How Basketball Total Points Betting Works

The basketball Over/Under points market allows you to bet if the total points in a game will exceed the given line or not. In most bookies, points scored in a possible overtime also count towards the final score. Let’s look at an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, where the line is 219,5 points. Over wins at 220 scored points or more, while Under wins at 219 or fewer. Do you want to learn all the secrets about how to make money on totals? Our article covers all types of total points bets, gives the best pieces of advice and explains why basketball total points betting is often better than wagering on moneylines or handicaps.

How to profit from Basketball Total Points Betting

There are several vital things to consider when betting on a basketball game’s total points. To be successful, you need to gather data, and information and avoid random wagering, which could damage your effectiveness. We will share the most critical pieces of advice and delve deeper into how to bet the Over/Under in basketball.

Scan H2H results: Head-to-head results can indicate the sum of points a basketball game may have. A complete analysis will answer questions about contenders’ offensive and defensive yields when facing each other. Current H2H results always have an exceptional meaning; especially in leagues like the NBA and the Euroleague (combined with domestic competitions), where elite teams face each other more than seven times during a single season.

Do detailed research: Pre-game homework is a key part of every bettor’s success. You should always be informed around any existing team injuries or bans. A team’s schedule and the number of rest days between games are also factors you must consider; especially in NBA betting, where every franchise plays three games per week. Finally, the home vs. away current form is another influential parameter for basketball total points betting, portraying each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Go through all available stats: Basketball is a stat-based sport, where numbers indicate each team’s level. Besides basic statistics on offensive and defensive averages, you should also search for more advanced categories like possessions, free-throw percentages (which mean easy points), and even how often may certain referees punish contact as a foul.

Observe line movements: On the road to identify odds value, you should check the public opinion and all the latest news that might determine any possible line movement. Examine each team’s recent O/U streak and adjust the new lines in your favour compared to the opening ones.

What is Over/Under basketball betting

Basketball HoopPredicting if the points scored by both opponents will be Over or Under a given line is not the only option. This type of bet can encompass specific game periods and props bets based on teams and players. Our goal is to explain every option regarding Over/Under basketball betting, along with the strategies you can build around them.

Full-Time Result

basketball ballSuppose a bettor wants to bet on the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona totals, and the Over/Under line is set at 165,5 points. The Over pick will be a winner at 1.85 odds if the two teams combine for more than 165,5 points, while the Under, at 1.95, would need fewer. Most bookies include a possible overtime in terms of this bet type.


basketball ballThis is a variation of the basketball total points betting, yet only referring to a specific quarter. The 1st quarter line for the example above is 41,5 points, so, the Over -at 1.80- will win if Real Madrid and Barcelona score at least 42 points in that given period; otherwise, the Under 41,5 will be a winner at 1.90 odds.


basketball ballAn O/U points bet on one team is actually a team total. In which case you’re betting on the number of points one of the contenders will score in a game; or separately, in specific quarters. The most straightforward example would be Real Madrid’s 85,5 line. If they score at least 86 over the 40 minutes or overtime, the Over will secure returns to bettors who backed that outcome. On the other hand, if Real Madrid makes an 84-83 win, the Under team total bet will be a winner.


basketball ballBesides game periods and teams, the props Οver/Under basketball betting apply to total points too. Following the example above, suppose Real Madrid’s Edy Tavares’ points line is 14,5. The Cape Verdean 7-footer should score at least 15 to make the Over pick successful at 1.80 odds; on the flip side, if his total points are below 14, the Under will be a winner at 1.85.

Live Betting

basketball ballAn in-play Over/Under basketball strategy is challenging because you must make accurate predictions during fast-paced games. The odds and lines change rapidly, unlike in the pre-match mode. If Barcelona’s defence looks dominant early on against Real Madrid, the total line might move from 165,5 to 159,5 points, just after a few possessions in the 1st quarter. Yet if you still find an Over 160-point game probable, you can back the Over pick at 1.85 odds instead of Under’s 1.95.

How to build a winning Over/Under basketball betting strategy

Basketball CourtThis article aims to help you generate basketball strategies for Over/Under points bets while making a long-term profit from daily games through them. Maximum odds are this market’s bedrock for pre-match and in-play wagers, so we present how you can build your own Over/Under basketball betting strategy and make money.

Game pace: General team stats for totals can rapidly change in any given quarter or during half-time, based on the opponent; so, backing a team that averages 90 possessions and scores 110 points per game is not enough. You can exploit the momentum in live betting, paying attention to a game’s high or low pace and acting accordingly.

High-scoring teams: Bookies do consider teams with offensive skills when setting their total lines. In all basketball leagues, the best offences tend to win games. High-scoring teams may come with high total lines, but they still have better chances to score higher than where these lines are set. Therefore, they can be profitable for Over bets on points.

Value prices: Odds’ movement is common in basketball betting, so it’s necessary to shop around to compare what bookies offer. One betting site may hammer down a game’s Under total points, while another keeps the lines as they initially were. You should adjust your bet to better lines and higher odds, avoiding integer lines and a possibly included tie (draw) result.

Time of bet placement: Betting on early lines in basketball is riskier because you stick with a standard line and just wait. Many bettors prefer a more conservative approach, waiting for the closing lines, which seems safer. Just before the jump ball, one can have accurate information on most factors that can determine the final result; instead of a riskier early betting choice.

Should I bet on Over/Under total points in basketball?

spyIf you avoid integer lines, you have to deal with a 2-way market with great potential for success. Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, simply by examining the available for and against points stats, you can figure out the odds’ value of such a bet type. Our experts have created two shortlists with the advantages and disadvantages of basketball total points betting; as always, the last call is yours.

Why bet on total points

✔️ These straightforward bets are easy to place, even for newbie bettors.

✔️ You can pick among plenty of options based on total points for players, teams, quarters, games and several alternative lines.

✔️ You can find numerous middle odds near 2.00 and above.

Why not bet on total points

❌ High-scoring and low-scoring games are not always predictable.

❌ The options with the most winning chances offer small prices.

❌ You need an extended bankroll and big stakes to make huge wins in the long term due to the relatively low odds compared to other markets.

Where should I place my wagers

Υοu can explore our complete list of the best basketball bookmakers and discover the most valuable offers for odds and promotions. Also, you can focus your strategy on several competitive lines for Over/Under basketball betting in big leagues from Europe, the USA and Asia; such as the Euroleague, the NBA and NCAA, the PBA and the CBA.

Q: How do you calculate total points in Over/Under basketball betting?

The mathematical formula to calculate if a bet goes Over or Under in total points basketball betting is simple; you just add the numeric values of the final score and compare the sum to the offered line. For example, the result of the NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics is 111-100, and the bookies’ line for Over/Under is 208,5 points. If you cumulate each team’s points, the sum is 211 points, so the Over pick is the winning one here.

Q: How does an overtime game impact total points basketball betting?

In most basketball betting sites, overtime counts for all totals in pre-match and in-play markets unless stated otherwise by the bookie; you should always consider this when building your Over/Under basketball betting strategy. So, every game market for total points, team points, and players’ points, is settled including overtime. On the other hand, quarter and half-time ones don’t include a possible overtime period.

Q: How to bet the Over/Under in basketball?

When you place an Over/Under bet in basketball, you must predict how many total points will be scored in 40 or 48 minutes (including overtime). Apart from the game’s result, you can bet for quarters and half-time, with totals also being available on props. So, you can risk wagering if Stephen Curry will score more than 30,5 points or place an Over/Under 120,5 on the Golden State Warriors’ total points in an NBA game.

Q: What is a push at basketball total points betting?

A push means a tie (draw) for basketball betting on total points, where bettors have their stake refunded yet make no profit. Most lines you will see for totals are half-points, like the 219,5 we used in our introductory part of the article, where there’s no possibility for a push. In some cases, bookies set lines to an integer number; if the total line was 219 points, the game’s result could match it (e.g., 119-100). If that happens, then it’s a tie, and you get your stake back.

Q: What is the meaning of Over 160,5 in basketball total points betting?

A 160,5 total points line is a low line on which you can bet through most European leagues, like the Euroleague and the Eurocup, and also through domestic championships. The numerical value means the total scored points in a basketball game must be more than 161. In that case, the Over bet wins; otherwise, it becomes a loser. Just a few examples for an Over 160,5 total points bet are 81-80, 85-82 and 90-74 results.

Q: What is the Over 220,5 meaning in total points betting?

If a bookmaker’s line for a basketball game totals bet is 220,5 points, a bet on the Over pick will win if both teams score a combined sum of 221 points or more. On the flip side, the Under will win if the contenders score less than 220 points. Therefore, an example of a winning Over 220,5 bet would be a 114-111 score in a basketball game.

Q: What is Over 225,5 meaning in basketball?

An Over 225,5 bet means that the total scored points in a basketball game must be more than 226. The wager wins only if the two contenders surpass that line; otherwise, the Under wins, and the bet becomes a loser. Good examples for an Over 225,5 winning bet are 126-100, 125-105 and 120-119 results.

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