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Best Europa League Bookmakers 2024

The UEFA Europa League (or UEL) is the second-tier European football competition, yet it enjoys great popularity among football fans. Major clubs have recently taken part in it, like Manchester United, AC Milan and Arsenal, to name a few.

As it was known before the rebranding in 2009, the UEFA Cup has Sevilla as the most-time winner with seven, while Inter Milan, Liverpool, Juventus and Atletico Madrid follow with three. Pre-season favorites are regularly subject to upsets by dark horses, and this is where an intelligent bettor can thrive.

A quick search will show you tens of Europa League Bookmakers, but how can you tell which one is the best for your playing style? Several factors dictate that answer, like odds, market diversity, in-play betting and promotions. Testing each bookie yourself would be impossible, but we have some good news. Our experts have thoroughly evaluated our Europa League bookmakers, scored high in each category, and will give you a fair chance at winning by learning how to bet on football and win.

How to Choose the Best Bookmaker for Europa League

BMB_ListThe best way to check the top bookies and the offered football betting markets is to check what every bettor is looking for. The first thing that matters is always the betting odds. As high prices can boost your bankroll in case of a win, it is an understatement to say that odds are of paramount importance. Market variety comes second on the list. It is easy to find Europa League bookmakers with traditional markets like 1X2, Over/Under and BTTS.

The standing-out points would be Player Specials, Cards, Corners and Asian Handicaps. Moreover, in a long-term competition like the UEL, outright bets like Title Winner, Finalists and Group winners are widely popular.

If you are into live betting (and most punters are), good Europa League Betting Sites offer all events available in play with hundreds of markets. Extras like Cashout and Live Streaming, which come together with Live betting, should also be handy. Finally, some lucrative Europa League betting offers could be the sole reason for joining a bookie. Enhanced Odds in a group stage match or a Deposit Bonus can be on the menu if you bet on the encounter and win.

High-Value UEL Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphThe odds, as the most crucial factor in Europa League Betting Sites, is more than just some numbers. To have a profound idea of how they work, you would need hours of research. The good news is that we have already done that, as our Bookmakers with the highest Odds will give you the actual payout of each sportsbook. To provide you with a baseline, look for bookies with a 93% or more payout.

As for how odds are calculated, the No.1 point is the overall performance of the team. Liverpool and AS Roma will have lower odds compared to Toulouse or Freiburg. Ensure that you also check the latest news and updates on each club’s status, like a transfer or an injury.

Elite Europa League Betting Offers & Promotions

BMB_Money_ProfitMany bettors pick the next sportsbook by the number and the quality of bonuses and promotions. Reload Offers, Free Bets and Enhanced Odds are among the hottest Europa League Betting Offers in our listed bookies. Moreover, one-off bonuses for big matches like the knockout ones can be available from time to time.

A profitable bonus could look like this; in a probable Liverpool vs. Toulouse game, the 1X2 selections could have an Odds Boost. Or a £/€5 freebet could be awarded if Mohamed Salah scores.

There aren't any available promotions. Check here all Bookmaker Promotions

Top Europa League Betting Sites by Markets

BMB_TrophyIn competitions like the UEL that span over nine months, it is normal that you expect to find a significant number of betting markets. That applies to both daily and outright ones, which can open days, if not weeks, before the kick-off. Outright bets, in particular, are dynamic, which means that the odds go up and down in relation to the team’s form.

Europa League Winner, Finalists and Top Goalscorer are prime examples. Brace yourself, as we are going to review the most profitable markets in Europa League bookmakers we choose for our Europa League predictions for tonight.

Daily bets on Europa League Bookmakers

BMB_Football BallTraditional markets like 1X2 and Over/under have been staples for generations of bettors. While they can provide a high return, there are additional choices in Europa League Betting Sites, which can be more lucrative. In a popular competition like the UEL, the available markets can surpass 200. Player Specials, Cards & Corners, and Asian Handicaps can give away an ample opportunity to profit.

Player Specials

BMB_Football BallThese bets are connected to an outcome for a specific player. Scoring a goal, the number of successful tackles and shots on target are some of the most popular choices. For goalkeepers, conceding no goals or a number of saves could be up for betting. In top Europa League bookmakers, you can find Player Specials Darwin Nunez scoring anytime or Paulo Dybala having an assist.

Europa League Cards & Corners

BMB_Football BallJust from the title, you can probably understand what these bets are. The number of corners, yellow cards and if there will be a red card in the game are on the menu. This market resembles the Over/Under one. The Europa League Betting Sites will give you a standard number of corners, like 5.5, and ask you to be in a higher or lower amount.

The real value here could be a red card, as the odds could be as high as 7.00. If a team has physical defenders, it is not wrong to think about one player getting off.

Asian Handicap

BMB_Football BallHandicap bets have multiplied recently, and the Asian ones are by far the most popular. The reason is that they take the draw out of the equation. You end up with a 50% chance of winning instead of the usual 33%. In other words, one team has a virtual advantage over the other, expressed with a decimal number like +2.5. If you bet on that team, it has to defeat the other by three goals or more. In any other case, you lose the bet.

Let’s see another one. In a probable Atalanta vs. Bayer Leverkusen match, the Asian Handicap could be +1.5 for the home team and -1.5 for the away. If you wager on the Germans, they have to win by two goals or more to win your bet. In a different result, those who bet on the Italian side win.

Top Outrights for UEL Betting

BMB_Date_Time_IconThe great thing about long-term competitions like the UEL is that you can choose from a pool of outright bets. A total of 32 teams compete in the group stage weekly to win the silverware in May.  Title Winner, Finalists, Top Goalscorer and Group Winners can be found in top Europa League bookmakers. If you show the necessary patience and foresight, the payoff can be huge.

UEL Winner

BMB_Football BallThe main target of each club competing in the UEL is to win the trophy. While for some weaker teams, it is unrealistic, betting on the Europa League winner has no bounds. This market is by far the most popular among punters, as the level of the UEL has improved significantly. Hence, the clubs are well known to bettors.

Liverpool is the frontrunner in most Europa League Betting Sites; in the 2023/24 season, AS Roma and Villareal follow with great winning chances. However, remember that surprises are pretty common in the competition, so you have several reasons to follow our Europa League Final predictions.

Europa League Final Odds

BMB_Football BallReaching the Final in such a prestigious tournament can be a sign of success for several clubs. And that is precisely the case in the UEL, with Dnipro, Benfica, Athletic Bilbao, and Braga having lost the trophy in the last decade in the final match. Europa League Final betting odds include the favorites for winning. Remember that while the odds are lower in reaching the Final than lifting the trophy, it is easier to win such a bet. This showdown by itself is a tricky game, and even top teams can find it difficult to prevail.

UEL Top Scorer

BMB_Football BallThis one is straightforward; you bet on the football you believe will score the most goals at the end of the season. Quality is not lacking in the UEL, especially in terms of strikers. Mohamed Salah and Paulo Dybala are the two of the main actors in the Europa League top scorer odds.

It is wise to pick a player in a team that you believe will reach far in the competition. In that case, he will have more matches to score the necessary goals.

Europa League Group Winner

BMB_Football BallThe group stage consists of eight groups of four different teams, and the first two qualify for the knockout phase. And that is another market for our Europa League bookmakers. The frontrunners of each group are usually clear from the seed, but that is not always a guarantee.

For example, in the 2021/22 season in Group C, Spartak Moscow and Napoli qualified at the expense of Leicester, one of the heavyweight favorites; anyone who saw that coming collected some nice winnings.

What makes a good Europa League bookie

BMB_Book SpyThe level of the Europa League teams has grown exponentially in the last few years. At first glance, that is a good thing because you will be familiar with the clubs. The same applies to the bookie, so you need to consider more than just markets and odds.

Top Europa League Betting Sites offer a superior in-play betting service, a stand-out factor today as many players have opted to play live exclusively. Extra feats like Cashout and Live Streaming are also available until the referee blows the whistle.

Looking deeper than traditional markets, we can see real value hiding in special bets. Player Specials, Asian Handicaps and Card & Corner bets can be your winning tickets. Furthermore, outright bets can allow you a better chance of beating the bookie since the season has many ups and downs.

All in all, your best shot would be joining one of our Europa League bookmakers. They excel in the above factors, plus they will give you a fair game based on the experience of many of our long-term members.

Q: Which are the best Europa League Betting Sites?

Our thorough evaluation process allows us to stand behind all our shortlisted bookies. However, we understand if you just want quick go-to sportsbooks; 22bet, bet365 and 888sport will do the trick in that case.

Q: What markets have the highest odds in the UEL?

A good tip is to look for unconventional markets like Player Props, Card & Corner bets and Asian Handicaps. If you are into outright betting, the next winner, finalists and top goalscorers can be profitable.

Q: Which are the AS Roma to win Europa League odds?

The Italian club had an excellent finish to the 2022/23 season, reaching the previous UEL Final. They lost the trophy by multi-winners Sevilla, but, indeed, Jose Mourinho’s effect can help AS Roma walk far again to the UEL.

Q: Who is the favorite in Europa League top scorer odds?

A lot of great strikers and offensive midfielders will compete in the UEL 2023/24. Mohamed Salah and Paulo Dybala are the frontrunners for winning the Golden Boot. However, a dark horse scoring the most goals is not unlikely as we have seen before in the tournament.

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