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The BAFTAs are one of the most reputable annual awards in filmmaking, a milestone for the winners. It started in 1949 and is held by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. On March 13, 2022, the event will celebrate the 75th ceremony. The Royal Albert Hall in London will welcome some of the most important names in the movie industry, and that alone could ring a bell to astute bettors. Because when the stars compete against each other, some lucrative betting chances show up in BAFTA bookmakers.

Many sportsbooks offer prices at the event, but are all equal? We give you a definite answer by examining every factor that makes a great bookie. Odds, markets, bonuses and specials come under our scrutiny to provide you with the most suitable site. Our BAFTA betting tips are set to give you the most bang for your buck and boost your bankroll significantly.

List of the top BAFTA Bookmakers 2022 

If you feel overwhelmed about choosing your next bookie, we have you covered. Our top-rated BAFTA bookmakers tick the boxes of high odds, diverse markets, and frequent bonuses. Pick one from the list underneath and you are good to go. 

BAFTA Betting Preview 2022

Award Ceremony: 13/03/2022

Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London

Categories: 25

The inception of the awards in 1949 saw them focusing on the British film industry. After a while, they grew in prestige; hence, they included many international nominations. Actors like Peter Finch, Marlon Brando and Daniel Day-Lewis have achieved multiple awards and nominations. Likewise, Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn and Emma Stone are some of the winners in the Best Actress category. The ceremony takes place traditionally in late February or early March, so it will slightly precede the Oscars. The venue since 2017 is the Royal Albert Hall in London, and the prize resembles a theatrical mask, firstly designed in 1955.

The current number of BAFTA categories is 25 and break down as follows: Best Film, Outstanding British Film, Leading Actor, Leading Actress, Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director Or Producer, Documentary, Film Not In the English Language, Animated Film, Director, Original Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Casting, Cinematography, Costume Design, Editing, Makeup & Hair, Original Score, Production Design, Special Visual Effects, Sound, British Short Animation and British Short Film.

BAFTA Betting Tips & Available Markets 

BAFTA Betting Tips & Available Markets The high number of categories gives you several betting opportunities but also makes it difficult to be proficient. Your best guess would be to focus on only a few and collect as much data and information as possible. Our BAFTA Betting Tips follow the same mindset as they will give you predictions and strategies for the five most popular categories: Best Film, Director, Leading Actor & Actress and Outstanding British Film. Off we go.

BAFTA Best Film Odds 

Most players who bet on BAFTAs will most likely place a wager on the best film. Two movies go almost head-to-head, with one having a slight advantage. The Power of the Dog, showing the lives of two brothers living together, is the frontrunner. Having won the best picture in the 27th Critics' Choice and the 79th Golden Globe Awards are excellent signs. The second favourite is Belfast, set in the capital of Northern Ireland in the late 60s. It was a strong box office success with a screenplay familiar to the UK audience and received very positive reviews.

✔️ The Power of the Dog ⏩ to win the best film @1.50 (1/2)

BAFTA Best Director Odds

You might already guess that the winner of the best film has the best chance to win the best director as well. The BAFTA odds show just that as Jane Campion, director of The Power of the Dog, has almost no competition. Because the price is low, it could be worth chasing an outsider. In his debut feature film, After Love, Aleem Khan got enthusiastic feedback from critics and the audience. If you like risking, the return could be huge.

✔️ Aleem Khan ⏩ to win the best director @9.50 (17/2)

BAFTA Best Leading Actor Odds 

We are about to see some heated competition in this category. Benedict Cumberbatch from The Power of the Dog and Will Smith from King Richard have minor differences in BAFTA betting odds. The former is the slight frontrunner due to his excellent performance and the momentum built by the award-winning movie. On the other hand, Smith already won the Best Male Actor in the 79th Golden Globe awards and is poised to win his first Oscar.

✔️ Benedict Cumberbatch ⏩ to win the best leading actor @ 1.67 (4/6)

BAFTA Best Leading Actress Odds

We have three nominees for the best actress prize with almost equal chances for the prize. Lady Gaga for her role in House of Gucci, Joanna Scanlan from After Love and Renate Reinsve from The Worst Person in the World are the three favourites. While all received very positive reviews on performance, Joanna Scanlan seems to edge out the rest. Moreover, thanks to her high BAFTA awards odds, she has collected the most wagers from punters.

✔️ Joanna Scanlan ⏩ to win the best leading actress @4.33 (10/3)

BAFTA Outstanding British Film Odds

A unique category honouring the roots of the British film industry has Belfast come as the big favourite. It is hardly a surprise as the plot comes from the Troubles, the period of conflict in Northern Ireland. The movie is nominated for several accolades in the Oscars & the Golden Globes, and if you choose to bet on the BAFTAs looks like a keeper, albeit with low odds.

✔️ Belfast ⏩ to win Outstanding British Film @1.36 (4/11)

BAFTA Awards Betting Offers

BAFTA Awards Betting OffersEven the best tips can get better if you mix them with some rich bonuses. Due to the nature of the awards, you will most likely find some Odds Boost or some Free Bet on BAFTA bookmakers. The way they work is simple. Let’s assume you want to bet on Aleem Khan to win the Best Director category. Since he is a dark horse, the bookie can make it more enticing and offer a €/£10 Free Bet if you win. An Odds Boost is pretty much self-explanatory. The sportsbook chooses to offer enhanced odds in a particular selection or event. You can get from the boosted BAFTA awards betting odds and bag a larger profit without risking your balance. Now, because not all bookies run such promos, we have a list with all the latest betting offers.

How to bet on the BAFTAs 2022 

How to bet on the BAFTAs 2022 Once you become familiar with each market's background and tips, you have a good enough foundation to bet on the BAFTAs. Let’s make it even better, though, by outlining a strategy that can help you make any selection. We are about to lay out how you can benefit from checking the movie’s origin, reviewing other award ceremonies and evaluating the feedback from other viewers.

Check if the filmmaker is British 

Check if the filmmaker is British Since the BAFTAs is a UK award show, it is normal to prioritise British films. That does not mean it is biased towards international movies, but it could slightly lead the British producer or director. In the past, we have seen the Academy favouring a local film if it is closely matched with a competitor in quality and popularity. Moreover, the nomination list will show you the overwhelming British representation.

Assess similar Awards

Assess similar AwardsYou can get a good idea of how the BAFTA awards betting odds are laid out if you watch other movie awards. Even if they are US ones like the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild & the Critics’ Choice can give you valuable foresight. In that case, remember to place your bet early as BAFTA bookmakers will move the odds up or down depending on other awards.

Look at the movie's reception

Look at the movie's receptionThe ratings on websites, social media feedback and the critics’ evaluation are prime criteria for the likelihood of winning a prize. BAFTA betting sites also consider the box office performance as more tickets mean more popularity, influencing the Academy. You can check sources like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic to get a balanced view of the film’s quality.

Which sites offer the best BAFTA Betting Odds

Punters overwhelmingly pick a bookmaker on the odds he provides and there are many good reasons for it. The bigger profit alone is a very good one and that applies to the sportsbooks with the best BAFTA Betting Odds on our list. We have hand-picked each of them, so you know that you only play on bookies with top prices.

Q: Which are the best BAFTA bookmakers in 2022?

Since the BAFTAs have catered to an international audience for years now, we can witness a steady increase of sportsbooks including them. You can make an excellent start by choosing 22bet, Betfair and Betwinner.

Q: What should you notice before a bet on BAFTAs?

Your main criteria would be the tips and information we provide after analysing them meticulously. Once you get a good grip on them, you can consult reviews from critics and fans and look into other film awards.

Q: Where are the BAFTAs 2022 held?

The location of the 75th ceremony will be the Royal Albert Hall in London, home of the awards since 2017. The date is March 13, 2022, so it will take place a while before the Oscars as per tradition.

Q: Who is the favourite for winning the Best Film award?

It is expected to be a close call, with The Power of the Dog and Belfast trying to edge each other out. Jane Campion’s western/drama is probably the hottest movie of the year, while Kenneth Branagh’s film depicts a tumultuous period in the UK and is a huge domestic success.

Q: How many nominations has Belfast received?

The movie is nominated for six BAFTA Awards, including Best Film, Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. Belfast has already won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and the Festival’s People’s Choice trophy in Toronto International Film Awards.

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