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When the talk goes to gambling, sports betting is the closest thing to investing. Forget daily fantasy sports and casinos, the only way you can make some cold hard cash is by betting on a sport you are well accustomed with on a top online sportsbook. Although we can not give you any hints and tips on which matches you should bet on, what we have done is compare the best USA sportsbooks to settle once and for all which is the top one. Below you are able to see the full list of online bookmakers that accept US players, all rated according to our set of specific factors. You can pick one of our best online sportsbooks and start betting or keep on reading to better understand how we rate them.

Bookmaker Website Overall Rating Year Est. Comments Welcome Bonus 7.9/10
1991 2 $1000
Review Visit Site 8.0/10
2011 3 $250
Review Visit Site 7.3/10
1996 6 $520
Review Visit Site 7.7/10
2003 1 $1000
Review Visit Site 8.2/10
1983 8 $500
Review Visit Site 8.3/10
2017 4 $5,000
Review Visit Site 7.7/10
2014 1 20mBTC
Review Visit Site

Top US Sportsbooks - How we rate them

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. We obviously don’t expect you to blindly take our word when we brand a bookie as being the best sportsbook online. This is why we have broken down all the fundamental criteria that can make or break a US book. We advise you to take some time to understand how we have rated the following bookmakers as being the best sportsbooks online and why we have disqualified some subpar bookies.

  • Longevity and experience. The longer a sportsbook has been around, the more reliable you can expect it to be. It’s also far easier to find player reviews on an experienced operator compared to a brand new sportsbook.
  • Fast payments. And by fast we mean nearly instant. After all, what is the point of betting online if you have to wait to receive your winnings close to a week every time you wish to cash out on your won betslips?
  • Low transaction fees. These apply both when topping up your account and every time you request a payout. Although different payment methods come with different charges, a sportsbook that has a policy of squeezing every dime by adding extravagant banking charges should be avoided.
  • Reliable payment options. No matter if you are placing your bets on experienced sportsbooks, you may run into certain payment methods going off the line. A top US sports book will quickly react to such an event and offer you an alternative banking method at reasonable fees without freezing your payments. Just to be clear, we don't consider Bitcoin as a good alternative to FIAT transactions as exchanging USD to Bitcoin is overly pricey.
  • Existing customer promotions. Every sportsbook will try to entice more players to join them by offering a sign-up bonus. What separates a great sportsbook from an average one, is going the extra mile by awarding offers specifically tailored to existing players, similar to the Lifetime Bonus on Betonline.
  • Competitive lines & odds. Probably the most essential part of a good sportsbook, high odds will quite simple let you earn more money every time you win a bet. Note that we take into account both the pre-match odds and those during in-play.
  • Variety of betting markets. The more betting options you have, the easier it is to find a market you can correctly predict and ultimately win. The best US sportsbooks will not only have loads of betting markets on American sports, but also from other lesser known ones.
  • Quality of exotic bets. Special bets like politics, entertainment, awards and player props on the most important sports events are not only a fun way of gambling but can also hold many profitable opportunities. An important prerequisite here is to find low juice odds on these special bets.
  • Top-notch customer support. Many players often underestimate the importance of a quality customer support, up till the point when they run into a discrepancy with their US sportsbook. Waiting too long for an answer, or worse, not being able to contact an agent on the live chat is something that is best avoided.
  • Fast & reliable platform. Betting on a stable and fast sportsbook is of vital importance as a bookie that has invested in good software will let you navigate their platform and mobile easier and place your bets much faster. This is even truer when you are betting on their sportsbook app, as access issues are an all too common problem on obscure operators.

The Top rated Online Sportsbooks

Understandably, it’s hard to declare a single sportsbook as being the best in all of the above criteria, as many operators are going for a different approach in order to keep their players happy. We have instead decided to share a more in-depth analysis of the strongest points of each bookie in terms of popularity, fast payouts, accepted payments, amount & frequency of promotions and of course, profitable lines.

The biggest sportsbooks

us sportsbooksIn terms of traffic and popularity, Bovada is the most visited bookmaker in America and is rightfully considered the biggest sportsbook. With an estimated 175,000 daily visitors and 500,000 Google searches per month, they leave 5dimes in second place with 48,000 visits every day and 85,000 monthly searches.

The fastest payout sportsbook

A fast sportsbook payout is obviously dependent on the payment method you are using, as a Bitcoin transaction is naturally faster than a check. In any case, payment clearance times are directly connected to how fast sportsbook withdrawal requests are completed, as every payment is checked by the fraud department. According to our experience, Intertops is the fastest online sportsbook for withdrawals, with the large majority of players also confirming this. BetOnline and Bovada are receiving mixed feedback as the 2nd and 3rd best sportsbooks in terms of payout times, they are however a solid choice of a low sportsbook minimum deposit with really low limits.

Sportsbooks that accept Mastercard

Not all sportsbooks will accept a MasterCard, Visa, American express etc deposit as our banking cards may at times get rejected. Thankfully, some online US sportsbooks have found a way around this and will now allow you to top up your account without much fuss. In any case, you should be prepared to face some stiffness from online bookies as a declined deposit or sportsbook chargeback is all too common on your first deposit. This is done simply because the operator is trying to limit their exposure towards cheating players. The top choice for bank cards betting in the USA is Intertops.

The biggest sportsbook bonuses

Sports book promotions are offered in many shapes and sizes, as where a bookie will offer you a 50% joining bonus, another one will let you play for 30 days with zero juice odds. The truth is that we had to leave quite a few bookies out of our top three, as many US bookmakers are renowned for giving away cool sportsbook promo offers. In any case our top choices are Betonline, who have the best offers for existing players, Intertops who offer an exclusive joining bonus to new customers and Bovada who have various offers on their sportsbook and casino.

Reduced juice sportsbooks

Sportsbooks with reduced juice are the bread and butter of high rollers who will often only choose such bookies to shop lines. Sadly US options are quite limited especially compared to some Asian operators. In any case, we’ve found the reduced juice on 5Dimes who offer -105 on most markets as quite welcome. The 5Dimes reduced juice is even a special reward program where you can lower the sportsbook's juice simply by placing your bets.

Vegas sportsbooks vs offshore sportsbooks

As is often the case when visiting Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you may feel inclined to place a wager or two on the sportsbook of a casino. Among the most well known in Vegas are the Golden Nugget sports book, the Mirage sports book and the Caesar’s Palace sports book, while the Borgata sportsbook is the most frequently visited platform in the East Coast. What we’ve come to like about these casino sportsbooks is their instant payout times, however, as is often the case with casinos, we’ve found that Vegas odds are quite simply a joke..

Las Vegas sportsbooks have extremely pricey lines, and in most cases, even sharp bettors end up losing to the juice in the long run. A small odds comparison between Vegas sportsbooks and offshore bookmakers will show you that Vegas odds steadily come with a minimum of 10% juice, while in the meantime some offshore bookies will go as low as 2%. To be perfectly honest though, if you are a sharp bettor who lives in Nevada, then you should keep an eye on these casino odds as they are nearly always slower to react to significant odds changes. Be prepared though that if you win way too many times you will quickly see large limits on your bets.

Best American Sportsbooks - Type of Bets

Betting on US friendly sportsbooks has distinct differences compared to online sports betting on European or Asian bookmakers. Apart from the different odds sets, betting in the United States is split into various bet types, sports, markets and exotic bets.

Type of bets & markets

The most frequent types of bets include Moneyline bets, Totals on the NFL or points on basketball and trying to cover the point spread. There are also Against The Spread bets, usually labeled ATS, that are extremely popular among College betting sharps. Next are Parlays & Accumulators that are placed by more rookie players with futures, Proposition Bets (on teams and players), Teasers and Pleasers sealing the deal.

Different types of Sports

Forget that Euro talk, a football, compared to a soccer ball, has laces and actually has some strategy and action in it. US punters love placing their bets on the NFL both on the regular season, Super Bowl and College Football. NBA betting shares the top spot with preseason bets, March Madness, the Playoffs and of course the NBA Finals. The NHL with its Stanley Cup and NHL Hart Trophy are also favorites, especially in the Mid-West while the MLB is a betting favorite among all players. The lesser wagers sports include Horse Racing on events like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes & Belmont Stakes, Golf where the PGA masters is the most well-known event and Soccer where most players will bet on the MLS and on European soccer teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Exotics & Special bets

Exotics like Political betting have taken a surge in popularity following the sparring of political strongmen like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Although election betting is a thing in the USA, it only concerns local politics like the US presidency and the House of Representatives election. There are some more classic special bet types like the Oscar Awards, the Emmy’s or beauty pageants like Miss Universe betting, where US offshore bookmakers will offer good odds and a number of prop bets.

Brand New sportsbooks

This near exclusively concerns new offshore bookmakers as rarely few casino sportsbooks are launched per year. We will spare you those bitcoin bookies that pop up on a monthly basis and instead look to focus on new online sportsbooks that have shown some promise. Without a doubt, BetJoe takes the icing and the cake with their high odds, many markets, fast payments and you guessed it, being absolutely US friendly. Another sportsbook that has proven to be trustworthy is Nitrogen, however, you should be prepared to only use Bitcoin when dealing with them. If you are looking for a more detailed list of all the new sports books check our new bookmakers.

Top 5 offshore sportsbooks

Below you can see our list of best offshore sportsbooks according to fast payments, security, American sports and other important criteria for US players. By clicking on each offshore sports book logo you can read a dedicated review that includes useful information such as accepted payments and licensing, so that you can see the top Panama & Costa Rica sports betting bookies. If you have any questions or objections, feel free to give us your feedback on our contact us page.

Bookmakers Why to Bet Why to Bet Bookmakers Rating    
  • US bettors are welcome
  • Quality mobile service
  • Possibly the highest deposit bonus
  • 1. US bettors are welcome
  • 2. Quality mobile service
  • 3. Possibly the highest deposit bonus
Review Bet Now
Bovada Bovada
Review Bet Now
  • 30+ sports
  • Pro and College US Leagues offered
  • Alternative handicaps on basketball
  • 1. 30+ sports
  • 2. Pro and College US Leagues offered
  • 3. Alternative handicaps on basketball
Review Bet Now
  • 50% up to $1000 welcome bonus
  • Ηigh odds on tennis
  • Tons of alternative markets
  • 1. 50% up to $1000 welcome bonus
  • 2. Ηigh odds on tennis
  • 3. Tons of alternative markets
Review Bet Now
  • 24/7 Livebetting with more than 5.000 Events/Month
  • Best online mobile website in the US
  • More than 20 years’ experience in the US market
  • 1. 24/7 Livebetting with more than 5.000 Events/Month
  • 2. Best online mobile website in the US
  • 3. More than 20 years’ experience in the US market
Review Bet Now

Sportsbooks 101 - What you should know

Q: How to sign up on a sportsbook?

This one is fairly simple. Just click on any of the “visit” buttons on any of the sportsbooks you can see above and enter its homepage. After that locate the join, register, sign up etc button to start the registration progress. In most cases, you will have to enter a username & password and fill in your personal details. After you have completed the sportsbook create account procedure and verified your email & mobile number you can make a deposit and start playing.

Q: How to bet at a sportsbook?

This requires that you have already completed the above step of having created an account. You should navigate to the sports section and choose any event you want from the menu. Pick a market and place your stake provided that you have enough money on your balance to place a bet. Then all you have to do is click on confirm and wait for the bet to be accepted.

Q: Are online sportsbooks legal?

If we decide to deal in absolutes, then only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware will allow you to legally bet online. However, the mere fact that casino lobbyists managed to influence the US government, doesn’t mean that you are partaking in illegal activity. Gambling online compared to gambling on a casino is exactly the same. Furthermore, you can expect no legal repercussions from any US court as the government is only trying to block payments towards online sportsbooks and will not go after any players.

Q: Are there any online sportsbooks that accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, no US friendly sportsbooks will let you deposit via PayPal. Although there are dozens of such bookies in the UK and other European countries, PayPal is abiding by the UIGEA and will not allow you to send or receive money from online sportsbooks.

Q: What is pay per head sportsbook?

Pay per head is nearly as old as online sports betting in the US. It is offered by certain sportsbooks software providers that let any individuals utilize their platform and become a bookie themselves. The way it works is those cooperating partners are required to pay a fee for any active players, regardless if they are profitable or not. The Playersonly sportsbook is a good example of a pay per head bookie that used to have a large partner base in the past.

Q: How do sportsbooks make money?

There’s a single answer to this question. Juice. Imagine a bookie that is offering -110 on both teams to win on an NBA match. If they get $500,000 worth of bets on each team they will only have to pay back $910,000 to the winners. There is also the case of falling prey to a stiff bookie who will walk away with your money, however, we can guarantee that we will never suggest such a sportsbook on

Q: Can I trust sportsbook agent sites?

You should think this one as placing a bet on a street bookie right before a fight. Do you know the guy? Have you heard from someone else that he will honor bets? How fast will you get your money? How can you know you will not be stiffed and asked to rebet till you lose your winnings or he skips town? Although we generally advocate against playing on sportsbook agent sites, if you happen to find a legit bookie agent site that is well respected by the gambling community, then you could take your chances by betting small.

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