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How To Bet On Football Transfers

Although there are no major leagues in operation during the summer, there are still plenty of opportunities to place value wagers, and this is courtesy of transfer betting odds. The summer break also means the opening of one of two transfer windows, which means you can bet on player movement between early June and late August.

The January transfer window can be equally interesting, as the first month of each year offers you another opportunity to place wagers. We are going to highlight how to bet on football transfers, what you should be focussing on and also what pitfalls you should avoid.

Which are the Best Football Transfers Betting Sites

BMB_Best IconBefore placing a wager, you should examine specific criteria for this special type of market. The prices are critical, but so is the ability to request odds for a player that does not appear in the sportsbook. We will provide you with the top football bookmakers without further ado.

What is football transfer betting?

BMB_Football_FieldWhen it comes to placing transfer bets, your opportunities are limited for one reason, and that is the introduction of transfer windows. With only two periods now available for clubs to both buy and sell players, it also means the same for those who like to bet on this activity. The summer transfer windows operate between July 1st to the end of August each year (although the date can differ slightly from league to league), and the winter equivalent is open during January.

While betting on transfers has become so popular in recent years, there are no major leagues in operation during this time. Therefore, this activity has become the perfect alternative. Then again, remember that although players will be in the spotlight during these transfer windows, they cannot bet on their own transfers or hand out information relating to any potential deals.

Can you Bet on Football Transfers?

BMB_BankrollFor those wondering how to bet on football transfers, there are a number of aspects to consider to make sure you have the best opportunity to beat the bookmakers. We are now going to run through each of them, introducing the best football betting options and their meaning.

Avoid the rumours

BMB_Number_OneTransfer betting odds are usually dictated by rumours. Although some can be helpful towards your betting strategy, other pieces of gossip can just as easily lead you down an incorrect path. To avoid being given useless information, you should only consider news from reputable sources. Stay clear of the fake news, and your chances of winning will certainly increase.

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Know the Deadlines

BMB_Number_TwoWith transfer bets not being available all year round, it makes sense to keep on top of the deadline days. There is a slight difference between the Premier League to the Bundesliga, but we are usually talking hours rather than days. This means if you can stay abreast of when the windows are locked, you can also be ready to place any final-day wagers, and who knows, a last-minute winner may even come your way.

Reasons to leave

BMB_Number_ThreeAnother thing to consider for football transfer betting is how the player fits into any potential move. For example, a new club may offer a better fit in terms of tactics and, therefore, unlock their true talents. Or it could simply come down to money, and if a player is promised a better wage elsewhere, it can make the exit door at his current club appear much closer. Add the promise of more fame to go with it, and the bright lights of the biggest outfits will always seem appealing.

Popular Football Transfers Betting Markets

BMB_Football BallThere are three main ways you can gamble on transfer betting markets and use football betting techniques. Now, we will explain what these options are:

Next Club: Here, the bet is to predict where a certain player will be playing once the transfer window closes. However, it is not just permanent moves covered in the transfer betting markets. With loans being permitted by some bookmakers, this is also something to consider.

To stay in the same Club: The opposite transfer bet is when you predict which players will not be changing clubs during the windows. For instance, Kylian Mbappe is speculated that he will leave PSG soon. While you can bet on him to stay put, it is a smarter wager to back a team to go after him sooner rather than later. 

To break the Transfer Record: This bet is perhaps a rarer one to land if only because the bar is set so high, and with Neymar’s world record fee of £198m still in existence, backing any player to break the current transfer record is a bet that is unlikely to win anytime soon.

What are the latest transfer betting odds?

BMB_Percentage_GenericWhen the transfer windows open, it usually leads to a frenzy of activity, and with players set to move clubs, it also means the bookmakers are ready to unveil their latest transfer betting odds. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski will generate plenty of column inches between now and when the transfer window is shut. Then again, these are not the only bets that may be taking place. Here are some of the most popular betting markets that are currently available.

Player 1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
J. Sancho Dortmund @3.50 Juventus @4.50 Chelsea @7.00
K. Phillips  Newcastle @2.00 Juventus @2.00 B. Munich @7.50
V. Oshimen Arsenal @6.50 Chelsea @6.50 Man Utd @26.00
A. Ramsdale Chelsea @4.50 Newcastle @5.50 N. Forest @21.00
D. Solanke Arsenal @9.00 Tottenham @11.00 Brighton @17.00
L. Messi Barcelona @4.00 Inter Milan @21.00 Man City @21.00
D. De Gea R. Madrid @7.00 B. Munich @7.00 A. Villa @17.00
T. Werner A. Villa @4.00 Man Utd @6.00 Everton @15.00
A. Griezmann Man Utd @7.00 Chelsea @13.00 Arsenal @15.00

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Which are the biggest transfers in history

BMB_Power IconIt is perhaps no surprise that the best players in the world often go for the biggest transfer fees. World-class talents can be in such demand usually for one of two reasons. Firstly, it could be that a player is at the absolute peak of their performance and is looking for a new, higher challenge. While it could also be a precocious talent is being monitored by the biggest names in Europe.

Although they are already showing signs of raw talent, their ceiling in terms of performance is even higher. Whichever of the two it is, it usually means that gossip is not far away and when that is the case, football transfer betting is never usually far behind. Here are the top 10 player transfers of all time:

Rank Player From To Fee Year
1 Neymar Barcelona PSG €222m 2017
2 Kylian Mbappé Monaco PSG €180m 2018
3 Philippe Coutinho Liverpool Barcelona €145m 2018
4 João Félix Benfica Atlético Madrid €126m 2019
5 Antoine Griezmann Atlético Madrid Barcelona €120m 2019
6 Jack Grealish Aston Villa Manchester City €117m 2021
7 Romelu Lukaku Inter Milan Chelsea €115m 2021
8 Ousmane Dembélé Borussia Dortmund Barcelona €105m 2017
- Paul Pogba Juventus Manchester United €105m 2016
10 Eden Hazard Chelsea Real Madrid €100m 2019
- Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Real Madrid €100m 2018


Full List of Bookmakers Offering Transfers Betting

BMB_ListFor those who are wondering whether betting on transfers is worth it, the answer, like with many other bets, is to do your research first. Because if you can make sense of all the rumours and gossip, there is no reason why you cannot have a profitable transfer window.

Especially as the odds are arguably more generous than when betting on actual match outcomes, transfer bets can also be an ideal way to build a bankroll before the new season begins. For those keen to test their transfer acumen this summer, here is a list of all the leading bookmakers.

Q: When is football transfer betting available?

With the transfer windows only opening twice a year, it also limits your opportunities for betting on transfers. This means these bets are only available in the summer off-season between June and August and January each year.

Q: Do all bookmakers provide transfer betting bets?

Although there are plenty of bookmakers now available, they do not always offer football transfer betting. If this is your preferred kind of betting activity, you will first have to research who offers player transfer markets.

Q: Which are the best markets?

Regarding betting on transfers, the best markets are where a player will end at the end of the current transfer window. This means you can bet on a player to either switch to a new club, or you can even place a wager on them staying with their current club instead.

Q: Can I place an accumulator bet on players' transfer markets?

When it comes to football transfer betting, you can usually only bet on individual players. However, if you do your online research, some bookmakers are also prepared to allow transfer accumulators.

Q: Which are the biggest football transfers in history?

The current world record transfer is Neymar’s 2017 move from Barcelona to PSG, which saw the Brazilian superstar switch clubs at the cost of €222m. Then again, he is not the only one who has made a big-money move to Paris. Because just a year later, PSG splashed the cash again, and with Kylian Mbappe joining from Monaco for €180m, the French giants currently possess the two most expensive players in the world.

Q: Which sites have the best transfer betting odds?

For those looking to place transfer bets, plenty of options are available. While it is not just the best prices that are important, you may also want to consider the ability to request markets on players that are not previously accessible.

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