Best Baseball Bookmakers 2024

MLB is the oldest professional major tournament globally, with 29 teams from the USA and one from Canada divided into two conferences. Although it’s not as high in worldwide popularity as the NBA or the NFL, it conceals betting value that can bolster your bankroll. First off, the regular season includes 162 games for each franchise which means considerable opportunities.

Furthermore, having deep knowledge of baseball can help you stay engaged when other sports are on a break. Choosing the top MLB bookmakers is critical for your strategy. You should evaluate which sites offer the highest odds.

Then, you must check the variety of lines for spreads and totals. The experienced players seek a broad range of markets for seasonal betting, from spring training to the World Series. Reading our article, you can delve into all the essential factors you should examine in choosing MLB betting sites.

Which are Best Bookies for Baseball Betting

BMB_ListYou can find an informed list of all the MLB betting sites below. We have rated them after examining several key parameters. These contain critical ones like the odds, the number of markets, and the live betting options. We have also explored if the bookies offer special bets, such as main and innings props, 5-innings betting, and 3-way run lines.

How to Choose a Bookmaker for MLB

BMB_Question MarkOne of the most common phrases among bettors is, “What are the odds on that pick?” In most cases, the answer reveals where you should place your bets. We have evaluated the best MLB bookmakers focusing on where the value is hidden.

The best lines for spreads and totals and the offered bonuses are the top criteria to choose a sportsbook. Undoubtedly, when it comes to moneylines, the most crucial parameter is the MLB odds. Following our guide, you can comprehend all the factors to analyze and decide where to invest your bankroll.

Betting Sites with High MLB Odds

BMB_Markets GenericThere is a pretty safe way to secure significant returns in the long term. Comparing the ΜLB odds for all daily and futures markets can guarantee that you will always get the best prices. For example, it’s not advisable to back the Houston Astros against the Atlanta Braves for the 2021 World Series Game 1 at lower prices than 1.70 (-143).

All reputable sportsbooks offer odds from 1.72 (-139) to 1.80 (-125), so you should avoid losing money if your bet wins. The second crucial parameter is to track value prices after examining all the available data for starting pitchers. That baseball position affects mainly the MLB odds. Even top bookies underestimate the winning chances of relief pitchers or overrate starters’ skills.

Bookies for Baseball Pre-match Betting

Your options are numerous during the whole season. You can place your bets from moneylines to spreads, innings, teams, and players props to futures for the World Series. Here are the main markets you can find on all the best MLB betting sites:

⏩ Moneyline: MLB odds on moneylines refer to a team winning the game. The top criterion to follow is the starting pitcher. For instance, starters on the mound like Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw and New York Mets Max Scherzer attract moneyline bettors at favourites prices due to their excellent ERA.

⏩ Totals: You can bet on the number of runs scored in a baseball game, choosing between Over and Under on the given line. In that case, you should check the starting pitchers and the batting lineup.

⏩ Run Lines: You will certainly know the spread if you are betting on the MLB. In baseball, it’s known as the run line and means the final winning margin of the matchup. Betting on Game 1 between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves for the 2021 World Series, the 1,5 run line could give you higher odds if you back the home team. Houston pays 2.45 odds (+145) to take the lead in the series, beating the Braves with at least two runs. Meanwhile, Atlanta becomes a favourite with a plus 1,5 run at 1.60 odds (-167).

⏩ Props: In the top sites, there are proposition bets based on main (e.g., run lines & totals), players (pitcher strikeouts, etc.), innings (most hits in the 1st inning), and teams (first team to score). For a challenging sport like baseball, it’s vital to have all the possible options available.

⏩ 5-innings markets: The first five-inning market (i.e., F5) gives you another popular baseball betting option. It’s different from full-game betting, covering all nine innings, including overtime (i.e., extra innings). These wagers are settled after five innings of the game. They are explored by bettors who evaluate the pitching factor as the most important. It’s normal because the bullpen may come to play for the last three or four innings and change the relief pitchers’ struggle.

⏩ Futures: It’s true that MLB World Series Predictions are tough when the regular season starts, but bookies will offer value odds on that outright bet. Also, you can analyze the data and find the Cy Young Award for the best pitcher of the year, the MVP for the regular season and the playoffs, besides individual game betting.

Best MLB Betting Sites for Seasonal Betting

All the best MLB bookies should be rated higher when they allow bettors to place baseball bets for the whole season. There are tremendous matchups for competitive games from spring training through the World Series with a slew of betting options.

Spring training betting

grey arrow iconYou can bet on exhibition and practice games for the Cactus and Grapefruit League. Several bookmakers offer various markets on these matches, where bettors should be ultimately careful. Spring training allows new players to take their chances or veteran stars to claim one spot on teams’ rosters. You should check plenty of factors before placing your preseason bets; for more, you can find an in-depth analysis in our MLB predictions for today article.

Regular season betting

grey arrow iconThe main dish for Major League Baseball is the 2,430-game regular season. Each franchise plays 162 contests in three and four-game series, rarely two. Generally, teams play from five to seven games per week, so you can find hundreds of options every day for baseball betting.

Postseason betting

grey arrow iconOf the total of 30 teams, the best ten (i.e., the six division’s Champions and the four wild-card teams) are playing to determine the crown holder. There are four rounds (i.e., Wild Card games, Divisional Series, Championship Series, and World Series). You can place outright bets on Grand Finals’ finalists, predict winners, and invest in totals and all daily markets.

World Series betting

grey arrow iconAmerican and National Leagues’ winners give a best-of-seven series for the Championship. If you bet on MLB, you should check Game 1 constantly; it’s crucial, especially when visitor teams break the home-soil advantage. Here you can find the broadest range of all types of props and central markets in all the top MLB bookies.

All-Star Game betting

grey arrow iconThe exhibition game between the National League’s and the American League’s top players is scheduled in early-to-mid July at the regular season’s midway point. Since 2010, the designated hitter rule has been valid regardless of the ballpark; that’s a factor that boosts productive games with a high number of runs. So, all the MLB All-Star Game Prop Bets can hide good value. 

Where to Get the Best MLB Betting Offers

We only recommend the best bookmakers, so you will be confident your money is safe. If you follow the full list above, you can enjoy a trusted environment and find generous offers to bolster your winnings. A 162-game regular season, alongside a pretty long postseason, mean that MLB betting offers are an exceptional opportunity for you. Let’s take a look at the most common ones for baseball:

✔️ Welcome Bonus: A high sign-up bonus can double or triple your first deposit, a significant advantage for beginners and professional bettors. You can get up to a 100% bonus; you should only notice the terms and conditions before making the first deposit. In most bookmakers, you can place bets only to a standard value of the welcome bonus (e.g., 50%).

✔️ Free Bets: One of the top MLB betting offers is the second chance that bookies give to win if you place a loser after you sign-up. Risk-free bets can become a viral promotion before the highlight events of the season, such as the All-Star Game and the World Series.

✔️ MLB Early Payout: Placing a pre-match moneyline bet, you can qualify for an early win if the team you back goes five runs ahead during the game, even in the 1st inning. Your wager will be paid regardless of the outcome; if you have placed a parlay, the selection will be settled as a winner with the other picks left to run.

✔️ Parlay Offer: Having at least two or more MLB picks on specific 2-way markets, such as run lines or game totals, you can add a bonus from 5% to 70% to your returns. Several sportsbooks give a standard 5% bonus on doubles. From 14-folds and upwards, you can qualify for a massive 60% or 70% bonus paid as cash.

✔️ Enhanced Odds: You can also explore and find flashy odds on the primary markets, like moneylines, totals, and run lines. It’s an efficient way to receive higher earnings before a game starts, especially if you are backing favourites in baseball.

Best MLB Bookmakers for Live Betting

BMB_Place_A_BetA full six-month regular-season schedule, from the Opening Day through before the first postseason’s pitch, can offer you a massive range of lucrative opportunities, both pre-match and in-play. These options increase through the final World Series, so your betting strategy needs to grab more control of MLB odds and lines. Here is a list of primary services during live betting.

In-play Markets

BMB_Number_One Top bookies offer basic services in baseball betting, such as cash out and the flexibility to bet at higher stakes. Also, live betting isn’t limited to singles, so you can combine two or more in-play wagers.

One of the main differences between good and the best bookmakers for baseball is the fast in-play markets. Thus, it’s a versatile advantage to place bets for every pitch and RBI, every home run and strikeout.

Live Streaming

BMB_Number_TwoThere’s a great difference between baseball and American sports, primarily the NFL and the NBA. It’s a low-scoring sport, and while there’s no clock during the game, several contests have an uncertain outcome until the final out. So, live stream services are undoubtedly helpful for all in-play betting.

Bettors can take all the correct information before placing their wagers, watching what is happening in the ballpark. You should notice that you can enjoy a free league pass in the most reputable MLB bookies only if you have a positive balance in your account.

Statistic Cover

BMB_Number_ThreeBaseball is one of the most stat-driven sports, so bookmakers that provide databases should be evaluated higher. Indeed, it’s helpful to have the recent teams’ form, the H2H record, and individual stats for pitchers and batters on one page.

Each pitcher’s strikeouts, ERA, WHIP, and the number of earned runs are the basic stats to understand if he’s sharp. Meanwhile, it would be best to inform you about two contenders’ hits. That’s the leading way to comprehend if the team you back has scoring chances getting bases or not.

Is it Worth Betting on the MLB?

BMB_Book SpyBaseball is a sport for informed bettors who have a deep knowledge of the rules and the sport’s differentiation. Indeed, you can take a critical advantage if you follow our rating and choose the best MLB betting sites. Although, you should ultimately comprehend that criteria like injuries or teams’ current form can’t offer you decent help.

Of course betting on baseball in a bookie that offers high MLB odds on favourites, several pre-match and in-play markets and live stream services is a privilege. Moreover, you should check other parameters evaluating pitchers, batters, and catchers. Knowing the sport in-depth, you will realise that even a ballpark study is essential to success.

There are batter-friendly, and pitcher-friendly stadiums or other ballparks that favour right-handers and left-handers. In conclusion, MLB betting can secure daily earnings for bettors who have a mid-level knowledge, at least, of the sport and carefully choose where to place their bets.

Q: Can I bet on baseball online?

Top MLB bookmakers release odds for a broad range of markets from spring training sessions until the World Series. You can open a sportsbook account on all our recommended legal and regulated sites.

Q: What makes MLB betting sites top?

Τhere are specific criteria you should check before choosing the best bookie for baseball. You must ensure fast payouts, apps for mobile devices, enjoying a sportsbook with various markets and high odds.

Q: What types of bets can I place on the MLB?

Betting on baseball, you can place all types of wagers like moneylines, run lines, totals, parlays, and futures. Meanwhile, you can enjoy various in-play markets, like the next team to score a run or hit an RBI.

Q: What is the most important factor when betting on baseball?

Βetting on the MLB, it’s not a need to constantly check your winning record, especially if you are wagering on low odds. The most important is to track value prices, increasing your starting bankroll.

Q: What is an MLB spread?

That type of bet is the same as the point spread in American football and basketball. The run line indicates which of the two contenders is the favourite and the underdog. Releasing a +1,5 run line, the MLB bookies consider the team with a plus handicap as the dark horse and the other with the minus one as the favourite.

Q: What bonuses are available to qualify for MLB bets?

There are plenty of offers and promotions available to qualify for when you make your first deposit in most MLB bookmakers. You can receive up to a 100% first deposit reward, a welcome bonus, and several risk-free bets.

Q: How often do MLB odds move?

MLB odds movement happens all the time because several factors can affect each game’s potential outcome. Pitching rotation and schedule changes, injuries, MLB consensus, and weather conditions are some of them.

Q: How long does an entire MLB season last?

The MLB season from the regular season to the World Series lasts approximately seven months. For instance, the 2022 Major League Baseball season starts on April 7 and ends on October 5th.

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