind all our shortlisted bookies, as we have meticulously reviewed each one of them. But we understand that you can bet immediately if you just want a few.

Q: What markets have the highest odds in the UCL?

The payout can be higher for daily ones in rather exotic markets like Player Props, Asian Handicap and Card & Corner bets. In outright ones, Champions League odds to reach final and win the tournament can prove lucrative.

Q: What are the Arsenal odds to win the Champions League?

The Londoners begin the season as the sixth favorite to win the title, behind Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, PSG, and Barcelona at 13.00 odds. However, keep in mind that last-minute transfers or a series of injuries can drive the price up or down.

Q: Which are the latest Champions League top goalscorer odds?

The top two favorites are Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski. On top of the top quality they possess, they deliver exceptional performances in the UCL year after year. Bookmakers expect them to do the same in the 2023/24 season.

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