Advanced Betting

A beginner’s goal in gambling is to increase their understanding while having fun and avoid losing money. However, in advanced betting, you are looking to make profits and sidestep any traps bookmakers can put in your way. Therefore, it’s critical to upgrade your knowledge and determine productive approaches to receive the most from each wager. releases detailed guides that help you reach the next level. Choosing the appropriate bookies to place wagers is job number one. Before you decide to engage, integrate the tips below to improve your status.

Advanced Betting Guides

Advanced Betting Guides

After placing a few wagers, you have learned the fundamental aspects of betting online. Now, it’s time to move and secure the best deals. Shopping for the bookmakers with the highest odds isn’t the only way to win. Our guides indicate the meaning of the prices, their movements and how you can win whether you wager on low or high prices. Νow, you should remain selective and avoid bets that negatively influence your bankroll. Follow our advanced betting guides to increase your winning chances by learning how to bet on moneylines and handicaps on singles or ACCAs. Our experts have analyzed all the critical parameters you should fulfil to upgrade your level and reach your goal of becoming a pro.

How to transition from a beginner to an advanced player

Tips for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021If you want to become an expert, your initial goal is to understand the basics and improve your skills and knowledge one step at a time. Remember, the key is to remain patient and well-informed before placing the next bet. Suppose you start following the path to becoming a great bettor. In that case, you must integrate the entry-level pieces of information and follow our experts’ advice below to assimilate what mid-level betting is.

Betting on lower leagues

All newbies start wagering on well-known football leagues like the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga or their domestic ones. If you want to upgrade your level and prepare for advanced betting, that's not enough. There is hidden value in the lower leagues from England, France, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, or even women’s football. If you do good research for team news and history stats, you can find some “wrong” odds and receive a profit. Furthermore, you will boost your options which is critical.

Secondary markets & Special bets

One of your main privileges is the array of opportunities bookmakers offer you. Besides the main markets, such as betting on winners, totals, and handicaps, you can find value bets on secondary ones and specials. The bookies’ odds are competitive, high-value, and sometimes wrong in most cases. So, you can cover your winning possibilities by wagering on double chances or increasing your risk with markets that can pay off well, like goalscorers, corners, cards and other props.

Comprehensive list of sports

footballThe vast majority of players start their activity from football. However, every bookmaker provides plenty of different sporting events that give you alternatives. For instance, tennis can be profitable if you are backing the favourites, and stats have shown that favourites at 1.10 to 1.35 odds win 85% of the matches. Basketball betting also offers a variety of pre-match and in-play markets, whilst ice hockey is one of the most accessible sports to bet on, with a broad range of 2-way options.

How to choose a bookie as an advanced bettor

Kelly Criterion equationFor beginners and mid-level bettors, it’s not so easy to choose online bookmakers. Every day, the list is updated with new ones. That’s why we have analyzed all the main criteria to help you choose the most suitable online betting site for your needs. The first and most important step to upgrade your advanced betting status is finding the appropriate bookie to place your bets.


We focus on the sportsbooks ratings worldwide, informing you about the best bookmakers you can trust to start betting. If you want a conclusion and a summary, the easiness of the verification process and bookies’ reliability are the most critical factors to upgrade the level of betting. A strict but immediate procedure saves you time creating safe conditions to bet on. We recommend reputable bookies, well established with many years of experience. Our experts double-check the transparency of their services and collect all the bettors’ probable complaints.

Fast transactions

Winning with our Bundesliga Betting Tips Besides the basic need to have convenient and safe payment options, the settlement and speed of all transactions are critical for advanced betting. A good bettor should manage their bankroll instantly to exploit opportunities, especially during live betting. The transactions’ easiness is one of the main criteria to select the appropriate bookmaker. Deposits must be instant and free of charge. On the other hand, withdrawals have to be processed within the same day, so the money can arrive in your account as quickly as possible.

Value of betting odds

If you define what is the VIG in betting, you will understand how bookies release odds and if these prices have value or not. An advanced bettor should choose an online bookie with a margin equal to or better than the average. When choosing bookmakers with low vigorish, you will always receive higher odds, so the bookies’ comparison becomes crucial in advanced betting. If you select 2-way markets with only two possible outcomes, the odds will be higher than betting on 3-way ones. A good tip is to focus on the lower leagues prices and discover probable mistakes, a rare situation for elite leagues. Finally, it’s critical to comprehend all the different odds types and how to convert European, British, American, etc.; that skill will make you a better all-around player.

Check bookies by sports

It seems easy to find sites with several sports and markets. However, the factor which can help you make more money is to choose different bookies for your preferred sports. There are plenty of well-rounded sports betting sites; although, if you are a football bettor and your favourite sport is in its off-season, you might turn to American sports like baseball. In that case, a North American bookmaker, for instance, can offer you more markets and better odds than a standard European bookie. The variety of markets for elite and minor tournaments in all sports is also critical. To analyze that parameter is quite simple; you should just visit a bookie’s website and explore all the sportsbook’s alternatives for pre-match and live betting.

Betting Services

quick mobile siteWhen signing up with a new bookie, you should be cautious and seek services and features to enhance your strategies. For example, Live Streaming helps you build in-play strategies, while with the Request a Bet, you can ask for odds on a no-offered market on the sportsbook. The Cash Out feature should be available in all types and offer high returns. Finally, Bet Builder must be available to be used on a wide range of sports and markets, not just football.

What are the main dangers for advanced bettors

Is Skrill Secure and Safe in IndiaThere’s a common belief that advanced and professional bettors sustain a long-term winning percentage higher than 50 or 60 per cent. That’s not true because that metric can’t represent the relative profit a bettor made over a specific period of time. So, a high percentage of successful bets can’t transform you into an advanced bettor. If you follow our experts’ advice, you can improve your knowledge and profit. You should also pay attention to specific rules to avoid all the dangers. First, bet on what you can afford and never use credit.

Responsibility is essential and helps you have a clear mind without chasing losses or making other harmful decisions. You should determine your playtime because online bookies are open 24/7 and allow betting on night and day. You should pick your spots carefully because no one has an unlimited amount of money to wager. Last but not least, choose reliable bookmakers to make sure your funds are always protected.

Q: How to calculate the odds value?

Betting value has critical meaning in sports wagering since it refers to the likelihood of an outcome to happen. provides a wide variety of calculators and expert guides to help you define the meaning of the odds and decide which strategies better suit your needs.

Q: How to compare bookies for advanced betting?

You must follow specific criteria to compare online bookmakers before you select the best one. The offered bonuses, the live betting and streaming services, and the mobile apps are critical parameters that define a bookie’s quality. Moreover, your transactions' safety and speed can lead you to choose the best among the top online betting sites.

Q: Should I read betting previews before I bet?

Preparation, before you bet, is an essential part of sports wagering, and you should do deep research for every sports event you want to bet on. So, factors like home, away, and recent form, team news (injuries and bans) are critical to making a correct prediction. Betting previews are reliable sources that help you evaluate odds and decide what to bet.

Q: How to identify a good tipster?

To evaluate a good tipster means that you know certain markets, understand the odds value, and you have the experience to understand the quality of their research. Social media or a tipster’s percentages are good indicators. Still, the most crucial thing is using knowledge and experience for advanced betting.

Q: Is multi-accounting useful for advanced betting?

An advanced bettor should have two or three different betting accounts to compare odds across sports. You can qualify for more offers and promotions with multi-accounting, such as welcome bonuses and free bets. Moreover, you can increase your liquidity if you have high winning percentages and be versatile in your transactions.

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