Best Bundesliga Betting Sites 2021/22

The German Bundesliga has grown into the second most popular football league in Europe, behind only the English Premier League. Top-quality players and teams compete against each other in tightly packed stadiums as the Bundesliga has the highest attendance in Europe for several years. Bayern Munich has been dominating the league with nine consecutive title wins. RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund are the primary challengers to the throne, aiming to displace the Bavarians in the 2021/22 campaign. Over a span of 34 matchdays, the events and markets are abundant and can be the holy grail for bettors in love with German football.

As a player, you might wonder, what is the best approach when it comes to Bundesliga betting sites? While it might seem easy to dive into a league with well-known teams, that could only be true for classic selections like 1X2. A closer look into the odds, live betting, markets and bonus offers can give you a complete picture of Bundesliga bookmakers. We have done all the research to provide you with first-rate sportsbooks tested by our experts and approved by the players’ base.

How to choose the best Bundesliga bookmakers

How to choose the best Bundesliga bookmakersThere are several boxes that Bundesliga bookmakers need to check before we can consider them as top choices. First and foremost, the betting odds. That is a no-brainer as the higher the odds, the higher the profits. The competition among football bookmakers has driven the prices up, which is more than welcome for bettors. Next, we move onto the availability of markets. Daily bets in more ‘’exotic’’ choices like Player Specials and Handicaps have grown significantly in the last few years. Moreover, like any long-term competition, outright bets thrive in the Bundesliga. Title winner and top goalscorer are the most popular ones.

A top-level live betting service is not a feature but a standard for players. The importance of in-play betting reflects the volume it accounts for, more than half of the total. Closely associated with it are features like Cashout and Live Streaming. The list of traits ends with promotions & offers. Bundesliga betting sites can run promos specifically for an event. A €/£5 freebet for Robert Lewandowski to score a hat-trick in the next Bayern Munich game could be on the menu. 

High-value Bundesliga betting odds 2021/22 

High-value Bundesliga betting odds 2021/22 It is only regular that you pay extra attention to the odds each Bundesliga bookmaker has to offer. The most crucial factor that dictates how high the prices will be on each selection is the payout. While it can fluctuate from one match to another, the general rule is to look for a bookie with a 94% payout or more, as our bookmakers rating shows. A smaller number translates to an unfavorable condition for the player. Then you should check how strong the team is coming into the 2021/22 season. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have significantly lower Bundesliga title odds than Union Berlin and Augsburg. If you look at teams that you expect to challenge for the same spot, the Bundesliga betting odds can be affected by the in and out transfers or a last-minute injury.

Profitable Bundesliga bonus & promotions 

Profitable Bundesliga bonus & promotions Bundesliga betting sites do not disappoint in terms of bookmaker promotions as they have tailored promos for each matchday. You have the option to choose from Enhanced Odds & Free bets to Reload offers. By using such an offer, you can boost your winnings, without spending more, a very nice deal. If you want to know how a bonus like this could look like in a local derby between 1. FC Köln - Borussia Mönchengladbach, the sportsbook could boost the odds for the 1X2 markets. Or it could provide a reload offer if you bet on any selection in that match.

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Bundesliga betting sites - Available markets 

Bundesliga betting sites - Available markets Betting at the Bundesliga starts even earlier than the official kick-off on August 13. The first markets appear in German Bundesliga bookmakers a while before and include the opening games plus outright bets. Title winner, top goalscorer and the top 4 teams are the most popular ones, which we layout in detail, with the latest Bundesliga odds.

Best daily bets on Bundesliga bookmakers 

Best daily bets on Bundesliga bookmakers Every week 18 teams clash against each other, ginning bettors the opportunity to wager in 200+ markets for each game. The selections in Bundesliga betting sites vary from the traditional 1X2 and Over/Under to Asian Handicaps, Player Specials and Card & Corner bets. While they are relatively newer, the latter can be the gateway to big profits as long as you follow some guidelines.

Bundesliga Cards & Corner bets 

As the name implies, that market refers to how many yellow & red cards or corners a team or both will get. You can spot the similarities with Over/Under goal markets, as there is also a standard number, and you have to wager on a selection higher or lower than that. In the Bayer Leverkusen - VfB Stuttgart match, if you put it into effect, over 3.5 in yellow cards could have a price of 1.85 while under 3.5, 2.05. On the same note, if there is a red card in the game, the price could climb to 6.00.

Player Specials 

Selections on outcomes for a specific player have recently entered the betting market but have gained popularity rapidly. In German Bundesliga betting sites, you can come across if a footballer will score a goal, the number of shots on target he records, or any assists. For goalkeepers, a clean sheet could translate to a high price. Leroy Sane to score in the Bayern Munich - VfL Wolfsburg match or Manuel Neuer to not concede any goals could work as patterns.

German Bundesliga Handicap 

The term handicap can have a broad definition, but the most popular one has become the Asian version. A +0.5 Asian Handicap means that this team has a virtual lead of half a goal over the opponent. So, if you place a bet on that selection, if the team with the lead wins or draws, you win your bet. Let’s put that into perspective. In Hertha BSC - Mainz 05 match, you could find Asian Handicap markets of +1.5 for Hertha and -1.5 for Mainz. So if wins, draws or loses by one goal, the bettors who backed it win. If Mainz wins by two goals or more, those who wagered on it will pocket the winnings.

Best outright bets on Bundesliga bookmakers 

Best outright bets on Bundesliga bookmakers In a competition of 34 matchdays, aside from the daily bets, outright ones can hide great opportunities. Title winner, top goalscorer and which teams will end up in the first four places are the most sought-after markets. And rightly so, as we will see if you choose the correct Bundesliga betting sites, the benefits can be huge.

Bundesliga Winner 

This is pretty self-explanatory; you bet on the team will finish first at the end of the season. While the Bundesliga as competition is quite challenging in the last decade, Bayern Munich has taken the title for granted. Hence the Bundesliga odds to win the title for 2021/22 are pretty low for the Bavarians. With Julian Nagelsmann as the new manager and a core of world-class players, it seems tough for anyone to dethrone the current champions. However, if you are in for a surprise, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig can be worth your wager. Keep in mind, though, that both teams have lost vital assets from the last season.

Bundesliga Top 4 odds 

The top four teams’ battle, which guarantees a Champions League place, is even more challenging than winning. Aside from the title challengers, more squads should be considered when checking the German Bundesliga Top 4 odds. Bayer Leverkusen, VfL Wolsburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach emerge as favorites for finishing among the best four. All had an excellent past season and want to capitalize on that.

Bundesliga top scorer odds 

High-caliber strikers have made the Bundesliga one of the highest-scoring leagues in Europe. As a result, the markets for the top goalscorer are among the most popular outright ones. Once more, the concept is simple; you bet on the football you believe will score the most goals throughout the 2021/22 season. Robert Lewandowski is the favorite in Bundesliga top scorer odds, given his past performances and the squad he is part of. Andre Silva, a new signing for RB Leipzig, is the second favorite since he scored an impressive 28 goals in the previous season.

Teams to be relegated from the German Bundesliga 

The battle for the top places usually catches the attention of recreational fans. However, experienced bettors can find excellent wagering opportunities in the matches, including teams fighting to stay in the top division. The 2020/21 season showed the way down to Werder Bremen and Schalke 04, which came as a massive shock to football fans. Another traditional name in German football, 1. FC Köln was saved in the relegation playoffs. As you can see, big surprises are not rare, which could lead insightful bettors to massive profits. This season VfL Bochum and Greuther Fürth, who got promoted, will fight to show they are 1. Bundesliga material.

What makes a good Bundesliga bookie 

What makes a good Bundesliga bookie It is an understatement to say that Bundesliga is popular among bettors. And while that is good in terms of variety, it can be overwhelming if you do not know what separates good Bundesliga betting sites from lousy ones. The betting odds are the first thing that comes to mind, but there is so much more to a good sportsbook. In-play betting is one factor. Since it has overcome pre-match in volume, you can notice how many events are available live and if features like Cashout and Live Streaming are at hand.

Furthermore, we have seen that ‘’exotic’’ markets like Player Specials, Card & Corner bets and Asian Handicaps have proved to be more profitable in some cases than traditional markets. Hence a top bookie should include them together with outright selections like next champion and top goalscorer. Another essential factor to look into is when these markets open and for how long. All in all, your best guess is to pick one of the German Bundesliga bookmakers from our list below. They tick all the boxes we mentioned and have tailored the sportsbook to the Bundesliga bettor.

Q: What are the best Bundesliga Betting Sites?

A good tip is to consult our list above as we cover all the best bookies. In short, you can’t go wrong with 888sport, Unibet and bet365. They have been in the game for a long time and proved to be legit.

Q: Which are the highest-value daily and outright markets for the Bundesliga?

In terms of daily selections, you can find good value in Player Specials and Asian Handicaps. For outright ones, title winner and top goalscorer take the cake. Moreover, the Bundesliga top 4 odds can also hide some gems.

Q: Where can I get the best Bundesliga odds?

Our hand-picked sportsbooks excel in prices for German clashes; therefore, we can only suggest playing in one of them. The payout in these bookies is above average and can return high profits.

Q: Can I bet on the Bundesliga top scorer?

Sure, as it is available on all of our shortlisted Bundesliga betting sites, as one of the most popular outright selections. And if you believe that someone else than Robert Lewandowski will score the most goals, you can grab some lucrative prices.

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