Best betting sites in Greece

Population: 11.000.000greece icon
Active players: 2.700.000
: Euro
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, horse race betting, lottery, casino, poker
Operator types: Online betting sites & casinos, land-based betting shops monopoly (OPAP)
Designated authority: Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC)
Status: Semi-regulated

Greece is known as the birthplace of the Western civilization and gambling is part of the Greek culture since the ancient times. Despite the economic problems that have plagued its people in recent years, gambling is still a part of the daily lives of Greeks. More specifically, wagering remains their favourite pastime, especially on online betting firms. The most dominant bet sites in Greece are Stoiximan and Bet365, but they still operate with transitional licenses that were issued back in 2011. Nonetheless, the plan for the regulation of the market is set, as a new draft law was submitted to the Hellenic Parliament on the 9th of October 2019, and is expected to bring significant changes to the Greek betting environment and licensing system.

Bet in Greece - 5 things you should know

  • Players under the age of 21 are not allowed to bet online
  • Land-based betting and lottery shops are only operated by OPAP
  • At the moment all licensed operators are subject to a 35% GGR tax charge
  • A gambling bill aiming at regulating the market was submitted to the Greek Parliament on October 9, 2019
  • Tax on players’ winnings is calculated based on the bet lines. For the time being, winnings up to 100€ per bet line are tax free, from €100 up to €500 Greeks must pay 15% tax on their net winnings and from €500 upwards a 20% tax is applied on their net winnings

Best Greek betting sites

The following shortlist contains the best betting sites Greece has to offer. We selected them because they have high odds, offer their interface and support in Greek and provide a wide variety of betting options.


Players Rating: (9 Rates) 6.9


Players Rating: (11 Rates) 6.4


Players Rating: (11 Rates) 7.2

Online betting in Greece: The gambling law framework

The first real steps towards the regulation of the online betting market in Greece took place in 2011 with the implementation of the Law 4002/2011, which marked the beginning of the transitional licensing period. The government decided to grant temporary licenses to 24 betting companies, while the Greek regulatory body, the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC or EEEP as it is known in Greek), issued the first blacklist containing the domains of sportsbooks that weren’t licensed, but kept operating within the local market.

Seven years later and precisely on September 7, 2018, the Ministry of Finance announced that a gambling bill, aiming at making all the necessary amendments to the Law 4002/2011, would soon be implemented. The most significant changes that were proposed included the introduction of an open licensing regime with the companies being obliged to pay a €4m one-off fee so as to acquire a license that would last for 5 years, the prohibition of RNG-based games, the maintenance of the 35% tax on GGR for operators and the imposition of heavy taxes up to 20% on the players’ winnings.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned bill was never implemented as the government changed and on October 9, 2019 a new draft law was submitted to the Hellenic Parliament by the current administration, aiming at bringing an end to the transition period and regulating the Greek online market once and for all. According to its provisions, the acquisition fee that betting sites in Greece have to pay is reduced at €3m and the validity period for the licenses rose to 7 years. Furthermore, RNG games are allowed again and there are also some important tax changes worth mentioning. More specifically, operators will have to pay a 35% corporate tax, instead of a GGR tax. It is also worth noting that once the new gambling framework is implemented, all the licensees as per Law 4002/2011 will be allowed to operate until the 31st of March 2020; because till then they should determine if they will apply for a permanent license or if they will exit the Greek market.

Licensed Greek bookmakers

Currently more than 15 bookmakers operate legally in Greece, by holding temporary licenses that were issued in 2011, when the Law 4002/2011 was implemented. The most prominent examples of licensed Greek bookies are Bet365 Greece, Stoiximan, Bwin Greece, Sportingbet and Novibet. All five of them offer a wide range of betting options and high level of flexibility to the players; as they accept all the popular deposit methods and provide them with well-designed mobile apps. Another important factor is that they offer websites optimized in Greek and great promotions on a daily basis.

Ιnternational bet sites taking Greek players

Apart from the aforementioned Greek betting sites that were granted temporary licenses, there are also many international bookies that are non-licensed; nevertheless, they still operate within the Greek market and accept local bettors. This happens because the HGC doesn’t take strict measures against them, apart from placing their domains on a blacklist. Some of the most prominent examples of international bookies that Greek players prefer are Pinnacle Greece and 1XBet Greece. They both operate through mirror websites and along with 22Bet and 18Bet they constitute the best non-licensed sportsbooks that one can find in Greece.

Essential info for the players

Greek players generally choose to bet on any of the aforementioned licensed betting sites, on betting shops operated exclusively by OPAP, while others, keep punting on certain unlicensed bookies. It is worth noting though that no legal action has ever been taken by the authorities against players that prefer to place their bets on Greece betting sites that don’t hold a license. Given that land-based shops are monopolized, the odds they offer are significantly smaller compared to those offered by the online bookies. Taxation on winnings is calculated based on bet lines (1 bet line=€0.30) and apply only when payouts surpass the 100€ mark per bet line. The legal gambling age in Greece is 21. So, in order to deter minors from wagering, Greek bet sites ask punters to validate their identity by sending a copy of their ID and proof of residence.

How to bet in Greece: Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many ways a Greek punter can use to top up his account. The most common payments are credit & debit cards, instant banking and Paysafecard; followed by e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Another very popular method is the Greek payment service provider Viva, that has managed to gain a significant share on the local betting market, by offering many solutions like the Viva Wallet and the Viva debit card. Bear in mind though that VIVA, Credit/debit cards, Instant banking and Paysafecard do not work on non-licensed bookies.

The future of online betting in Greece

The Greek online betting landscape is about to change very soon and some of the changes that are going to take place are very positive for operators; if one excludes the fact that the corporate tax will increase by 35%. More specifically, the duration of the new licenses will be extended to 7 years, the one-off licensing fee will be decreased to €3m and operators will be allowed to offer RNG games. All these changes prove that the government is seeking to bring stability to the market and attract more international brands by making the new licenses more appealing to them. Therefore, the future of betting in Greece looks very promising and we are looking forward to seeing the new law coming into effect.

Complete List of Greek Bookmakers

Bookmakers Why to Bet Why to Bet Bookmakers Rating    
  • 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Countless markets
  • 1. 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Countless markets
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  • 1.000 live matches daily
  • Asian Handicap
  • 50+ sports
  • 1. 1.000 live matches daily
  • 2. Asian Handicap
  • 3. 50+ sports
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  • 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Mobile app
  • 1. 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Mobile app
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  • High odds on football
  • Huge variety of betting markets
  • Intriguing welcome bonus
  • 1. High odds on football
  • 2. Huge variety of betting markets
  • 3. Intriguing welcome bonus
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  • Up to 100+ extra markets/match
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Easy to use desktop/mobile site
  • 1. Up to 100+ extra markets/match
  • 2. Asian Handicaps
  • 3. Easy to use desktop/mobile site
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  • High odds
  • Great for football punters
  • Huge variety of betting selections
  • 1. High odds
  • 2. Great for football punters
  • 3. Huge variety of betting selections
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  • 300+ football markets
  • Asian handicaps
  • 45+ sports available
  • 1. 300+ football markets
  • 2. Asian handicaps
  • 3. 45+ sports available
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  • Enhanced accumulators
  • Lots of special bets
  • 20+ sports available
  • 1. Enhanced accumulators
  • 2. Lots of special bets
  • 3. 20+ sports available
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  • 25+ sports
  • High odds on football
  • Loyalty Bonus for permanent customers
  • 1. 25+ sports
  • 2. High odds on football
  • 3. Loyalty Bonus for permanent customers
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  • 95%+ on Top-5 football leagues
  • Modern desktop site
  • Quick mobile page
  • 1. 95%+ on Top-5 football leagues
  • 2. Modern desktop site
  • 3. Quick mobile page
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Q: Will Betfair exchange return to Greece after the imposition of the new law?

Betfair Greece stopped accepting Greek punters in 2012, after deciding to withdraw from the local market and not apply for a temporary license. Even when the new gambling law comes into force, it is highly unlikely that Betfair will apply for one of the new licenses, due to the fact that betting exchanges won’t be allowed.

Q: Does William Hill operate in the Greek market?

At the moment, William Hill is one of the biggest international bookmakers that doesn’t operate within the Greek market and its domain is blocked by the local authorities. Nevertheless, as soon as the new gambling bill is imposed and the one-off licensing fee for operators gets reduced, it is very likely to see William Hill Greece apply for a permanent license.

Q: Does 1XBet accept Greek players?

1XBet Greece is one of the popular international bookies that operates in the local market and accepts Greek punters through mirrors, despite the fact that it does not hold a temporary license issued by HGC.

Q: Is Pinnacle accessible from Greece?

Pinnacle constitutes yet another famous international sportsbook that does not have a local license, yet it accepts Greek bettors. Pinnacle Greece is accessible via mirrors due to the fact its .com site is blacklisted by HGC.

Q: Where can I find the blacklisted domains?

All the blacklisted domains are published on HGC’s website and here you can find the latest version of the Greece betting site blacklist.

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