Multiples Bonus

Many punters are drawn to acca betting for the simple fact that you can win a lot by betting small. Bookies are well aware of this fact; this is why they offer specifically tailor accumulator bonuses and acca insurances for this type of betting. Right below, you can find the top multiples bonuses and the best bookies for accumulators. If you always wanted to play with a good acca bonus, but it seemed too complicated, by reading our article you will be able to easily identify the advantages in the various combination bonus offers, accumulator bets and parlay bonus deals.

Acca bonus

How multi bonus works

Multiples bonus sportsbook offers are very popular. By taking a quick look at the Promotions section of any bookmaker, there is a big chance you will find such a deal. Before we explain how everything works, we need to underline that the entire structure is fairly simple to understand and there’s no possible reason why you wouldn’t take advantage of such a bonus when placing multiple bets. Passionate punters rarely place just one bet on a betting slip and to increase their winnings via an acca boost. Τhis is a progressive bonus system that was designed by betting sites where your winnings get bigger according to the number of selections you have on your accumulator bet. The resulting high odds of an accumulator bet can offer punters nice wins with a low stake and the bonus on top makes everything even better. While the exact percentages might differ from one sportsbook to another, the structure looks like this:

  • Three selections – 5%
  • Four and five selections – 10%
  • Six selections – 20%
  • Seven selections – 30%
  • Eight selections – 40%
  • Nine selections – 50%
  • Ten selections – 60%
  • Eleven selections – 70%
  • Twelve selections – 80%
  • Thirteen selections – 90%
  • Fourteen selections or more – 100% bonus
Acca Bonus Terms and Conditions

Similar to any other type of bonus offered by online betting sites, an acca bonus comes with certain terms and conditions attached. Make sure that you have read the t&c's of an accumulator bonus before claiming it so that you can maximise the benefits that come with it. Most bookmakers will add the Terms and Conditions right below the bonus. Alternatively, you will find a button that takes you to the dedicated page. Moreover, while we can not cover all the terms specified by bookmakers, we can give you some insight on the most important sections of the T&C you should keep an eye out for.

  • Allowed Sports – most bookmakers will not impose any restrictions when it comes to the sports you can include in your acca bet. However, make sure you cover these sections so that your kombi bonus is as high as possible.
  • Allowed Markets – similar to the allowed sports section, you want to make sure that all markets are allowed in an acca bet in order to get a good bonus. Most online betting sites will allow a combo bonus on pre-match bets only.
  • Minimum Events – no matter if the bookmaker offers an acca boost free bet or a cash bonus, a minimum number of events on your betting slip is always going to be a condition. Usually, you should have at least three events in your accumulator to be eligible for a bonus.
  • Minimum Odds – another important piece of information for those that want to get a higher bonus is the minimum odds of a bet to be taken into consideration for an acca bonus. While this rule is not applied by all bookies, you will find some that have a minimum off of 1.2 for the selection to be included in an acca boost.
  • Non-cash bonus – as previously mentioned, some accumulator boost betting sites will award the bonus as a free bet, instead of cash to add to your stake.
  • Maximum bonus – double check the maximum bonus amount that can be issued from the acca boost bonus offered by the bookmakers. While this amount might be limited, you can rest assured that it won’t affect the normal payout of your accumulator bet.

Multi bet bonus

What is a Multi bonus

Another variety of the accumulator bonus boost, the multi bet bonus enjoys much popularity in African countries. There are many examples of punters in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana that have used a multi bet bonus to win a fortune with a small stake. Just like all the other acca boosts, the more events you add to your betslip, the bigger your multi bet bonus will be. With inspiration and a little bit of luck, you can win over 50 times your staked amount plus a bonus that can go up to a maximum of 250%.

Bookies with 250% Multibet Bonus

Perhaps the only difference between the Africa multi bet bonus and the other acca bonuses comes from the maximum value. While most of the European bookies will offer a maximum acca boost of up to 100%, punters in Kenya or Nigeria can enjoy this multi bet of 250%. To get the maximum amount of the multi bet bonus you will have to add 21 events to your betslip. Bonuses are offered for fewer events as well:

  • 250% for 21 or more events
  • 130% for 16 to 20 events
  • 60% for 11 to 15 events
  • 25% for 5 to 10 events
  • 10% for 3 and four events
  • 2% for two events
Multi Bet Terms and Conditions

Besides the different bonus amount for the number of events included on your betslip, there are some other Terms and Conditions you need to know about. Among the most important one, the maximum value of the bonus is usually 50,000 naira or other currency equivalents. Another rule you need to know is that the minimum odd for an event to count for a multi bet bonus is 1.30 and the cash bonus is added in 24 hours after the outcome of the betslip is announced.

Acca Insurance

How to get an Acca Insurance

If you have an account with any of the UK-orientated bookies, you surely came across the term of acca insurance. However, what’s acca insurance, more exactly? Well, just like the name suggests, this promotion offers punters an insurance policy for the accumulator bets they place. For example, bookies with acca insurance will return the stake in case one of the selections of an accumulator bet turns out to have a different outcome than you predicted. Punters enjoy this promotion since it gives them a second chance and most of the online betting sites are offering it.

Acca Insurance Rules

Similar to the accumulator boost promotions, the acca insurance comes with a set of rules. Terms and Conditions might sound scary for punters, however, going through the rules will help you to take full advantage of the promotions offered by bookies. Here are some of the most important things to watch out for at bookies offering acca insurance.

  • Allowed sports and markets – make sure you are up to date with all the sports that can take part in an acca insurance bet. The same goes for the betting markets that are eligible for this type of bet. Football and horse racing acca insurance are among the most popular.
  • Minimum Events – just like accumulator bonuses, acca insurance has a minimum number of events that you need to place on your betslip to become eligible. Acca insurance promotions usually start with 4 or more events. 5 team acca insurance rules apply the same principle.
  • Maximum stake – while there are no restrictions on the stake you can place on such a bet, you need to make sure you are aware of the maximum amount the insurance covers.
  • Stake back as a free bet – while some bookies will return the stake in cash allowing you to decide whether to withdraw or try your luck once more, others will offer it as a free bet.
  • Shelf life – in case you get the acca insurance bet as a free bet, you need to check the time interval in which you need to use that free bet before it expires
Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I include events from various sports and markets?

It’s all down to the bookmakers’ policy. While some prefer to offer football or tennis acca insurance only, at other online betting sites, you could easily find an NBA parlay bonus as well. Make sure to follow our website, and you will find a wide array of acca deals to use.

Q: Will I get an acca boost by using a freebet?

If you already received an acca boost free bet bonus, you will be able to use that amount to place a regular bet. Using a free bet to take advantage of another boost accumulator is not permitted by the Terms and Conditions on most bookmakers.

Q: What happens if I keep adding events to my betslip?

The more events you have on your betslip, the higher the bonus will get. However, keep in mind that there is a cap on the maximum bonus amount you can receive with acca offers betting. After you reach the maximum amount, no matter how many events you add, the bonus will remain the same. Make sure you check the T&C of combo offers bookies to find out the maximum value of the bonus.

Q: Will I get an acca bonus on system bets?

If you prefer to go with system bets like a Trixie, Yankee, Heinz, super Heinz or Goliath, you won’t be able to receive an acca bonus as well. Only accumulator bets with a single event per match can bring you an acca boost bonus.

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