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Many of you reading this, are regular horse racing and/or greyhound punters. This means that you are probably already familiar with the Best Odds Guaranteed term, or the B.O.G. abbreviation. Let’s however make it clear. With a BOG offer, you are guaranteed to get the best available odds on your bet. So, if you pick horse racing at early prices (EP) and the starting price (SP) ends up with higher odds, BOG bookies will automatically pay you at the higher price. Say you bet on Tuesday morning on a horse @6/1 odds. Just before the race starts, it changes to a 9/1. If you took on a BOG offer, you will be paid @9/1 if your horse eventually wins. Simple as that.

Which Bookmakers offer Best Odds Guaranteed  

At this point, we list all BOG bookies along with any special terms and features they come with.  We focus on participating races, time of the offer, excluded races as well as if they apply to greyhounds or not. 

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What is best odds guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed is a very common offer among UK bookmakers. It's actually a horse and greyhounds racing concession, with the core idea being self-explanatory. One thing to keep in mind: it only guarantees that you bet with the horse racing best odds in that particular betting site you visit each time. With that in mind, it's commonly known that racing prices tend to fluctuate, a lot. Eventually, there can be big differences between a pre-event price and the starting price as we head to the off. 

B.O.G. Example

How to find the best sportsbook reload bonuses Let's say you bet on a horse with an early @8/1 odds. But before the race begins, those odds rise to 10/1. Without best odds guaranteed, you would simply have to accept the lower odds you initially went with. This concession, however, means that even though you took the 8/1 odds, you will eventually get paid @10/1 odds. 

red arrowOn the other hand, say you took an early 9/1 odds on a horse, and as it starts the price drops to 6/1. Best odds guaranteed bookmakers kick in again, making sure you still get paid at the best odds. In our example, your initial 9/1 will still apply if your choice wins. Horse racing betting is as difficult as it is, so it's almost unthinkable nowadays to simply take on horse racing at early prices without a BOG offer. 

red arrowEach-way bettors also benefit from some extra places on certain races that are also on offer in many cases. So it’s practically a no-lose situation for the punter. The fact that many bookies are offering it, does not mean that the offer is the same. The general notion is the same, yet there are some differentiating points that we will discuss further on.

Best odds guaranteed times

Early Payout Online bookies are offering best odds guaranteed at different time zones. Some are offering it on the morning of each respective race. Others, from the night before it. Times on race day do vary, from 8 am, 9 am, etc. We list them all for you to have a clear picture.

Bookmaker Night Before the Race Race Day up to 9am Race day after 9am
Bet365     10 am onwards
Betfair   8 am onwards  
Betvictor   9 am onwards  
Unibet   8 am onwards  
William Hill     10 am onwards
Bwin   8 am onwards  
Betfred   8 am onwards  
Sportingbet   8 am onwards  

Best odds guaranteed on Multiples and Lucky 15

Apart from the standard winner bets that are eligible for BOG, in some cases, there’s more. Some bookmakers are also applying the offer on multiples too. Moreover, as far as Lucky 15 is concerned, most bookies don’t mention it in the ‘excluded’ section, apart from one. Betfred clearly states that BOG does not apply to Lucky 15. All the rest leave it vague. You can see it all in a nutshell in this up-to-date list below. 

BOG On Multiples: Bet365, Betfred (Not Specified), Betfair, Unibet, Ladbrokes, 888sport, Sportingbet, Bwin

BOG on Lucky 15: Bet365, Betfair, Unibet, Ladbrokes, 888sport, Sportingbet, Bwin

Greyhounds Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers 

criteria checklistHorse racing is very popular in the UK. However, many punters fancy a proper dog’s race too, and racetracks like Crayford and Henlow are usually packed. As a result, most bookmakers are also offering their best odds guaranteed here as well. And yes, the offering is exactly the same as with horse racing. Meaning that you get an early price, and if the starting price is bigger, your bet will be accepted at the higher odds. The terms are identical to the horse racing ones. At the time of writing, the vast majority of bookies are offering greyhound BOG too. These are Bet365, Betfair, Betvictor, 888sport, William Hill, Coral, Bwin, Betfred, Ladbrokes

ΒΟG on International races

criteria checklistBest odds guaranteed is non-arguably a British thing. It started with UK bookies, and they still dominate this respective offer. British punters are avid fans of horse and greyhound races and all UK and Irish racing is covered appropriately. However, some bookies have taken it one step further, abiding by the ever-ending lust for more. So, apart from local races, there are also BOG bookies covering international races too. At the moment, Betfred and Bwin are the only ones that from time to time are offering it on selected events. All other bookies are going local, but, we have seen examples where one set a trend and the rest followed. So always keep an eye, for more bookies could be adding it to their BOG array as well. 

Best odds guaranteed vs price promise

New Betting Sites vs Established Sportsbooks When looking to bet on the best-backed horses, many punters confuse the two terms. However, it’s quite easy not to. As we’ve seen, a BOG offer is only available on horse and greyhound racing. It also guarantees that you get the best price between the one your bookmaker initially offers and the starting price. 

Whereas with price promise, it’s the same as supermarkets do. It’s available in other sports too, football for example. And what it does, is simply matching any better odds you may find on specific other bookies on a specific event. It’s more of a retentive offer, to keep players happy. While BOG bookies offer you the best out of basically two sets of odd, the EP (early price)  and SP(starting price).    

Best odds guaranteed key points

Signs of suspicious new betting sitesApart from sharing the same core, best odds guaranteed do have some details that differentiate them. Not many changes, however, you should familiarize yourself with the different specs, in order to get what’s best for you. So, the max daily payout is one thing here. Usually capped at GBP 25.000, with some rare exceptions of a GBP 50.000 limit. At the time of writing, only Betfair BOG and Coral are offering the latter. However, bookies tend to alter these limits regularly, so always keep an eye on T&C’s. 

If you’re always looking for today’s early horse racing prices, then again you’ll find they do indeed differ. Best odds guaranteed times are usually offered on the day of the event, from 8-10 am. In a few cases, some bookmakers will allow you to pick a BOG price from the night before. Without forgetting to check every time, bet365,  Vbet, Bwin and 888sport are the only ones that don’t clearly state they accept such bets only on the day of the event (meaning they most probably will accept them the night before too). 

Lastly, most BOG bookies include the UK and Irish horse and greyhound racing in their respective offers. Betfred best odds guaranteed, along with Bwin and 888sport are the only ones that provide the concession on international races too. To sum up, a reminder to always check on the T&C’s, since they tend to change frequently.   

Which are the best BOG bookies?

After thoroughly reviewing all the best odds guaranteed bookmakers, we list the top 3 ones. We have taken under consideration all the aforementioned special terms in order to make our selection. So, with no further ado, here are the top 3.

red arrowBet365 best odds guaranteed includes greyhounds and multiple bets too. Bets are eligible from the night before the event, leaving you plenty of time until the off.

red arrow888sport will allow you to pick your EP from the night before the race too. It caps its daily payout at GBP 25,000 and includes betting on international races.

red arrowBetfred also allows you to bet on specific international racing, which we considered to be an important factor for our top 3 BOG bookies. With a GBP 20,000 daily cap and allowing betting from 8 am on the day of the race, it stands out as well.

Bookmaker Bet365 888sport Betfred
International Horse Racing No Yes Yes
Greyhounds and Multiples Both Multis Both
Time of eligible BOG bets 10 am on race day On the night before the event  8 am on race day    
Visit the Bookies Visit Bet365 Visit 888sport Visit Betfred
Q: How do best odds guaranteed work?

It’s a simple concession, just pick a price for the horse (or greyhound where applicable) of your choice at any time. If the Starting price then gets bigger, you are guaranteed to receive these odds for your bet.

Q: Is BOG offered both online and in shops?

It has started online and it remains as it is at almost its entirety. From time to time a couple of bookies have decided to offer it in their shops too, namely Ladbrokes and Coral. However, there’s by far more offering online.

Q: Is BOG the same as best odds guaranteed?

Yes, this is just a very commonly used abbreviation of it. So instead of writing the whole ‘best odds guaranteed’, you will just see the BOG symbol on top of such offers at online bookies.

Q: When is bet365 best odds guaranteed time?

Bet365, offers BOG on both horse and greyhounds racing. You may take on early prices from 10am on race day, but do keep an eye on it because from time to time it has allowed it from the night before too.

Q: On what sports can I get BOG?

On its vast majority, best odds guaranteed is tailored for and offered at horse racing. In many cases though, you can also find it on greyhounds racing as well. Many bookies offer it on both.

Q: Are best odds guaranteed bets available on football?

At the moment this concession is only available on horse and greyhounds racing, since it is attached straight to early and starting prices on a respective race. So, it’s not used in other sports.

Q: What is the allowed William Hill best odds guaranteed time?

A 10am early price pick is available with William Hill, on both greyhound and horse racing. To make it even easier, there’s a distinctive yellow box on their site, indicating each day’s BOG available racing.

Q: If the starting price is eventually lower than the price I took, at what price will I get paid?

The offer protects you from such a case too. If you took a price @6/1 and the starting price falls @4/1, with BOG your bet will be accepted at the higher price again, i.e. @6/1 in our case.

Q: What happens if rule 4 is applied?

If you take on a price which is then subjected to a Rule 4 deduction, the deduction will be applied to the fixed odds (EP). If the Starting Price is then bigger than the fixed odds after the Rule 4 deduction, then the bet will be paid out at Starting Price.

Q: Is there a maximum amount I can win from a best odds guaranteed offer?

Bookies tend to cap the winnings from BOG, per day and per customer. This is most commonly in the area of GBP 20-25,000, with very few cases of a GBP 50,000 cap. Always check T&C’s.

Q: What is Best Odds Guaranteed Plus (aka BOG+)?

Best Odds Guaranteed Plus means that if you take a price on a horse and the Starting Price is eventually bigger, the bookie will not only pay you at the Starting Price, but will also add a boost on the price too. Only Ladbrokes once applied it, always check with the respective bookmaker.

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