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Learning how to determine your returns is one of the basics of online betting. However, it can be a tedious process, especially when adding more selections to your betslip. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced bettor, using our free Bet Calculators can speed things up. The tailor-made tools are convenient and accessible. They offer the exceptional advantage to calculate the stake, your returns and your net profit in just a few seconds. The most popular systems, from trixies and patents to speciality bets, like Alphabet Bets, are supported on one page, offering an extensive range of services for anyone attracted to sports betting.

On, you can explore a complete list of online Bet Calculators and instantly compute every variation of the bets you intend to place, figuring out your total payout. You can add up to 20 selections on accumulators choosing the “Stake per Bet” or “Stake per Part” option for systems. The tools we have developed also work on any mobile device, providing speed and accuracy.

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How to use our Online Bet Calculators

The Bet Calculators allow you to work out your potential earnings in all available odds formats, comprehending the meaning of all odds types, from decimal and fractional to Hong Kong and Malay. Using the tools, you can also understand the implied probability of your chosen prices and the winning percentage based on the fixed odds. Hence, you should check our available tools and determine your chances even if you place a single or a more extensive system. You can follow the steps below and let our online bet calculators do all the complicated mathematics.

⏩ Choose the odds format your bookmaker uses among European, British, American, Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malaysian odds.

⏩ Select the Stake per Bet option, the Stake per Part (when you place a system) or the Total Combined Stake.

⏩ Set the number of your Selections. Depending on your bet’s status (single, ACCA, or system), you can check all the possible combinations in the Bet Amount box and their profit in the underneath table (i.e., Profit per Combination).

⏩ The next step is to add the result of your selection (Win, Loss, Void). Also, add the starting odds of your picks in the odds format you chose.

⏩ Tap the Calculate button, and you will automatically learn your Bet Amount, the returns and the net profit.

⏩ If you want to reuse our online Bet Calculators, tap the Reset button to clear all the previous information.

Bet winnings calculators for Singles & ACCAs

A single is the most common betting type from beginners up to more experienced players. It can indeed offer you the highest winning chances, even if the returns are lower than other wagers. Using bet winnings calculators, you can enhance your understanding of how a single bet impacts bigger wagers; doubles, trebles, and other multiples. If you want to work out your returns with speed and accuracy, our Bet Calculators are handy tools to use before placing your bets.

Single Bet Calculator

Single Bet CaclulatorIf you want to reduce the risk, singles are the simplest betting type you can choose. Placing only one selection is a strategy that applies to players who wish to secure greater winning chances by betting on higher stakes. Using our bet winnings calculators, you can automatically learn your potential payout when you place a single. It seems an easy process, but the Single Bet Calculator is undoubtedly a valuable tool that helps you avoid any errors, especially when placing Asian bets.

Double Bet Calculator

Double Bet CalculatorAs with singles, double bets can apply to sport and non-sport markets, like political and entertainment outrights. A double is the simplest type of accumulator, where both of your picks must come from different events. Our Bet Calculators can assist you in making quick decisions when placing this wager. Also, the Double Bet Calculator can help you comprehend more complicated systems you can build from doubles, like patents, yankees, and goliaths. You can ensure that you avoid calculation mistakes and realize if some bookmakers’ daily offers, such as Odds Boosts, have value on doubles.

Treble Bet Calculator

Treble Bet CalculatorThe tricky part for doubles, trebles and bigger ACCAs is that all of your selections should win to get a return. For the mid-level bettors, treble betting secures more balance between the possible risk and their returns. Indeed, for singles and doubles, you might need a higher starting stake to increase your payout. Our bet winnings calculators could give you one more option if you want to go one step further. With the Treble Bet Calculator, you can measure and compare odds from more than one bookmaker or use different selections, realizing how they affect your total returns in just a few seconds.

Accumulator Calculator

Accumulator CalculatorDoubles and trebles are the simplest ACCAs, but 4-Folds and 5-Folds are undoubtedly the most popular. In general, we don’t recommend you increase the total number of picks, but for these types of ACCAs, there are some daily offers from all the leading bookmakers that sometimes you can’t ignore. Our Bet Calculators are certainly convenient tools to understand which offered bonuses (i.e., ACCA Insurance, ACCA Bonus or Enhanced Odds) are the most suitable for your bet. Just enter your ACCAs’ info into the Accumulator Calculator, tap the “Calculate” button and compare your probable payouts.

Online Bet Calculators for Full Cover Systems

Betting on full cover bets is a controversial strategy for various reasons. Undoubtedly, the risk of losing your initial investment is lower; however, if you place a winner, your payout will be less than if you bet the same stake as an accumulator. All full cover bets are expensive due to the total number of wagers. For example, a goliath bet with €1 per column as starting stake has a total €247 outlay. With our online Bet Calculators, you can set your selections and learn your profit if you place a system. On the flip side, all the full cover bets have the advantage of splitting the total wager over multiple parts. Here is their significant dominance; there is no need to win all your starting selections to receive a payout.

Bet Calculators apply to all types of full cover bets from three to eight selections. You can start testing our tools, checking the most straightforward system, which is the trixie. Choose three picks from your bookmaker’s sportsbook and compare your potential payout from the four separate wagers you will place (i.e., three doubles, one treble). You can also explore the online Bet Calculators for more extensive systems; yankee (i.e., four selections), Canadian or super yankee (five), Heinz or Heinz 57 (six), Super Heinz (seven), and goliath (eight). Furthermore, you have the option to examine other full cover bets with singles included, like patent (i.e., three selections), Lucky 15 (four), Lucky 31 (five), and Lucky 63 (six).

Trixie Calculator

Trixie CalculatorTrixies are the most straightforward betting systems, consisting of one treble and three doubles based on three picks. Its main advantage against a straight treble is the flexibility to collect earnings even if one selection lets you down. If you decide to use sports betting calculators, it’s handy to access low or high-risk strategies depending on the odds. Working out the Trixie Calculator, it’s crucial to comprehend the impact on your net profit if you have two from three winning selections.

Patent Calculator

Patent CalculatorPatents have the critical advantage of giving even a small payout with only one winning selection. You can convert a treble or a trixie to a patent, breaking down the wager into three singles, three doubles, and one treble. The online Bet Calculators allow you to work out all the types of wagers based on three selections and choose the most appropriate for higher earnings. Undoubtedly, it’s more expensive than trixie, but you can instantly work out the odds with the Patent Calculator. That’s an excellent tip to avoid receiving fewer returns than the total combined stake in the case of one winning.

Yankee Bet Calculator

Yankee Bet CalculatorYankee is a pretty expensive system bet that includes eleven bets based on four selections. It’s vital to have two winners in order to collect earnings; so, using betting calculators provides speed and accuracy when you check how your overall payout is affected by one or two losers. The Yankee Bet Calculator is also handy in working out odds to understand your break-even point before placing your yankee.

Canadian Bet Calculator

Canadian Bet CalculatorCanadian or super yankee bets are the appropriate types of bets if you want to cover your winning chances by betting on systems with many selections. The challenging part for a system that costs a significant amount of money is to secure a profit with two winners. Using Bet Calculators, you can work out and compare different odds before you place a Canadian in order to comprehend how you will secure at least the break-even point of your starting investment. Undoubtedly, using the Canadian Bet Calculator, you should take the advice of the “Profit per Combination” table, understanding your earnings from each double, treble, and 4-fold part of your wager.

Heinz Bet Calculator

Heinz Bet CalculatorJust think that you will win a whole successful Heinz 57 bet if you receive a payout from 57 combinations. Online Bet Calculators seem the most reliable ally to achieve a quick and accurate workout on your odds and selections when you bet in such an enormous system. The main advantage is that you can build a winning strategy, deciding if a Heinz or a 6-fold ACCA is the most convenient way to make a profit. For example, if you back six picks with lower odds and more winning chances, it’s accessible with the Heinz Bet Calculator to comprehend the impact to your payout out with one loser.

Super Heinz Calculator

Super Heinz CalculatorThe “Profit per Combination” table is the handiest part of the betting calculators when deciding to invest, betting on a Super Heinz bet. It’s a pretty expensive system; if you stake €1 per column, the overall cost will reach €120. Reading carefully the outcomes of all possible combinations based on doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, and 6-folds, you will undoubtedly understand how many successful picks you should have to secure earnings. Super Heinz is the most appropriate system for some horse racing and greyhounds bettors to reach high profit. So, it’s challenging to seek at least four winners from a total of seven selections. Otherwise, you will face an investment failure, and that’s a graspable conclusion you can make working out the Super Heinz Calculator.

Goliath Bet Calculator

Goliath Bet CalculatorBetting on an enormous system like goliath, you beforehand know that you extend your risk, seeking 247 winning combinations to receive a massive payout. Indeed, it’s not sufficient to work out all complicated maths without using online Bet Calculators; so, the usefulness of the Goliath Bet Calculator is a piece of evidence. Try to carefully evaluate the picks you have made and the fixed odds, exploring all the possibilities of securing a return from a goliath bet.

Lucky 15 Calculator

Lucky 15 CalculatorLucky 15 bet is a yankee’s alternative, including four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one 4-fold ACCA. You can instantly comprehend the impact of one, two, or three probable losing picks using our Bet Calculators. That’s the main advantage of the Lucky 15 Calculator that provides a detailed table with all combinations and their profit. Many online betting sites provide an All Winner Bonus for Lucky 15 bets, a parameter that increases that type of bet popularity.

Lucky 31 Calculator

Lucky 31 CalculatorThe most reputable online betting sites provide the flexibility to turn a 5-fold accumulator into a Lucky 31; so, we have to deal with an expensive but well-known system. Undoubtedly, it isn’t straightforward to work out 31 sub-bets and their probable outcomes. Αlthough, using online Βet Calculators, the whole process becomes more precise. You can work out and analyze all possible parameters with the Lucky 31 Calculator depending on your winning selections, avoiding all possible miscalculating mistakes. Therefore, you can also learn your lower potential returns if you decide to bet on a Lucky 31 and win only one pick.

Lucky 63 Calculator

Lucky 63 CalculatorA system bet like Lucky 63 sees its popularity increasing; especially, among race bettors who seek multiple winning combinations. Sports betting calculators should help you understand if it’s worth placing an expensive wager (i.e., betting a €1 per column, the total cost is €63). The other option is to break its parts on straight ACCAs and singles. So, you can combine the use of our Lucky 63 Calculator and the other tools in order to build a winning strategy.

What are the Odds & Betting Percentage Calculators

Odds ConverterOur Bet Calculators could solve one more significant problem for bettors who trust Asian or UK-based bookmakers. The top online bookies offer more than 30 sports and fractional, decimal, and American odds. On the other hand, mainly Asian betting sites display Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian odds formats which are more complicated. Now, using our Odds Converter, you can work out your bets in all odds types that are adopted globally by the most reliable bookmakers.

Implied Odds Calculator

The odds you are getting from your favorite bookmakers represent your chances for success. It’s vital to have the ability to convert these prices to percentages. You can automatically work out the best prices you choose and read them as an implied probability using the betting percentage calculators. Let’s say you have decided to place a pick at 1.80 decimal odds. Now, it’s easy to convert and calculate the chances of winning, avoiding any maths. You have 56,6% to receive a profit based on the implied odds.

Other Sports Betting Calculators tools cover a wide range of bet types, doing all the complicated maths. The sports betting calculators target generating an overview of the wagers you intend to place. Thus, you can work out the potential earnings accurately. Furthermore, you can find tools for fast-growing system bets like Alphabets and advanced services for betting like the Bet Generator on our expanding list.

Asian Handicap Calculator

Asian Handicap CalculatorWhen it comes to Asian Handicap betting, football it’s the primary sport that bettors prefer. However, that method applies to other sports like ice hockey and rugby. In a nutshell, that type of handicap awards the weaker team, the dark horse as it’s called. So, bettors try to predict if the underdog will protect the given lead of goals, for instance, or the favorite team will crash it. Our Asian Handicap Calculator allows you to understand the meaning of Asian Handicap betting and compute the potential profit of your wagers before going to the betslip. By adding your selected team’s odds, the A.H. and the stake, you can instantly learn the status of your bet and the probable returns; both for Final Result and Totals (Over/Under) markets. You can repeat the process for in-play bets by checking the “Current In-Play Score” button also.

VIG Calculator

VIG CalculatorDecreasing the Vigorish will certainly help you to secure more returns in the long run in betting. Our VIG Calculator can instantly advise how much your bookmaker is making as a profit per €100. For instance, if the VIG is 10%, the bookie is earning €10 in profit for every €100 wagered, which is too much. Using our Bet Calculators is easy; you should just enter the odds for all possible outcomes of your bet and tap the computation button. Odds can be entered in all types, from decimal and fractional format to Malay and Indo odds. More experienced bettors use it to calculate the market hold also. That’s the VIG percentage among different betting sites where you choose the best odds from each probable outcome.

Odds Payout Calculator

Odds Payout CalculatorThere are specific things you should understand to be a sharp bettor. Firstly, you must distinguish which team a bookie considers favorite and which team is the underdog by understanding the odds. Moreover, the VIG and the payout are a couple of things to note before placing your bets. The payout percentage demonstrates the expected return to bettors that a betting site will pay back from a sporting event multiplying by a hundred. In short, it’s a statistical value to help you comprehend how profitable are the odds of your bet. Using the Odds Payout Calculator, you can instantly work out your wagers’ payout and compare the value across different bookmakers’ odds.

Arbitrage Calculator

Arbitrage CalculatorThe Arbitrage Calculator is one of the handiest sports betting calculators, especially for players who want to secure profit by covering all the possible outcomes of a sports event. Using it, you can instantly determine in high accuracy how much you should bet on each outcome of a contest in order to secure returns. Arbing is a technique for sharp bettors who place wagers on different bookies covering all the possibilities; then, they try to exploit a potential alternative view across betting sites.

When two bookmakers, for instance, offer different odds for the same outcome, that fact can lock in profit for an arbing bettor regardless of the final result. So, set all the possible outcomes of your bet in the tool and add a total fixed stake. You will learn in just a few seconds all the valuable data for your wager. Firstly, the stakes you should place to make a profit and the payout percentage of your bet. Last but not least, you can check your sure returns in a special box.

Bankroll Management Calculator

Bankroll Management CalculatorHaving a staking plan, it’s a critical part of every sharp bettor’s strategy. Most staking plans can’t be applied effectively for some players due to specific reasons like the bookies’ stake limits. On the flip side, it’s essential in betting to control your bankroll and protect your balance in the long run. Undoubtedly, there are numerous tactics to increase your starting investment. Our Bankroll Management Calculator offers an alternative where you set the rules using the Bet Generator. Firstly, decide your starting bankroll and add the fixed odds you want to place for each of your bets. Then, set the target balance and the upper limit of the probably lost bets you can manage. After that process, you will get all the available data for the staking plan you have built and the probability of success.

Alphabet Calculator

Alphabet CalculatorExploring our online Bet Calculators, you can find an exceptional tool for one of the most complicated systems. The Alphabet is based on six selections, and its structure is entirely related to the picks’ position. For example, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place of the bettors’ choices affect the two patents and the yankee bet. Using our sports betting calculators, you can build a winning strategy, comprehending the meaning of creating a mighty yankee inside an Alphabet wager. Work out the higher odds of your starting picks, placing them 1st and 6th. Then, use the Alphabet Calculator, making all the different combinations from your lower-risk selections on the inside places. Undoubtedly, you will enhance your earnings betting on a not commonly known but fast-growing system bet.

How to calculate betting returns

bet with TransferWiseThe benefits for players who will use betting returns calculators are clear. Doing challenging maths isn’t the most appealing work; especially, if you decide to place systems with several parts. You can generate an overview of your bet, calculating your potential returns in different ways. The most common use is to enter your starting stake with the “Total Combined Stake” option and instantly see the total payout. For the most experienced bettors who want to handle their amount of money in an alternative way, the “Stake per Part” option is also helpful.

For example, let’s say that you intend to place a patent. Betting returns calculators have developed the opportunity to input different stakes for the three other system pieces without worrying about finding the potential outcomes of the individual bets separately. You can tap the “Show All” button and check just in a few seconds all the parts of your bet in the “Profit per Combination” table. Finally, you can use the “Stake per Part” option and comprehend how to calculate betting returns. Note that you should enter different stakes for the three singles, the three doubles, and the one treble. Then, you will receive all the information about the total stake, the return, and the profit of your potential patent automatically.

Why use our Bet Calculators

Betting on politicsIn order to comprehend a bet’s structure, you should break it down into two elements; firstly, the starting stake, which is the initial amount that you risk. In every case, you need an easy way to work out the payout (i.e., the potential return, including the stake). Secondly, you should decide which type of bet you wish to place; single, multiple, or system. It’s completely different to try making a profit from just one selection or placing several bets into one bigger wager. On the other hand, systems give you winning chances even if you don’t hit all your selections.

You can configure alternative betting strategies using the tools, analyzing how different outcomes may affect your earnings. Our Bet Calculators allow changing the odds, the status of your picks and figuring out your bet again without adding all the elements again. Furthermore, the “Stake per Part” option gives you the opportunity to evaluate a piece of your system, setting a different stake from the other parts. Now, you have a handy tool from your desktop or mobile that could be a genuine and credible resource before entering your selections in bookmakers’ betslip.

Q: Which betting types can bet calculators work out?

Bet Calculators use the wager’s information and elements, working out under mathematical principles for singles, multiples, larger accumulators and all system bets.

Q: Can an online bet calculator work out bets from a mobile device?

Using the bet calculator, you will understand that it’s a mobile-friendly tool; you just need to enter the correct information, from your mobile phone, for example, and learn your betting returns instantly.

Q: What piece of information can a sports betting calculator give referring to bettors’ payout?

Entering all the correct elements into the boxes (i.e., number of selections, odds, and your picks’ results), you can instantly learn the total stake of your bet, the returns, and the clear profit. Also, you can determine the profit per combination if you use the sports betting calculator for Systems.

Q: Why use an Odds Converter?

Successful bettors trust many different bookmakers, and they haven’t only one favorite sportsbook. So, they need to enjoy an instantly calculated potential payout in all different odds formats to make an informed decision to place a bet on an Asian or a UK-based bookie using Malay, Hong Kong, or fractional odds, for example.

Q: Can bet calculators help a bettor to read the odds?

An online bet calculator can’t make decisions independently. Still, it might be a valuable tool for a beginner or an experienced bettor to place a bet with high winning chances avoiding tricky maths. The betting percentage calculator can convert odds to probabilities, helping a bettor determine his picks’ value.

Q: How are horse racing or greyhounds bets calculated?

Greyhound or horse racing wagers are calculated as all bets from the other sports, multiplying the odds by the starting stake.

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