Bookmakers against young person problem gambling

    problem gamblingThe matter of young people gambling on a very big scale has created lots of concerns in Great Britain and for that purpose, the Association of British Bookmaker‘s Scottish division has launched a new project aimed at finding and fighting ‘hidden addiction’ of problem gambling among young people. In fact, the British bookmakers Association will be the one to fund the six month project, working in partnership with Paisley based charity RCA Trust. They will try to deliver education and counselling support for 2.500 young people across Scotland, in schools of Clydebank, Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Rutherglen.

    ABB Scotland spokesman Donald Morrison said: «As with adults, the vast majority of young people gamble for fun and only bet what they can afford. However, the number of problem or at risk young gamblers is a matter of concern, particularly as evidence shows that young people who gamble are more likely to become problem gamblers as adults. It is important therefore that problems are identified at an early age and the necessary support is offered. We are particularly pleased to be partnering with RCA Trust, an experienced and respected charity with a proven track record in providing educational, counselling and addiction support for young people.».

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