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Best NHL Bookmakers 2023/24

When it comes to ice hockey, the NHL is the most popular competition by a mile. It comprises 32 teams, 25 from the USA and 7 Canada-based franchises. In terms of betting volume, it only comes behind the NFL and the NBA among North American sports. Finding the top NHL bookmakers should be number one on your list if you are looking to wager on it.

It would be best if you had betting sites with high and competitive odds and a wide range of daily and futures markets, from the first face-off of the season until the Stanley Cup Finals. Before placing your bets, you should examine which bookies offer the best puck lines and the top in-play services like cash out.

In addition, a versatile in-play section can secure you a short-term profit. Reading our article, you can learn all the main criteria you must follow in choosing the appropriate bookies for seasonal betting on ice hockey.

Full List of NHL Best Odds Bookies

BMB_ListIce hockey is the fastest of all indoor and outdoor sports. When betting on the NHL, you should know that several factors can affect the outcome. That’s why we have outlined a full list of NHL betting sites after analyzing all the crucial factors to help you choose the best among them.

How to Find a Good NHL Bookmaker Online

BMB_Question MarkBetting on the team that will win the Stanley Cup is the most popular outright ice hockey bet. These NHL odds have been released before the 82-game season starts. Several sites offer a broad range of daily wagering markets, such as moneylines, puck lines, and goal totals.

The NHL bookmakers you will choose to place your bets are as essential as your picks. Before starting your ice hockey betting action, you have many parameters to consider. Except for finding the highest odds, you can boost your winning chances by claiming exclusive promotions, like free bets.

NHL Bookmakers with High Odds

BMB_Money_ProfitBy comparing the odds and lines, you can ensure that you will get the best prices. Let’s take a look at the elite matchup between Tampa Bay and Washington. The 2020 and 2021 Champions are the clear favourites. If you want to bet against Lightning in the 60-minute moneyline market, there’s a slightly different approach among the top NHL betting sites.

Let’s say that Βοokie A offers the Capitals’ win at 2.88 (+188) odds, while Bookie B pays 3.00 (+200). Placing a €/$100 bet on the lowest price, you will receive a €/$288 payout. On the flip side, backing Tampa Bay at Bookie B, your returns will be €/$300. It’s a €/$12 difference which is crucial for just one bet; by playing on the best odds betting sites, you can progressively bolster your bankroll.

How to Read NHL Vegas Odds

BMB_Markets GenericIce hockey is one of the most attractive sports for wagering among bettors who trust land-based bookies in Nevada. Every game on the board shows the scheduled date and time, the odds and the puck lines. You can bet on the favourite or the underdog to win in regular time, overtime, or shootouts.

The NHL Vegas odds for moneylines list the dark horses with a (+) symbol and the team with the higher implied probability with a minor (-) one. The most common value in the industry is the 10% juice, which is marginally acceptable for 2-way markets. Above the prices, you can find the Vegas betting lines for goals (e.g., 4,5 / 5,5) and the VIG nearby.

Top Markets on the NHL Bookmakers

BMB_FeesThere are many types of bets that you can make on ice hockey aside from standards, moneylines, totals, and puck lines. Also, following our ice hockey betting predictions, you can find the best picks on a daily basis for the whole season. Moreover, by reading our guide, you will comprehend what markets to wager on ice hockey in all the top NHL bookmakers. Here is a full informed list.

⏩ Moneyline

ΝHL betting odds on moneylines refer to a wager on a team to win the game in the 60-minute regular duration, in overtime or shoutouts. There is no handicap to cover, but you should check the differences between regular time and overtime bets. In the second case, the prices are relatively lower because you have to deal with a 2-way market.

⏩ Puck Line

It’s one of the most popular markets among bettors, such as spread betting in the NFL and run line in baseball. Using our example above, the Capitals are a 1,5-puck line underdog. That means Tampa Bay should win with two goals or more to cover the line at 2.65 (+165) odds. Meanwhile, if you back Washington with a +1,5 handicap, the payout will be lower at 1.56 (-182).

⏩ 3-way Markets

Let’s begin with the moneyline market; the 3-way bets refer to the regular time for WDW. For instance, if you back Lightning to win, the home team must win in 60 minutes, not in overtime or penalties.

Referring to puck lines, when a handicap is an integer number (e.g., +/-1, +/-2, etc.), refers to a 3-way market. For example, it’s a draw if you back the Lightning with a -1 goal handicap, and Tampa Bay win Washington 3-2. In that case, you need a 2-goal margin to secure returns.

⏩ Totals

Besides moneylines and ice hockey points spread, the combined scored bets are an exceptional alternative for the bettors who read all the goaltenders’ advanced stats. You can bet on the total number of goals scored in a game (i.e., regular duration, overtime, or shootouts), predicting Over or Under. For instance, if you bet on the Lightning vs. Capitals matchup, the line is 5,5 goals.

It doesn’t matter who will win between Tampa Bay and Washington. Suppose you back the Over 5,5 option, you need six goals from both teams to secure returns. All the top NHL betting sites release odds for individual teams’ totals; meanwhile, you can find Over/Under for power-play points, skaters’ shots and assists.

⏩ Props

Proposition bets are prevalent among players for all American sports, such as ice hockey, because they don’t directly correlate with the final result. These special bets have usually been placed before the first face-off; you can bet on high alternative handicaps (i.e., +/-4,5 or 5,5) and how many shots a skater might take in a period. Also, you can find options for the highest-scoring period, the exact total goals, and the team totals (odds/even).

⏩ Correct Score

If you read advanced stats for teams and players, such as how many shots a team has per game or how many goals are allowed, betting on the correct score in ice hockey might be profitable. The offered NHL odds are fantastic.

If you bet, for instance, on Tampa Bay or Washington to win the game 1-0, you can receive a 51.00 (+5000) odds payout, while the most common scores (e.g., 3-2, 4-2) pay from 9.50 (+850) to 19.00 (+1800) in that matchup.

⏩ 1st Period & 1st 10-minute betting

Some bettors seek a much quicker payout than betting on traditional game-long markets. Ice hockey offers a plethora of options for 1st period (i.e., 20 minutes) and 1st 10-minute wagering.

In almost all top NHL betting sites, the standard Over/Under line is 1,5, while you can find odds for 2-way (e.g., +0,5) and 3-way (e.g., +1) puck lines. In many cases, you can bet on the score before 09:30 or a team’s time of 1st score with a time limit of 15:30.

⏩ Futures

Futures are widely known among ice hockey bettors, referring to long-running markets. The Stanley Cup winner, the NHL Western and Eastern Conference winners, the top point scorer (goals & assists), awards like the Vezina Trophy (i.e., the best goaltender), and the Jack Adams Award (i.e., the Coach of the Year) are the most common futures markets.

You can undoubtedly find higher prices in the best ante post betting sites before a season even starts; you can also place a potential outright during the regular season.

Best NHL Bookies for Seasonal Betting

BMB_Best IconA massive advantage is to allow players to bet on ice hockey from preseason to the Finals. It’s a great opportunity for bettors to understand how teams and players react in each period when the betting action extends for the whole season. Furthermore, especially in preseason, there are excellent opportunities for profit because oddsmakers make mistakes, mainly in the puck lines.

Preseason Betting

BMB_Number_One NHL bookies allow you to wager on each team’s six to eight preparation games before the season starts. These exhibition games give a unique opportunity for coaches to check their teams in the offensive and defensive lines.

They try out new goaltenders for a roster spot, so the low puck lines can offer value bets on Over totals. Several games are scheduled in neutral ice hockey arenas; that’s the main reason to bet on dark horses.

Regular Season Betting

BMB_Number_TwoEach team plays 82 regular-season games, 41 at home and 41 on the road. Of 1,312 total games, 512 of them are inter-conference between teams from East and West. Starting from the 2021/22 season, with the addition of the Seattle Kraken expansion team, there are 32 franchises. Most games for each team have an inter-conference status (i.e., 32 from the total 82).

Still, the most crucial part of regular season betting is the divisional matchups (i.e., four games vs. five opponents plus three games vs. two opponents). All the NHL bookmakers offer competitive odds and puck lines for these games.

Another fun part of the regular season is the All-Star Game, where all the top athletes gather in the same arena. It contains matches among the four divisions, skills challenges, and more. For more info, feel free to check our latest NHL All-Star Game Predictions

Postseason Betting

BMB_Number_ThreeOf the 32 teams, 16 face elimination when the regular season ends. Here is a great chance for you to place futures bets on the reviewed NHL odds. The best three franchises from the East and West take the playoff berths; meanwhile, the following two teams from each conference earn the wild-card spots.

There are three Best of Seven series on the road to the Finals. In the first two playoff rounds, the higher-seeded franchise has the home-ice advantage. Every game offers the broadest range of betting options.

Stanley Cup Betting

BMB_Number_FourIf you believe in the home soil advantage as a bettor, a backing option on the home advantage teams might be beneficial. The finalist with the best record in the regular season gains that privilege, which is why our Stanley Cup Betting Predictions focus a lot on that element. The home-ice parameter gives one team the lead to host Games 1, 2, 5, and 7 (if necessary).

Betting on the Finals, it’s the most straightforward part of the season. You have to deal with the best two teams, trying amid the best NHL betting sites to find every market for moneylines, totals, puck lines, and props that can give you returns.

Where to Get the Best NHL Betting Offers

BMB_Power IconEach ice hockey season offers plenty of excitement among fans and hundreds of wagering options among bettors. We have evaluated all the NHL betting sites according to the promotions available. If you need some help to start, check out the best bonuses of the best bookmakers in Canada, as well as globally. 

✔️ Welcome Bonus: You can sign up with a minimum €/$10 deposit, and your chosen NHL bookies will match your qualifying deposit up to €/$200 in some cases.

✔️ Free Bets: Some of the most popular offers are pre-match or in-play free bets. The amount you can receive usually ranges between €/$10-20. You can claim one under specific applied conditions.

✔️ Overtime Insurance: You can take your starting stake back up to €/$25-30 if the team you have backed loses in overtime or shootouts.

✔️ NHL Early Payout Offer: Betting on moneylines, you can qualify for NHL betting offers like the early payout, where you can secure earnings before the game ends. If the team you are backing takes a 3-goal lead during the game’s regular time, you will receive the total payment.

✔️ Parlay Boost: The given percentage can increase your earnings after a winner. The additional returns from parlay boost are paid out in cash, not free bets or other promos. Several NHL bookies give a standard 5% bonus on doubles; meanwhile, you can qualify for a higher percentage if you place a bigger parlay bet.

Best NHL Bookmakers for Live Betting

BMB_Place_A_BetIn the advanced evaluation of NHL bookmakers’ services, in-play betting becomes a crucial factor that makes a difference. Besides a full slate of markets, wagering on each game’s progress depends on several parameters.

Significantly, the suspended time before power plays, for instance, it’s something you should check and consider before placing your bets. Here is a list of the primary services for in-play wagering among the best betting sites.

Fast NHL Markets

BMB_Ice Hockey PuckFinding props to bet on individual skaters (e.g., goals, assists, total points), it’s one of the most challenging parts of building in-play ice hockey betting strategies. Several star athletes, like Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin and Lightning’s Steven Stamkos, produce points. So, wagering on them in live betting might be profitable.

Most NFL betting sites provide a vast range of special markets, such as the team with more face-offs or power-plays and options for the 1st period and the 1st 10-minute duration. These sportsbooks are deemed to be high-rated.

Full Statistic Cover

BMB_Ice Hockey PuckFor fast sports, like ice hockey, it’s helpful for bettors to have quick access to statistical databases. All the top NHL bookies provide that kind of service to boost players making quick in-play decisions.

Having in one page an overview of the H2H record, the teams’ current form and win streak, the last ten results, and the goals for/goals against comparison it’s absolutely essential. Furthermore, a live scoreboard with total penalties, shots and a summary of power-play goals upgrades the quality of live betting.

NHL Live Streaming & Cash Out

BMB_Ice Hockey PuckAll prominent NHL bookmakers provide a live streaming menu for each day’s matchups direct to your desktop and mobile devices. You can’t miss a moment of action if you have a funded account or a bet placed in most bookies within the last 24 hours.

Supplementally, the versatile cash out service allows you to save returns depending on the probability of your bet coming through. The partial and auto options and the least suspended times are the main criteria for choosing the best betting site for ice hockey cash out.

Is it Worth Betting on the NHL?

BMB_Book SpyIce hockey, such as famous American sports like baseball and the NFL, has a statistic-heavy nature. So, to bet on them and win needs a deep knowledge of the rules and the unique factors determining the outcome. Rating and choosing the appropriate NHL bookmakers it’s a good starting point.

On the other hand, you should follow and comprehend other criteria that impact ice hockey games; some are injuries and players’ bans, the teams’ current form, and the big road trips. We make you the most challenging part, analyzing all those factors before posting our picks.

If you have at least a mid-level knowledge of the sport, you can carefully choose where to place your bets and win. Having plenty of options, both pre-match and in-play and securing the highest NHL odds, it’s an excellent potential start.

Q: Where to bet on NHL games?

As we have outlined the top NHL betting sites, you can choose among them the appropriate ones. They all offer competitive odds for a vast slate of markets. You can enjoy betting action from the preseason up to the Stanley Cup Finals, and midseason events like the All-Star Game.

Q: What are the best NHL bookmakers for beginners?

You should follow specific parameters in order to choose the best bookie for ice hockey, even if you are an experienced bettor or a beginner. Fast payouts, withdrawals, and a complete sportsbook with value NHL betting odds can be an excellent start.

Q: What types of bets can you place on the NHL?

Ice hockey is a statistics-based sport; so you can place winning bets on moneylines, puck lines, totals, props, and futures bets with the right data available; remember that top-rated bookies offer you a complete stats coverage when wagering in-play.

Q: Which NHL betting offers are available for bettors?

A wide range of promos is available to qualify for when you open an account in all top NHL betting sites. Besides welcome bonuses and free bets, you can receive offers for parlays, pre-match and in-play bets, such as early payout.

Q: Is the NHL playoff bracket betting profitable?

During an NHL season, there are many ice hockey betting opportunities, especially for bettors who risk predicting the playoff bracket. You can find in all reliable NHL bookies futures about the Eastern and Western Conference winners. The way you understand the teams and players in the postseason is the most important factor in securing returns and predicting the Stanley Cup winner.

Q: Which team will win the Stanley Cup Finals in the 2023/24 season?

There are six top favourite franchises to win the Finals for the 2023/24 season; reigning Champions Vegas Golden Knights pay 10.00 (+900) odds to lift the Stanley Cup trophy again. Meanwhile, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Carolina Hurricanes pay the same price in a projected competitive season.

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