Sports Betting Events Calendar

Do you want to plan your next wager but aren’t sure what’s on offer? Are you aiming to find every related game and tournament of your favourite sport? Then welcome to our Sports Betting Events Calendar. Where you can find entertainment and awards events from around the world and check them all right here, categorised by date and sport. We have included dates of major sports covering football, basketball and tennis, to simplify your research around when and how to bet on events. So, see all the upcoming games and tournaments and place your bets on them.

Sports Betting Events by Date

criteria has all the dates for your favourite sports, entertainment and awards contests. Take a deep look at our daily list below and find all the dated betting events including Champions League and NBA Games, elite Horse Races, Tennis Grand Slams, American Sports, Golf, Eurovision, Awards and more.

Horse Racing Betting Events

Horse Racing Betting Events

The betting events calendar includes numerous races where favourites are paid at high prices in most cases. Royal Ascot, from June 14th to June 18th, St Leger Festival (September 7th to 10th) and the Melbourne Cup on November 1st offer exceptional opportunities for winning ante-posts.

Basketball Betting Events

Basketball Betting Events

Do you keep researching NBA Finals predictions to overcome a lousy recent run? Arrange your thoughts by following our betting calendar and find 2022’s winner before June 19th. Follow our guides on every elite basketball event, like the 2022 Eurobasket (September 1st to 18th), and back profitable outrights for the winners market.

Tennis Betting Events

Tennis Betting Events

Grand Slams have a privileged position in our sports betting calendar. Our experts love tennis, so they release winning tips for each tournament, such as Wimbledon (June 27th to July 10th) and the US Open (August 29th to September 11th). You can follow all main events and earn big.

More Sports Events

More Sports Events

Sports betting isn’t limited to football, basketball and tennis. American sports like the NFL, the NHL and the MLB, offer several 2-way markets, such as moneylines and alternative handicaps. By exploring our sports events calendar, you can find guides for ice hockey, golf, cricket games and more.

Entertainment & Awards

Entertainment & Awards Go To Entertainment & Awards Guide

Politics, Esports and novelties like the Oscars and the Grammys, can enhance your bankroll if you follow our updated, reliable guides. Our experts also keep adding articles on the betting calendar for elite non-sports events with the best tips, to help you become more successful.

Why do we create a Betting Events Calendar?

We try keeping our calendar updated every month, but we actually end up adding more events on a weekly basis. Our goal is to include every available piece of information about ongoing and upcoming tournaments; all arranged by sport, contest and day. That’s why our experts have set up a Betting Events Calendar spanning from January 1st to December 31st of each year to help you organise your activity.

grey arrow iconWe have categorised events by all major sports and novelties; Football, Horse Racing, Basketball, Tennis, More Sports, as well as Entertainment & Awards. So that you have the flexibility to navigate through each category and find what you need on specific dates.

grey arrow iconExploring our daily events’ guides allows you to review markets and evaluate the latest odds for the most popular bets.

grey arrow iconYou can look back and check upon profitable trends and valuable stats from previous events, developing your outrights strategy for upcoming ones.

grey arrow iconDefine which daily markets have value for each event by examining the latest news that our opinion articles include.

What can you find on our Betting Events list?

Differences between a Promo and a Free bet Code The calendar includes high-profile sports and non-sports events from around the globe. So, you can find information about locations and times listed in Central European Time (CET). Our daily guides analyse the background of each game, tournament, or contest. We examine our resources in-depth to inform you about the latest news, injuries and bans, digging in and offering you every available advanced stat for free. After the basic info is laid out, we break down everything you need to know before betting.

Odds: We mention the latest odds for daily and outright markets, explaining how star players can influence the prices in football if they suffer an injury. In the English Premier League, for instance, odds are different when you back Manchester City or Liverpool than when you risk backing a recently promoted team.

Μarkets: Our experts explain all secrets for each event, publishing valuable tips to build your strategy. Wimbledon sets a practical example; even top tennis athletes don’t feel comfortable on a grass surface. With that in mind, we suggest profitable tennis markets, such as individual totals, number of aces and ‘win to nil’ sets (ending 6-0), giving you decent alternatives.

Βookmakers: Our opinion articles explain why choosing the best bookmaker for each sport is essential. A reliable bookie with generous offers and odds who allows you to enjoy seasonal betting can give you an edge. The NBA Finals, for example, attract high levels of interest and attention. However, a bookmaker should also offer options on the All-Star Game, for which you can also find several valuable props in our guide.

Predictions: Besides daily predictions, you can also find picks on our sporting events calendar. For example, you can read predictions for the Six Nations Round 1 or the Triple Crown winner if you are a rugby fan.

Why follow our Betting Calendar?

spyThere are 365 days throughout a year, all with available options to bet on sports and novelties. Maybe wagering on games every day isn’t sustainable for everyone; yet if you want to build your strategy on a daily basis, our sports betting calendar is surely a handy tool. It can help you remember major events and save dates for elite and secondary ones. Meanwhile, you have the option to keep our articles as a database for your future betting activity.

Suppose it’s the morning before an elite race, like the Grand National, or a high-profile event in the golfing calendar, such as the PGA Championship. Our experts would then upload all the essential information around competitors’ form, the latest odds and winning tips to boost your chances of success. If you want to be well prepared to make money on any given day of the year, our updated betting events calendar can help you learn the basics for each game and tournament leading to profitable choices and bets.

Q: Which are the biggest sports betting events in a calendar year?

There are numerous colossal ones each year in all sports; that’s why our calendar is a handy tool. Main ones include the NFL Super Bowl, the Champions League and the NBA Finals, the Australian Open and other tennis Grand Slams, as well as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

Q: Which are the elite novelty bets on our betting calendar?

Apart from the most popular sports matches and tournaments in every calendar year, non-sports bettors can find detailed guides on about novelty bets too. In the Entertainment & Awards section, you can find opinion articles on elite contests like the Oscars, the Eurovision Song Contest and the Grammy Awards.

Q: Why use our calendar before you bet on sporting events online?

Our experts analyse the latest news for each event, indicating which markets are the best and which bookies have the highest odds and the most valuable offers. Reading our daily previews of elite events, you can find predictions for main and secondary markets and tips to build your staking strategy.

Q: How to check out our sports betting calendar?

While exploring it, you can find an updated list of each year’s major events. We add matches and tournaments every week, so you can find anything you want and adjust your activity around these events. Whether you are a football, basketball or tennis fan, our list shall remind you when to bet on events and make money.

Q: How to bet on events and win big?

Our Calendar can help you organise your activity and develop a winning strategy for all events. Some tips that can help you become sharp are: 1) Carefully choose your preferred game or tournament, 2) Evaluate the odds and don’t just back favourites, 3) Don’t let your emotions impact your style, 4) Protect your bankroll and don’t risk more than you can afford.

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