Best Basketball Betting Odds

Betting odds indicate the probability of a possible outcome. Suppose you want to place a moneyline bet on a basketball game; if you back the favourite’s low odds, you have more winning chances than risking on a higher-priced underdog. If you want to learn how to bet on basketball, the first step is to understand how to read the odds. Then, price comparison can drive you to the right bookmaker, where you will enjoy the highest odds. Whether you want to profit from betting on elite leagues like the NBA and the Euroleague or on domestic tournaments and lower divisions, follow our recommended bookmakers. It’s the only reliable way to secure the best real-time and latest basketball betting odds every day.

Where can I find the best basketball betting odds

You can explore the list below and find the best basketball odds and markets for all elite and secondary leagues. Enjoy plenty of opportunities and valuable promos from leading bookies to enhance your betting activity.

How do basketball betting odds work

Our basketball odds explained section analyzes two critical factors. First, we pay attention to calculating the returns using the Odds x Stake = Potential Winnings formula. Then, it’s optimal to read prices in basic decimal, fractional and American format. Follow our Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors example below, where we adjust measures to the main basketball markets.

Moneyline: The most straightforward example that answers the question “How do basketball betting odds work?” comes from the moneyline market; here, you must just predict the winning team. Suppose you back the Warriors to make a break at 2.42 odds with a €10 stake; the potential returns are 2.42 x €10 = €24.2, a €14.2 clear profit.

Handicap: Bookies set a line that favourites must overcome to win, while the underdogs must defend it. Providing more markets and odds than moneylines, they aim to balance the betting fields and secure profit. After looking for the most competitive lines, you choose to back the +4,5 handicap for Golden State at 1.75. Following the formula above, your overall returns in the case of a winning bet are €17.5 with a €10 stake.

Totals: You can find plenty of competitive lines for Over/Under betting in basketball, especially on elite games like the NBA Finals. If you back the Under 210,5 points for the Celtics vs. Warriors at 1.95 odds, you will have €19,5, risking a €10 stake.

How to pick the highest basketball odds

Basketball HoopYou aim to become a sharp bettor and earn money, so track your favourite games and secure the best values. Is it worth hunting the highest basketball betting odds? Trust our bookies’ list and get top prices for the bets you intend to place. Then, follow the steps underneath to evaluate their probability, claiming an in-your-favour potential payout.

Implied probability: Suppose you want to bet on Lyon-Villeurbanne against Monaco’s home-court advantage at 2.40 odds for the French Pro A. Behind the obvious price, there’s a 41,67% percentage; if your research shows that the odds are in your favour, it provides value to back the underdog.

Highest payout: Compare the pair of moneyline odds for Monaco vs. Lyon-Villeurbanne game between your preferred bookies. For 1.70 - 2.40 prices, the payout is 99,51% instead of 102,08% for the 1.55 - 2.68 pair; that means Bookmaker A is offering a better deal.

Public opinion: Advanced basketball bettors take in mind metrics related to public betting. That’s why they gather information-for instance-on how many people back the same favourite and the total money they risk on it.

Why do basketball odds often change

Bookies’ ultimate goal is to make a profit no matter what a game's outcome is. In that direction, they wish for balanced betting on behalf of the players, which is having equal bets on all outcomes (to a reasonable extent). That's why finding valuable prices can be a first solid step towards beating them and why you should consider any related parameters affecting basketball odds:

  • Huge bets on one side can change the aforementioned balance.
  • Major news about injuries, or rumours, are two of the most influencing factors that form public betting.
  • A probable mistake on early odds, even if the options are fewer than in-for example-football, due to the nature and the rules of these games.

Bookmakers analyse all these factors before they come up with prices, following statistical factors and algorithm models. When it comes to basketball, newly released outright odds are available for the next season as soon as the current one ends. On the other hand, they create daily betting odds depending on each league’s schedule. If we use the NBA as an example, prices and lines will be posted late into the evening before the game or early on the same day.

Our main advice is to check if updated prices have value. Βasketball dropping odds are common for futures because they fluctuate during the season depending on standings and results. So, to follow a pattern regarding odds movement, check all the parameters we have analysed above. For in-play mode, it’s critical to be on time when prices change fast and ceaselessly, exploiting any false odds update from the bookies.

When can you benefit from basketball betting odds

basketball iconYou should be building a sufficient basketball betting strategy based on prices, whether you are a newbie or an advanced player; follow our advice and break down the method to secure the highest ones every time. It’s time to examine when you can find value, betting on the opening or on the latest basketball betting odds.

Look behind prices

basketball ballDo you have a query about the perfect time to place a basketball bet? When are the opening odds released, just ahead of the jump ball, or in-play? The correct answer is connected to your ability to discover value behind the odds. And this can happen if you bet on early prices without worrying about what influences the markets. Although in that case, new info in advance of the jump ball could make an impact on your bet. Conversely, deciding to bet just ahead of a basketball game may force you to back lower odds. Furthermore, in-play action can only create opportunities for bettors who focus on the game as it progresses.

Compare basketball betting odds

basketball ballThe initial step is opening multiple accounts and observing bookies’ different odds. The decision of comparing prices can maximise the potential returns of your bet, or the opposite. So, you should have at least two active betting accounts in order to compare odds and win more. For example, consider a basic WNBA game between the Las Vegas Aces and the Chicago Sky, for which the Aces are a strong favourite. If you want to back the dark horse, it’s different to bet for Vegas at 1.30 (3/10) moneyline odds than at 1.45 (9/20).

Where to bet on basketball games

Here is a complete list of the top bookmakers where you can find the highest odds for basketball moneylines and totals and the most competitive lines for handicap betting on all tournaments worldwide.

Q: What basketball odds are offered for secondary markets?

Following our list of recommended bookies, you can find profitable odds for secondary basketball markets. Besides the main ones, every bettor can enjoy high prices for period betting, player awards betting on elite leagues like the NBA, and bets based on stats such as rebounds, free throws and triple-doubles.

Q: Do bookmakers offer odds for basketball both before and during a season?

Top basketball bookmakers offer odds for seasonal betting, especially in popular leagues like the NBA. So, bettors can place their wagers during the preseason, regular season and postseason. Before the action starts, you can pick the best outrights by predicting winners, teams to qualify from the regular season and the best props for teams and players.

Q: Which are the best betting sites for basketball?

Shopping around for the highest odds for basketball will generate a bigger overall profit. Suppose you want to maximise your returns. In that case, you should register with bookies who have the broadest range of markets, prices and promotions, not only for top basketball events but also for domestic tournaments and lower leagues.

Q: How can you enhance your basketball betting odds by using bonuses?

Every bettor can enhance the basketball betting odds that bookmakers release by using special boosted offers paid in cash or as bonus bets. You can find odds boosters for moneylines among our recommended bookies; it’s a profitable way to take reasonable prices and make them even greater, especially when betting on elite basketball tournaments such as the Euroleague or the NBA.

Q: How to calculate the VIG and secure the best basketball odds?

The VIG applies to basketball bet types, like handicaps, totals and moneylines. It’s critical to take a deeper dive on the Vig concerning all types of bets; that’s why we have created a free custom calculator to input the odds for each of your bets and see the actual percentage that affects your returns.

Q: Which types of basketball bets are the most profitable?

Undoubtedly, it’s rare to find favourites that are being ignored by most bettors when it comes to basketball betting. So, the strategy of picking undervalued underdogs with high handicap lines and wagering against the spread at high basketball odds may be effective.

Q: How can the latest basketball odds impact your betting activity?

Most bettors analyse all the latest news and advise public opinion about what to bet on. Consequently, bookmakers adjust the odds and lines based on these factors. So, wagering on the latest odds can impact your bets; for example, you may find lower prices for moneylines and handicaps on a favourite with no fresh injuries or bans, facing a weaker opponent at home.

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